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Comments on program order for this tour 2016:


Since the tour began a lot of people have been writing on Facebook or Twitter or other sites that they are upset with the changes in the program order for Il Volo.  So I thought I would put in my 2 cents worth.

The first program sent out for the 2016 North American tour was a nice one but (as with all programs) some things were left out and some other things that did not work were put in.  This is always a difficult judgement for the any single singer or group of singers.  It is not easy.  Also they need to ask if the song order is progressive:  do you put a sad song before a happy or happy before sad.  Do you put all slow songs together and all fast together ( the answer is “no”  you mix it as best you can).  Fast paced songs need to be spaced out.  There needs to be a strong opener and strong closer. Where is the novelty number?   Text is another concern. You want to avoid grouping certain types of texts.    My point is that when they change things out it is for a good reason.

The old program had 25 songs (don’t count the overture) and that is about 2 hours and 20 minutes of music – of pure singing. Non-stop.   That is a lot.  But one of their great hits (Surrender) was missed on the road so they put it back in.  In this new program order they have dropped three songs from the earlier program and added: “Surrender”  which has been a big winner for them.   I was surprised that they dropped “L’Amore si Muove”  since that has been a strong number for them.  Then they changed the order of Delilah and Caruso.  This is better.  

In Fact, I think the changes are good.  They could not do all of their songs – that would take hours and their voices would be shot.   It is a little shorter – but not much shorter.  The song order makes better sense and is easier on the voices for the long haul.  I am glad to see the duets kept.  Good Variety.   From my stand point this is a very good program order.

@cmarieval; All About Il Volo
@cmarieval; All About Il Volo

Il Volo concert program order – 2016 – North American Tour

(changes as of Boston – Feb. 10 )



Il Mondo


Io Che non Vivo (senza te) /You don’t have to say you love me

Tonight (west side story) – Ignazio

E Aranjuez con tu amor – Gianluca

E lucevan le stelle (Tosca) – Piero

Piove (Ciao, Ciao Bambina)

Life is Beautiful that way


My Way (duet – Piero & Gianluca)

Quando l’amore diventa poesia

Unchained Melody (duet – Ignazio & Ginaluca)

O paese d’ ‘o sole (duet – Piero & Ignazio



Memory (cats) – Ignazio

Anema e Core (Heart and Soul) – Gianluca

No Puede Ser – Piero

O Sole Mio

Surrender ( Torna a Surriento ) 

Grande Amore and Finale

-Myron Heaton

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  1. The Overture was memorizing, from the first note of the strings repeating the theme over and over, it set the stage for what was to come. Bravo to the composer! The orchestra set the mood for the whole concert beginning and ending with Grande Amore. Setting the program is tough but, as you said, many things must be considered – the most important is our guys’ vocal health.

    1. Myron, right on once again. Thank you, Oh Music Guru, for explaining the reasoning behind the changes for us musically challenged, but in love none-the-less.

  2. Myron, thank you for your comments. You are the music pro, so we can always count on you to explain why things are done, and for what reasons!
    The song list is perfect! I’m Sooo happy they didn’t cut Tonight by Ignazio! I get teary eyed every time he sings it!
    Like you said, they need to take care of
    their voices!
    I feel like an idiot now for complaining about changing and deleting some of the songs!

    1. Anna, we all know them so well that we are intimate with them and their music. We would notice changes. Even minor ones. Gives us a right to point them out and express an opinion. There are no idiots here.

      1. 90% of the time we, the audience, would never get a hold of the program order for a tour. You go to the concert and have no idea what songs you will hear.

        Also, I should note that in 2014 and 2015 they changed the order 4 and 5 times ( just one or two songs but a change still).

        they will drop a song or two and put in other songs.

        It depends on the response from town to town.

  3. I must admit I am very disappointed that they are not doing L’amore si muove and La Vita and Per the ci saro. The songs they are doing are shown online a thousand times want to experience the new albums.

      1. I love all their songs but would love to have “‘Canzone Per Ti” and “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” added to the list. Las Vegas is only a little over a month away, maybe. I am so very excited to meet all who’se going there. Staying for 5 days because I could not get a cheap flight for the 24 the they the 27th. I had to change it to the 23 rd thru the 28th. Won’t be home for Easter but it’s OK. Are all of you ladies staying at the Palms? I will be at the RIO across the street and would love to get together with you all or some, before or after our buffet. Love all of you. I tell everyone about my IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW Family all the time. So very proud to be part of this wonderful site. Myron, is everything all wrapped up with the Las Vegas venue? Can’t wait to meet you. Thank you all for your hard work everyday. Until Las Vegas people.

      2. Hi, I am going to Vegas and I am staying at the Palms. Flying in on the 24th from Cleveland,and leaving on the 27th. It would be nice to meet the “Crew” sometime before the Faire or after.

      3. I would love to meet you Marie. We can talk about who loves them more, you or me. I think I know what your answer will be.

    1. Louann, if we could have a longer show I would love to hear songs from the San Remo album like Romantica and Vacanze Romane – two favorites from that album
      But that is the thing too many songs and not enough “vocal time – health-wise” for the guys.

  4. Well Myron, for my money they could have left out Surrender and put in something new instead. And that goes for O Sole Mio as well. For that matter I was hoping to hear Ignazio sing Alleria instead of Memory which has been in every concert I have attended. Even bring back Tu Che M’Hai Preso Il Cuor, as Gianluca brought back Aranjuez. I don’t understand why they think they must have more songs in English when they are in the US. I bet when they get to South America the program will change again and they will sing the Spanish versions of all those wonderful Italian songs that are not on the program here.

    1. re: English – they feel they are still building their American audience and therefore more English songs. Also, when they travel to other Europe countries or Asia they need English in those places as well. Love it or hate it , it is the “universal” language.

  5. Myron, I appreciate your comments based on your musical expertise. I would like to given opinion as well. Most fans here have seen IV sing O Sole Mio, Surrender, and Il Mondo, either in concert or in countless videos over the years. Igmazio has been singing Memory for four years! We have been waiting and waiting for the new music! Especially after seeing all of the videos from their recent Italian concerts, it’s only natural that we would be expecting a similar playlist. I can’t believe that they aren’t singing any of the three songs that were their singles from the new cd and for which they made fantastic videos! These are: Per Te Ci Saro, L’Amore Si Muove, and Si Me Falta Tu Mirada.
    It’s ok if they sing less then 25 songs, and the duets and solos are fine. But we have been devoted fans here for a long time and we feel that we should be able to experience what the Italian audiences were able to enjoy. JMHO, Donna

    1. I agree with you, Donna! I don’t know why they think that the more “mature” (ahem) audiences in the US don’t care for their newer songs like the ones mentioned above from their latest CD! Who gave them that idea? They had “mature” people at their concerts in Italy, too, and they sang the new songs. They are forgetting that we were young once (!) and we still like to “rock out”…I still listen to my other favorite music groups which includes the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, etc….turned up LOUD! Just because we’re “mature”, doesn’t mean we’re DEAD! I hope all of you who are doing Meet and Greets will tell them this…we like to BOOGIE DOWN, and we want to hear the newer stuff, too!

    2. I agree on the Memory point. Ignazio did “Unchained Melody” from Pompeii and that worked well for him but now they are doing it as a duet. I think they should have found a different song for that duet because “unchained” worked well for Ignazio.

      1. They have taken over more than Unchained Melody from Ignazio. He also solo-ed Caruso and Quando L’amore Diventa Poesia. They should have left him Quando as a solo, he did it so well at Taormina.

      2. I agree! I loved Ignazio singing Unchained Melody! Tears filled my eyes! He put so much emotion into it!
        I sure hope his solo of Tonight isn’t taken from the play list! Goosebumps!!!

      3. I must disagree on this one. Unchained Melody is my favorite of all the duets. I think it is beautiful done this way. Though Ignazio’s solo of it was wonderful too!

      4. Laura, I have seen a video of the duet on Unchained Melody. It’s fantastic, but I’m still partial to Ignazio’s solo!

  6. I was going to e-mail Marie with my unsolicited opinion about this years concerts from just watching thru clips and comments.
    When they were here a few years ago doing the Summer Tour I felt a very exited and loving fan reaction an now I feel a reserved response. I will clap as loud as I can when I get the chance to see them and hope that the Texas fans show their love for them…
    I wish everyone would let them be the ‘craxzy’ boys we love and not make them change their behavior thinking some audience will be offended. LET THE HAIR FLY ON IGNAZIO AND LET US LOVE THEM FOR WHO THEY ARE.
    Hope lightning will not strike me for these comments.

      1. Yes I am disappointed that some of the new songs weren’t sung but Gina I agree with you & Marie let them sing what is good for their voices & be who they are. They know best. The last thing I want is for them to be disappointed for the choices they have made for us because we have criticized them. AND THE LAST THING I WANT IS THAT THEY DECIDE NOT TO COME TO CANADA & THE STATES because they feel we don’t appreciate their performances.
        I LOVE THEM and if we could never see them again it would break my heart.

    1. Gina, I love your comments. Yes, we all loved the young teenagers we first saw, let them continue grow their way, and perform their own way. It’s worked perfectly so far. I think their Pompeii concert was the best, and their fans were wonderful. Hope my Detroit concert gives them an equally enthusiastic showing.

  7. Ciao a tutti!

    Yes, wholeheartedly agree with donna and others on the song choices/deletions! I can’t express (yes, me at a loss for words! ) how GRAVELY disappointed I am and will be if we can’t hear per te ci saro or l’more si muove, especially in vegas!!

    And yes mom, I would gladly trade memory, and o sole mio for the above 2 songs.

    Myron, we are begging here, if you have any pull, connections, communications, etc. With iv management, can you please, per favore and Grazie mille, ask them to sing our favorites listed here? I get what you are saying about the saving of their voices but they sang these songs all over Italy so it doesn’t make sense. It won’t kill their voices to sing these one time for vegas!?

    Grazie Grazie mille! Ask them in Italian so they know we really care!

    1. I agree! And I am still plugging for Core N’Grato. Even though I have already been to the only concert I will get to this year…

      1. I don’t think they know the other one –O Paese d’o sole–either, so it doesn’t matter!

  8. I got to chat with Ignazio at the meet and greet in Boston regarding the set list. I asked him why they did not sing Per Te Ce Saro (which I thought was a great opening song in the Italy concerts) and he said the set list is geared to the audience and in the US that means the more classical songs, (he was kind enough not to say an “older audience”) like Volare which they opened with here, as opposed to the more pop songs off the new album which they sang to a younger crowd in Italy.

    1. I hope you told him the US crowd loves the new Italian songs too! How else will they know for the next time? Everyone should tell them in the M & G that we wanted to hear the new Italian songs. Maybe if they hear it from the fans they will get the message.

  9. Hello everyone, I was so looking forward to Igna singing Alleria. It is the Pino Daniele song and a favorite of Ignazio. I don’t understand why they would cut it! Also, not complaining, but hoping, when they come to Tampa they switch out a couple of songs for some of the Spanish songs. My favs Recuerdame and No Hace Falta. This will be my first live Il Volo concert and I will really be thrilled with anything they sing. P.S. L’Amore si Mouve. Well I could go on and on, but, I won’t.

  10. Myron, thanks for your sense and sensibility! Most everything is for a reason! And Gina, I too hope our Texas audiences show great love to the guys! As for Ignazio….turn him loose!!! We sort of like our “wild men” in Texas, the fact that they sing like angels doesn’t hurt! If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it!! I might even take a cowbell!!♡♡♡”chomping at the bit”…Dot…

  11. Thank you Myron for taking the time to give this information. I’m happy with whatever they sing, but am thrilled that Eternally and Beautiful That Way is part of the concert. Just 8 more days and they are here in Detroit.

  12. I have my preferences, too, but I am happy with the coming concerts. I would bet money that no-one here will go home from a concert not lifted up, joyful and emotionally spent! Let me know if I’m wrong.

  13. Thank you Myron. We are fortunate to have you . You make more sense out of the music set. I agree with you gals who want some of the newer songs to be included, but I guess the powers that be know best. I think Iggy should be allowed to be his crazy self. It’s part of his charm. Anyway, any concert is a joy. See you in L.V. Joanie G

  14. I have to put my two cents worth in!! First, thanks so much Myron for your great review!!! You all know I love Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero with all my heart!!! They can sing any song & I will be in Seventh Heaven!!! But I agree that it would be better with the Italian songs mentioned especially the video songs!!! So love Ancora & Aleria too. I will love the three Concerts I am going to!!! These evenings will be enchanted, magical nights!!! Las Vegas soon!!! Grande Amore!!!

  15. Thank you Myron for setting us straight When they travel we have to be mindful of how expensive it is to travel with a full orchestra or how exhausting that travel is so now the song list makes more sense to me. However… I dearly wish they had changed out Caruso for Ancora or Per Te Ce Saro. But…I am happy they left in Beautiful That Way. Then I just remind myself how happy I am to see them soon and I can even live with Eternally.

  16. Wouldn’t mind them getting rid of Delilah..didn’t like it when Tom Jones sang it and still don’t..L’Amore si Muove for me! Then again they didn’t consult me about the play list..can’t imagine why! Will content myself watching Ancora at the Verona concert on UTube..those guys can sure belt out a me goosebumps!

    1. A friend of mine going with me to the Vegas concert is a Tom Jones fan and loves Delilah. My view is that it is a “fun” novelty number. Every concert needs a couple of novelty songs just for fun. Piove is another one or Volare (which is also a good opener.

      1. Myron, I have to tell you how much I love IL VOLO’s version of Delilah. It is so much fun to watch and Gianluca’s expressions are to die for. Recuerdame in Italian or Spanish is also wonderful. See you all in Vegas.

  17. Hey Myron I must say I’m a little disappointed the guys won’t be singing Love Moves or Ancora but maybe at the lunch in Vegas we can play those two songs as a warm up to the concert. I love whatever they sing.

  18. little trivia on new verses old: One guideline that is used sometimes is to go on tour with a program that is half new and half old (the theory is that the old songs help connect the current audience with previous good feelings. It would be too much to do all new) – This tour program has over two thirds that are new – 15 of the 23 songs are new to this country on tour.

  19. The layout of a concert tour program is tricky thing. If you look at the programs of any major artist on tour you will see that they mix songs from older tours and albums with song from new albums. There is a need to create security with the audience by doing some familiar things to underscore a warm, familiar feeling – and to mix that with newer songs in order to take the audience with them to the future. I look forward to hearing some of my favorites mixed in with the new songs.

    There is no way that the boys could satisfy all of our wish list of songs that I see above. So we love what they give us.

    One thing to remember, in my opinion they are still – old or new – picking very high quality songs with great melodies and great texts.

    1. I agree that they cannot please everyone. This is still a great set list. After all it does include 10 songs from their latest Grande Amore International album, 2 solos each, 3 duets and of course their signature songs O Sole Mio and Surrender. If you haven’t seen them yet, when you do, you will forget about what was missing and take extreme pleasure in what they do sing, because they are so phenomenal. I can’t wait to see them again in Orlando!!

  20. Thank you Myron!!! I was about to post…. Get a grip Ladies!!! You said it all!! There are reasons why and how they plan what they sing…for appears Il Mondo & Ole Sole Mio are their signature songs..yes we all have our favorites, however they cannot sing them all!! As far as I am concerned, I love what ever songs they pick..and they can sing the phonebook..and I would love it!!

  21. I too was hesitant to mention being disappointed in some of the playlist. I assumed we would get many of the new songs they sang at their beautiful concerts in Italy. I think Per Te Ci Saro was a great song to open the concerts since it is so dramatic. I also would have loved Si Me Falta Tu Mirada, L’Amore Si Muove, La Vita and all the beautiful Italian duets. I for one love and am curious why they have never sung Romantica, Vacanze Romane and Aspettero at any of their concerts as far as I know. Obviously, they have so many songs we all love and they couldn’t possible do all of them. I understand leaving Il Mondo and O Sole Mio but I think a decision was made for more English songs perhaps thinking some of their audience won’t be as familiar with their new songs. If the selection of songs is based on making it easier vocally for them because they will be touring so much, I will go along with it. In any event I am going to the concert Sunday in Easton with one of my sons and I know I will love it and them, and I was lucky to upgrade last week to the Meet and Greet.

      1. Thanks Marie. This will be our third Il Volo concert but I have never been to a Meet and Greet so I have to go back and read all those good tips you gave for new Meet and Greeters. Unfortunately I probably won’t remember them or what I would like to say!

      2. It won’t matter at all Margaret. You don’t really have to say anything. Shake their hand. Touch their cheek. Smile. That little action will last in your memory always.

  22. I was so happy when I saw the list and Core’ngrato was on there. Now I see it has been removed. Hopefully, someone from their group reads this and they add it back in for Vegas. A girl can only hope! Whatever they sing, I will be mesmerized.

  23. Can’t wait to see them in Vegas. Don’t care what they sing. Oh, wait – I would love for them to do L’Amore si Muove. Yes, I would, but I know that whatever they sing will transport me to seventh heaven!

    1. Just loved him. Our young men are wonderful role models. I Love them for being the nice young men they are. We really need good role models in the entertainment business.

    2. Oh how I love the Italians. Look how they got behind this adorable bambino with his red glasses just like Piero. I hope Piero got to watch it, I’m sure he would have loved it.

  24. Myron, Ladies, Everyone,

    Thanks to all for your insights regarding the program, or “set list”. It is a very difficult balance that an artist must strike when presenting a live musical performance. Many factors have been mentioned above including the age and primary language of the listener. The “experience” of the audience might also be taken into account, and by that I mean, is this an audience of newbies or have these people all heard “O Sole Mio” sixteen times at every previous event? My favorite recent song is “Canzone per te” and I have learned in Italian to the point that I sing it at the top of my lungs in the shower and in my car on the way to work each morning! Now of course I was disappointed when I they didn’t perform it for ME at my first concert, but I was also grateful that I got to hear O Sole Mio and Il Mondo before those songs start to fade into the past. I’m starting to realize that for me the live concert is not just the climax of the Il Volo experience, but it is only a portion of a varied “continuum” of tools that includes the CDs, the official videos, the concert DVDs, their Facebook posts, the interviews on You Tube, as well as my Italian studies which I have managed to weave around their music. The point I’m trying to make is that we all should use these wonderful tools so we can prolong the joy of the Il Volo experience as long as possible. The concert is over in two hours; I need much more than that to keep me happy!

    1. Bravo John, you hit it right square on the head here!. The IL Volo Experience just keeps giving to us. I am amazed they do as many concerts and Meet & Greets, and then there are all those interviews which I am sure I would be bored out of my mind to be asked the same questions over and over…but they do and they make it look fresh all the time. They are less than midway through their tour and they already are making plans for their NEXT CD. Oh what bliss we have to look forward to. What can we do to help them get that Grammy that surely must be in their future?

      1. Oh Pirate, don’t get me started on that! There are many things Team Il Volo could do and lead us to do toward that goal of the Grammy! I’ll leave it at that for now.

        Excellent as always John. I know the Il Volo experience will last me all the rest of my life. Which I hope is a WHILE. If those Guys never did another interview, CD, DVD or concert, I have enough Il Volo Magic already in my library to enjoy again and again, forever.

  25. As I read this blog today my heart fell just a little bit…I know I would love to hear my favorite song or two or three, I know we all would love to hear our favorite songs live and in person… But we all know that it would be impossible for Il Volo to please us all… I remember people on this blog people stating they could sing the phone book in concert and we would be happy with that… Where has that trust gone??? These three young men can entertain like no other three men on the planet… If the sing my favorite song I will be elated, if they sing your favorite song I will be elated, if they sing their favorite song I will be elated… In other words no matter what they sing, when I get to see them in concert, they will fill my heart with joy and love for every note they sing… Most of these comments if not all have come without seeing them in concert … Please wait until you see their concert and see if you do not come out of the concert hall with a feeling of being entertained by Il Volo like you have never been entertained before… They are dedicated to making your time with them be the best time you have ever had … I cannot wait to hear them live and in person, I cannot wait to see their smiling faces, the love that they share with their audiences… Please think about it and share that same love back to them no matter what they sing the night you see them in concert…

    Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this subject…

    1. Jeannette, I love everything they sing. We all have favorites but we know they can’t possibly cover everyone. No matter what they sing, I will be happy and speechless I’m sure🎧

      1. That is what I like to hear Rose Marie… It does not matter what song they sing as long as give us their hearts along with their voices, and that they do every time they step onto that stage.

    2. I’m with you Jeannette. I know I spoke about them not singing as many new songs.But when I think about me being critical I think of them hearing disappointing remarks & the possibility of them staying in Italy & the other Latin countries & not coming to US & Canada then that scars the life right out of me so whatever they do or sing is wonderful. Long as I know they are here or coming then I’m alive.

      1. Thank you Loretta, for understanding that I just want them to know we love them always…

  26. That was a good reality check Jeannette!! I can promise I will be elated just seeing them enter the stage and elated, jubilant, overjoyed and swooning throughout the concert in San Diego.

    1. I know you will enjoy every moment and come way wishing for more… I cannot go to just one concert anymore… I cannot get enough of our beautiful young men…

  27. Jeannette, what wonderful thoughts you gave me. I have tickets for
    the Oklahoma City concert and M & G. And am I ever looking forward
    to whatever they have chosen to sing. I agree with Pirate, I will be
    elated just seeing IL VOLO walk out on the stage. These beautiful
    guys CAN SING and ENTERTAIN me and I will love it. And I hope
    Ignazio is in his usual great comedy form…..CAN’T WAIT. Thanks
    Myron for the set list. You’re special to the Flight Crew.

    1. Every moment they are on stage, we are on the edge of our seats… I know you will leave the concert in pain… Your face will be hurting from the smile that was stretched over for face for an hour and a half… Your hands will hurt from clapping and your throat from cheering them on … But the moment you see them in the meet and greet all you will feel is the love in your heart for these charming young men…

  28. Yesterday !! Saturday February19th !! I was at the Kennedy Center in DC,with the Granny Groupies, and let me tell you from the minute their beautiful faces appeared on stage and their magnificent, powerful voices filled every corner of the concert hall it was like heaven on earth for 13/4 hours !! The audience went wild !!! They have never been better !!! So– yes I would have liked to hear them sing the new songs from their videos but I totally forgot about it and just sat there totally transfixed by their astounding performances !!! Also the M&G was was a very relaxing experience this time around !! I know there must have been some security but I really didn’t notice them and you had lots of time to hug, kiss and talk to our adorable the boys !! The parents and Barbara were also there and I was able to talk to them too !! They are all sweet, wonderful people !! Now I am looking forward to my next four concerts which I’m very sure will be every bit as memorable as this one was !! The next one is in Miami on March 5th !!!!

    1. Thank you Joanie, they received astounding reviews from the media on this concert… I loved reading about on line and now from you… That is beautiful, thank you for sharing your experience with us…

      1. Jeannette, your post was right on the money! No matter which songs they sing, the concert will be terrific!
        They are part of our families, and we sometimes are unhappy with our families, but that doesn’t mean we stop loving and admiring them! All of us have been criticized at some point in our life. I was upset that we aren’t going to hear all of the songs they sang at the Italy concerts, but, no matter what, I will always love and admire our guys!
        Looking forward to meeting you in Vegas!
        Grande AMORE!!!

  29. Johnny Mathis is still preforming at the age of 80 years old. I watched his concert last year. He sang new songs as well as his old songs. He knew his audience wanted to hear the old songs. We may have our favorites, but, we need to respect their management to decide what is best. Whatever they sing, I will be thrilled!

  30. I don’t know if anyone is reading this posting still but here is an update: Since this posting of a program order change in Boston, They have changed the program order two more times. One was last night in Washington, DC. As I said , they must change the program based upon the crowd and how the voices are holding out. I notice that ” Il Canto” was not being done earlier but now it is. A couple of other changes happened.

    Barbara said some time ago: go ahead and email in song requests and if they can do them (and if they will fit into the flow of the program) they will try to do them.

    1. Myron, oh, yes!! so where are we supposed to post our requests? From reading all of these comments, here is what I am hearing for songs: 1. Per Te Ci Saro, 2. L’more si muove, 3. Ancora.

      Grazie mille!, Jana

    1. But, if they don’t “follow” you on Twitter or Instagram, I don’t think the guys or anyone will get the message, literally? 🙂 And, unfortunately, the Il Volo facebook page does not allow you to post messages on there? I tried…you can only respond to whatever they post? Which, I did…. 🙂 Don’t know if Piero or Gianluca allow fan postings? Never been on their Facebooks…actually, I just checked Facebook and those pages don’t seem to exist anymore for Piero and Gianluca?

  31. I am happy with what ever song choice they make. This is my first Il Volo concert and my daughter and I have been waiting to hear Volare, Surrender, Il Mondo and Piove. As long as they don’t change those, we are HAPPY. Can’t wait for the concert!

  32. Very helpful insights, Myron. Thank you so much! I / we keep learning, thanks to you! Both your article and intermittent comments build my understanding and respectful appreciation for the process they use in making these decisions!

    Loved everyone’s comments. So many feelings on this topic, eh?

    My feelings:
    1 – Yes, I will totally LOVE everything they sing. They can only win in my book!
    Jeannette, I understand. And yet, don’t ya suppose they’ll be honored to have us enthusiastically sharing which are our favorites?! No disappointment intended. Just passionate love of Our Guys, and craving to hear our very personal favorites.

    2 – Delilah is my very least favorite song they’ve ever done (too edgy for me), But I’ll bet it’s one of Ignazio’s favorites, and they like to have fun, so… it’s their life, and they should do what they love.
    BUT if they love Volare or Piove as much, those songs make me smile and want to dance! 🙂

    3 – New songs… I understand about a balance of old and new and that they are already leaning heavily on new.
    At the same time, just gotta say which new ones I would love to show up in the Las Vegas playlist:
    **L’amore si muove ~ This is rockin’ hot! I’m a boomer, and I love the new songs!! To me, this song is as good or better than Grande Amore. Probably because I LOVE to DANCE!
    **Per te ci sarò ~ Seeing the subtitles had me in tears, and it is so beautiful!
    **The Best Day of My Life ~ One night I listened to this song continuously 8 or 10 times, never got tired of it, just smiled until my face almost hurt!
    **Aspettero’ ~ So much passion in this one! Love it!
    **Ancora ~ I love how this song really lets Ignazio loose! 😉

    But as long as they include
    Io che non vivo senza te (in Italian, please!), I’ll be beyond thrilled!

    Every time I think they can’t possibly get any better, they far exceed my ability to even imagine what is possible! IL VOLO, you are AWESOME!!

    And I love little Pietro’s courage and passion for his beloved Piero! Thanks for the vidoe.

    Love, gratitude, and great anticipation for a magical night!
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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