Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Chicago

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website



Il Volo was pumped for Chicago, and it looks like Chicago was ready to welcome them.  Too bad for any curious Chicagoans that the show was already sold out!  Yay, Il Volo!

~~ Kelly


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Article:  The Mix — Some Cool Things to Do in Chicago This Weekend ~~The Chicago Sun Times

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Gian Snapchat





The Amazing Power of Piero

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Unchained Melody

From our own Elizabeth who attended with her sister, Victoria.

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From our conversation this morning:  “I miss them, too!”  😀  <3


Grande Amore

Oh…be careful, Ignazio!

20 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Chicago”

  1. What can I say??? They were stupendous!! They just get better and better and, of couse, they get more handsome every day! I had first row seats and I felt that I was in heaven . . . My aunt is still in shock! We were so close, we just wanted to touch Ignazio and that beautiful hair! It was SO tempting . . . Harriet Eckberg and Jeanne Thomas had seats a couple seats away. They were blown away, too! We had a dinner before the concert and had about 10-11 people attending. I’m so glad that I was able to meet everyone.

    The Meet & Greet was perfect. We went into a room and there were chairs for everyone. It only took a few minutes before the boys came. There was much more time to talk, banter, and take your photos. Remember the Milwaukee M&G and that nasty woman who rushed and pushed everyone away? Yes, she was NASTY! Well, this M&G was totally different. Everyone was so nice and you felt so comfortable. The photographer took his time, so, hopefully, I will have a nice photo. When it was my turn, I had to get a dimple kiss (of course). I got a kiss from Piero and Gianluca, too. Piero asked about my name and as we were talking, he looked at my lanyard. I had put “Minneapolis” on the card. He said, “You are a Flight Crew member! Awesome!!!”. After that, we talked a little more and then we got the picture. They are just angels . . .

    After the photo, I was able to talk to Barbara. She is so very nice and very beautiful. Pictures do not convey her beauty. I told her that she has the most wonderful accent. She asked me what kind of accent she has as she does not hear it. I looked at her and I said, “Sexy, Barbare. Just sexy!” She laughed so hard, but I told her it was true. I was able to get a couple of pictures with her. What a great lady!

    Eleonora and Caterina were there and it was fun to see them. I know that they do not speak English, so I didn’t try to speak to them. Mr. Barone was there, too. I was able to talk to him to say hello. He thanked us for coming. Ignazio’s girlfriend, Allessandra. Yes, she is very pretty! 😣 She had better be good to him!

    Now, here goes! Look at one of the pictures in the Chicago article . It is the one where they are jumping and it is a smaller picture. Look at Piero. He has lost his pants and has flashed his “crack”. Harriet showed me and we had a laugh. We were there, so we saw it. Can’t believe than someone got it on film. I’m sure that Piero would laugh.

    That’s my story. Chicago was wonderful – the friends, the concert, the boys, the family! We are leaving today and get back this evening. Can’t wait to get my pictures on tbe computer. I’m waiting for another Minneapolis concert, guys!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Il Volo’s concert in Chicago. I agree that they seem to be getting better and better. I’m happy that you had such a good experience with your M & G. I wish I could have said the same for Easton. It was very different. I can’t help but wonder why it varies so. I assume it is the people handling it that particular day.

  2. Laura –
    You are so right, the concert was amazing. I went with Donna McKune and her granddaughter. They were in the third row of the pit and I was in the fourth row on the center aisle. It was like I was in Heaven. I did meet Harriet Eckberg and Jeannie Thomas, who were in the first row.
    I smiled and waved to Ignazio and he smiled and waved back. The man in front of me was very tall, so I had to lean over quite a bit to get a good view and take a few pictures. They sang a few songs sitting on the edge of the stage – right in front of me. I still can’t believe that I was right there!!
    The meet and greet this time was so much better. At the last one, I couldn’t think, but here I was relaxed and actually got to talk to them. They were all so kind. I had seen Gianluca’s tweet about getting coffee, so I brought them a box of Coffee Nips candy and told them if they can’t get coffee, these candies will make them think they just drank a cup.
    We did tell Mr. Barone, who was sitting in front of us, that we love PIero and we saw Gian and Ignazio’s mothers.
    I saw Barbara on the way out, hugged her and told her that she is doing such a good job with the guys.
    It was such a wonderful evening, now onto Las Vegas!!

    1. He says, “Ce l’ho fatta.” which means, “I managed it!” or “I did it!” It is a common expression in Italian. The verb is usually given in the infinitive as “farcela” which is “fare” meaning “to do” with the pronouns “ci” and “la” added on. “Ci” changes to “ce” in this situation.

  3. I had the best time at the Chicago Concert Friday night, I sat 2nd row pit, and was recognized by the guys, so much fun. This was my 5th time seeing them. Gianluca talked with me at the Meet & Greet, said I see you on Facebook! haha. If you want to see my Chicago Concert pictures go to my facebook account. I’m also on twitter @NancyKovacs1 & Instgram. I can’t wait to see them the next time they come to the USA! Gotta love these guys!!

  4. The long-anticipated Chicago Theater IL Volo Concert finally arrived. Jeanne Thomas and I attended together and had a ‘stupendous’ time. So much to tell, many of the same emotions as everyone else. ♥ We enjoyed having an early dinner with about 15 lovely IL Volo fans at the State- Lake Restaurant in The Wit Hotel, close to the theater, which was so convenient. It was delightful getting acquainted and sharing stories and emotions about our Italian ‘boys’. The Chicago Theater is absolutely gorgeous, I had never been there before Friday night. We got our tickets and our VIP IL Volo bag and were ushered to our seats….in the Pit Front Row….wow! I was just in awe seeing the stage so close…the lady to my left kindly took a picture of the boys’ water bottles for me…. I didn’t want to miss a thing! Jeanne and I met a few other fans in the theater, how fun. We kidded with our very young Security fellow sitting in the middle isle in front of the stage. We assured him he wouldn’t have to get us off the stage…he was a cute kid and laughed with us. Now to the entrance of our darlings. They came onto the stage full of life and filled with song and smiles for us!!! Nods were given to us…I was determined to let the know how I appreciated all their beautiful voices…much clapping, standing ovations (especially from our front row ☺). Their voices were so strong and full of emotion and passion…amazing it was. The concert was my 2nd one and filled me with love and so much respect for them, and their team and especially, their families. So much devotion and love. The M&G was nice, we did get to sit down while we waited our turn. I had so many things to say to each of them, but time was too short. I did manage to get a hug and said, bravely, ‘baccio’, and they smiled and I gave a gentle kiss on each cheek. We gave them each an attractive, small pillow, which read, ‘Life, without music would B.. (“flat” symbol)… on music score..sorry cannot find. it. We saw dear Barbara, enjoyed a hug, and I asked if we might be able to greet the Momma’s and Piero’s Papa. We did and took a few pictures. Italian 2-cheek hugs were so nice to receive!! What sweet, kind women and Papa too…he said he was sleepy…only shook his hand. ☺ I apologize to be very long in sharing my experience at the wonderful, glorious IL Volo 2016 Concert in Chicago. On to Las Vegas! Ti amo e tutti!!! ♥♥♥

    1. I am so happy to hear that you and Jeanne had the most wonderful experience, you to so deserve the very best, and Il Volo delivered that for sure…

  5. Wow! Such beautiful experiences you all ~ including Elizabeth ~ share!

    Kelly, you must be spinning in circles trying to keep up with the guys. I don’t know how you do it!


  6. Awow, you all seem to have had the time of your lives. I can’t wait for my turn in Las Vegas. I do hope we can talk with the guys more at our fan faire . my last M&G was so hurried it was like a blur. Happy for all of you and so excited to meet all who’s going to Las Vegas.

  7. I love reading about people’s M&Gs that went well…the one I went to in San Diego was not the best experience…very small, stuffy room, the Guys looked tired, Barbara was crabbing at the M&G guy, telling him “NO autographs, and only ONE picture!” (Fortunately she came in right AFTER I had gotten their autographs)! Besides all of that, my pictures came out fuzzy…you had to use your own camera or phone (which we were NOT told about beforehand) so my friend took them with her phone, and she is no expert at it, bless her heart…There were a LOT of people waiting for the M&G, so I can sort of understand the rush with these things. It makes sense: the more people waiting, the less time you get. We all pay a lot of money for the experience, and some people get lucky and have a nice one, and some of us don’t. I’m not doing a M&G this time…maybe next time.

      1. That was in San Diego? What theater? I wonder if its the same one I am headed to this time. Oh I hope they improve the M&G experience if it is. 🙁

      2. Don’t worry Pirate–the company that is running the M & G this time is not the same one that ran it in 2014. The experience is day and night. With this year’s being terrific!

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