Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Detroit

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Il Volo Music Website



Detroit was just as ready for Il Volo as Chicago the night before.  It looks like it was an amazing night!

~~ Kelly



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From our Emilia in the 2nd Row.  She said it was AMAZING!

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Grande Amore



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Unchained Melody



10 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Detroit”

  1. The picture taken at the Chicago concert, while the guys were jumping, shows the back of the heads of Harriett Eckberg and me (Jeanne Thomas). We were sitting in the pit in the front row, in the center of the stage. When the guys sat down at the front of the stage, we could have touched them–but we didn’t!!

    1. Great video. To me one of the biggest surprises of the night is how good Ignazio was. Two women sitting next to us said the same thing. Very impressive.

  2. IL Volo was wonderful, are they ever less than wonderful? Concert was superb. But the Fox is far from superb. Traffic was awful getting downtown, and altho we were seated in plenty of time, many others weren’t, and it was very distracting to have people finding their seats during the performance. And the seating at the Fox isn’t tiered enough, so if someone sits in front of you slightly taller, then you can’t see. Happened to me. Parking was minimum $15, and didn’t have time to look for something cheaper because traffic was so awful.
    I’m not complaining about the show or the guys, just the setting. And many others I talked to that night were equally disgusted with the Fox.
    I love the guys, have been to all their Detroit shows, but don’t know that I would go to the Fox again.

    1. Hi Barb – sorry we didn’t connect! I was smack in front of the speakers and it was actually great and I heard everything very clearly and it wasn’t overly loud, as I was fearing it was going to be. I agree, the Fox mgmt. was somewhat rude and they were even going back and forth in front of us in the front row! That was annoying! I swear I wanted to trip them a few times! lol! Ignazio was just flawless on Tonight, I so wish I had recorded it! I really hope someone did!

      1. Jana,
        video Tonight from Detroit isn’t on youtube, but maybe you will like it from Hershey, is one of the newer videos :

      2. I agree about Tonite. Even my husband was super impressed. And what is really funny is that I don’t like that song , yet it was OUTSTANDING when Ignacio performed it.

  3. I found the Fox theater to be a beautiful theater and it was a showplace that they young men of Il Volo deserved to have a concert in… They strive to do better each time they perform and I think that the elegance of this theater enhanced their desire to be the very best they could be, because all three were super charged and reached new heights with each song they sang… It was like they were determined to blow the roof off the theater… Yes the streets were congested, so many different venues going on in one small area, yes parking lots were over crowded, yes there was construction on the street that hindered traffic, but once you stepped into the Beautiful Fox Theater you were greeted with it’s beautiful interior that made you feel that you were in a palace… When those three young men stepped onto the stage you know you were in the presence of greatness, The Prince of Naro, the Prince of Marsala, and the Prince of Abruzzo… They performed, they entertained, they sang, but most of all they shared their love of music with each of us with all they had to give… They voices and their hearts were as big and as beautiful as the theater they performed in… I think the greatness of the Fox Theater brought out the greatness of Il Volo and that night will live my memory forever…

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