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The birthplace of Piero Barone, which organizes this wonderful event:  LA RINFIORATA  May 6, 7, 8.

At  Friday, May 6, starts the three-day festival Rinfiorata di Naro  –  recycling event, which aims to combine – in the splendid Baroque city – the realization of artistic floral arrangements with a sustainable way of life and be  attentive to environmental protection, through recycling and separate collection of waste, in an integrated multi-purpose trail.  Is one way to encourage and strengthen environmental sustainability, culture, tourism of the area.


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  1. Lydka you do such nice postings. I watched Piero’s Grandpa sing during one of their ceremonies. Beautiful flowers all over the steps.

  2. So cool combining artistic floral design with environmental awareness. Another smart thing the Italians dId besides having 3 talented sons.

    Thanks for the heads up on this, Lydka.

  3. Thank you for all the kind words ! 🙂 I am glad you like it. There is a need to protect nature and to have interest in the environment. I love flowers. 🙂 Every good ideas should be valued and shared.

  4. I can imagine the wonderful aroma. I’m glad I don’t have tyo climb those steps. Naro must be on a very steep hill. Love the post. I also saw Grampa singing there. Joanie g

  5. Thank you, Lydka. The flower arrangements looked good enough to eat! And a beautiful way to recycle those darn water bottles. (No I wasn’t cursing, r and n seem too close together!)

    1. Italian article from May 1, 2016:
      All is set in Naro for Rinfiorata which will be staged on 6, 7 and 8 May. ” We expect – is explained on the Facebook page of the event – the traditional Flower Festival with over 2600 plants.We expect the first “infiorata ” of recycling made of more than 2,800 recycled bottles. Awaits a village made up of over 36 million recycled bottles where you can taste typical products of excellence. You can expect a fantastic show created by great designers with clothes made from recycled material. But above all awaits you Naro and its people, which are ready to welcome you with celebration in this wonderful gem of Sicilian Baroque . The initiative is promoted by the cultural association Agorà delle Donne chaired by Maria Grazia Brandara.

      L’Infiorata festivals held throughout Italy during May and June. The celebrations are held every year in conjunction with Corpus Domini, which means the dates change. The floral designs and patterns vary as well, but the beauty always remains. The term “infiorata” means “decorated with flowers,” and decorating with flowers is precisely what residents of all ages in towns like Noto in Sicily, Spello in Umbria, Genzano in Lazio, Pienza in Tuscany, Briatico in Calabria… wait all year to do. They grow and collect flowers of every color of the rainbow (and then some, it seems) and use their petals to create both simple and elaborate designs on the pavements leading up to their churches and abbeys. No one knows for sure how the tradition got started, but it’s been around for generations.

      1. Lydka: I finally got a chance to see your post on Naro. Absolutely gorgeous flowers and great information! I also loved your post about 1 year after Eurovision. As usual, you present your thoughts in such a beautiful and soulful way. Thank You. Speak to you soon!!!

      2. Victoria,thank you very much, as always, for the nice words ! 🙂 Have a beautiful evening and tomorrow splendid day! 🙂

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