Personally Speaking~Mastering the Blue Steel Pose

Blue Steel

The guys must be studying up on how to perfect the Blue Steel pose taken from the infamous modeling move of Ben Stiller in the movie Zoolander.

According to wikiHow to do anything…here are the steps to practice to be the coolest, have charm and be simply irresistible!

  1. Strike a pose.  Pop your collar and grab a handful of attitude.  Spike your hair if you have time to plan ahead.

  2.  Tilt one of your shoulders towards the camera.  If there’s no camera, aim for the person who’s the target of your killer pose.

  3. Face the camera.  Look head on at the camera or your target.  Don’t even THINK of blinking.

  4. Pucker your lips.  You want an insouciant blend of boo-boo lips, lemon sucking and kiss.

  5. Suck in your cheeks.  Suck hard so your cheeks cave in.

I think it is safe to say the guys are ALREADY the coolest, charming, simply irresistible young men on the planet even WITHOUT the Blue Steel pose!

To have your photo taken a bazillion times since being a youngster and ALWAYS have it turn out good is simply remarkable.  I would guess there must be a so-so picture of them floating around somewhere, but you sure don’t see them very often.   No matter what the guys are doing they always seem to look great in their photos, many of which are impromptu or a paparazzi style picture.  Everywhere they turn there seems to be a camera waiting for a glimpse of them. Even doing their Meet and Greets you rarely see a photo where they are not ready and smiling at the camera right on cue. 

It is fun to look back at their first Detroit PBS special and see the serious, reserved nature of their performance and compare it to their performances of today.  Wow!  What a change. As they have grown and matured they have become good friends of the camera and it shows in their every move.  Italians

 The Blue Steel look is all fine and dandy, but I much prefer the MESMERIZING ITALIAN LOOK!  How about YOU?



13 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Mastering the Blue Steel Pose”

  1. I vote “Mesmerizing Italian Look”…anytime, anywhere, everyday, all day long!

    Thanks Jane, another article you wrote that made me salivate. Also, there are no so-so pictures of them. I’ve looked.

  2. Mucho gracias, Jane! Well stated! The camera loves them, and we are blessed because of that!!♡♡♡mMarie, you’re not the only one drooling!!

  3. Jane, I never did understand the Blue Steel pose and why Gian was so fond of it—thanks for enlightening me with your informative and so well written article. Those faces are adorable and addictive no matter what they are expressing.

  4. Jane – interesting, never heard of that pose, but I vote for the Italian one, as well! 🙂 Regarding “not so good pics” unfortunately, my pic from the Vegas meet/greet was not the best 🙁 Igna has his eyes half shut, but everyone says he is looking at me? Gian looks like he’s getting ready to “take flight!” But Piero and I look good? 🙂 You would have though the photographers would have taken at least 2 pictures, or at least made sure they looked good? Oh well, I have Detroit’s in a frame! 🙂

  5. Italian buds… that’s it for me.
    Though I so remember Gian in the Detroit film with Blue Steel pose, and Piero drumming on the wall.

    How is it that I can barely remember what I ate for breakfast, and yet I can look at many of the guys’ photos and tell you which PBS special or which event the photo was from? Often I can also remember exactly how I felt the first time I saw the video.

    These guys are magic wherever they are, whatever they’re doing!

    Thanks so much for the fun and the love, Jane!
    All photos IL VOLO luscious!

    Steeped in happiness just thinking about it!

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