Il Volo Professional ~~ Monterrey, Mexico


Hello, Everyone.

Il Volo has one more show tonight, and their concert season will be over for the year.  Shall we savor these last three shows in Mexico?  Here we go…

Starting in Monterrey…

~~ Kelly


Il Volo New CD
Il Volo New CD





Monterrey Video; 52 minutes

Aranjuez,Cielito Lindo, Piove, El Reloy,El amor verdadero , Cuando el amor se convierte en poesía,Y vendrán amores,No hace falta, Hablando de ti, Pero te extraño, No puede ser, Historia de un amor



Photos: Il Volo – Latin America Tour 2016 / Monterrey ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club Facebook



Monterrey, 52 minutes

Cuando el amor se convierte en poesía, Y vendrán amores, No hace falta,Hablando de ti, Pero te extraño, No puede ser, Historia de un amor, Si me falta tu mirada, El triste, O sole mio, Grande Amore


Photos: Il Volo #LatAmTour2016 – Monterrey, Messico – 07/07/2016 ~~ Il Volo Abruzzo Facebook


Vendran amores


Individual videos (all already included here) can be found HERE.

14 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Monterrey, Mexico”

  1. Thanks Kelly for all of the wonderful posts and videos of the many concerts during this tour. You have kept us up to the moment with each beautiful concert. I hope they now have time to rest and enjoy the remainder of summer, but knowing them they will be off and running again soon… on to more adventures and amazing experiences!! Aren’t we lucky to be witness to all of that? 🙂

  2. Thank you, Kelly for all your wonderful posts & the effort you put into your work !!! 2016 has been a marvelous Tour!!! Our precious young men need some relax time!!! Now we will wait until they rest & then this amazing Flight will continue to soar to the Stars!!! Grande Amore a tutti!!!

  3. Thanks Kelly for this year’s hard work. Many of us wake up to check where and what the boys did the night before. I know it is hard work checking all the sites to find the best videos. I hope we get to see some of the boys during this ‘rest’ time.
    I wonder what next year will be like.

  4. Nice, Kelly. Thanks!

    I can’t help being glad it’s all over so those young guys can play and rest for a while. Then hurry back here…soon!

  5. Ciao Kelly, ho appena finito di leggere tutti i bellissimi commenti sul facebook dei migliori momenti del 2016. Ti seguirò anche lì.
    Vorrei ricordare a tutti che Ignazio Piero e Gianluca hanno ancora un impegno in Polonia, a Cracovia per la” giornata mondiale della gioventu'” alla quale avevano aderito ad Assisi. Non sò esattamente cosa comporti la loro presenza ma penso che canteranno anche qualche canzone. Il periodo e’ tra il 26-31 luglio.

  6. Thank you Kelly for all the videos and photos and keeping us up to date with their fabulous “Grande Amore” tour. It has been exciting following all the concerts and keeping up with all their activities. Even though I remembered they would be attending World Youth Day in Poland, I hope they gets lot of time to relax with family and friends and to go to he beach, ride horses and whatever they enjoy doing.

  7. Sending out an ” ALL CALL ” : does anyone have a video of the complete Las Vegas concert – the night of the Fan Faire ? March 25. I have a source that is having some technical trouble (crossed fingers it will be fixed but just in case) – I you do please let me know. Got to get that concert complete somehow.

    We have single song segments already.


  8. Thank you from me as well, dear Kelly. Wonderful feeling connected to ‘our’ guys!! You, and all the IVFlt.Crew do a fantastic job keeping track of those darlings. I want to hear they are resting and enjoying time doing what ’20’ ☺☺ somethings do…..looking forward to news of 2017 plans when they are in place. Grazie, grazie again, Kelly! ♥♥♥

  9. Very great thanks Kelly and all you wonderful videographers for the fantastic concert spots!! It has been such a delight to watch the guys march across our world, spreading their talent and smiles. Hard to remember they’re only early 20’s. Harder still to think they’ve spent 1/3 of their lives together, entertaining us. How much fun it has been!!!

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