More Flashbacks for a Friday

This one is a beauty!  Thanks Ann and Lydka for sending it to us:

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From Ann and our friends at “All Things Il Volo”.

Who knows what Il Volo’s first performance in the United States was? Nope, it wasn’t American Idol! In February 2011, Il Volo performed on this show and blew the audience away..

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You know…here’s another one I never get tired of watching.  Thanks Penina for sending it to remind us:

Hope this all posts OK…after-all it is Friday the 13th and a full moon!  (Leaving now…shopping for garlic.)   🙂

Have a good weekend, a tutti!



35 thoughts on “More Flashbacks for a Friday”

  1. These are just great…especially the FIRST performance ever in America. I remembered exactly how I felt hearing those amazing voices come out of those young guys when I saw them on the PBS special!! Listening to Piero talk was so sweet…remembering how little English they started out with and seeing how far they have come today…WOW!

    1. It sure has been a short time, Allen. It has gone by in a blink!

      Wouldn’t you love to go back in time and pinch everyone of those baby cheeks while running your other hand through Gianluca’s curls?

  2. Had a chance to talk to Sharon Osborne (the Talk) about a year ago. She has said more than once that most young singers these days don’t really sing, they scream. The music they use is so “simple-minded” she calls it disposable – you use it once or twice and then throw it away. Il Volo really sings – for real and they choose quality music that lasts forever. I had asked her if she knew when they were going to return to the show and she did not know.
    Time for Il Volo to return to the Talk.

    1. Yes, Myron it is. They love them on The Talk. Sony should do this promoting as guests on shows. They have done nothing. Concerts are sold out without any advertising which is amazing in itself as to their talent and longivity.

      1. I’m sorry to say but the Barclay Center was NOT sold-out. I was there last February and saw many empty seats. I kept seeing PR for a Josh Groban concert (!) but sadly nothing for Il Volo??

  3. So fun to watch. Made me smile SO big! I got chills like it was the first time hearing them sing. Thanks for posting these.

  4. OH my, that was a great flash to the past! They were just puppies on The Talk now they are sexy young studs! But still sweet, always so wonderful. Yes, they really should go back on The Talk…. Which begs the question: were they on any American tv show at all for this tour? Why not?

  5. Ciao New Friends! That was so much fun to watch. Las Vegas was the first time I saw the boys live in concert and let me tell you it was life-changing event. Not to mention the incredible meet & greet. Wow! Such excitement! I not only got to meet the boys but I got to do it all with my beautiful aunt Ann Scavo who has supported and loved them from day one. She also introduced me to so many wonderful people who work so diligently behind-the-scenes to create these experiences. Thank you to all! And, most especially, thank you to the boys for being so gracious and loving to all of us even when they were very tired from the travel. And then putting on that incredible concert! Unbelievable! I can still see it all in my minds eye and will remember it forever. I’m so happy to finally be a part of the famous ‘Flight Crew.’ I love you all! ❤️

    1. Welcome Laura, my dear niece. We had the most wonderful time in Vegas where you really fell in love with our Boys and you now understand why I have been a fan from the beginning.

      1. Hello beautiful auntie! I am so grateful to you for bringing the boys into my life. I am also grateful that you took my mother, your sister, to so many of their concerts to enjoy their amazing music. I had the most amazing time with you in Las Vegas. One of the best parts for me was watching your face light up every time you saw the boys. Your joy brought me joy. 🙂 And thanks for introducing me to all the amazing people on the Flight Crew. XO

      2. Yes, taking my sisters to see il Volo was really amazing. The only tickets I could get were in 3 different sections of the theatre, from left to middle to right. An amazing thing happened. Somehow, as I was sitting in my seat waiting for the show to begin, there were two ushers bringing the rest of my family down the aisle and sat them directly across from me! I’ll never understand it but we enjoyed the show all together and it will always be a special show for me since they are now gone.

  6. Hi Marie! I have had my blog on WordPress for years and I go under the name Mystic Muse which is my company. I feel kind of silly for my name coming up that way but what can I do? I am a Master Life Coach that focuses on helping others achieve their creative dreams. I also work with underprivileged youth creating classes and putting on shows to help them express themselves through the arts and bringing healing into their lives. I created mystic muse because music and acting helped me get through so much as a child & I wanted to help bring that healing to others. What better way to do it then through the arts! This is another reason why I love the boys so much. After a long illness and losing my beautiful mother last year these beautiful hearts and amazing talents have helped me come alive again through their music. I know they have done the same for countless others. What more could I ask for? I am very grateful to them and feel very blessed to know you all.

    1. Ah Laura, I could tell you were beautiful on the inside too. How lucky we are to have you (and of course our Ann) here. We have heard many stories similar to yours about the Boys bringing someone out of the darkness and back into the light. We kinda love them here.

    2. If I can be Piratesorka, you can most certainly be Mystic Muse! NIce to have you here with us!. This is the happening place to share and talk about those beautiful young Italians we know as IL VOLO!
      Best fan group online! ( and in person too)

      1. From Pirate to Mystic! A pleasure to meet you. This is really a wonderful group of people. I’m grateful to be part of it. 🙂

  7. Laura, I sat at the Fan Faire table with you and your Aunt (on your Aunts’ left I believe) and just now realized who you are. Mystic Muse, what a wonderful name. These older clips of the boys are so much fun to watch, Ercole and Eleanora in the front row, sitting next to Piero’s mom, and watching Piero and Ignazio enjoying Gianluca’s special moment. I’m sure they had no idea what was in store for them. Hope to see you at the next Fan Faire. Hello to your Aunt.

    1. Hi Rose Marie, so nice to hear from you. It was wonderful sitting with you and your family and I believe you said you were in the Chicago suburbs also. We so enjoyed your company. Hope to sit with you again at the next Fan Faire and I know Laura does too. Possibly we can meet at the next il Volo concert at the Chicago theatre.

      1. Ann, I’m sorry but I was the one from Cleveland andI was there alone. The other ladies were I believe from Chicago. But nevertheless, I still hope to see you at the next Fan Faire. If it helps, I was wearing a turquoise blouse.

      2. ok Rosemarie. I have a lot of pictures and one from our table. I will find it and check it out. We had a great group, including the little boy who sat with us.

      3. Yes, was his name Ricardo? I’m not sure who they were but they gave the boys a gift and had their picture taken together.

    2. Of course I remember you. You were part of the blonde bombshell brigade.;) I know the rest of the ladies we’re related and from Chicago. I remember you being from Cleveland because my husband grew up there. 🙂 So nice to connect with you here.

  8. Is this the most recent info. on this page? I’m looking for the right page mpre recent, can you tell me if I’m in the right place?

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