Personally Speaking~Not Just A Pretty Face~by Mary Bohling

There are lots of things about Il Volo that we love and admire: their talent, their character, their good looks, and so on.  But there is much more to these guys.  Their comments show that they are intelligent, serious, compassionate young men.


Piero:  The most important thing to us…we just care about the audience.  It’s them who make us succeed.  If we travel the world as Il Volo, it’s truly thanks to them.


Ignazio:  You, the Ilvolovers, say always that we change your world…the truth is that you changed ours.  

Gianluca:  I can’t wait to sing on many new stages, meet who follows us over seas and in Europe, and live in that atmosphere, intense and funny that is only on tour. 



Piero:  It seems like just yesterday when we were three children, maybe a little overwhelmed, that slowly began to get used to the stage, to the public in front, to the flash of photographers, moving away from home and the full days of commitments…but time passes.  And even though the years have passed and our appearance is no longer that of children, in my eyes, there is always the same emotion.  

Gianluca:  Sometimes I can’t even acknowledge that I’ve become a world-famous singer.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem real to me, because I still keep inside…we keep…that naivety, that innocence and simplicity of children.



Piero:  Only music can express the joy of coming home, singing in my land and pay tribute to this beautiful island.  The eyes that I recognize are those of the people with whom I grew up.  There are thank yous that are direct from the heart and even more, because nothing makes me feel as special as to know that I am home.


Gianluca:  We’re leaving for a trip that will take us away for many months.  I already know that I am going to miss you, every one and every thing…my family, my home, my friends, and the love it makes me feel in this wonderful land that is Italy.  I’ll bring you all with me in a special place in my heart.


Piero:  Every time a new stage, a new audience, and new emotions I cannot wait to find out.  The secret?  A smile, always, in my mind and heart…nothing more.

Gianluca:  Music is my passion, and I would like to do this forever, for all my life.  We have to work hard, but we are young.  We have all the time in the world to study and learn and do more.  We’re so happy to do anything we have to.  Traveling, dreaming, singing…three single words enclosing the sense of my life.  Travel has changed me.  I was no longer the same person after I saw the moon on the other side of the world.

Dreaming is creativity, imagination, and only those who won’t stop doing that can touch the sky.

Ignazio:  Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions be bigger and louder than your words.  You never know what’s gonna happen in your life, so just live it.  

Sometimes love is more powerful than anything.



Is it any wonder that we love and admire them?  And how much we wish that we could actually know them in person, as part of our lives, but as some wise one once said, “You just have to accept the fact that some people can only be in your heart and in your dreams and not in your life.”  Yes, they are surely in our hearts, and maybe in your dreams??

It’s a beautiful thing.


~~Mary Bohling~~



21 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Not Just A Pretty Face~by Mary Bohling”

  1. Thank you, Mary, for your beautiful post! Sooo many reasons why we love Il Volo! GRANDE AMORE!

  2. This was beautiful Mary !! Because they feel
    the way they do about their families,friends,fans and fame are all the reasons we love them so much.

  3. Thankyou, Mary. I had tears as I was reading! They are so humble, so compassionate , so loving!!! No wonder we love them like they really are family!!!

  4. Mary, You are amazing. You put our thoughts into words so well. OUR BOYS WILL ALWAYS HAVE A HUGE PLACE IN OUR HEARTS. JOANIEG

  5. Mary, you’ve collected really nice and thoughtful quotes of boys. At their age, very mature ideas, but they still will face a number of experiences in which they will many things to learn, the recognition of the world and people will continue…I wish for them that good things always prevail over bad things.In the hectic lifestyle it can sometimes be difficult to recognize all the hidden deepness of the world. I believe that they will always maintain purity of heart, soul and wisdom of mind, in show business it is sometimes hard to keep own face,but be yourself and keep your values is the best thing a person can do,at a young age everything is more easily achievable, but person can be also vulnerable and in some cases idealistic or naive,therefore is important the support of families and development of skills in all directions. The value of a person is hiding in his heart…Beautiful souls can bring joy themselves and more to other people.The boys bring joy to people’s hearts and souls through their music and wonderful voices , it is their role in this world, I feel ..God’s gifts should be sensibly used with love and humility for the good of us all… God bless P+G+ I. <3

  6. It just occurred to me that I don’t ever hear or read much in way of entertainers doing much reflection on their fans or life as an entertainer and yet we get that sense that IL VOLO always thinks and draws upon it.. I don’t think they have ever fully gotten over the amazement of getting the grand prize: They were once young kids, unknown even to each other and then destiny put them together and POW! Look at them now, where they have been and where the future leads them.
    This life is not an easy one but they certainly look joyful in the midst of it

  7. Once again, Mary, you are able to point out to us the pure beauty that is our Il Volo inside and out. The heartfelt comments of The Crew above certainly reinforce that beauty.

  8. Mary, you made me puddle up as I read your words and the words of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. It is true, that even tho they don’t know it, they have become part of our families in our hearts. I am so proud of these fine young men.

    1. Mary your beautiful words and emotions together with our special guys beautiful words and emotions gave me an even greater appreciation for Il Volo if that is even possible. I truly look forward to every word photo and adventure of our guys. My love and admiration for them just keeps soaring . We have watched 3 very young talented humble and caring boys grow up to be 3 amazing young men with kindness caring and love in their beautiful hearts and souls. They continue to amaze us and it is truly exciting to follow these guys into the stratosphere . I absolutely adore them.

  9. It’s certainly a beautiful thing and thank you Mary for putting these lovely thoughts and feelings here for us. They are so much more than their beautiful music. The way they live their lives, the way they think and feel all help make them very special. Not many people their age would be so thoughtful and also be able to express their thoughts and feelings. They are truly wise beyond their years and I pray they continue to stay true to themselves and what they know is important.

  10. I’m always amazed at how mature they are. They are still very young, yet they speak and express themselves as much older. I don’t know of any “20 something” that sound like this. What wonderful young men they are. Thanks for posting this, loved reading their comments.

  11. Mary,fine access,charming ideas !
    For me is also love to my country,to family and friends on first place.l understand very well our boys.Many thanks and greets.

  12. Mary – are these quotes all from one interview, or did you put them together from different ones? I’d love to know which interview it was that Ignazio said that the fans have changed their lives? Yes, beautiful quotes by them, they, indeed say such thoughtful and beautiful words, way beyond their 20 something years…

    1. Jana, I think they are not from interviews, are collected thoughts that they have written on their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) at different times. (I remember that I had previously read them. ) Approaching the time of your trip, right? So, I wish you safe trip and enjoy it . 🙂 Greetings to you.

  13. Wonderful to read Mary – inspires us to be our best selves and dream big dreams. I believe these young men would be as dedicated no matter what career they would have chosen. Thank God for this wonderful gift!

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