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offstageHi Friends,

When last I wrote, we left off was in Miami.  Now for Part 2 of the North American tour!!  Enjoy!

After their fun in Miami, we next catch up with them in Fort Myers.



Gian Piero
Friendship, friendship – it’s the perfect blendship











Having lunch.png
Lunch time!

In case you didn’t notice, that empty chair on the right was mine.  I had to get up to take the picture.  (WHAT?  You don’t believe me?)

Ignazio, Ignazio – where for art thou Ignazio? Here he is!

Basketball in Atlanta.

It’s great that they had the opportunity to get out for some fun.


Heading to New Orleans

New Orleans


Does anyone else wish they were on that bus? Just me?


Gym time in New Orleans.


Welcome to Texas!!



On to Denver

Hanging out on the bus sporting their new Il Volo Logo T-Shirts (and never without their cellphones).  Again, I ask, anyone want to be on that bus.  It’s ok – shout it out!!

3 on bus with logo shirts



They attended an event here. Anyone know what it was? Um – Oh yeah – FAN FAIRE!!!

Last stop – California here we come!

Santa Monica



Just playing around (literally)


Piero says Hollywood is always a great place to perform. I absolutely agree.  Must have seen Soonie while they were there.  Notice Piero’s buzz cut on the sides?


Getting in some exercise in Santa Monica. Love this!

piero and pops.jpg

Gianluca loves California. It truly is a beautiful state and it certainly agrees with them.


Alas, the North American tour comes to an end. Until we meet again!

Next stop – South America!

25 thoughts on “Il Volo – Off Stage”

    1. Marie, do you remember from the Il Volo website how everyone was talking about the Il Volo bus? Maybe we should re-visit that thought. HAHAHA

  1. Thanks for the memories. Il Volo can’t come back to the USA soon enough for me (us)!!!!!!

    1. My pleasure, Marlene. I have a feeling they’ll be back soon enough. How can they stay away from us, anyway?

  2. How do you shout on paper? YES, WE WANTED TO BE ON THAT BUS,! We saw it when we were parking at our hotel in downtown San Antonio, but they were at a different hotel!! Anyway a good time was had by all! ,♡♡♡

  3. Thanks Leelee. A trip down memory lane. Seems like such a long time ago, but it really wasn’t. They keep so busy and seem to be constantly on the go. What an exciting life style! And yes, I would have settled for being a fly on the wall of THAT BUS!

    1. You’re welcome, Jane. It does seem long ago, doesn’t it? I agree with you. I’ll take being a fly (just as long as they don’t swat at me or step on me :-))

  4. Great Leelee!!! I want to be on that bus too!!! They did get in some Me time according to the photos!!! That is good. I have my 3 concert beautiful memories & Fan Faire!!! That will have be enough util we meet again!!! Sigh, sigh!!!

  5. I spend 7 months in Naples, Fl. When I heard the guys would be performing in Ft Myers which is about a 1/2 hr ride from my house, I immediately purchased my tickets from the PBS station. They were great seats. So now it is the day before the concert and I decided to do a dry run to the Barbara B Mann center hoping I might see at least the bus! But of course I didn’t! Now Ft Merys Beach is very close to my house. When I ever saw that they were there, my heat sank! I could have driven that way home! Oh well, maybe the next time!

  6. How about in the centre of the States instead of way south to Vegas which gives the Canadians more of a break so we don’t have to travel so far.
    I understand Piero said they would like to help plan the Fan Faire so I am going to try to get hold of Barbara to explain my concern.

    1. After this, everyone is going to want them to sing opera more often.
      I bet they brought the house down!

  7. O.M.G. Marie. Nessun Dorma is my very favourite song. I can’t wait to get the DVD, and CD. I have Luciano Pavarotti singing it, and it lift’s my soul.
    I actually have felt like I am floating off the chair!
    No, I’m not crazy, that song is the only one that does that to me , but i don’t know why.

  8. Did anyone listen to PBS concert for tonight because you have to hear the guys voices since getting instructions to sing opra from Placida, Ignazio sings Una Furtiva Lagrima & he is out of this world. He has got to now that he can sing opra every bit as good as Piero. I can’t stop listening to it

  9. She’s right Marie what I have heard on the PBS concert tonight will knock your socks off. Total difference where they amazing before now there are no words as to how Placido has improved their voices in singing & projection. i CAN ONLY SAY WOW, Now I would like to hear Myrons take on their quality of their voices now. I can’t wait to hear their concrets now because we all will want them to sing the opera songs hey are singing now & instead of standing ovations the audience will running up on the stage & smuthering them with kisses. Me too

  10. I want to be on that couch with Piero’s head on my lap. Y’all have no idea how much I would love to run my fingers through his hair. Actually, I want to do that with all three of them!

  11. Hi Everyone – I just wanted to thank you all for your comments on this page. I’m sorry I did not get back to you all sooner, but I was without a computer for almost 3 weeks!!! Talk about missing out on so much. I have a tablet (cheap one) so I was limitedl I hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!

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