Personally Speaking ~ Pensive Piero


70 some concerts under your belt since January

Thousands of miles spent in the air

Hours, weeks, months away from home

Multiple languages to maneuver through

Interviews, selfies, crowds, crowds and more crowds

People, complete strangers wanting to know you more

Get closer and feel connected to you


You would never guess in a million years that  you live with this type of pressure day in and out…for you carry yourself with such grace, maturity and genuine love for what you are doing.

But, this photo shows a pensive Piero.  You deserve all the privacy you can get when it comes to your own personal thoughts, as you give the rest of yourself so freely to others.

I wish you quiet moments filled with precious privacy and time to renew your inner being which you all three so deserve after touring the world sharing your Grande Amore!


Photo credit – All Things Il Volo

18 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Pensive Piero”

  1. Oh Jane, are we working on a wavelength here? I had been looking a that same photo and having similar thoughts. It must be overwhelming sometimes living this life. Piero always strikes me as a man happiest at home …how many young men do you know would buy the apartment right next to his family’s home? He did! You know he loves his life, living everyday involved in making beautiful music come alive for the world…and yet… Actually, maybe its the crazy Auntie Mame inside of me but I really wish he could find a lovely lady. It must be difficult when your two buddies had/have beautiful girls to cuddle and kiss while you didn’t. I hate to think of this passionate sweet Sicilian crab without someone to fog up his glasses!
    Okay okay, I just recognized I went off on a tangent Jane carefully avoided but hey that’s what happens to me when I am sleep deprived!

    1. Pirate, I just know someday a lovely young woman will come along and capture his heart!! And what a LUCKY young woman that will be! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jane! Piero is such a beautiful young man! You said it all! I too hope he finds his one & only young woman! He is so charming & has such a sweet smile!! His magnificent voice sends chills up & down my spine!! Can you tell that I love him too?

  3. Jane, “pensive” is the perfect word for that picture. It also reminds me that they have a personal life I’ll bet they will be happy to get back to soon. Bless their hardworking, constantly-singing hearts!

  4. I love this photo , but I think he’s rehearing ” Nissum Dorma”, none can sleep!! When do they learn all this new music?? They are wonderfully intelligent or they couldn’t retain all those lyrics!! I marvel at their talents and their Grande Amore for everything they do!♡♡♡Thanks, Jane!

  5. Jane, How did you find out about Piero and the apartment? It’s very Italian I think, to stay close to family. I also hope he finds a warm and understanding young woman to share his life. He deserves the best. Joanie G

    1. Joan, pirate actually mentioned the apt. thing, but it was on social media last year. Not unusual at all for young Italians to stay close to or in the home until they are married.

      This photo says so many things…all three guys are so well rounded. I can only imagine how wonderful it will feel to finally get home and stay home for awhile and do things they enjoy when not on stage!

  6. Thank you, Jane, for this most wonderful posting. I think we (I) tend to forget how much work goes into their concerts. I’m sure that Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca have times when they would much prefer to be alone with their thoughts. But they never, ever show this to their fans. They are three of the most amazing young men on the planet and I love them dearly.

  7. I’m sure they all think about what the future has in store for them and how long they can keep up this pace, I wish forever, but we know as all good things, it will come to an end someday but hopefully not in my lifetime. I love them dearly because they have brought laughter and enjoyment to my life when I needed it the most. My family is great of course but they can’t fill all of the empty times, the boys are always there when I need them.

  8. A very thoughtful post and so true for all three but I especially think Piero never seems to be tired, annoyed or unhappy. He is very focused and businesslike in some respects. One forgets how young they still are and how they have sacrificed spending more time with their family even though they obviously love what they are doing and achieving. I have always thought besides being so talented musically, they are extremely intelligent. They speak and sing in various languages, they always know exactly what they have to do and are so professional in everything they do.

  9. Hi Jane and Pirate I love this post and Pirate I worry about Piero too. He gives so much of himself to everything he does and like you I wish and I pray he finds his lady that will make him as happy as he can be.

  10. Jane, lovely posting regarding the hard work, and determination the guys have put into achieving where they are today, and the obvious love they have for what they do. It is really quite amazing, to say the least! I had not read about him buying an apartment near his family, and I’m surprised, If true, since he is really not even home that much. It is quite common for Italian young men to remain at home until they marry, or so I’ve read. Sometime last year, I saw a picture of him, saying he was having a new house built for the family. I had also read about his relationship with a girl he was wanting to marry, but broke it off after considering the demands of his professional life, even though he may still care for her. Now, he is the one unattatched, as far as we know. I guess what I’m saying is, can you imagine how much this “dream” life, as wonderful and fulfilling as it is, alters so much of one considered normal. I know it has to be very hard sometimes. When I see pictures like this one, and we do of each of them, my heart goes out to them. I, we, love them, respect them, and willingly have included them into a very large portion of our lives, because they’ve earned it. I shed tears when they seem down, and tears when I see their joy; but they have to know we are here, always standing behind or beside; but even when you may seem down guys, you’ve got this! You’ve got this! Okay, have to go get a tissue! Blessings guys.

  11. They are so very young in age,however, they show such maturity in all they do in their lives. Pictures of them looking so thoughtful and so pensive in moments like this makes me sad. What a crazy schedule they have. So physically and mentally draining. They love what they do and they love their FANS. They are who they are and that’s why we love them. They bring such joy to so many yet they themselves sometimes feel the loneliness of being away from those they love in their personal lives. The price of success Is steep indeed. I hope they will all find their true loves one day.

    1. My reply goes out to all of you amazing people who wrote
      The most beautiful amazing
      Full of love tenderness carrying thoughts and all
      Such kind beautiful words of love encouragement .
      Aspects of our lives . They take away our tears, pain and sorrow and fill our hearts and lives with such love that is beyond words . There are not enough words to compliment these “angels”
      That God has blessed and
      Allowed us all over the world to see, touch , an embrace even a kiss or maybe a twinkle from Ignazio and his warm smile and beautiful eyes if we are so blessed to receive. Piero with that magnificent voice, smile that lights ones very being and that smile to melt all hearts. He is still “little Piero”….Gian such live in his heart for his fans ….he holds his arms out to you like a “welcome” come into my heart… So gentle kind and accepting…his smile just melts you as does his beautiful eyes. We all are very fortunate, some more so, others at a distant….but we can close our eyes and dream our cherished thoughts and hold them close to our hearts.

  12. I love reading everyone’s comments…just catching up here. 🙂 Here are my thoughts on what Piero might be thinking….”another concert complete, another night, another plane, a new city tomorrow, more fans, new songs to memorize, more meet/greets…when do we get a break? I am so tired! Can August come any sooner?”

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