Personally Speaking~A Mama Knows…

A Mama knows her child inside and out.

No matter how old or young,

She has a good read on his every move.

She taught him how to walk, talk, eat and grow into the wonderful young man he is now.

Mama’s have intuition that surpasses all.

I don’t know what the exact story is behind this precious photo,

but I do know that her priceless expression says it all!

18 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~A Mama Knows…”

  1. Can you imagine how proud she is? Besides having an extremely talented and humble son, she has been to places she never dreamed she would see.

    1. No, I can not imagine how proud all three mothers must be! And the journey THEY have been on as parents is amazing as well!

  2. So true Jane. I love the expression on her face and also Gianluca’s! All the Mamas and Papas must be so proud. They have raised three remarkable young men.

    1. Margaret, yes, her expression says so much. How many times a parent throws “that look” to their child…I know I sure have over the years. 🙂

  3. So true and…

    Don’t you think she’s saying, Giannnn….
    And Gianluca’s saying, Mama, I’ll be good. You know me. Let’s just take a photo before I go out with the guys. [Or is that girls?]

    Great photo and sentiments, Jane!

    Love ya all,

    1. Jeannine, I can hear her saying, you may be famous and adorned all over the world, but I am the one who adored you first and foremost! 🙂 🙂

  4. Yes, Jane, you have pointed out so sweetly what we have seen all along, what a wonderful relationship Gian and his mother have. She is to be commended for doing such a great job of raising this kind and sensitive man.

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      1. Thanks. 🙂 I prefer the videos where isn’t so often to hear screaming fans,because they interfere the beauty of songs. It is best to sing at home and alone , when we don’t know it. 😀

    1. Thank you so much, Lydka, for these lovely videos and others. And, yes, in reply to an earlier post, you absolutely share your beautiful love of IL VOLO with wonderful videos. Thank you!

      Wishing you IL VOLO joy always,

      1. Thank you for your nice words, Jeanine. 🙂 All is not visible by eyes, what we do. 😉 People appreciate just what they see, but what is hidden,is often more important, but it makes do with a good feeling for himself. 🙂 Always do things from a place of integrity ,honour and a pure heart. Always strive to find your inner beauty and glow of heart .Important way to live your life is being happy with yourself, inside your heart and not worrying about what people think of you. 🙂
        Wishing you all the best and also forever joy of Il Volo music. <3

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