Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Tampa

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website


Hey Everyone!

Here’s Tampa!

~~ Kelly


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Torna a suriento


Photos:  NorthAmerican Tour 2016 – Tampa ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club


Si me falta tu mirada

Life is Beautiful That Way …. have I mentioned that we just love them so?   <3


Photos:  NorthAmerican Tour 2016 – Tampa, March06 ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook


Grande Amore

Photos: Il Volo #NorthAmericanTour2016 – Tampa, FL – 06/03/2016 ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook


El Triste

Something Beautiful….


More Videos from Tampa here.

7 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Tampa”

  1. Thanks for the videos. I love the song “No Hace Falta”. Hope they keep it the rest of the tour.

  2. Thank you Kelly for posting these great videos and photos of the Tampa concert. Can’t help but think of Ignazio taking that bad fall but keeping the little boy safe. I hope he is not in too much pain. It’s not like he will have time to take it easy with their busy schedule. I really love Si Mi Falta Tu Mirada and El Triste. Hope the next time they tour the Northeast we get these and some of the other songs from L’Amore Si Muove.

  3. Well after seeing Ignazio do the jumping entrance he does in Surrender so soon after his fall. I am SO glad he seems to be OK. My heart was breaking. He is definitely an upstanding human being who cares about others before himself to take such a bad fall to save the young boy. His integrity is outstanding. I pray for these guys all the time & what I have always thought they were sent by God to show us how to treat others by showing us how to behave. 3 outstanding young men that we have been given the privilege to know & hear their Angelic voices. My heart has always been so full of love for these fine young men especially Ignazio.

  4. Just got back from the Orlando concert. As usual the guys were wonderful. Ignazio seems to be ok and joking as always. The set list was a little different than when we saw them in Boston a month ago. The left out Caruso and Eternally and added El Triste, Si Mi Falta Tu Miranda and No Hace Falta, which I think we’re added due to the many Latinos in the Florida audiences. The audience was very lively and gave many standing ovations especially after Piero’s No Puede Sur.

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