Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo in Concert European Tour 2016: Krasnodar



One last stop before going to Germany: Krasnodar

~~ Kelly



Il Volo New CD
Il Volo New CD


My Way

lo che non vivo

Photos: Russian Tour Krasnodor June 12 ~~ Rock me Il Volo Facebook


Unchained Melody

Beautiful that way

O sole mio


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E lucevan le stele

Il Mondo

22 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo in Concert European Tour 2016: Krasnodar”

  1. Thank you so much, Kelly!!! Each Concert is a nite of enchantment!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero, you have delighted your Fans with this 2016 Concert Tour!!! It will soon come to completion!!! I hope you have a great relax time with family & friends!!!

  2. I am worried that the guys sound tired and worn down. When this itinerary was first put out I was worried that there were too many concerts in close order. Now in a couple of days they have a short break. I think their voices need the rest. Producers seem to think $ $ $ and I worry about the guys’ health and their vocal health. On their short break everyone think quiet and pleasant dreams and hot tea .

    1. I don’t know much about voice but this concert tour has been so extensive, and with so much traveling, that I also worry how they can possibly keep singing so well and keep up their energy. I’m grateful they gave so many concerts in the US but I have thought it might be wise to have a week or more between so many concerts. Even when there are a few days off, they seem to have another event they must attend. I hope they will have a good amount of time to rest and enjoy their families and friends.

    2. I listen to them sing daily with my EarPods on, and there are times, not many, but sometimes you can detect the hoarseness in Piero and ignazio’s voices when they hit those high notes. Ignazio hits so many high notes that I’m thinking they can drop some notes a few octaves. I really hope they get some rest for their bodies (great young bodies), their voices (greatest voices this side of heaven) and their beautiful minds. Hopefully their next tour will not be so grueling. I miss you guys a lot especially after meeting you in person.
      Leaving for LAS VEGAS in a few weeks with my sisters and I will always think of all of you and that wonderful day (3/25/16) when we all met. Thank you for the great memories. IL VOLO has knack of bringing people together.

    1. Thank you Lydka. On stage they make it look so easy and effortless. Little do we realize all the hard work that goes on unseen before and between shows. Makes one appreciate the effort that goes into every show all the more. They give so much pleasure !!!

      1. Marion, you are right, I agree with you,that’s why I put this video here. I wanted to show a little bit what is happening behind the scenes.
        I wish you nice day ! Greetings ! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much Kelly !!! I have enjoyed each and every one of your concert updates !! This tour has been nothing less then magnificent !! Our incredible guys aim to please and they do at each and every concert no matter how they might be feeling. The tour may be ending but I think they are working on quite a few projects so I’m afraid they might not get as much relax time as they might need in order to recharge their batteries !! I certainly hope they will be able to go home for awhile and enjoy their family and friends !!!

    1. Interview: at first was greeting, boys told in Russian Good morning and Thanks. The moderator asked whether they speak Russian a little and they said just a little.Then they in Russian said My name is
      .. Moderator asked: Means you can easily get acquainted with russian girls?Piero said That is it and Ignazio in Russian to moderator You are a beautiful girl. Next question was What is your highest achievement for today? Answer: Since 2009 a lot has happened. But I think for the Italian artist to win San Remo is the highest award.We won San Remo in 2015 and as you know, represented Italy on an Eurovision. Moderator asked on Polina, she was their rival in Eurovision . They remember on her and said Hi to her and Piero said : I consider that in music shouldn’t be rivalry. Everyone has own way. She asked if they watched Eurovision this year, Piero said : We were in Brazil, we had no opportunity to watch a competition. For Gianluca was the best Justin Timberlake, he is his big fan. The moderator asked what are their bad characters in their personalities.Ignazio said: Of course there are a lot of. Gianluca is the perfectionist. He loves when everything is ideal. Piero rules in everything. When he says it is necessary to make it so, means it is necessary to make it so. Piero said Ignazio is the laziest person in the world. Ignazio: I love what we do. Well I am lazy sometimes, especially when it is necessary to wake up early in the morning. Moderator asked about his nickname “man – disaster”.Answer was Ignazio is the most amusing in our group. At concerts the audience is laughing all the time. He is a funny fellow of group. Ignazio said he is a clown.

      1. Next question was : It is true that Ignazio forgot lyrics once? What did you do in this situation?Piero said : It was in Switzerland. All of us forgot words. We sang Charles Aznavour’s song Tous les visages de l’amour.,we didn’t sing it one year. We were on the stage and I began Tous les visages de l’amour.Tous les visages de l’amour and I understood that I forgot words. Gianluca began to laugh, he forgot words too and Ignazio forgot words also. 3 minutes we sang Tous les visages de l’amour.The moderator had question about their meeting with Woody Allen.Answer was : Yes, we met at restaurant where we did work for TV show . We love very much Woody Allen. All love Woody Allen. It was our second meeting.Allen said a compliment to them. Answer was : We are improved all the time. He noted it.Piero said : We are constantly studying For example, now we are preparing big show in Florence at Piazza Santa Croce . It is very important for us. We are going to sing songs of three great tenors Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras. Pavarotti is not with us any more. And Placido Domingo will sing several songs with us. José Carreras too. We plan tours with these songs and surely we will arrive with this program to Russia.Moderator asked when they will sing in Russian language . Answer was We already sang a piece of song with Toto Cutugno (they sang little piece of song to moderator).They said it is necessary to learn and promise to return soon to Russia and also they promise to learn something in Russian (song).The moderator asked Gianluca on his favourite kind of pizza. Is Margarita and he can’t really resist when he sees pizza. Moderator mentioned their album Grande Amore.Boys wanted to know how to say Grande Amore in Russian language.Moderator asked if they found their grande amore. Piero said : Our grande amore is music.

      2. Gianluca said :I can tell you, when you are in love, you sing better. You can add some new emotions to the voice.Moderator told them : Your voices are unbelievable, when you sing even glasses tremble on a table. Boys said : We tried it on one show in Brazil. Moderator then said : It is a pity, we haven’t glasses, to check it . Sing something to our audience that they can wake up in excellent mood. Boys asked how Russians say Good morning. Then they said Good morning Moscow and Russia. At the end they sang a little bit of Grande Amore. 🙂

  4. Hi, My Dear. Great translation! I wish I could see the video of the concert, but you know how my computer is. Thanks for the the work you did on translating the interview. I will speak to you soon. Much love to you!!!!

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