Eventually ~ Marie

I am excited to introduce you all to my new career as a song writer.   I have the words, but no tune yet,  although some melody keeps going around in my head.  I think I’ll call it something like..

🎵 Eventually 🎶

You’ll be loving me, eventually.
A great love for me, eventually.
From the start you broke my heart
your love was never shown,
but still I’m true, waiting for you, now that your grown.

You’ll be loving me, eventually.
I’ve much love for you, my dear, you’ll see.
Though you never call
remember I shall always be,
In love with you.
You’ll love me too.

You’ll be loving me, eventually.
There’s no one but you, Ingy for me,

Tho I love all three, remember I shall always be,
in love with you, you’ll love me to,

I’m the one you’ll love,  it’s really me.
Loretta knows that I’m your bride to be.

Tho the fans shall fall
remember you shall always be,
happy you’ll see,
Only with me,

I have no shame.
I’ll bear your name.

What do you think of my new song, Boys?

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I thought so.


67 thoughts on “Eventually ~ Marie”

  1. I posted Saturday that I had been listening to Engelbert Humperdinck’s =I sing you to sleep After The Lovin’ = I can only imagine being sung to sleep by Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio !

  2. Great song and if you can combine with a melody you could ask the boys to sing it at their next “World Tour”.

      1. Have a wonderful birthday, Loretta. Let your all the dreams to be on fire and light your birthday candles with that. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine. 🙂

    1. I’m with you Ann. Gianluca is IT for me. Marie, damn, you’re good. Ignazio will love it.

  3. Marie, now I have this song playing in my head over and over! Yes, I can just see you sitting in the front row of a concert with all 3 of them coming off the stage to serenade you! 🙂

  4. Hahaha, this is hilarious. I can just imagine Igna hearing this and giving that contagious laugh of his and that bashful, dimpled grin that he gives! They DEFINITELY need to perform this one (especially since it sounds suspiciously like another one they do, so they wouldn’t even have to learn a new tune, right?) 😉

  5. Love it, Marie! All of you at Flight Crew are so talented!! My guess Ignazio would love it too!! I can imagine the big smile & then he would be laughing loudly with enjoyment!! 😎 😋

    1. Thank you Zdena for the bithday wishes. Although Englebert has never been one of my favourites his voice is good I much prefer Ignazio & he could sing any song to me I would be happy

      1. Happy birthday Loretta. Many happy returns of the day come your way.

  6. Marie, such heartfelt words!! With faith like that it will surely come true. I’m e-mailing God to please put a block on your aging, so Igny will have some time to catch up….of course it could be a May-December thing…..Your clever words confirm the fact that you are the official poet laureate of the Flight Crew. Love it!

  7. Marie, Hope your dreem comes true. Save Piero for me. I see they each had a thumbs up for your song. I loved Englebert. He reminded me if Igny with the beard. The long hair must have been in the 60s. Now you did it! I can’t get that song out of my mind. JoanieG

  8. I love what you did so clever I hope you won’t mind but when I read it I put Piero name in there for me. Thank you for the smile.you gave to me. Have a great day.

  9. I heard that the boys are going to draw straws to see which one comes over to visit you first. Great song, Marie.

  10. My email is on it’s way to God as of right now. I’m sure that with all His messages, He will soon have Ingy inviting you to sing your song with him on the next concert tour! You are indeed a song writer as well as a poet.

    A Very Happy Birthday, Loretta!.

  11. Oh, MARIE!! You are toooo much! No, I take it back…you’re just right!! Can you believe that I SANG your poem rather than just read it? Sorry you couldn’t hear it, but perhaps its better that way!! Keep up the good work….I love it!!♡♡♡

      1. Marie & Dorothy, I also sang the song as I read the words. It was amazing that the tune came to me so easily & it was so familiar. Marie, for a while there, I thought you had buried your poet’s pen, because so many other Flight Crew ladies were writing poetry, & good stuff at that. I thought you had lost your poet laureate’s crown. But I should not have worried. Your poetry is still the tops! Wouldn’t it be a hoot if our guys DID sing your amended version of this song? Oh, forgive me, your song is totally NEW, LOL. What I really can’t believe, is that Loretta let that whole bride lyric get by with no comment. Maybe she had too much Italian wine & birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Loretta!

    1. OMG Dorothy, I did the very same thing. Wait, how did that melody just seem to creep up in my head as I started reading Marie’s lyrics? AMAZING right?

  12. Just as I begin to think you have mellowed out and retired to the Old Fligjht Crew Home, you come up with this! You are just shameless,. yes, thats all I hae to say, you are SHAMELESS and a terrific sassy rogue!

  13. Dear Marie, You have truly earned that fella! In this magical universe, dreams really can come true – eventually! Just hold an image of what you desire with all your heart. It’s especially powerful right before you fall asleep. ( I can see it now – You & Igny are cheek to cheek, joyfully smiling & waving at all your well-wishers through the rear window of the limo as it heads down that road of happiness, the tin cans trailing behind, clattering on the pavement & the words ” JUST MARRIED” are emblazoned across the trunk for all to see & to feel your shared joy) !! Now, that’s only an example, of course, but it’s a start ! P.S. I’ll ’email God for you, too!

  14. Beautiful poem Marie, straight from the heart! Just keep on dreaming, because sometimes dreams do come true.

    Best wishes on your Birthday Loretta.

  15. Marie, Marie, Marie – what can I say?? You are a hoot and I always enjoy your banter. I can hear Ignazio laughing all the way from my house – ha ha!! 👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻

      1. Marie: I am still laughing very loudly at your last comment!! As I’ve said in the past, you have the best sense of humor and wit. God is being inundated by all our e-mails, I’m sure. And you know he can work miracles!!!!

  16. Marie, God has a dilemma. It seems that several people have asked for the same thing i.e. Ignazio.
    This means that those people would have to give him up in order for you to have him. I know that deep down in your heart you would’nt want to disappoint
    the other’s, would you? Lol
    Happy Birthday Loretta 🎉🎈

  17. Dear Marie, You are most welcome! Now don’t forget that you would probably have to move to Italy, but as a man facing an extradition to Italy, as punishment , replied with a chuckle in a TV interview: ” That’s not so bad !! “. ( First thing I think of is the wonderful food there , let alone as you said, to get to” breathe the same air” as Il Volo !). I think you’re great !

  18. Marie. I love your newly discovered talent of songwriter. I’m looking forward to it going platinum very soon. You can join the guys on stage when they present you with your first Grammy.
    As far as the limo, the rattling in the trunk of that limo will be me.

  19. Thanks Jill, Ineke & Lynng & Alllene for the birthday wishes. Have no fear Lynng I didn’t miss a thing of what Marie was saying & wishing (poor her). She doesn’t reailze I made my claim when I had that pictures taken when Ignazio gave me a hug last February at Buffalo meet & greet. BUT she can still dream its free. Maybe Ignazio & the guys would sing her song.

    1. Oh, and I thought up until now you were being nice because I said happy birthday. I should have known you would come back and lie about your claim to the Crew.

  20. How did I lie Marie you saw the picture of Ignazio givng me a hug at Buffalo Meet & greet you posted the picture. Pus Jill we do not cat fight. Marie & and I have been sparing for years about Ignazio & I have always enjoyed sparring with Marie. As far as I am concerned there are no hard feeling between us it is in fun.

  21. Marie, what beautiful lyrics!

    I heard from a reliable source that it will be song 5 on their upcoming CD “True Love (Vero Amore)”….

  22. Oh mom, mom, lovely song/poem, but I’m afraid I might have to make a phone call to the men in the little white coats, very soon…. lol!! 🙂 I’ll make sure Igna comes to visit once a week, with me, right by his side…. You will have lots of quiet time to write all the songs you wish. Yes, you have regained your post as poetess laureate, but ladies and gents, I see a challenge coming on?

    Love, your darling adopted daughter – lol! <3

  23. Thank you Annie, all who sent those emails to God on my behalf and all of you who made me laugh so much. What a fun time sharing and bantering with all of you. This is the delight of my life and my favorite thing to do. It is what we hoped this site would be.

    Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, thank you for your perfect selves, your beautiful music, and the wonderful friends it has given me.

  24. Very cute. Made me try to sing it. Hmmmmm, I wonder which tune you had in mind?????

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