Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: LA

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Il Volo Music Website



I want to skip Vegas for now and head straight to LA.  We will get back to the Fan Faire and photos…don’t worry!

We know The Guys love LA, and they’ve been enjoying the weather.  In Concert, they brought some new things, including a new song written and performed by Ignazio!  There truly is no limit to the talent these guys have!

~~ Kelly



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Photos:  Il Volo – North America Tour 2016 / Los Angeles ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook



Bridge Over Trouble Water

Photos: Northamerican Tour 2016 Los Angeles CA March 26 ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook


Hablando de ti ~~ written and performed by Ignazio


Photos: Los Angeles concert 3/26/16 ~~ All Things Il Volo


Il Mondo



Photos: Il Volo in Los Angeles – March 26th, 2016 ~~ All About Il Volo




15 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: LA”

  1. I have written an article about the Los Angeles event with some details about the special things that we saw . It should be posted soon.
    Also, the Fan Faire and concert in Las Vegas. All to be posted as soon as they can.

  2. My comment is this (from the standpoint of music director and voice coach) the concert was wonderful all the way. But when Gianluca changed the program for the first time on this tour and gave the introduction to Bridge over Troubled Water giving credit the his favorite version which is by Elvis – and the fact that Priscilla Presley was in the audience that night (close to Jeannette and myself) . Gianluca took us to whole new level way beyond the concert, He and that song raised us up to a spiritual level. It is really impossible to use words – this is one of the very few true times where you really have to have been there. He set it up perfectly with his introduction and then he sang it as though his very life depended on it. Lord ! what an experience. In my 45 years of conducting I have seen that sort of thing happen only once or twice before.

    1. Myron, I think even from that video–if you are accustomed to watching other Gianluca videos–you can see that he threw himself heart and soul into this performance. Usually when he ends a song he is all smiles. This time it took him a couple of minutes to come down to earth.
      The depth of his feeling is clearly evident even in the video.

    2. Myron, I was a complete mess when I saw the video. That song is one of my faves for some very personal reasons, and to hear Gian sing it…I was completely undone.

      1. Kelly,
        Of course, I wish they would have done those songs in Vegas but after the L.A. concert and the M & G was done I chatted with the guys for a few minutes. Question was why did they wait until near the end of the tour to bring those two songs (Iganzio’s and Gianluca’s) into the program. The answer was they did not think that they were ready and they were worried that audience might not like . They both told me that they were 10 times more nervous about singing those two songs than the whole rest of the show.
        When I first got back stage I said to Gianluca why did you wait to now? but he was more interested in: Did you like it ? ” Did it go ok ? He was so worried. My thoughts are : INCREDIBLE that he would worry. He is so down to earth and humble. Little does he know that he “wiped up the room” with that song. So I still don’t know why they waited so long.

        I wonder if that kind of moment will happen again if they do that song again.

  3. Myron, you should share this with Gianluca’s parents. I would love to hear what Priscilla thought of Gianluca’s performance–thrilled I bet.

  4. 5 Things you should know about Il Volo
    The classic pop trio visited our country to promote their album ‘Grande Amore’, and took the opportunity to reveal some interesting facts to Revista Central.(
    1. It is the first time recorded unreleased tracks. Piero “E Lucevan Le Stelle”; Gianluca, “Anema e Core”; and Ignazio “Unchained Melody”.
    2. They just released the DVD Live From Pompeii, filmed last year in the ruins of the legendary Italian city, which will be released in 53 countries.
    3. Piero has a serious and responsible attitude, but when he puts something in his head, no one can stop him to get it!
    4. Ignazio spreads optimism even the most pessimistic; however, when angry ¡arde ( burn) Troya!, and he believes that is always right.
    5. They are on a tour that includes 35 US dates and ends on June 18 in Vienna .
    Original article is in Spanish, from March 28, 2016

    1. Lydka could you explain what you mean by jarde (burn) Troya that Ignazio feels
      I feel sad that both Ignazio & Gianluca would think that we would critisize what ever they they do. As far as I am concerned none of them can do no wrong. Whatever they sing or say or act is perfect. I don’t care what they sing it can be Humpty Dumpty I just want them to sing or Ignazio do his cmedy performance. I don’t care what they do I what I have to pay I just want to see & hear them

      1. Loretta,
        ” arde Troya ” was written in article, I don’t speak Spanish, I use translator. I guess it’s a metaphor. 🙂

  5. I so hope they read this. I was blown away by Gianluca’s Bridge Over Troubled Waters & also Ignazio’s first written performance of his new song Hablando de ti. Congratulations to you both on a perfect performance.

  6. How wonderful to be present when Ignazio and Gianluca introduced these beautiful new songs. With their extremely busy schedule, I wonder how they even had time to practice or try the new songs and yet they both were incredible. Gianluca has such a beautiful voice and brings such feeling and intensity when he sings. Just seeing the videos of him sitting at the piano with Giampiero, he looks at his phone and manages to sing songs beautifully as if he had been singing them for years. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca each has such an amazing voice and such artistic ability. They truly are a wonderful gift to all of us!

  7. Thank you Myron for putting together this fan faire. We were so happy to see Il Volo and to take pictures with them.

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