Personally Speaking~Keep On Laughing, Guys!!~Mary Bohling


We know how much our boys enjoy a good joke, and that they especially like to play tricks on each other.  Here they seem to be poking fun at someone at their table.  Barbara?  Michele?  It can’t be that pretty lady sitting next to Gianluca…she looks much too happy.  Actually she looks rather familiar…hmmm.  No matter what, they are having a great time laughing at someone.  Notice the differences in their special ways of expressing their enjoyment.

Gian, ever the more sedate one, is containing himself with a knuckle bite.  There is a twinkle in his eyes though, and he seems to be enjoying the humor.  We’ve seen how far he has come in overcoming his innate shyness and is more comfortable with joining the other guys in their escapades, while still maintaining his dignity.  But if he finds himself in the right position, he’s not above giving Piero a playful swat where he has ample room for one.


Piero, true to his Sicilian heritage, uses his hands to express himself, pointing to the victim as if to say, “I’m watching you, and you are cracking me up.”  Piero engages his whole body when engulfed in laughter, bending forward or backward, and knee slapping is often included in the action.  It’s easy to see that he loves to laugh and gives it his all.


Now Ignazio, not content with just laughing, throws himself back in a huge guffaw.  Overacting is his style…nothing subtle about this guy.  He is the center of attention, and he makes the most of it.  He loves to laugh and to make others laugh.  Piero is usually the object of his playful antics, and the interplay between them is an entertaining part of the performance.  He tends to be more gentle with Gianluca, understanding his sensitive nature.  With Ignazio’s broad smile and endearing dimples, just seeing him laugh makes us laugh, too.


Fortunately, our guys have a great sense of humor, finding the “fun” side of life in whatever they do.  And this buffer helps to cushion the pressures of the rigorous schedule and hectic lifestyle.  Keep on laughing guys…remember “laughter is the best medicine.”  You need to keep the joy in your lives.

It’s a beautiful thing.

~~Mary Bohling~~

18 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Keep On Laughing, Guys!!~Mary Bohling”

  1. Nice insight into each of their personalities. Right on target as usual, Mary. Thank you.

    Also, I don’t know who that woman is, but what a beauty!

  2. Once again Mary, you really have it just right. It’s great when you see Gianluca really give a big smile or laugh out loud because he doesn’t do it as often. I love seeing Piero laugh and he does do it with his whole body, sometimes doubling over he is laughing so much. And Ignazio makes us all laugh and even singing, he has a great smile!
    Thank you Marie for sending birthday wishes to Barbara Vitali.

  3. Mary, I love whatever you write. You have great insight and notice all the special characteristics of each of our boys. Why isn’t Marie sitting next to Ignazio though? That is her rightful place.

      1. Marie, you don’t know how long I thought about giving up my spot to you. But you deserve it. I’ll just hang around in the background and maybe you’ll give me some crumbs.

  4. Love this, Mary!!! Laughter is truly the best medicine! Glad our guys have such fun & much laughter in their lives!!! I love to see them laughing & joking!!! Thanks, Marie for sending BD greetings to Barbara! I believe I know the lady sitting at the table with the guys! Very nice woman & she really loves Il Volo. (Iganazio).

  5. I LOVE that picture, it truly is a snapshot of the humor of each one of them! Good article Mary and the picture certainly pointed out how some people always seem to manage to sneak in! I guess you have to keep your eyes out for those crafty sneaky people from Ohio.

  6. Thanks Marie for sending Barbara birthday greetings!!

    Mary, this is such a fun post! The joyful expressions on all the faces is so neat to see. That gorgeous lady at the end of the table really gave them something to smile about, didn’t she?? 🙂

  7. Mary Bohling l read with pleasure all your contributions – funny,original and interesting.Thanks for them,look forward to more.
    l think that Marie sitting on the right place !
    Ignazio was unfaithful and now she loves also Gianluca,because she recongnized that he is sensitive and receptive boy and both love poetry.
    I understand all and wish her a new – perhaps truer love.Live is a change.

  8. Thank you Mary for this wonderful photo of our guys. They are beautiful, young, vital with the most charismatic smiles you are ever going to find on anyone. I could look at this photo and every other photo of them forever. They are truly one of a kind and may God bless them always with happiness and love for themselves and their families.

  9. Mary, I love reading your poetry and clever posts…you have a delightful way of expressing feelings for all of us. Keep them coming!! ☺ IL Volo Flight Crew is a wonderful place to be part of, and I am forever thankful to have met so many ILVolovers in March. Oh, Marie, thanks for sending Barbara a birthday greeting from all of are special!! Hugs..’Nonna’ Harriett ♥♥♥

  10. Thank you, Mary, for a day brightener. I love seeing and hearing Piero’s laugh. And Ignazio’s laugh complete with dimples, and Gianluca’s gentle laughter. I can’t stay in a bad mood when I see them.

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