We saw our loves… Part II from Detroit!

…And on with the show!

Piero did his requisite “go stand on a chair in the audience routine” for O Sole Mio, so missed part of that. Lol! But somehow he got back to the stage, which I missed and brought the little girl up?

piero little girl
Girl in O Sole Mio!


During “Piove” they brought a “little” girl up on stage, but she was not so little! Lol! She was taller than Gianluca and almost as tall as Piero. Her name? Maria! Gian starts singing “I just met a girl named Maria….” Piero asked her how old she was and she said 14. Piero says, “I am 22 and you are 14 and you are almost as tall as I am!” Then they look at her feet to see if she had on heels or something and I think she was in her socks or booties of some kind, so no heels there! Lol!

During one of the earlier songs, I’m sorry, can’t remember which one, Ignazio comes over to the Maestro and they chit chat for a few seconds. Then I kind of hear “are you ready?” Next thing I know, Ignazio is facing the crowd, Maestro is conducting, and suddenly Ignazio gives Maestro a little “hip bump!” Then, in perfect unison, they are moving back and forth hip to hip to the beat of the music! Literally perfectly orchestrated! 🙂 Yeah, wish I would have gotten that one! Several missed photo ops, unfortunately!

igna delilah


I think it was right before Beautiful That Way, when they all sit on the stage, poor Gianluca is trying to gracefully get down to sit on the stage. He tries one way, then another, and finally says “sorry, my pants are too tight!” They really didn’t look tight though – he was wearing jeans, but they must have been a bit stiff? He eventually plops down on the stage. Then during another song, he managed to get down from the stage, but then could not get up again. They did not put any steps up to the stage and it was pretty high. So the security guard had to get a chair for him to stand on, so he could get back up there! The perils of being short!? 3 of them round

The Godfather routine…even though some say it was a bit drawn out, I have to say it was cute and I liked it. Again, I think Igna had too much bread in his mouth and you could see he kept swallowing and he was coughing here and there. He did though, get Gianluca to kiss his ring! Sorry, Nashville, happened in Detroit first! Was funny, Gianluca asked the audience if he should kiss the “Godfather’s” ring and we all said yes. Apparently, someone said no and Igna says “why you say no?” Igna was saying because now he is 21, he should kiss his ring…


After they were done singing Eternally, Piero and Gian were introducing Ignazio to sing his next solo and Piero was saying how when they were on tour with Barbra, Ignazio fell in love with her, then he tried to correct himself saying Igna fell in love with the song. He relates this to Igna and says “what’s the difference?” Igna said something I did not catch and then says he didn’t have enough money for the lawyers! Lol! Of course, they joke around and Igna does not want him to tell the audience the name of the song, but of course, as Piero is leaving to go up the steps, he shouts out “Memory!”


Igna was also certainly due for a haircut, as he kept doing the hand/hair slide throughout the whole concert. Looks like he got it cut for Nashville? Hmmm… he should be just about due for one in Vegas? Won’t we be lucky? 🙂

But, I am sorry to say, and as fantastic as they were, I still felt a bit disappointed, because they did not sing a few of the songs we really wanted to hear. For those that said they will be happy with whatever they sing – well, I’m sorry, I cannot totally agree. You still hoped that they might just make one little change to the song list, but no, they did not.

(I just want to add a little disclaimer…Please don’t beat me up here for what you are about to read.  But this is how I truly felt at the time, and I wanted to be honest.  I was also speaking to a few other Detroit gals, and they felt the same way – but I will keep their names secret to protect the guilty… I have the utmost love and respect for these guys and would defend them to the end, as if they were my own!)

It’s like this…. 

Think back to a time, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion, when you got LOTS of presents, more than you could have ever imagined! You laughed and smiled and said many thank yous. But with each present you opened, you kept expecting it to be that one, special gift, you just had your heart set on. You had cake and ice cream and your favorite dinner and friends and family all around. It was the best birthday/Christmas ever! (or was it?) You made everyone think you were happy, and why shouldn’t you be? Here is why… there was this one gift that you wanted, ever so badly. It didn’t even cost very much, at least in your eyes, and there was one person you really thought was going to get it for you. But, it didn’t happen… and, unfortunately, as you lay down to sleep that night, thinking of all the wonderful gifts, food, family, and friends; you still felt a little cheated and disappointed, because you didn’t get that one little gift. It was really all that you wanted and you thought you gave everyone really big hints on what it was, even told someone directly! You’d take everything back, if you could get that one little gift. Before you go to sleep, you thank God for a wonderful day and feel very blessed to have your friends and family around you. You remind yourself, that others aren’t that lucky. They don’t get the presents we do, or maybe no celebration at all? So, you will go to sleep, convincing yourself that you are happy and thankful. The feeling of disappointment will fade – eventually; and your life will go on. 

With each song they sang, it meant our gifts were quickly disappearing one by one, until the final, big gift we were all waiting for – Grande Amore! It was certainly grand and was incredible to actually see and hear them sing it live! Then, all too soon, it was over. I didn’t think I was going to be bold enough to stick my hand out there at the end, but it’s the one little perk of being in the front row! Sure enough, here they came, giving all the front-rowers a “low” five… here comes Giansmack! Here comes Pierosmack! Here comes Ignaziosmack! Oh, yes, that was pretty fun. Oddly, both Gian’s and Piero’s hands were cold, however, Ignazio’s was very warm! And then, it was really over! piero

I will tell you about my meet/greet experience – it was quick! When we signed in to the VIP table, the OMGVIP guy was actually very nice and I asked him about taking pictures, etc. He said they discouraged selfies with the guys, but we could take pictures if we wanted to give someone else our cameras, etc. He also said to wait and someone would come and get us. Well, the Fox and OMG must not have been communicating very well, because when the concert was over, security made us move to the back and other side of the theatre and we just followed the crowd. They told us later they needed to clear the stage and our seats, blah, blah. So we moved and sat down again. After about 10 minutes or so, they told us to move again, so we did. Then the security guy at the end of our row says “ok, you 2 rows need to move into the aisle now and get in line.” We were a bit confused, because just before that the OMG person said we would be taken in groups of 15-20 and could get extra pictures if we wanted? Not the case – so we got in line, not knowing where we were going yet, except we were heading toward the exit doors. As we moved up in the line, we started seeing flashing, so we figured it was up ahead. Where they had the meet/greet was really bad. It was a small area off the main lobby, with very low lighting – just a few ornamental chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and maybe a few sconces on the walls. Barbara passed us twice as we were waiting in line. She is really quite pretty! Yes, we were herded along like the proverbial cattle. They kept pushing you ahead even before the person ahead of you was done! Right before it was my turn, they kept trying to push us up there and Piero is like “wait, wait, I need a moment…” He then went over to his dad to say something, then he went back in his “place.” When it came to my time with the guys, anything I had planned to say or do, went totally out of my mind. I felt very rushed.   All I could manage to sputter out was “you were wonderful tonight!” to each one of them, speaking in this kind of dazed monotone voice, while I shook their hands. Yes, I said “shook” their hands! No hugs. My shyness, once again, taking over. I guess I was still pretty overwhelmed by the concert and still in the hypnotic state as soon as I saw them. My dad was with me and I remember going to Gian first, as he was on the left, Piero, in the middle and Ignazio on the right. I said hello to Piero next and said “this is my dad.” Piero did something I thought was so sweet, he says, “hi, dad!” to my dad, and then my dad shakes his hand and gives him a hug! I’m standing there thinking, gee, missed Piero again, but my Dad gives him a hug! (I talked to my dad later, and even he said it was all a blur to him also!) Lol! I then walked over to Ignazio and shook his hand as well. Ok, no hugs, but there is something special about skin to skin contact! Next thing I knew they were tapping you on the shoulder to turn around and smile! Next! As I turned around to leave, I looked at Ignazio. He had his phone in his hand, but was staring into my eyes, like he was trying to recognize me me and the guysmaybe, from PBS? It was only the 2nd time I’d seen him, although he saw me in the front row for an hour!? He just stared, but didn’t say anything. It seemed an eternity, but I’m sure it was only for a few seconds. As I looked back into those piercing, brown eyes, I said, “see you in Vegas!” He just looked at me and had this funny look on his face?” and kind of grunted – didn’t really say anything. And that was it…but my last memory will be those beautiful, brown eyes, shining at me through the darkness… 

I did see Caterina, and Giampiero and the guitar guy, but did not talk to any of them. Piero’s father was off to our left in the small area we were in, keeping a close eye on everyone.  Also, the Maestro must have been pretty impressed with the Fox Theatre, as I caught him snapping pictures all over the place!!

wingThis was, after all, just a dress rehearsal? I will be ready in Vegas to tell them what I want to tell them, shy or not, because it might be the last time – we never know…so again, my heart is full, but I still have some room left for Vegas! But seriously, I have to ask Ignazio what he said to me in Italian! I may never get another chance! See you all soon!


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  1. Thanks for your story. It give me a better idea what happens at a “M & G”. Hope Dallas has a nice one.

    1. Gina – I hope yours is good, also! Like I said, each venue seems to be different – not sure why?

  2. Jana, since you are being honest, I will be, too! I’m going to have ONE chance at a concert and M and G! With all the negative things I’m reading regarding the M&G, I’m getting a little apprehensive! I’m trying to take it as constructive criticism, but sometimes it get to me! I’m 84 years young and this will probably be my first and last hurrah! My Daughter will be with me with her trusty phone camera, but I’m hoping for some good shots of my favorite singers! I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience, but there’s always VEGAS! Better luck there!!!

    1. Oh, Dorothy! I SO HOPE you have a great meet/greet! I think they are kinder/gentler to the older ladies? I like to be positive, but am also practical and am more of a “expect the worst/hope for the best” kind of person? No matter what happens, the boys will amaze you with their voices, charm, and comedic timing! You will enjoy that forever, I can pretty much guarantee that! Yes, am hopeful for Vegas!

  3. Dorothy, I’m with you. L.V. will be my only chance to see and hear the boys in person. I want it to be special. I have a friend with me who will take photos. I am celebrating my 87th birthday on March 20. see you in L.V. JoanieG

    1. Joanie – so looking forward to meeting you in Vegas! I will admit now, I am the WORST when it comes to remembering any names or faces, so please forgive me now! 🙂 What a great birthday present!

  4. Hey folks. At the airport leaving Florida after two brilliant concerts! I have seen our Guys many times and they are better than ever! So good in fact the three of us cried on the way home. Unbelievable! Smashing! Even if you have seen them before you will be surprised by absolute beauty of it all. More when I get home.

    OK one thing… I know by now you have all seen “the fall”,. ( I promise he is OK. Told me so at the hotel.) But did you also notice that after he secured the child he picked up the mic and didn’t miss a beat. Now that’s a pro.

      1. Ignazio fell on stage during concert ( song Torna a Surriento) in Tampa. He had just picked up a small child – boy and he tripped over a cable just afterwards. He was protecting the child so he took the worst of the fall on his shoulder.He wasn’t at the M&G after the show. He finished the last song of concert , and then went to the emergency room for treatment.He must be more careful on stage. Cables on the floor are always very dangerous.

      2. They should tape the cables to the floor. Yes it will take them longer to pack up afterwards. But it is a lot harder to trip over taped cables than loose ones.

    1. Lydka – so nice for you to always include the links to various things – I’m always amazed you are able to find them, especially since you are not from the US! Yes, there seems to be quite a difference from venue to venue, for some reason? Grazie!

    2. Thanks for sharing this video, Lydka. This was on one of our local TV stations on Thursday morning’s news program. I recorded it on my DVR since I would be at work when it aired. Our poor boys looked so tired in the interview. I got the feeling that they did the same interview over & over, just changing the name of the city & the theater of the concert. They looked bored & tired, & hardly smiled. I felt bad for them, because if someone who was not familiar with their awesome personalities saw this interview, they might not be inspired to go to the concert. I wish everyone in Louisiana could see how they really are, & not judge them by this one interview. At least they pronounced New Orleans correctly, with 3 syllables, & not rhyming with “seen” or “means”, like some I’ve heard. I’m praying for the rain to go away & not flood anymore communities here, so my Mom & I can finally experience IL VOLO LIVE IN CONCERT. This will be my Mom’s only chance since she is 86, & can’t walk very well. Thanks again for the video, Lydka. You are always so generous with your time posting these kinds of videos. I also agree with what you posted a little further down the page about Piero & his arias. I did not like opera music at all, until I heard him sing these selections. But everything Piero sings touches my soul with his passion, power, & joy. Yes, he has all 3 of these qualities in his voice. But so do Ignazio & Gianluca. And when the 3 join in harmony, they are truly 3 voices with one soul.

      1. Thanks for your response. I agree with you. By the way before two days they were in Miami,due to be interviewed in some Tv show. Maybe it will be much better as previous interviews, where they looked tired and bored, because always answer the same questions for all Tv stations in short time is certainly unpleasant activity. And yes, it is important, that we love Il Volo as a whole ! 3 voices with one soul and one love for all three. 😉

  5. Joan, I’m not going to Vegas ( I wish I could)! Will see them in San Antonio, Texas!! You have enough fun for the both of us! Happy Birthday!

  6. Jana I loved your part 1 & 2 of your experience at the concert & I must say I agree with you as to how you feel about the songs they didn’t sing. I was so looking forward to the latest songs we have been watching on video & which I constantly play on the CD’s I have. Most of the songs they sang were the songs we have heard from the beginning.
    Your interpretation of how your expectations re birthday or Christmas were right on. Although I didn’t mention it to them in Buffalo because I didn’t want to be critical. What I was focusing on was the fact that standing ovations weren’t given to all 3 equally if at all. Yes Piero has the stronger voice but it bothers me no end when that is what people focus on his voice where acculades abound for him. This is where I find myself screaming for the other 2 performers. I would like to be behind the guys to put up a plaque with big words to tell the audience to stand & scream & clap as loud as they can for the other performers. So I am going to do the same thing in Vegas to tell the people around me as I did in Toronto in 2013 to stand up which they finally did. These guys deserve standing ovations & recognition for every solo they sing equally. I’ll have 2 other people with me who can make a loud noise.

    1. Loretta,
      Gianluca and Ignazio sing popular songs, but Piero an aria “E lucevan le stelle” which is a romanza from the third act of Giacomo Puccini’s opera Tosca and “No puede ser” which is an aria sung by Leandro (tenor) in the second act of the zarzuela, La tabernera del puerto. Nowadays people do not go to the theatre to the opera performances, they do not listen to this kind of music Many people never before have the chance to listen to this music live and many of them have the prejudice against this music.They think that this music can be sung only by older singers.And then they see young singer with really beautiful strong voice with great talent and they have the chance to listen to the beauty of the classical music, how emotional these arias are, how many strong energy, passion, love, sentiment, sense they include. These people discover a “new world” and are thrilled.They listen to pop songs a day,but operatic music not, so for them it is something interesting, unusual, magical… Piero’s interpretation of arias touches their soul, their heart and therefore they react as react ,with great admiration, which he deserves.I think Piero completely deserves all standing ovations, in his age to sing operatic songs in this way is amazing and not easy, not so many young singers would be able to sing them with so much mastery, maturity and great quality. I agree with you that all guys deserve standing ovations for their solos,but you need to realize the differences between songs, which they interpret.

      1. Lydka – that is so true! Not everyone has heard this kind of music before. If someone told me 5 years ago, I’d be listening to some 20 year old sing an aria, I’d have laughed them in the face! Yes, certain sounds and songs touch people’s emotions differently, which is why sometimes the tears just come and you have no control over them!

    2. I also came away from the concert feeling let down. We didn’t even have a lot of live music. Yes the guitarists were there and the pianist, and maybe the drummer (I don’t remember) but the music was largely canned and it sounded canned and too loud. It drowned them out many times, and the lights also were too strong and therefore they often were invisible or washed out. The M & G was terrific however and that made up for a lot! I was hoping for the new Italian songs and the only one they sang was Grande Amore as the finale. I see the in videos of the Florida
      concerts they are singing more of the new songs than they did in the beginning which is all to the good.

      1. Gosh, Penina, which concert were you at? I’m so sorry you felt the music was canned? I was a bit hesitant writing what I wrote, but I wanted to be honest. I’m glad you and some of the others feel the same way. I do have to say the music and the guys were awesome in Detroit. I did think Freedom Hill was not so good – I thought the music was really too loud for a lot of it. And yes, it’s definitely noticeable that they are playing to the different demographic areas. But, if they are singing those songs, which ones are they missing out on that we heard? I’m so glad your m/g was great! Not everyone can say that! I’m still hoping for Per Te Ci Saro in Vegas or LA!

      2. I was at Casino Rama in Orilla. There was no orchestra at that point. The maestro didn’t come until the Boston concert which was I think 2 or 3 concerts later. So some of the music was canned. In fact, during the M & G I asked Ignazio about Core N’Grato–which was on the playlist for Buffalo but they did not sing. I was really looking forward to that one! Ignazio told me they had some trouble with the music thing and that is why they didn’t sing it. He said “We were supposed to sing it! But we had trouble with the music/didn’t work so we couldn’t sing that one.”

      3. I agree about lighting. They practically blinded us. I love the song choices … my favorites are Beautiful That Way and Eternally, they did both. I love Piero doing No Puede De and got that one too. Jana, thought Freedom Hill and Meadow Brook were far superior to Fox.

      4. Penina – Wow, I’m so sorry…. I can imagine how disappointing that was!

        Barb – well, maybe it depends on where you were sitting? 🙂 At Freedom Hill, I was in the last row of the VIP section on the left and I thought the music was overly loud and I could hardly hear them singing some of the time? Never saw them at Meadowbrook…

    3. Thank you, Loretta – look forward to meeting you in Vegas! I have 4th row seats, dead center! 🙂 I will surely be standing! I know what you mean, it’s like we need those signs like in the “old” days of TV where they came around with the applause sign – need one for applause, cheers, screams, and standing “Os!” 🙂

  7. Jana, I understand how you feel about being disappointed by their song choices. I don’t think I’ll feel that way in general for the Vegas show, but since “L’Amore Si Muove” doesn’t seem to be on the setlist in most locations, I may miss that one. “Granada” is a very special song to my family, and I posted a video on Facebook of when they sang it in Trieste, so I’m afraid my mom may expect that one even though they rarely sing it.

    I really prefer their Italian songs to Spanish, so I hope when there are two versions of a song they choose the Italian one. This is coming from someone who mostly listens to Spanish music in general.

    Loretta, great idea to try to get everyone to give them all the recognition they deserve. I live in Las Vegas, and our audiences for even the most lively shows are way too tame (even at Motley Crue everyone just sat there). We don’t know how to behave at the theater either, so my hopes aren’t high, but if we get enough people on here to encourage participation, maybe it’ll help. In Italy, for “Grande Amore” every woman, no matter her age, took off her shoes and stood on her chair, while all men stood on the ground, and all young people that got the cheap GA seats rushed the stage. The Pearl is a strict venue that will never allow that, but it’d sure be nice.

    I also wish the guys would just come out to meet people for free like they do in Italy. Sure, there’s no organization, but they make sure everyone gets their chance. I’m surprised they said selfies were discouraged, since the guys love taking them.

    1. Hi there, Marissa! Look forward to seeing you in Vegas – are you going to the Fan Faire dinner as well? A quick note on the selfies, they said that it took too much time during the meet/greet, so that was why, but heck, we barely had time to say hello! Thanks for agreeing with me on the song choices. I really was afraid I’d get beat up here, even though I said “please don’t beat me up for this…” lol! It’s a shame the Pearl is so strict? Wonder if we asked the mgmt. if they minded we got crazy? Really, why would they care – they can’t throw all of us out, can they? 🙂 Maybe if the guys encouraged everyone to stand up and clap, they would? Granted, not everyone is physically able to stand, but at least those who can? Like maybe Piero could say at the beginning – feel free to stand and clap and cheer when you want? Mgmt couldn’t get angry with us then? 🙂

      1. Oh, I’m sure standing and clapping is fine. The ruckus of standing on chairs and rushing the stage that occurs in Italy won’t be. I will be at the Fan Faire dinner. I’m attending the concert with my mom and sister, but they won’t be coming to the dinner, so it’ll just be me. I really shouldn’t be spending money on things like that, but my husband was very insistent that I do!

  8. Jana,

    Thanks again for another entertaining story. I appreciate your honesty regarding the various disappointments that you experienced; I myself wanted to hear them sing my favorite 2015 songs so bad but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. The inconsistency of the M&G experiences is starting to bother me, but overall I still stand by my claim that it is worth the extra upcharge because in the real world, that’s about as close I’m going to get to these truly great artists. I’m glad you were able to focus on the otherwise wonderful aspects of your concert and I’m sure you’ll have memories that will last a lifetime.

    1. Hi John – thanks for your nice response! I agree – just rubbing elbows, hands, or hugs with a celebrity of any kind, is pretty cool to me! I do find it amazing, but they do remember various fans by name, or at least by sight. I’m so looking forward to Vegas. Wish you were going to be there, I’d love to meet you! 🙂

  9. I hope our guy’s will be able to do their concert in New Orleans. They have bad storm’s there right now, with severe flooding. Several people have been killed across the state of Louisiana!
    We want everyone to be safe!

    1. Jill – yes, I was noticing that as well! I’ve never been so concerned about our country’s weather, until the guys started on their tour! 🙂 According to Accuweather, the day of their concert on 3/14 is supposed to be dry and sunny, but of course if there are floods, it will take more than a few days for the waters to recede, then they go into Texas!

    2. As I write this, it is storming outside. So far, most of the flooding has been in north Louisiana. There has been some in a few parishes (counties for you “Yankees” LOL), to the west of New Orleans. But no flooding in New Orleans yet, thank God. But we have a whole ‘nother day & a half of rain to come. Please pray for those whose homes have flooded & also for there to be no more flooding. I hope I won’t have to borrow someone’s boat to get to the Saenger theater on Monday!

      1. Jana, in my town & in New Orleans, we did not get a lot of rain or flooding. Monday, concert day, was beautiful, sunny & warm. A lot of people north of Lake Ponchartrain flooded & some rivers have not crested yet, so it is bad in some places.

      2. Lynn – so glad the weather was good! Have you noticed that even if the weather is bad, as soon as the guys come into town, the weather has cleared and it is almost perfect? Someone is looking out for them and the fans! 🙂 Yes, we had a “bit” of a flood a few years ago here in Detroit – even made the Weather Channel! lol! Was really bad in some places. My mom got about 4 inches of water in the basement, might have well have been a foot! We saved what we could and tossed a lot of stuff. I can’t imagine losing your whole house!

  10. I will be excited to meet so many Flight Crew members in 2 short weeks, or I should say on Friday at the Fan Faire Convention. My friend, Sharon, and I arrive on Thursday afternoon from Chicago. Jeanne Thomas and I had terrific front row seats at the beautiful, majestic Chicago Theater on Feb. 26th. It’s a little hard to describe to others, that haven’t had the thrill of seeing our IL Volo guys in concert ‘live’. The concert was just fantastic, the orchestra led by the Maestro was beautiful. Our boys were handsome, singing with such power, I never realized how loud they project into their mics…just phenomenal to watch them…their beautiful voices filling the concert hall. They gave us sweet smiles and recognition since we were soooo close to the stage. We were determined to give standing ovations and countless bravo’s, kisses and waves and much, clapping and appreciation, which I know they enjoyed by their big, happy smiles. The M&G was nice, but always short on time to say much to the boys, but we did give them their gift bags….and I did give each of them a peck on their cheek, after asking ‘baccio’, permission to kiss, which they understood…happy for me…haha We greeted warmly Caterina, Eleonora, Papa Barone, and dear Barbara, photos too…..such dear, kind people!! Since the LV concert and convention may be my last opportunity to attend, I hope the visit with them at the convention will be a bit more relaxed and that we all have a few x-tra seconds…minutes with them. Alas, we have to be so thankful to Jeannette and Myron for bringing this whole event to life for our dear IL Volo and all of us. See y’all in LV. Hugs!!! *Pardon my lengthy story. ☺

    1. Harriett – will be great to meet you also!! As I’d mentioned, I’m just awful with names and faces – so I hope everyone forgives me now! 🙂 Glad you had a great experience in Chicago. Sometimes, it is what you make of it…? 🙂 When you meet me, you’ll never believe I am a very shy person… lol! But, true! Especially when it comes to the guys!

  11. Hi – just want to say thank you for everyone’s comments here today! I had some real concerns on what I wrote here, as it’s not my “usual” flare of writing… thank you for not beating me up on how I felt. It seems there have been many, many inconsistencies, as John pointed out, in these meet/greets, and I’m not sure where the disconnect is/was – if it was the venue, or the OMG personnel? I think, at times, we all may need to agree to disagree and that’s ok. I hope everyone can still feel they can express how they feel freely on this site. I may not be able to speak for everyone, but I hope if I say that, no matter how you feel or felt about the overall concert, or meet/greet, or pictures, etc., we can all agree that the guys continue to be phenomenal, and just seem to keep getting better and better each time we see them. They give their all at each concert, and take us all to a symphonic ecstasy, when they sing, whether it be a solo, duet, or trio!

    Just for kicks, I googled “symphonic ecstasy” and this came up! (Italian Symphonic Ecstasy – if you listen closely, it’s a medley, you will here some music in it that Il Volo sings!) It appears to be a young orchestra and that is their name – and they are pretty good, take a listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-icOBwcp85A


    1. Hi Jana,
      I love all of your posts. They come from your heart. I was in the second row in Tampa on the side where Ignazio fell with the little boy. First let me say, I think it is rude for parents to constantly interrupt the show by forcing their kids on stage. This young boy clearly did not enjoy his experience even before the “fall”. Ignazio was on a side platform that was separated from the main stage by a corner pillar. He picked up the boy and tried to take a jump from the side to the main stage, but holding the boy and his mike and singing all at the same time was too much to handle. The tip of his shoe got caught in the thick cable and caused him to fall. As long as I am being critical, I did not enjoy the “twins” either. Another interruption of the guys banter, that threw them off a little because it seemed they did not know it was coming. I don’t want to sound mean, but these interruptions affect the flow of the show. Sorry!! Also, at the M/G which Igna could not attend because of the “fall” we were the last ones, Gianluca greeted us with open arms even though he had never seen us before. Piero was preoccupied and barely spoke. Tired? worried about Igna? Gaetano was there, very nice man. I gave him chocolates for the guys and he took them to the bus. I bought my tickets in August, and not seeing Ignazio at the M/G, although I understand completely, was beyond disappointing. I hope to talk to him in Vegas though. See you all there.

      1. Whoa, are people really forcing their kids up there? Did the guys not invite them up? I was at a dance performance in Dubai, and some guy kept forcing his kid to stay on the stage with the dancer and get in her way, and that was very annoying to everyone. I can’t imagine how it’d be at a big concert!

      2. Thank you! I do enjoy writing them! Yeah, that is scary the parents forced the kid on the stage… I really hope all the guys stop picking up kids – too much liability!

  12. Thank you Jana for again sharing your concert experience. I would have loved to hear El Triste, Si Mi Falta Tu Mirada and some of the songs from the L’Amore Si Muove album which they sang in Italy. I assume they thought it best to have more English songs for some areas and obviously in Florida, they seem to have added more Spanish songs. Having said that, I thought the concert in Easton was wonderful and they are getting better and better! And they did sing many songs that weren’t sung in previous tours here. I also thought many in the audience, though mostly older, did appreciate and really responded with cheers and standing ovations (I know I did!)
    I totally agree with what Lydka wrote concerning the audience response to Piero singing his solos. The songs are so emotional and full of passion and many are not familiar with this type of music and obviously appreciate it. I feel Piero, Iganazio and Gianluca each have a beautiful voice and I love their solos, duets and when all three sing. Our audience did respond with enthusiasm to all the solos and duets also.
    As far as the M & G’s, they apparently vary widely from venue to venue after reading others experiences. We were told we couldn’t take photos or have them sign anything, and some of the people handling it were less than pleasant. It was my first M & G, but a few people I spoke to who had been to others thought the same. It was rushed, but I am happy I did see them, quickly hug them and tell them I love all the new music. The room where they had it was very small, there was no place to put anything down and there is no way band members or that much family could be there. I also feel that what they are doing that night or how soon their next concert is has a lot to do with it. Very often they are traveling right after the concert to the next town or city rather than staying in a hotel nearby.

    1. Thank you – I do wonder how they planned the M&Gs. I think whoever arranged them, really misled the fans, like no real Q&A and each venue handled it so differently! I do hope we are able to stand and cheer for them in Vegas – everyone seems to be afraid though?

  13. Hi! I want to thank you all for your stories and comments, I really enjoy read them. So sorry for unpleasant stories of M &G, here in Italy we don’t had them but if you are lucky enough you can meet them by chance on the road or in restaurants (I live near Gianluca’s village), I know people that meet them in a restaurant near my house (damn, I wasn’t there!) and they’re absolutely sweethearts, they never say no to selfies and hugs, if they say no is because they have a good reason and they really can’t. So sorry to read that the orchestra and the Maestro wasn’t always there, you made feels us (italians) very lucky! It’s a pity they don’t sing the new italian songs in the US tour, they’re wonderful live, especially “L’amore si muove” and “Tornerà l’amore”. To all that will attend to the next concerts I want to say: stand up, clap, make some noise! We’re italians we absolutely love that, I promise you that the boys love that! And if you are able to do it, sing with them, in Italy they always ask the audience to sing with them, and it’s a joy to sing together, it’s a wonderful exchance of positive energy between the boys and the people and make every concert unforgettable. Sorry for my bad and weird english, thank you again and baci dall’Italia (kisses from Italy) ♥♥♥

      1. That much Italian I know! I was leaning Italian on line last year and picked up a bit. I really should go back and do it again. Did you learn English in school or on your own? It is really excellent.

      2. I learned english at school and then on the web and watching movies and tv series in original language (english of course). I also can speak a little french (I studied it at school too, but I forgot almost all, but I got a nice french “r” 😉 ) I understand a little spanish, reading stuff on the web, it’s similar to italian but not so much how it may seem. It’s funny when the boys are abroad and during interviews they say silly things in their language (Sicilian and Abruzzese) and I undestand it. I’m curious, can you tell me who of the three speaks better english, I mean when they talk not when they sing. I think is Gianluca but english is not my native language so I ask you 🙂

      3. I think it is Gianluca also. He seems to have a very good ear for picking up accents. He sometimes puts the emphasis on the wrong syllable bu that just makes his speech very cute and Italian! I think that Ignazio jokes around and that he can speak better than he thinks he can, and Piero’s English is very good also.

      4. Daniela – I agree that Gianluca probably speaks English the best, although his grammar is off a bit at times… 🙂 however, don’t let Ignazio fool you! I’ve seen him in interviews and although his pronunciations may not be perfect, I think he understands it very well and he sometimes corrects the others. He’s just more quiet…and he puts on an “act” during the American concerts – speaking with more of an “Italian/Sicilian” accent as a joke, because they think that is what we want to hear. It is cute, and we laugh! 🙂

    1. Your English is wonderful Daniela! You are really lucky to live near Gianluca since it also looks like such a beautiful area. From seeing so many videos, we know how kind they are to everyone as long as they have the time. I think the M & G’s vary so much because of some of the people who are helping run it, and how soon they are traveling after the concerts. Also, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca must be exhausted after performing and they have such a busy schedule. I would love to be able to attend one of their concerts in Italia and just to visit again also. My husband and I took a two week tour there two years ago and loved it. So many of their new songs are so beautiful, we can’t help wanting to hear all of them. I clapped, shouted and stood up very often. I had a seat by the aisle so I tried to stand in the aisle since the people right behind me weren’t standing. I also would have loved to sing along more with them but tried to quietly since I didn’t think the people around me would want to hear me sing!

      1. thank you you are so kind! Yes I feel lucky to live here 🙂 Wish you will be able to visit again my country and to attend to an italian concert of our sweet guys. I’m glad you enjoyed the concert the way italian people do 😀 In Rome there was a couple sitting near me that were like mummies, they didn’t clap a single time, can you believe that? I was so disappointed, why do they come to the concert? Some people is strange!

    2. Daniela,
      your English is very good, not need to apologize. Because English is not my native language, also often I have a feeling that my expressions are rather weird. 🙂 Il Volo is doing great promotion of your country ,showing the beauty of your music, language and culture. I think you have to be proud of them,they completely deserve the success, respect and love from fans, all honor and recognition at home and abroad. 🙂 Sincerely greet you and wish you all the best. 🙂

      1. thank you! I agree, they deserve all the love and success they got ♥ I’m very proud of them, like all the italian ilvolovers. We follow their american tour from here and are so happy to see they are so loved abroad as much as we love them here in their native country. We miss them so much, they’ve been almost a year in Italy on tour, promotions and tv, I guess we’ve been lucky to have them around for so long 🙂 thanks for your wishes, wish the same to you ♥

      2. Daniela,
        this year I am following all their concerts very carefully,because helping Kelly with her posts about concerts (so I see their big success and I am really happy for them ! ). Now it is little bit harder for me, because of time difference, but during the Italian concerts it was good because I have the same time as Italy,since I am from Europe. 🙂 I hadn’t the opportunity to visit their concert, but I have nice experience from Eurovision (guys answered my question in video, #AskEurovision: Question for Il Volo). 🙂 Never forget on it, how happy I was May 18th 2015 ! <3 Buona serata and Buonanotte !

    3. Hi Daniela,welcome among us Europeans.I am glad to meet another girl from Europe.I know so far only Lydka from the neighboring country – Lydka is very handy girl who sends us interesting facts about your boys.
      You are lucky to live in such a beautiful region full of natural beauty and warm family relationships.I cordially greet and look forward to more interesting facts about Italy.Z.

    4. Daniela – I wanted to respond a few days ago, but my schedule has been hectic! I am so HAPPY you responded to my post and LOVE your comments! As the others have said, your English is wonderful! It is true that Italy doesn’t have M&G – guess that is just an American thing? From reading all the comments here, it appears there are a lot of us that really do want to stand, clap, and cheer for the guys, but are afraid that others won’t. I guess we will all have to get brave at the Vegas concert. I really hope it turns out to be as special as we all want it to be? It is so great to have someone from Italy to comment here. I hope you comment on other posts and give us your real insight on things. I have a question, do Italians like it when the guys sing in English? Do most people in Italy understand English? We, in America, are struggling now to learn Italian, because of Il Volo. 🙂 We would love to sing along, but it is sometimes difficult to learn the Italian. I was thinking if they displayed the words on a screen, that would be nice! 🙂 Yes, we devoted fans have been following their recent concerts in Italy and have been waiting and waiting to hear those songs here – we just expected they would sing the same songs. Although I have to say that the Verona concert from September is my absolute favorite. Some of us here have the RAI1 channel on our cable and were able to watch it live – it was awesome!

      Thanks again and come back soon!

      1. I think italians love to hear sing this three angels in any language, personally I love when they sing in english, when Ignazio sang “tonight” In Roseto Degli abruzzi on January 6, I almost cried, It’s one of my favourite songs, it was unexpected, I’ve never heard him sing it, I was so emotional. Sometimes I have the feeling that it is different listen to them sing english if it’s you native language because you hear that the accent is not perfect, but who cares? 😉 I used to listen Josh Groban sing in italian and though his italian accent it’s almost perfect still I can hear that is not his native language, but it doesn’t disturb me. A lot of people in Italy understand english yes, you people are very brave, italian is a wonderful language but I guess it’s hard to learn. It’s a wonderful idea display words on a screen maybe someone have to suggest it to the boys! My favourite concert is the date zero on the winter tour in Italy, it was in Roseto Degli Abruzzi, near my home, Gianluca hometown. Tha place was not very big. only 3.000 people, so many emotions for us fans, for Gianluca (he almost cried for the standing ovation after his solo, so sweet), for the others boys too, Ignazio cried hard after “Alleria”. When Piero sang “No puede ser” the place almost came down, I hurt my hand for too much clapping (for all three of them). A night that I will never forget, so many emotions ♥ I’m not sure but maybe RAI 1 will air the concert at The Terme of Caracalla that they will do for commemorate the first concert of the Three Tenors (Domingo, Pavarotti, Carreras) in July I think, I hope I will be able to attend it. Maybe I have to remind to my family that June 22 it’s the day of my birthday and that’s (Terme of Caracalla concert ticket) would be a perfect present ! 🙂

      2. Daniela, Piero told me at the M & G that the concert honoring the three tenors will be “an international concert” and we should save the date! To me that can only mean it will be broadcast or maybe taped and played around the world on that date. So I hope you can see/hear it–and I hope those of us in North America will be able to see/hear it also! He said Placido Domingo is going to conduct. It sounds like a fabulous concert and I am eagerly looking forward to it!

      3. I hope they will broadcast it live like the one of the Three Tenors back in 1990! I knew that Maestro Domingo will conduct the orchestra, maybe international guests will join them? It sounds awesome 🙂

      4. I can’t wait to hear what arias and songs they will sing together or as duets. I wonder how they chose which songs to sing. They really work hard–a grueling concert schedule and then this concert. I am sure they will be learning new material for it, but I can’t even imagine when they find the time to do so!

      5. Daniela – so nice to know that the Italians like the English, I always wondered? Can’t speak for everyone, but I adore the Italian accent when they speak English, especially Ignazio’s and when he sings. True Gianluca probably has the least accent when he sings, but you can still hear it on certain words. Not to be creepy, but the accent kind of makes you melt. When I first heard Ignazio sing Tonight, it was awesome, but it needed some work and by the time he got to Detroit, he must have perfected it for me! lol! It was certainly incredible and powerful! It’s so sweet to see them get emotional on songs – they really put their heart into their singing. Yes, would be great if the Placido show were to be televised on RAI1. I hope you get the birthday present you want! 🙂 Does anyone really know what prompted Ignazio’s tears? Some say it was because it was a Pino Daniele song? (I love his medley of that by the way!), others think because the words of the song were so sad? Don’t know if you follow Instagram, but Ignazio uploaded a little clip of him singing Alleria in the hotel room? I guess – I think it was for Alessandra? So cute!

      6. I don’t know why Ignazio cry almost every time he sings ” Alleria” (means Joy, the song is napolitan not italian), I guess it reminds him some feelings he felt during his life, he had sad times when he was a little boy (you can learn facts about his life from their book). I can say that he sings it with the heart in his hands as we say in italian, when he cries we cry with him. I made a little thing for you, I translated “Alleria” in english, first I had to find the italian translation, I understand a little napolitan but not everything 🙂 The english is not perfect but I hope you can undestand a little what the song is about

        Alleria (Joy)

        Time passes by and what does it do,
        everything grows and goes away
        Time passes by and you don’t love anymore
        I want the Sun to dry me
        I want an hour to remember
        for a moment you want forget
        that you need to cheer up
        Only God knows how much you suffered
        And you feel the need to scream
        That you have nothing to do with it,
        you wanted only to give
        and the joy goes away
        Time passes by and what does it do
        if my voice will change
        Time passes by and you don’t believe anymore
        and you’ve only got what you don’t want
        and don’t expect anything because
        you know that time goes by
        but you never grow up

      7. Daniela – siete bravi! (yes, learned that one from Gianluca that I saw in a little interview they did many years ago – 🙂 ) Grazie mille for the translation! Yes, I actually have their book, both the hardcocver in Italian and electronically on the “nook/eBook” I have read most of it and have translated it through Google translate, but I think a lot is literally lost in the translation. 🙂 So, you say it is “napolitan – like Naples?” Isn’t that where O Sole Mio is from, also? Is that a different language, like Sicily and Sicilian? That must be confusing!? I don’t know if you saw my other post a while back, but I did it partly on when Ignazio cried at this song – it was titled “not reserved for Gianluca anymore…” I just found out today that I was able to upgrade my ticket to the LA concert to yet, another, meet/greet ticket! Yes, I must be crazy! Maybe I will ask Ignazio why he cries? Will be easier than coming back to this post all the time? In case you hadn’t noticed, Ignazio is my favorite.. 🙂 Yes, he did have many troubles growing up with his mom, etc. But he certainly turned out to be a wonderful person and always so full of life. For a song that is supposed to mean happy, it certainly seems a sad song?
        Grazie ancora (thanks again?)

  14. Jana,
    Hi, I met you in Detroit before the concert. I enjoyed reading your Part I and II. I have to agree with you on the Meet & Greet. This was our first one and it was so rushed. I don’t blame the boys for this, only the people running the M&G. I did see Gianluca’s Mother but some lady had her tied up as we entered the M&G area and still afterwards. I really wanted to say hello to her and tell her how wonderfull her son, Ignazio and Piero are. But it didn’t happen. I did not see Piero’s father or Barbara either. We both were disappointed in how fast the M&G was. For the extra money that they charge, they could at least let you have a few minutes with the boys. The man taking the pictures was turning around to move the next group up there as soon as he snapped the picture. I did not like where it was held either. No place but the floor to put your coat and purse. We did not understand why we were moved around so much either. It seemed silly to us and no point to it. I did see that the girl that was helped up on stage on the left side lost her shoe in the process. I thought it was comical how they put her foot up for everyone to see that she did not have a shoe on. I loved the concert, of course, I love those three boys and their beautiful voices, no matter what. I missed hearing some of the songs that I love also. I could not see or hear Piero very well when he went down the center isle and sang O Sole Mio! either and I love that song since the first time I heard it on PBS. I wish he had not gone down the center aisle. We had a good laugh at the resident clown with his Godfather skit. It is cute. I was one that could not get up but two times to give a standing ovation when everyone else was up around me. I fell Jan 23 and injured left foot and right knee and that left foot was still hurting. By the time I would have gotten up, everyone else would have been sitting down. I enjoyed the concert anyways and they were just wonderful. I hope to be able to see them many more times. I had no idea that there were a group of ladies that stayed and met at the Westin. We again stayed at the Westin and would have loved to have met them also. Oh well!

    It was nice meeting you though Jana! Everyone going to Vegas have fun. I will be home pouting!

    1. Hi Jeannie! Yes, I’m so sorry, I was going to mention that I met you in my post but I forgot! You were the only one I met! I didn’t flit around like a butterfly as much as I thought I would. Although my friends in the balcony said they could see me! lol! So sorry about your foot. I hope it is better now? Maybe we should make signs that say “ovation” or “bravo” if we can’t stand? 🙂 Yeah, I seemed to have missed a lot on that right hand side…? I bet I know who was talking to Igna’s and Gian’s mothers…. 🙂 She is from our group – was she very thin with blondish hair?

      Even though I’ve never had children, they say you forget the pain, and only remember the joy? (at least that’s what my one friend with 4 kids told me…lol) I think that is what many of us are feeling, hopefully, in time… the bad things about our experiences are quickly fading, leaving only the best parts to remain in our memories — the smiles, the laughs, the jokes, those awesome notes! That’s what we carry with us to our dreams…

      Maybe we should just have a Detroit convention? 🙂

      1. Jana, I do believe that is what the woman looked like that spent such a long time with Gianluca’s mother. I agree with you about the guards also, so many seemed to be not so nice that night.

        Oh Jana, little did I know that I had a broken bone in my foot. I just found out last week that is what happened when I fell. I am now in a tall air cam boot for four weeks then more x-rays and possibly surgery depending on what it shows. Surgeon said I would have been in surgery with a plate and screws had I been seen earlier. I had no idea that I had broken a bone, I just thought that it would take time to feel better. I will never wait so long to have things checked out again. Although, I cannot get in to my Otho Surgeon to have my knee/hip checked out until three more weeks and that is with his PA.

        It was nice meeting you Jana.

  15. I forgot to mention this in case other venues do a purse check. I had my tablet in my purse because I did not want to leave it in the hotel. The lady checking my purse pulled it out and said she would have to take it from me. I was not happy. I did not know if I would get it back or not or if it would be given to someone else. I have my grandchildren’s pictures on it, so I did not want it to be taken from me. She said that I could take pictures with my phone. I told her I only have a flip phone. Then the lady said that my husband should not be so cheap and buy me an iphone to take pictures. I could not believe that she said that. I thought that was very rude and very uncalled for. I had no intention of taking my tablet out of my purse. I had my camera with me and she saw that. The lady that she handed it to gave it back to me and ask me to promise not take it out of my purse, which I had no intention of doing. She smiled at me while giving it back. Well guess what there was no was there after the M&G that I could have gotten it back from at least when we went out. Then a man sitting front row in the first seat center aisle sat there and filmed the whole concert and no one said a word to him at all. It was not a phone either. Go figure.

    So beware for future concerts. They might do that to you.

    1. Yes, that was pretty rude! A lot of the security guards were very rude. I’m not sure if they are all paid, or volunteers? Some were nice and some not so nice!

    2. Jeanie – I am so sorry to hear about your foot! Something similar happened to my mother, she took a fall in the bathroom and fell in the small space and hurt her foot. It was pretty bruised, and hurt and then she finally decided to go to the doctor and x-rayed it and found she also had a broken bone! However, the doc in Florida said there was really little they could do if it wasn’t really bothering her. She had been walking and bowling on it for several weeks by then. He said they could do surgery and put a pin in it, but it wasn’t necessary, so she is walking around with a broken bone in her foot! I do hope it gets healed properly. There are so many bones in your foot! Sorry you couldn’t say hi to Eleonora. I was only guessing it was her because she told me she had a long conversation with her and I think I did see her talking to her as well. If you’d like you can email me at: jvandela524@gmail.com – let me know how your foot is!

  16. Well Lydka I am not analysing the fact who in the audience has never heard operatic arials before I am thinking of the other guys after they have done their solos. Are they disappointed after rehearsing & singing their hearts out to stand in front of the audience & get a luke warm feedback from the audience. To me I think that would be heartbreaking. No matter how professinal these guys are individually they want the same response given to them as to Piero. Piero’s voice is amazing & deserves his standing ovations but my point is so do the other performers deserve the same response. I really don’t care who in the audience has ever heard operatic arias before, good for them that they had a chance to hear it when they got to heard Piero. I’m am totally with the other performers & want the same for them. This is my strong opinion if we don’t agree we are still friends

    1. Loretta,
      I fully understand what you mean. 🙂 And I repeat that yes, it would be fair if all guys would have always the same big applause after all solos. But it’s all about people. I think the people at the concert react spontaneously and crowd is in every place, in every town, different.We cannot tell a command to the people : give to the artist a standing ovation, if they do not feel this need to do it. I understand that maybe in some moments boys could be sad because of lukewarm reactions from crowd, but we cannot influence the behavior of other people.We can do only one thing,stand up and give a big applause from our heart and perhaps inspire other people to do the same thing. 🙂 The advantage is that if you are the only one standing and applauding, so artist will surely notice you ! And when he will smile on your direction , you can have the feeling, that you are the person who makes him happy now. 🙂 It can be a memorable experience and maybe special feeling for both. I expressed my opinion and always respect other people’s opinions Also I think that friends may not have the same opinion on everything, but it is normal and this is precisely the beauty and uniqueness of friendship that we mutually respect our differences and still have respect, interest, love,understanding, for each other ! 🙂 Sincerely greet you and wish you all the best, God bless you, much love to you. <3

  17. Well said & well written Lydka. You are kinder than I am to look at the audience from a different perspective. So I was the only one standing in Toronto in 2013 so I will do that again. You are a lovely young lady & I respect your ideas & compassion.
    God bless to you also

    1. Really thanks for your nice words, Loretta. In the past ( today former ) friend told me that I’m selfish,love to criticize others and their bad features and thinking about myself that I am angel. It was not true,her words really hurt me,but nevertheless I was thinking about myself, if I am good person and now I try to be empathetic and also look at things from other perspectives, like mine. I’m not always successful :-),but I am trying to be better person, because I know my bad characters and nobody is hundred percent good. And is important be able to say our opinion always a way so that we consciously do not want to hurt others.Life is eternal school and I don’t dare to say if I am good and responsive pupil. 🙂

  18. You know what Lydka I don’t say empty words or to hear myself talk. If I like someone I tell them & you are right to call that a person your former friend. She is cruel. You are a kind, caring honest & outstanding person with a heart of gold. We all try to be & do our best. You don’t have to try very hard to be a better person you already have achieved that & everyone likes you. We all have a right to speak our minds & try not to offend others so just stay the way you are Lydka your doing fine.

    1. Thank you very much. 🙂 I appreciate your words,you are also very nice, caring, friendly, honest lady with big open heart for your family members and friends and with sensitive soul. Wish you good health and many happy years in the company of those you love !!! 🙂

      (Unfortunately, all my grandparents are in heaven.Sometimes I think of them when I’m here…)

      1. Loretta/Lydka – so glad you were able to come to a consensus! 🙂

        You are both wonderful and we are glad to have you comment on this site and give your honest and heartfelt opinions. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures and I think it is wonderful we are able to come together on this site to share a common bond, such as Il Volo! 🙂 It is refreshing to get a different perspective on things sometimes…

    1. Thanks, Kelly! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting everyone in Vegas! Will you have the books there to buy – the ones “we” gave to the guys last summer?

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