Future Fan Faire? ~ Myron

Il Volo Fan Faire coming in the future.

Between Jeannette, Marie and myself we have received a lot of questions about the Il Volo Fan Faire coming again and when that might happen.  So I thought I might share some ideas with you about what we have been discussing.

The basic concept which was decided along with Barbara Vitali back in June of 2014 was an event that would allow “ serious fans “ to share time with the boys and time with each other on a day when they were presenting a concert in that same place.  That plan had already gone through various changes down through the years starting in January of 2012 and through meetings with Il Volo and Barbara leading up to June 2014. From then on to the event was filled with meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. to work out the details.

In the meantime, various fans held small get-togethers (sometimes called “fan conventions”) in groups of 6 or 8 or so and from that came the suggestion that the next fan faire could be along those lines and could be done without the boys needing to be there.  This has more to do with the possibility that Il Volo might not be touring in the USA next year.

After further discussion we all agreed that idea is fine for small groups but if we are going to do all the work of putting an event together expecting people to come from all over the country and pay big money for hotel, food, airfare, etc. then it would not be worth the effort and cost without the boys.  For a few of you that want to get together anyway just to get together, you don’t need us to plan that. Go ahead and do it. You will have fun.

Bottom line: we will only plan an event of this size when we know the boys of Il Volo are going to be there for sure. A True Il Volo Fan Faire.

Our plan for the future of the Il Volo Fan Faire is that we will stay in touch with Il Volo Manager Barbara Vitali and the boys as they make their future plans. As soon as they let us know of a tour that includes the USA/Canada and we have the dates then we can schedule the next Fan Faire. That Fan Faire will once again have the boys of Il Volo planned as part of the schedule.

During their visit here to Las Vegas and after the event was done they expressed to me and to Jeannette that they were very happy and even surprised at how wonderful the event was. They felt bad that they had to delay their arrival and ended up with limited time to be with us. Barbara and Piero both stated that the next time we do this they offer to help us organize the whole thing and plan on the event being part of their master tour schedule. She also said that the boys would need to spend at least an hour with us.

Another side topic: what if Las Vegas is not part of the next USA tour schedule? Simple. Our committee will work with Il Volo to choose a city where they can have a second day on the schedule and book the event there. But I am hoping that Vegas will now become an annual stop. The boys love Andrea Bocelli and he does a concert here every December – every year.

So to summarize:

Our plan is that there WILL be another Il Volo Fan Faire which will be coordinated with Il Volo manager and the guys on the next USA tour. When will that be? We won’t know for a while yet.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful support that you all have shown. That is what keeps this event going. A day later, when we saw the boys in Los Angeles we can tell you they were still “bubbling” with excitement about the Vegas Fan Faire and all the gifts they got. I think that says a lot to us, their fans.  Love is mutual.


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  1. Hopefully they come back to Las Vegas so that we can have the Fan Fair here again!! If they do come back and there is another fan fair count me in!! The last fan fair was the first time I saw Il Volo and it was the best day of my life!!! ❤️😁

    1. One of my best days too, Mia. Seeing IL Volo in person twice in one day is heart stopping!

      Thanks for the update Myron and for letting us know the guys thought so highly of the Fan Faire. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Thank you so much for this Fan Faire update Myron !! It was so exciting seeing the boys and qthe faces of all the Ilvolovers we only knew from FB !! The boys were SO surprised to see so many adoring fans in that room !! The look on their faces was priceless !! I am so delighted that they liked it so much and want to help in the planning of a future Fan Faire !!! I will absolutely be there in a heartbeat wherever it is !!!

  3. Thanks for the update Myron. The Fan Faire was so wonderful I know we all can’t wait to do it again. Marie, we actually saw them three times that day if you count the M&G!

  4. Thank you Myron for keeping us informed. I will go anywhere, anytime. I hope to goodness they tour USA with some big time promotion next time.

  5. Thank you Myron for the update. You can count me in also for the next Fan Faire. I am saving up my money already. Let’s hope they tour in the USA next year, I miss them already!
    I remember Piero was the first to come into the banquet room, and his eyes lit up and he had a big smile on his face , and he turned to the other’s and it looked like he said WOW!

  6. This sounds wonderful, Myron, Jeannette, and Marie! I’m in total agreement with your approach, and naturally, I’m still hoping for a USA tour in 2017, maybe at least by the fall. I understand that as their fan base grows, they have more places worldwide to tour.

    Maybe I need mega frequent flyer miles, so that Italy feels like only a hop skip and jump away. What a concept! 😊

    So grateful the guys and Barbara Vitali were as pleased with the results as we were! Wonderful to be living a dream come true! Speaking of smiles, Myron, I saw the biggest smile on your face much of the time I was there. Must have been such joy and satisfaction for you to have carried through something so wonderful that sometimes felt eons away.

    For now, while the rest of us are saving up for another grand adventure, Myron and Jeannette, you must be taking a deep breath and relaxing as much as you can.

    Loving gratitude,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Hi Myron I loved the first Fan Faire last March I had such an amazing time and I love the idea of even if we have to wait a while longer getting the opportunity t to see the guys again at a Flight Crew Get Together and the fact that now the boys and Barbara seem to be more involved and know you more that sounds like the second Fan Faire should be incredible and I’m going to start saving my money and keeping an eye on IL Volo’s upcoming concerts and lookng forward to your port of when and where the next Fan Faire will be. Again thanks so much to You, Jeannette, Marie, and all your volunteers who worked so hard on the Fan Faire and Take care. You guys are great.

  8. Oh I hope they tour here next year and there will be another Fan Faire. I will definitely have to start saving . Looking forward to meeting them and the lovely people of the flight crew.
    Thank you for all future efforts to make it happen.

  9. I regret that I was unable to attend Fan Faire this year, but next time around no matter what, I will be there.
    On another subject, has anyone heard anything about their book that came out in Italy? Will it ever be available here in the USA? Would anyone have any info on this ? That would be one great purchase !!

    1. Marion, “Un’avventura straordinaria: La nostra storia” may be purchased on Amazon. They even have the Kindle edition. I’m betting Barnes & Noble has it too. ONLY THE ITALIAN VERSION IS AVAILABLE. Plenty of us are waiting for the English version to be published.

      1. Thanks so much Marie. i had not heard anything further about the book and so had been wondering if anybody had any info Guess I will just have to be patient along with the rest of Il Volo fans !! Again thanks for current info.

      2. Marie, do you know if they are planning an English version for their huge English speaking fan base? I see $$$$ in that.

  10. Thank you for this information. I was not able to attend the LasVegas event this year. The FB posts covering it looked fantastic. I have hoped there would be a Fan Faire in the future. I am looking forward to it.

    Jan Bolin

  11. I have not recovered yet from my meeting with Piero at the Fan Faire. If we can have another one I will rev up my adrenalin. Joanie G

  12. Is there a chance our boys won’t be touring the US and Canada next year? That would break my heart! And, Myron, you can sign me up for the next Fan Faire, where ever it might be. Had a fabulous time in Las Vegas and would love to have it there again.

  13. Myron, thank you for the great article … I am happy that you informed the Fans that we are looking forward to a next time… So many fans are now interested in joining in on the NEXT FAN FAIRE… I think that means our last one was truly a success… I am looking forward to us joining forces again to make the NEXT FAN FAIRE and even bigger success…

    1. Jeannette, I agree. success breeds success. Now you and I have to figure what to do with the additional people. What a wonderful problem to have. and to you I say, what a great partner to work with. Bravo !

      Side story: It was just announced that the Palms hotel is being to sold to the Stations Casino company which is a good thing for the Palms. Stations has about 6 hotels around town (Green Valley Ranch, Red Rock, Sunset Station, etc.) and they wanted a place closer to the stirp plus they want to expand the place and add more restaurants.

      1. Also, in many ways it would not have happened without you, Jeannette.

      2. This might be a good thing Myron. The stage was too small for our Boys to move around and the seats were not comfortable where I was either. I know you can pick a really nice hotel next time. Fingers crossed. I know it takes a lot of work.

      3. Myron, I was in the second row of the mezzanine at the Palms. I could almost reach out and touch them, well almost. The view of course was great and the sound, oh my god the sound was wonderful. Our room was veeerrry nice too. The only thing I didn’t like was that it was off of the strip, but the shuttle to Caesars helped with that.

  14. Thank you Myron for the update. Praying that our boys will have another No. American tour soon. I loved the last Fan FAIRE in Las Vegas. Meeting many of the Flight Crew members was awesome. Having the guys visit with us at our banquet was unforgettable. Until next time.

  15. Thanks, Myron! I know it was a lot of work, but I know you are very pleased with the outcome! Count me and my husband in for the next Fan Faire, no matter where,God willing!

  16. Side note on location: Next time may not be at the Palms again. It depends on what deal is agreed to. They have also talked to Caesar’s Palace, the The Wynn, Planet Hollywood and a few other places before they settle on the Palms. We will go where ever they do although I liked the theater at the Palms.

  17. By reading this, am I to assume that the next Fan Faire, if there should be one, will be handled by Jeannette and Myron and since they both live in Las Vegas, it would be highly likely that the event would be held on the West Coast? (LA or Las Vegas again?) I went to the one in Las Vegas and took a train round trip 4,000 miles. I know Marie took a train too, I haven’t had a chance to ask her how she enjoyed her ride or where she picked the train up en route to Las Vegas. I took mine all the way from Pittsburgh PA because I don’t fly. If the plans will be made for one to be held soley in the West Coast, then I guess I’d have to miss the next one. Maybe the “committee” could consider having it in the middle of the USA so that fans from both coasts could get there. Believe me I am not complaining, I enjoyed the fan faire immensely and it was a thrill to see IL VOLO up close mingling among the fans, but we know that they did NOT stay long, so the next one will probably include longer interaction with IL VOLO among the fans.

    1. reply to the above comment. The Fan Faire happened in Las Vegas because it was the easiest place for us to do it since we live here. It goes hand in hand with the fact that I had been working behind the scenes for four years to get Il Volo to Las Vegas. It almost happened twice but this year it finally did. Las Vegas has 146 hotel casinos of different sizes and amongst that there are 65 theaters of different sizes from 1000 seats to 20,000 seats. Now that we have found out Il Volo Management will only consider us for the official fan gathering we could maybe hold it in another city.

      The entire project depends on where Il Volo schedules their concerts on their next tour. We put in our submission as usual. Someone above said that we will pick a great city for the Fan Faire. We don’t pick anything. The Fan Faire must be held where the boys are doing a concert on their tour. It can’t be held just anyplace. It must be held where they are going to be.

      1. Thanks Myron for all of your comments. I enjoyed the fan faire in Las Vegas. When I had met with Jeannette she said that “maybe” just “maybe” (she did not commit to anything) the next fan faire could be held in Nashville TN because it would be more in the central US and fans from both coasts could get there. She said the boys LOVE Nashville. I understand it would be hard for you to plan all the nitty gritty details, and for you to travel and have to bring all the things that were given to fans at the 1st fan fair, such as the beautiful photos we were all given inside our little gift favor bags, etc. There are a few fans that live right in Nashville and run FB pages for IL VOLO and would likely be glad, (can’t speak for them, but I’m sure, if asked, would be glad) to help out with things such as buying products, making the favor bags, delivering them, or they could be shipped ahead of time to any venue that was chosen for the next faire. Any obstacle, if planned well enough can be overcome. I am not getting on any “high horse” by telling you what to do in any way, if you lean toward Las Vegas for the next one and it is easier for you, then by all means, do as you must, I would love IL VOLO no less! I am just commenting on what is being said. I feel the next one will be BIGGER and BETTER and I’d hate to miss it because I don’t fly. Those Las Vegas hotels didn’t get as opulent as they are by not charging to turn a profit. The Palm’s all night café offered cups of coffee @ $4.00 each. I am not cheap….but…. thanks for listening!

  18. Myron, Jeannette, and the Fan Faire Committee, thank you for organizing the first-ever Il Volo Fan Faire. I enjoyed being there and seeing how taken back the boys were when they saw all the fans in one room, just there to see them! Hopefully there will be another congregation of fans soon, and perhaps if the tour does not bring Il Volo to Las Vegas, maybe Los Angeles would work for the event. We all know that Il Volo always has a concert there when the tour the US. Just a thought; I would be happy to go back to your lovely city for another Fan Faire!

  19. Yes I agree with you Christine going all the way to Las Vegas was tiring & expensive. In the middle of the States would be more acceptable for me coming from Canada.

    1. Loretta, Jeannette and I organized the Fan Faire in Las Vegas because we had been working very hard to get them to come to Vegas for years and there is no other place in the world with the number of hotel casinos with theaters as there is here. Also, it is our home town.

  20. Marie, how was your train ride, I never thought to ask you? I don’t think you caught the train all the way from Ohio to Las Vegas did you? I am not sure. But how was it in your opinion?

    1. Yes, all the way from Ohio. 2 days. 3 nights. Next time I’ll splurge for a sleeper. Had fun though. Ineke got to see some of our country. Flew home.

      How was your trip, Chris?

      1. Thanks for asking Marie, and my trip was also 2 days, 3 nighs. I travelled alone and met my friends in Las Vegas, so maybe that’s why it wasn’t so fun. I didn’t like that you couldn’t get any fresh air for all that time. Imagine if we were on the same train, I’d have run into you in one of the café cars! I left that Monday midnight and I don’t think we made any stops in Ohio. Mine was called the “Southwest Chief” and it had derailed the week before! So I guess I was lucky not to have been on THAT trip! The one thing I liked was the observation car and you could look out and see some of the country! I never saw so many John Deere tractors and farmland in all my life. I saw Loretta in line waiting to get into the fan faire and said hello, but I don’t know if she remembers me and I see here where she says it would be too hard for her to get to Las Vegas again. The majority will rule, I understand that. I’ll just look online at all the nice photos that will come out of the next one. Maybe IL VOLO will spend a little more time mingling with the fans. I am SURE you noticed that some of the fans went rushing up to them to talk to them and Myron had to keep announcing he needed people to sit down. They weren’t able to visit for very long but it was exciting to have them there for the short time they were.

  21. I was on the top level of the train Marie, maybe you were on the lower level that’s why we didn’t run into each other but, I had to take a shuttle bus to Las Vegas at about 3 in the morning, which took about an hour and I know you weren’t on that shuttle.

    1. Yeah, I would have seen you on the 3 o’clock shuttle! May have been on the train a day before you. Our Monday boarding was one o’clock in the morning.

  22. The reason that we had less time than planned for with the boys at the Fan Faire is that they were behind schedule due to the problems earlier in the tour. All that caused them to be late to us and therefore we had to cut the time a little shorter. Barbara has indicated to me that next time they will plan a minimum of an hour with us and not have the time so close to performance.

    Sorry for your un happy reaction but somethings are out of our control.

    1. Myron, it took a lot of time and work for you to put this meeting together and we all certainly appreciate it and loved every minute of it. Our Boys are so popular, it probably would be nice to have them in Vegas again, probably in a larger theatre. I know it’s difficult for some people to travel there a Fan Faire wherever it is will be great.

  23. re: having to get all to sit down.
    When the boys finally arrived (they were late by over 30 minutes) we knew we had less time to deal with so since the group photos were first on their agenda, they suggested we do it right away. In order to do that I had to get some sense of order in the room. It is a hard thing to do when you don’t want to dampen the spirits either. No win situation.

  24. re: coming by train. I read above that some of you came by train to the Fan Fare. Sorry about that one. Amtrak is not the greatest way to travel and Las Vegas – a city with 2 million people – lost its train service over 15 years ago. It is pathetic that we do not have train service. Especially considering that Vegas is such an entertainment center.
    I used to take the train years ago but now days it really is cheaper to fly in most cases. For those that simply can not fly, you have my understanding. In Europe the trains are plenty and fast and on time and well run. We need the same here.

  25. Myron, my Il Volo partner, my friend… You have done such a great job answering some of the question here from our fans… I thought I would step in and kind of help with answering some of the feed back from fans, not only here but with emails I have received…

    Myron and I have discussed how we would organize another Fan Faire adventure in the future… We loved the success of the First Ever Fan Faire for Il Volo…
    Most of the feedback has been very positive and we appreciate that… We had some difficulties that we will certainly be able to fix so that it will not happen again if we do another Fan Faire in the future…The number one consideration is the safety of our guys… We had security but did not think that our guys would be bombarded when they walked into the room…We will make a concerned effort so that does not happen again…
    The scheduling of the time Il Volo had to spend with us was another concern… Myron and I have some thoughts on how we can overcome that situation so that it will not happen again… We learned a lot from our first attempt to putting so many fans in one place to Honor Il Volo… We think we have a good handle on how to achieve a better plan for a even greater experience if we are lucky enough to put together another Fan Faire…
    The last thing I would like to address is Logistics… Yes, it is easier to have a Fan Faire here in Las Vegas because we have connections here, we have many theaters that they guys can perform in and most of those theaters are in Big hotel Casino sites which also have Convention rooms on site that will accommodate a hundred or more guests… These type of accommodations are not available in every city… We not only have to take that into consideration, but we also have to consider the cost per person to attend the Fan Faire, and the cost of Hotel accommodations in the city that we choose… Las Vegas has the least expensive hotel accommodations in all of the USA… With this in mind, Myron and I have discussed the possibility of having a Fan Faire elsewhere… What has to be considered is that we have to personally travel to another state and city, find a venue that will be acceptable in price and size, near Il Volo’s concert venue and make sure we have ample time for our guys to be able to travel to us and spend more time with us than they did at the first Fan Faire… Myron and I gave more than just our time to make the Las Vegas Fan Faire a success and we will gladly do it again… Just realize it take a lot of effort to make the dream an Fan Faire be a reality…

    Thank you all for your feedback, Myron and I both appreciate it very much.

    1. Jeannette, you and Myron did a fantastic job organizing the Fan Faire. There were a few kinks, but some were out of your control. The first time doing anything is a learning experience!
      Charles and I are in, God willing- anywhere!

    2. Jeanette, you and Myron deserve our thanks for your hard work in turning Fan Faire from a dream into a reality. There are always kinks to deal with, beyond control sometimes. My only complaint was because I was sitting at a table by the windows I did not have any view of what was going on by the wall. Maybe a raised platform would work. I don’t know who they were but the young kids seemed to taking up a lot of their time. Besides that, I think Vegas seems to be the logical place for you, if they will have a concert scheduled there. Personally, I would try to go anywhere for Fan Faire II. Looking forward to next year: fingers crossed.

  26. Gratitude for 4 years of your cultivating the dream and the relationships that led to trust that led to possibility that led to reality, Myron! Accomplishing this was absolutely monumental!

    Gratitude for all the behind-the-scenes work, Myron and Jeannette and friends. I can’t begin to guess how you would have done this other than where you live.

    I’m hoping for Las Vegas again because it would be more doable for you. And the sound system there was astounding!

    I’m hoping those who feel challenged to get to Las Vegas (or wherever another Fan Faire might be) find ease opening the way.

    Love and gratitude,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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