Jana and Lorna’s Italian Adventure Day 1

We woke to beautiful sunshine in Detroit.  A perfect day volare!  I got my massage and it was glorius!

Ginny picked us up and we went to lunch.  She then whisked us off to the airport and we arrived about 1:30p.  We easily checked our bag outside and breezed through security!

Ok, we now had about 2.5 hours to kill!

We got to our gate and just relaxed.  Lorna went exploring and came back with a coffee.  I was able to connect to the airport wifi and thanks to Kelly, we were able to hook into the Placido special.  Unfortunately, because it was delayed for so long, we were only able to hear the first few songs and then it was to board.

We were on the plane!  Ok, it was beginning to seem more real.  So far so good.  No more mishaps!

Comfy seats, we got a snack, some wine, then dinner.  Ok, bathroom time.  Not too bad, but the seat creaked when you sat down and when you flushed the toilet, it sounded like it was taking you with it. Lol!

Got settled again, time for a movie.  Found a cute one, My Name is Doris with Sally Field.  Dozed off…woke again and gave up.  Put on the guys, it was time for a snooze!

Flight was pretty smooth, but for a little turbulence here and there.

Landed safely in Amsterdam, where I am now writing this post, waiting again to board in less than half an hour.  It’s gray and raining here, but did buy a few Dutch souvenirs.

I guess that’s all for now until we arrive in Florence.  It’s about a 2 hour flight.

Ciao for now!

29 thoughts on “Jana and Lorna’s Italian Adventure Day 1”

  1. Enjoy! My husband and I leave for Paris tomorrow! Very excited too, but alas! there is no Il Volo concert in our itinerary…

  2. Thanks. I love all the little details…my favorite parts of my trips to Italy. I’m a little sad today. I’m sitting on my beautiful Itailian-inspired, terraced courtyard, having coffee. It’s a bittersweet moment, since we decided to sell the house after 23 years here. Last night , the prospective buyers accepted our counter offer, so I guess we will give up our wonderful home with its wonderful windows overlooking the wonderful pond…can’t change my mind now. I’ll just go to Italy to live–LOL. Have a wonderful trip! Go walk the Cinque Terre if you can.

  3. Dear Marie !
    I send you heartfelt congratulation for celebration.
    Whatever you´re always cheerfulness,cuccesful in meetings with boys and full of youthful vim.
    Enjoy your birthday !

  4. Happy Birthday Marie !! Thank you for this wonderful Flight Crew website where we can all freely express our love for our three magnificent guys !! Thank you for your delightful sense of humor that keeps us all laughing !! Thank you for being amazing you !! You are the best !! Have a GREAT day !!!🎂💕🎂💕🎂

  5. Ladies & gentleman if you want to hear some amazing & wonderful singing that our guys Il volo are being directed by Placido Domingo & he is teaching them how to sing the arias then go into Ilvolo Mundial. Ignazio is on a par with Piero. He is discovering how to use his voice as well as Gianluca. I hope there is also instructions for Piero. Our guys are going to know how to project their voices & show themselves & the audience how to sing the classics. I am thrilled & ecstatic the lessons they are learning from Placido. Don’t miss this beautiful singing.

    1. I saw that video also. I had my husband watch it because he understands Spanish. His first remark was that Ignazio’s voice was even stronger than Placido’s. They are just amazing! Such talent!

  6. How I wish I had tickets to July 1 with what Placido as taught them. How I see it Ignazio doesn’t have to sing the popular songs he is learning so much in how to project his voice as well as Gianluca. Their voices are phenomenal. I can’t wait to hear them sing in concerts whether concerts I can go to or on the internet . I am so happy for them. They are the BEST singers in the world.

  7. Happy Birthday Marie!
    I hope you have many,many more. You and Piero would be more compatible than you and Ignazio(according to your astrological sign’s) are you sure you don’t want to switch guy’s? Lol

  8. (A little later but from the heart.)
    Un nome Gian (June 24) e Piero (June 29),
    un giorno da non dimenticare,
    per una persona unica e speciale.
    Un caro Augurio di Buon Onomastico. 🙂

  9. Bon Voyage, Jana and Lorna. Looking forward to your reports!

    And another Happy Birthday to you, Marie. And may Ignazio knock on your door “Eventually”!

  10. Happy Birthday, Marie and many many, more!

    Jana & Lorna – enjoy every moment of your trip. You are both so lucky to be hearing this beautiful music in person. I can’t wait to see the concert on PBS. I have heard they will sing most of the songs on the Three Tenors album including Nessun Dorma, Core’ngrato and La Vie en Rose (sp?). How magnificent this will be!!

  11. Happy Birthday, Marie…sorry to be late….but my wishes are no less filled with every good wish for you. ☺ So happy to have met you at the Convention!!! Thanks, too, for this wonderful site filled with such loving ILVolovers!!! Now, Jana and Lorna, how exciting, you are on your way to enjoy a magnificent vacation……love every minute. I’ll enjoy reading about everything…grazie!!!! ♥♥♥ Nonna Harriett

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