Ciro Marra

Here is Ciro Marra singing “Grande Amore” and “L’amore Si Muove”.  I thought I would share these video’s with you if you haven’t, somehow, seen them yet.  This young fellow is very popular in the Il Volo social realm.  My personal opinion is that he is ok.  There is something he doesn’t quite have that our guys do/did.  Can’t put my finger on it…  There’s some deep soul or something that doesn’t grab me like our baby Il Volo’s did, way back when.  We will definitely be seeing more of Ciro in the future.  What do you think?

Thanks LYNN and EVERYONE who sent us clips.

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  1. Thank you. I personally think he reminds me of Gianluca when he was his age, his glasses are Piero and his hair is ignacio’s. He is very talented and a little sweetheart but there is only one il Volo.

    1. SO RIGHT ANN. He is very good indeed and his future is bright. “IL VOLO” is “IL VOLO”. Our one and ONLY LOVE.

  2. Good point Ann. I was unfair to compare him to our Guys. For me there is no comparison. Ciro has a wonderful voice and I’m sure he will go far.

  3. If he gets some voice training he will be great in a few years. There is plenty of room for lovely voices and Il Volo appreciate it and try to give them a chance to be heard. This one reason we care for the boys.

  4. He is a very pleasant and polite young boy with a very nice voice but you’re right Marie, we should not compare him to our guys. Even at that age they had the “IT” factor. i hope he has the same loving family support that our guys had and still have .

  5. He is very cute and has a great voice. I agree with you Marie, something is missing and I think it is emotion. He is young and will keep improving as he matures.

  6. He has a very nice voice & agree he is cute!! Thankyou for sharing! Sure he will do well as he gets older! Wish him the best! Now I want to know if our Sweethearts are having relax time & getting some well deserved rest!!!

  7. He is cute and really does have a nice voice for someone so young. I wish him well. Yes, I love the fact that Il Volo promotes young talent now and then right along beside them. Hearts of gold!

  8. Even at that age Gian had more depth to his voice. This kid has a long way to go to match our boys JoanieG

      1. Gives me butterflies in my stomach, my heart and my soul. I would love to hear him sing it now. Wow wouldn’t that be something🎤

      2. This talented little boy wants to become a singer and you can see he works hard at it. It’s unfair to compare him to anyone, especially our Boys.

    1. Ciro is cute and has s nice voice that, with time and training , will be quite good. But seeing and listening to Ignacio in this video , even at that tender age, gave me goosebumps and teary eyes even tho I did not understand any of the words.
      It is the deep emotion they all convey that is so special about them all. There is only one Il Volo!

      1. What gets to me in the video is near the end when he has to take a deep breath (during the music solo) to calm his emotions. You can’t learn that, you either have it or you don’t.

    2. Ignazio’s singing brings tears
      to my eyes. So young and so
      talented. Thank you Marie for this video.

  9. Let’s face it FANS….we’re spoiled!! Ciao does have an amazing voice and I wish him success in his career, if he chooses to go on singing, but I’m too old to wait, I’d just like to stay around for whatever IlVolo has to offer! Just imagine!!! (Spell check has done it again…the boys name is CIRO, )♡♡♡

  10. I saw him the other in a video. He has a good singing voice for his age & he is definitely going to be a singer but in my opinion he doesn’t have the pizzaz our guys had or have. N o one can beat IL VOLO

  11. I think Ciro has an amazing voice for an 11 year old and he is adorable too !! His favorite music is Operatic Pop and his favorite song is Grande Amore !! He performs in talent competitions the same way our boys did so if he is lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time the way they were he will have a beautiful singing career ahead of him.
    Of course no one can compare to our guys !!! They have it all !! Gorgeous ,charismstic, kind, loving, humble and extremely talented so they will continue to be the best vocalists in the world !!!

  12. It is true. Ciro has a fine career ahead of him if he continues with his singing. I wish him well. But it is also true that we have been spoiled by our Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazioi. No one will ever be able to be compared with our guys.. They are quite simply the BEST!

  13. Today has birthday Francesco Boccia, talented musician, and composer of Grande Amore. So all the best, blessing and success for him. Buon Compleanno !

      1. I must need to broaden my music scope. I can’t imagine anyone singing “Grande Amore” other than the guys who won all the world with it!

      2. Ditto, not interested, not even a little. I still listen to Bocelli and Groban occasionally. But my heart belongs to Il Volo. Especially you know who.

      3. Original song from our boys is only one and the best ! Nobody knows how to sing it so amazing as they.But these cover versions of the song shows how beautiful, strong, powerful Grande Amore is.These many versions of their song which were created are great compliments for boys. Big honour for Grande Amore,because the whole world sings it. Copies are always only copies…I LOVE ONLY IL VOLO GRANDE AMORE. 🙂

      4. But L’amore si muove – violin cover version is very beautiful, the player is talented. I love violin songs. 🙂

      1. This shows that only the proper singer can bring glory to beautiful song.The choice of singer is as important as the song to create a hit. Grande Amore was written in 2003 by the singer Francesco Boccia, and composed by Ciro “Tommy” Esposito with an idea to make it performed by classical music singers.It was performed by Boccia himself and proposed for Sanremo Music Festival in 2005, but it was rejected because it was considered too old-fashioned.It was shelved for twelve years, and again proposed for the “Newcomers” section in the Sanremo Music Festival 2015, to be performed by duo Operapop,, but their participation was denied due to festival’s age restriction.Carlo Conti, artistic director and main presenter of the 65th edition of the festival, was not satisfied with the first proposed song by Il Volo and after hearing the song “Grande amore”, recommended to the song’s editor Pasquale Mammaro to contact manager Michele Torpedine and assign it to the Il Volo. So then the song finally found the right vocalists. 🙂 Because I think the song Grande Amore waited for the boys, it was destiny.This song and the guys simply belong together ! <3

  14. This young fellow has talent but not in a
    class with Il Volo. He lacks the natural emotion, passion and eye contact that our guys had even at a young age. I hope he is willing to put in the hard work and training he will need for success.

  15. Nope, nope, NOPE! The little kid is too little yet, no maturity yet in him, besides, what will be his voice when he reaches those years it starts to change? Hmmm, in fact, that would be an excellent topic to query IL VOLO regarding their own vocal changes. As for Dee Trio, I had to laugh when the third woman steps up and puts on a pair of glasses to sing her part. Gee, I wonder if anyone will get the connection….HA!. They were a solid NOPE from me. Now as for Marco and Alice, ahhhh…Nope.
    Calll me a snob, I am when it comes to the Original .They just have that special spark, and its undeniable. Call it fate, kismet, destiny….they were meant to be three voices, one soul.

  16. Ciro is good singer, has talent , but he doesn’t capture my heart.He lacks something what makes special our boys..I think he doesn’t put his whole heart and soul into his singing as Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio. The little boy still has in front of him a long way, and we don’t know if he really will be singer in the future.Mutation of voice may change his future career.But young talents should be encouraged and also children’s dreams. 🙂 But in my opinion , Ciro should go his own way and be yourself, do not copy anyone (when I see him in Grande Amore video,so he too much is trying to look like Piero and exists only one Piero 🙂 ).

  17. I love your expression “capture my heart'”
    Lydka that is what Il Volo does so well.
    Their voices go straight to the heart and
    soul. Oh yes they truly capture the heart.

    1. I agree Loretta there is only Il Volo for me also. The others may try hard but they do not have the passion, warmth and talent of Il Volo

    2. My mom thinks that this song is suitable for singing only for men, I agree with her. Girls are not good for this song,for example, one girl from Slovakia always trying to sing with the boys,but lucky, that she is at home and no one hears her. 😀 This version of the Grande Amore will forever remain a secret. 😀

  18. All have a degree of talent, granted, but they are mimicing a song that comes only from their head and throat; Il Volo, on the other hand, whether singing individually or in unison, presents every song they sing, with and from every ounce of love and passion held within them. It is delivered in such a way that it is not just heard, it is felt. It touches your heart, and soothes your soul; and you become lost within it.

    1. Kitty, you said it perfectly. IL VOLO has PASSION. Anyone can learn a song but they bring it with all their wonderful fiery PASSION!

  19. Marie, you’re SO RIGHT- just doesn’t grab your heart like Il Volo– no emotion or twinkling eyes!

  20. I’ve been away and just watched these videos. In my not so humble opinion this kid is nothing special. You can see better kids all the time on America’s Got Talent etc. And Marie, that video is one of my favorites too–I just love the 14 year old Ignazio pours into Il Mare Calmo! I asked him once at a M & G if he would sing it now, and he sort of backed up shaking his head very violently! Must be sick of it I guess…

      1. Me too. Now that he is older and has some experience in the love department!
        Although there was so much emotion in that early video it is breathtaking to imagine what he would do with it nowadays.

      2. Maybe Marie could convince him to sing it again. I would sign a petition if there was one requesting him to do it.

  21. Well I guess that stirred things up!!!! Just makin’ sure you’re all awake and flyin’!!

  22. I’ve watched the video of Ignazio so many times I’ve lost count. He oozes emotion from his eyebrows to his fingertips, and he still does. What a joy to watch him. At the musical break you can see him try to contain and control himself. Again just pure joy to watch. I don’t see this in Ciro yet, but maybe in time.

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