26 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!”

  1. Buona Pasqua a tutti

    Nice to have met you all at Fan Faire.

    Rose Marie Paliobeis

    1. until I joined Il Volo group and Facebook – I had only met a handful of Rosemaries and now I can’t believe how many I’ve met.

  2. Happy Easter to everyone. Have a great day. Great gift from the boys during their Los Angeles concert. Wish I had been there. Loved both new songs.

    1. I saw a video of Gianluca singing Water under the Bridge. What was the other new song and who sang it?

      1. Ignazio sang a new song, a composition that he wrote called “Hablando de ti”..

  3. Happy Easter to everyone in the Flight Crew what a Friday I’m still in heaven anyone else. Love all you Flight crew and love IL Volo so much how awesome where they.

  4. Hi everyone from the fair in Las vegas. I am so happy to have met some of you there. Joanie G

    1. Marie, it was so good to meet you at Fan Faire but now I am going through Il Volo withdrawal. Does this happen to you? Sad its over, happy I was there, up and down feelings all day. I met Catarina, and got a big hug, what a nice lady, also talked to Gaetano again and got my selfie this time. He said he remembered me from Tampa because I gave him chocolates. All in all, it was a great night. Thanks for all you do here.
      Rose Marie Paliobeis – Cleveland

  5. May the angels protect you, may the sadness forget you, may goodness surround you, and may Lord Jesus Christ always bless you. Happy Easter to you and your family ! <3

  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bN0qxhSP5w
    Happy Easter to everyone!
    I am sending pictures of decoration Easter eggs.It is handmade and there are different workflows.According to popular tradition on Easter Monday – boy coming to girl on the carol,tuck it and gets her egg decoration./This is a tradition in Bohemia,Moravia and Slovakia as well/.
    Have a nice days.

    1. Zdenka, krásne video a nádherné veľkonočné vajíčka ! 🙂 Vďaka zaň. (Zdenka, beautiful video and wonderful Easter Eggs.Thanks for it.)

  7. Thank you for the beautiful video Marie. This was a great concert as was the one in Assisi. Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Easter. So happy for those that were able to attend the concert and fan event in Las Vegas. It must have been wonderful!

  8. I really enjoyed the performance of Ignazio singing the song he wrote–it was beautiful. Why have you not posted the song that Gianluca sang–“Bridge over Troubled Waters,” the same concert as Ignazo’s performance. Gianluca was magnificent in his interpretation of this song. I am beginning to think that il volo flight crew is more into Ignazio and Piero–it didn’t use to be this way in the past. How hard would it have been to post Gianluca’s performance on that night at the Dobly Threatre–I have watched it many times. I am disappointed.

    1. Jeanne,
      I am helping Kelly and sending her all new photos and videos from concerts and I thought that it will be suitable when new solos from Ignazio and Gianluca all ladies from Flight Crew will see in post about Los Angeles concert from Kelly. But I decided to answer Penina and posted video with song Hablando de ti, I did it for her. I think that your words aren’t appropriate. I don’t know if those words were aiming at me,because only I shared this new video. My opinion is that we love all three boys ! Maybe many of us have our personal favourite, but this is normal. 🙂 But , Il Volo could not be Il Volo , if one member would missed in the group. Three voices in perfect harmony, three singing souls as one, three hearts that share a common passion and love of music, that’s what fans love ! I wish you nice day. 🙂
      No problem for me to share second new song:

      1. Thank you Lydka wasn’t he wonderful he can sing anything. That was the BEST rendition I have ever heard of Bridge Over Troubled Waters. I would love to be able to tell him personally.
        Happy belated Easter to everyone. God bless to the Il volo boys & everyone on this site.

    2. Jeanne, please give us time. We only post once a day. I personally love Gianluca’s “Bridge…”

      If you are disappointed in this site, as usual, there are other sites.

  9. I have written my usual music review articles for each of the Vegas concert and Los Angeles concert. Also a short article about the Fan Faire. It was a tremendous weekend. I was so very proud that we were able to get the guys to come to our event and visit us.

    When you read the article about the L.A. concert it really draws focus to Gianluca’ last solo. He wasn’t even in the room or even on earth, for that matter. No one has taken an audience to where he was. It was religious in spirituality, it was homage to Elvis and even had Priscilla Presley in the audience. The video above (no video) can not convey what that audience felt. it must be live.

    1. Just got home yesterday and found the video of Gianluca singing “Bridge Over Troubled Wasters” and I was in tears. Absolutely beautiful rendition of this song. Gianluca is in a class of his own when he sings these beautiful old songs. All three are magnificent in their own right. Thanks Myron and Jeanette once again for a magical day of meeting new friends as well as one again seeing our guys outside of their professional realm. Enjoyed meeting you at the restaurant. Thanks everyone.

  10. Your absolutely right Myron.These boys each have their own personal style & to hear Ignazio’s own composition he wrote. I am so glad he finally wrote a song & sang it also. It was about time.

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