Personally Speaking~Where Does Their Music Take You?



Gianluca’s stunning photo taken on their flight to Santiago, Chile, captured my eye.  This beautiful image of the pink clouds reminds me how IL VOLO’S music sends us ALL soaring to the heavens.  They chose the name of their group based on how they feel when they sing…THE FLIGHT.  Their music elevates not only them, but the listener as well,  to magnificent heights.  

I know their music means different things to different people.  As I thought about exactly where their music  takes me, I realize it takes me to a country I have never been to before.  Through their music and passion for their homeland I find myself wanting to learn and absorb all I can about their beautiful Italy.  It is now on my bucket list to get there someday!  Their music also lifted me and provided beauty and serenity to enter my world once again following the loss of my son.  I have never in my life played music from only one group like I have with Il Volo.  When I listen to my CD’s their music takes me right back to one of various concerts I attended and I relive the moment when I saw them singing it in person.  Their music has been one of the most powerful sources of energy to me in my life.

So now I will give you the chance to tell uswhere does their music take YOU? 


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  1. Thanks for this, Jane! Made me think. Il Volo takes me to a happy place I have never been before. I plan to visit there as often as possible.

    Literally, however, it takes me to my sisters house 40 minutes away. Use to hate the drive…now I look forward to Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, full blast, all the way down highway 70!

    1. I know what you mean, Marie…even the most mundane drive is oh so much better with Il Volo full blast!! I do the same thing! 🙂

    2. Marie, you are right on. Last year, myself and my two sisters and a friend, drove down to Palm Springs for a week and I of course, brought along all my IL. VOLO CD’s to keep us company for the 7 hour drive. We all loved it. The longer drive, the better. Their music takes me to different places that I long to visit one day. Italy was beautiful and long to go back again someday. Very romantic as well as so many parts of Mexico.

  2. Jane your words describing the feelings you experience listening Il Volo CD’s mirror my exact feelings. How beautifully you described listening to Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca sing and how reached and soared to your own personal “flight” with the help of our Italian angels after the loss of your son. Maybe we have all gone through a dry spell of music that just was not music to our ears for so long, and then we were blessed to have Il Volo come into our lives and enrich it far beyond anything we could have imagined. I too would love to visit Italy and learn this beautiful language and culture. Il Volo is a true and real and positive representation of their country and I know Italy is proud of these very special and uniquely talented young men.

    1. Margaret, I agree that these dear young men have enriched our lives far beyond what we could ever have imagined! I hope you get to Italy someday!!

  3. Jane, you said it in just the right words. I would not be listening to
    music at all if it wasn’t for IL VOLO…..I had moved from my home
    town of 35 years to be near my children after my husband passed
    away and needed to be encouraged. My son gave me a laptop
    for Christmas and I started trying to find something that would
    interest me. I had never heard of youtube until then, but what a
    new world opened up. I remembered hearing some young Italian
    boys a couple years back and searched for them…..I found them
    and fell in love with their music and them too. I’m a grandmother
    but they sure filled a void in my life. There is no age limit on
    loving good music and I thank God for IL VOLO. Now that is

    1. Gale, I am a grandmother too! How beautiful Il Volo came into your life. Music is so healing. I appreciate many types of music, but their music is in a class all of it’s own in my mind.

      1. Jane, you are so right about the feeling one experience when listening to our beloved “trio”. I too, am a grandmother and a great grandmother, but the years melt away with the aches and pains of of the day when I listen to the angelic voices of IL VOLO. I feel young and rejuvenated. My husband would have loved them.

  4. Where do they take me? They take me to work in the mornings and bring me back home in the early evening. They travel with me wherever I go and keep me company along the way. Sometimes as the weather gets nicer I leave work and take a drive out on the magnificent Historic Columbia Gorge Highway. There I listen to them as I enjoy the waterfalls and the beautiful forests. I hear their voices soar as I take in the beauty of the rolling Colombia River.
    Sometimes I take them to the coast and I stand outside watching the waves crash upon the shore as I look out on the horizon,… it also makes me think of a certain handsome Sicilian who also enjoys looking out on the warmer ocean horizon off his beloved Sicily … sometimes he sings a aria and other times he sings Volare with his two brothers. Its all good.

    I am blessed with a rich imagination but the music always helps!

  5. full blast until I see a police car – then I quickly turn the volume down ! and then when no longer in sight – volume UP !

  6. Il Volo music gives my feeling that I can fly and be close to angels and God, close to the clouds,sun, moon, stars , rainbow, and my soul can calm relax.The name Il Volo perfectly describes their music, because their singing gives wings to us. While I am listening to their music, I am able escape from everyday life into the world of beauty, goodness, love, hope,serenity, joy , into dreamy fairytale land and I am feeling peace of mind and heart. 🙂 The magic of music lies in the subtle, tender power to change our emotions, mood and mental mindset. Beautiful music creates a beautiful sound color in our brain and our subconscious dreamy images come out from within us,in this way we create our own world of ideas.,our safe place for our hidden feelings and desires,which is manifested through our time of rest with beloved music. Angelic bells are ringing in the hearts of those who are able to perceive this, what ordinary human senses aren’t able to capture.The river of life flows through us continuously,so we should try to keep its water always clean and bright and quench the thirst, for love and goodness, of those who stop at source of our soul. Eternal purity of soul is difficult to maintain, but never give up hope that tomorrow we can be better than we are today. <3

      1. Jane,thank you from the heart for your response, I appreciate all reactions on my comments. Words have great power and if they are nice, maybe can delight the soul and put a smile on face.:-)

      2. Dear Jane, you can love something so much that you can’t give words to the feelings. That’s how much I love their music and the boys of Il Volo. I made copies of their CD’ s so they go everywhere I am, home, car, my children’s cars etc. If I pull into my garage and the song that’s playing isn’t finished I sit and wait until it is over. I cannot turn them off midway through a song ever! This has been so much fun, going to 2 concerts and 2 M/G’ s in one month. I met Gaetano, Giovanni, Catarina OMG then the boys, This has been a great year so far after a couple of not so good ones. I thank you all for the wonderful posts. Now someone please tell me how to get through the time ahead until they come back to the USA.

        I am other Rose Marie, there seems to be a couple of us now.

  7. I don’t have much to add to the wonderful comments already made! I hadn’t listened to music in decades (well, maybe George Srait) in til I accidentally discovered three fresh faced teenagers whose beautiful voices nearly knocked me off my recliner! They are everything you all have said and more! May the continue to soar and occasionally land near enough to us that we may even get to see them in person!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Thank you all for your beautiful and uplifting thoughts about our special guys. I agree wholeheartedly with everyone when we say their voices carry us through our day in the morning and evening commute and every moment in between. Their voices are calming and relieve any type of stress. Jane thank you for wishing I will visit Italy someday; in the meantime, I am transported to Italy every time I listen to Il Volo.

  8. I’ve always loved listening to music whether driving, dusting, cooking etc. but the last five years, I almost always listen to Il Volo. This is a wonderful topic and everyone has such great thoughts. It is very difficult to explain but their music takes us to a better place, it heals hearts and touches souls!

  9. When I saw this on Facebook, I said: [Gian’s] pictures take me every place I’d never be able to go. And their music takes me to anyplace I can dream of…

  10. I was very depressed this last year until I found IL Volo on my PBS station. Since then I look forward to everything about them and listen to their music all the time…in my house…in my car…in my bed ready to go to sleep. I am a much older person than most of you so you have to image how much they have enriched my life. I love them and their music and can’t wait to see them again. Thank for all the information you give.

    1. Jane, your story is my story. It seems I have waited for Il Volo all of my 77 years. Thank God they came along.

      Rose Marie

  11. Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I hope the guys do read these and can get a sense of how they have touched our lives in so many beautiful ways.

  12. Il Volo’s music takes me to a perfect place!! All of the problems just disappear!! When I saw them in concert on March 25,2016 I felt like nothing could ruin this moment!!! Thank you Il Volo for having such wonderful music!!!❤️❤️❤️

  13. Jane, You always write what I am thinking and feeling. Our boys have brought me back to life after the loss of my son whom I have missed greatly and my soul mate of 63 years.I now can put a face to your posts after meeting you in Las Vegas as well as some more of you. Love you all Joanie G

  14. Ah, they take me to the deepest part of my breadth and soul that I never knew existed! Their voices take me running to the mountain tops, soaring to the sky, reaching the heavens, and beyond the stars, into the universe; echoing forth through the galaxies….

  15. Well, being that I’d been a fan for almost a year now, Il Volo’s music has taken me to a world where I let just a few glasses of wine intertwine the beautiful talent exuded by our guys. Since I’d been a fan, I’d smiled with glee…I’d sat with awe and goosebumps…I’d even ugly-cried over their songs at certain times. Also, their music has introduced me to a beautiful genre like opera…Il Volo’s music had shown me that there’s still beauty, hope, and light in a dark, crazy world.

  16. Well, being that I’d been an Il Volover for almost a year…their music has taken me to a world where I’m free to let a few glasses of wine intertwine with their beautiful voices. Since then, I’d smiled with glee…I’d stood in awe of their talents, I’d even ugly-cried to some of their songs at certain times. Their music has also introduced me to such a beautiful genre as opera…never thought I’d like it as much until these guys came along.

  17. Their music puts me in a better mood when I am down and out. They make me laugh when they do silly things during a concert, and you never know when that will happen, lol. I listen to them every night so I can relax and sleep.

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