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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

Cent’anni – “May you live for 100 years”

ann 2A favorite toast among Italians at a wedding, or at any of life’s happy occasions, is  Salute e Cent’anni – “may you live for 100 years.” And in Italy, there is a good chance that in Italy, you might very well reach 100 years old – and possibly more!
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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

Now that’s a Sicilian Pizza ! Who’s hungry ? How many slices can you eat ?

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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

In celebration of Rome’s 2,769th birthday, read up on the historical origins of classic Roman dishes such as Amatriciana, Carbonara, and Gricia!

Which is your favorite?

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Gricia, Amatriciana, Carbonara: The Origins of Rome’s Pasta Classics

What’s the real story on amatriciana, gricia, carbonara, and other favorite pasta dishes?

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Italians!  You will like this…From the Italian American Journal.

The 23 most common Italian surnames in America Revealed

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When it comes to Italian surnames in America, Russo is still top dog.

Over four million Italians were recorded as entering the United States between 1820 and 1920. No other ethnic group has sent so many immigrants in such a short time.

Their surnames are still common around the country, especially in the Northeast.

According to a tally of surnames in the 2014 U.S. census, these are the 23 most common Italian surnames in America.

1. Russo (45,787 people)

2. Marino (26,789 people)

3. Romano (24,280 people)

4. Rossi (23,879 people)

5. Bruno (22,917 people)

6. Esposito (21,438 people)

7. Caruso (19,400 people)

8. Rizzo (17,368 people)

9. Gallo (16,937 people)

10. Greco (16,178 people)

11. De Luca (15,277 people)

12. Giordano (15,261 people)

13. Lombardo (14,851 people)

14. Leone (14,234 people)

15. De Marco (13,871 people)

16. Lombardi (13,322 people)

17. Ferrara (12,709 people)

18. D’Amico (12,416 people)

19. Vitale (12,271 people)

20. Messina (12,021 people)

21. Barone (11,649 people)

22. Martino (11,644 people)

23. Amato (11,640 people)

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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page
ann 7 I would LOVE to wake up to this VIEW … everyday

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Italia Living

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Travel From London To Venice On The World’s Most Luxurious Train

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, also known as VSOE, is a private luxury train service from London to Venice amongst other European cities.

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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page 

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The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)

We’re not picky – we’d go to any of these! What’s your favorite Italian beach?

ann 10There’s plenty to recommend Italy already: The rolling hills of Tuscany, the canals of Venice, the charm of Cinque Terre, the wine and food of…well, everywhere. After all, there’s a reason it’s consistently ranked among the most-visited countries in the world, with tourism revenue well into the twelve figures.  But add the incredible number and variety of beaches to the equation, and suddenly the country becomes a mandatory item on every traveler’s to-do list.  For more ⇒

Italian heartEasy Quiz:

Which of the following names are you familiar with?

1.  Monica Lewinski
2.  Bill Clinton
3.  Hilary Clinton
4.  Adolph Hitler
5.  Jorge Bergoglio
6.  Winnie Mandela
7.  Vladimir Putin
8.  Linda Lovelace
9.  Saddam Hussein
10. Tiger Woods 

You had trouble with #5?

  You know all the criminals, murderers, thieves, sluts and cheaters, but you don’t know the Pope??  Lovely, just lovely!

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Italians rejoice! New study finds eating Pasta is healthy

Experts count pasta among foods with a healthy Glycemic Index when cooked the right way so keep eating pasta, It’s good for you!

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Visit Italy, eat pasta and thank Ann for this fun Italian Information!


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  1. Ann, this was so much fun to read!! I have now added ride the VSOE to my bucket list! Looks so gorgeous. I would pick ANY beach in Italy as long as it was adorned with handsome Italian men! 🙂 Continuing to eat pasta and not feel guilty now! 🙂 Thanks for the fun post.

  2. Marie,
    what if, just if, the kidnappers’ initials were IB? I would even put the ladder out.

  3. Marie,remember all those fibs you told us about Ignazio a few day’s ago . What happened? Did you get tired of tripping over your nose?lol

  4. THANK YOU, Anne! I just a had my pasta, and now all I need to do is “GO TO ITALY!” All right! 🙂 (Oh how I wish!!!!!)

  5. Ok, I have to admit, I didn’t know the Pope, either! 🙁 Everything is healthy in moderation! 🙂

  6. Thanks Ann ad Marie,
    everything is very interesting for me! Celebrities are very famous,l´m just ignorant porn star (but l think it is no loss for me).
    For Italian food l recently very fond of MASCARPONE – pizza and pasta are also in our regular meal.Mascarpone is doing a good fluffy cleam of the cakes. l like to bake pursuant to ltalian cook GIALLO ZAFFERANO.It´s not necessary to known Italian,on the internet are published instructions directions.
    The Italians also have excellent ice – cream and cookies.
    Italian beach and sea l know from photos only and still believe that region also sometimes visiting.

  7. Thank you Ann for the very informative post. Now I don’t have to feel guilty when eating pasta and bread. I hope all of you wonderful ladies enjoyed your Mother’s day withose those you love. I had a great time having lunch an Italian restaurant “ACQUA E FARINA” with family.

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