Il Volo Professional ~~ Watch Il Volo Perform in Placido En El Alma TONIGHT


Tomorrow at 8:30 pm (Madrid time) you can watch live the participation of Il Volo  at Placido En El Alma event. This is the link:

Watch here: Placido En El Alma



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24 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Watch Il Volo Perform in Placido En El Alma TONIGHT”

    1. Marie I saw a post wishing you Happy Birthday, is it? If it is or isn’t keep the wish for whenever it is. Too many it’s and is’s I know but it’s (again) the thought that counts. Buon Compleano, Tanti Auguri, and Greek Hronia Polla.

  1. Thank you Kelly !! I hope I can be home at 2:30pm my time to watch this !! It is going to be amazing and the sold out audience will be huge !!! I think 89,000 people !!

  2. I am confused to say the least….need help! What time CT will the concert be? Not that we’ll be able to get it, but want to know! Thanks for any help with this!!♡

    1. If it is 2:30 Eastern then it is 1:30 Central. Just click on the link on the blog page and see what happens!

    1. I tuned into that site right at 8:30 Madrid time (11:30 Ca time) and all I can get is soccer. I saw where the Placido Domingo program was listed, but no way to see it. Any suggestions?

  3. Marion, I tried that also but no luck. I can’t get the Madrid TV. I clicked on the link and only got soccer . Joanie G

  4. Goosebumps, butterflies, tears. I saw them on RMTV stream. Wonderful show. Can’t wait for July 1.

  5. I finally figured out that when I went to the RMTV it was defaulting to English which brought up the soccer match in English , but when i clicked on Spanish as the language up came the concert. I tuned in about 45 minutes after it was started, but Il Volo did not come on until the show was a little over 2 hours in progress. They sang Grande Amore and then with Placido Domingo sang Non TisCordari Ti (SP).
    During part of the song Piero linked arms with Placido and Placido looked on approvingly when Piero did his solo. They looked and sounded wonderful. There were many , many artists on the show and it was really fun.
    Eager for Il Volo’s three tenor show coming up in a couple of days.

  6. I actually got it!! Just barely heard the guys sing and then sing another with Placedo! They were great, as usual! Placido looked like a proud Papa with them.wish I could have understood what he said! Thanks everyone for your help!♡♡♡

  7. Wow, that was some concert. I watched for 2 1/2 hours until a few acts after Il Volo, went out to do some short errands, came back,turned it on again and it was still going. The length of the concert was about 4 hours and 45 minutes.

  8. Wow! What a show! And over four hours long! Didn’t understand a word, but I guess music has a language of it’s own. Loved it! But I do wish I could have seen more of our guys. But maybe we’ll see more of the guys on Friday. Placido Domingo is amazing.

  9. Too bad I missed what most of Il Volo did on the program. I thought they were going to come out & sing as the other entertainers? did. My lose. Placido can still sing well for his age. No matter who sings or thinks they can sing no one can beat Il Volo they are the best & that is definitely my opinion.

  10. I watched most of the concert but didn’t
    Know the singers except Placido Domingo
    and Il Volo but that was enough to enjoy.
    Our guys had the most beautiful smiles and
    enjoyed themselves as did Placido per the
    smile on his face.

  11. Marie well I have sent you a few things by email but discovered my email isn’t working so |Happy Birthday from here. Hope you have a great day today & tonight I am allowing you to dream of Ignazio, don’t forget just for tonight. Hope you enjoy my generosity.

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