Il Volo Professional ~~ Grammy Museum Event

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo



An American Grammy Award isn’t part of Il Volo’s collection right now, but I feel like they must be working/wishing for a nomination with renewed energy after their appearance at The Grammy Museum.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

~~ Kelly




Photos: Il Volo ~~ Getty Images


Grande Amore



Photos: Il Volo at the Grammy Museum 3/28/16 ~~ All Things Il Volo Facebook


O Sole Mio


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  1. I believe that they’ll win Grammy in the future. 🙂 Because their beautiful music and glorious angelic voices, their love and passion for music , dedication, hard work, talent, great devotion, self-sacrifice for music,seriousness and responsibility to the commitments,respect, humility, always gentle approach to fans….for all these things deserve this award. 🙂

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