Hello Daniela!

I have left this message pretty much how Bing translated.  I do not know Italian enough to attempt any changes.  However, other than a few words, it is perfectly clear.  Besides…I like it this way, it’s so…Italian.  I know I don’t have to remind you that “Il Volo” translates to “The Flight” (duh).  Hello and Welcome Daniela.  ~Marie

Hello everyone,

My name is Daniela, I have 58 years old and I am writing from Italy, precisely from a small town in the province of Brescia, a city of North Italy that found halfway between Milan and Verona

I saw Gianluca, Ignatius and Piero to finals of Ti Lascio Una Canzone and loved these 3 kids paciocconi and with great voices. I’ve followed so much, Italian television showed them a few seldomly hosted and every time you could see their growth both vocal and physical.

Then came San Remo 2015, I am not following the festival but my husband to the finals tells me “do you know that the Favorites seem to be the flight, remember the three tenorini?

So we turned the channel and were about to proclaim the winners: the FLIGHT!

We heard their great love song and it was really great love for these three talented, beautiful and humble guys.

Since then I follow them every day and as I read by your many comments, it becomes a daily routine to read and hear something about them, and each time it is always a pleasure, both as they are as artists, both as themselves on a human level them and their families. This makes us fans not only we admire them but we love them just as much!

After Sanremo had announced an Arena for late May and three times I went into town to get tickets but everytime I couldn’t at the end were already sold out. Saw popular demand the concert of Verona has been moved to September and instead they took so many dates in the squares of cities such as Brescia and I managed to get three tickets in the third row (myself, my husband and daughter).

I didn’t know what to expect but it was a surprise for us, the guys were great, my daughter made many videos that I am attaching.

Note from Marie..see complete video below in comments. Oops!

The tour that made this year in Italy but not touched Brescia and I couldn’t book the Verona because after only 3 hours was already sold out.

When they announced Florence magical night tribute to the three Tenors” I bought tickets for me and my mafrito.

The concert was amazing, Florence is always great and the boys, who say were high-strung, especially Ignazio, (you notice from his hands) but have been sensational, Piero was comfortable but tense too and it was great, No Puede Ser is getting its workhorse, Gianluca surprised me very much, it was more tense than others Perhaps because it is not really his genre but it did great, we know that when he tackles one thing plays in the best possible way, his “dance, air is performed with well-deserved cleverness and what about Ignatius, has outdone himself, apparently seemed the safest, highest treble were his and were impeccable, his “Una furtiva lacrima it was wonderful with some great musical phrasing (I’m not an expert but for me they were). Too bad it’s for the song by Gianluca and Ignatius the camera ran out of batteries so I couldn’t record them, I did it from the mobile but it is quite another matter.

Also beautiful and elegant, Piero and Gianluca Ignatius and were a pleasure to the eyes and the heart. Their voices touched the depths of the soul and the audience was enthusiastic.

The first song was Nessun Dorma and we swept them all. Seen from the movies that the boys after the excerpt heave a sigh of relief. The last one was Let’s drink de lieti calici” and people wouldn’t stop applauding so they did an encore of “Nessun Dorma and when they finished all three were moved, Gianluca who is always the most sensible did a few tears and then you are embraced, all three and then with Placido Domingo who spent beautiful words for them.

But what about beyond their skill and bellezza…..la their complicity, friendship, encouraging each other with glances, patting, smiles and everything that is good for the heart. Immense.

Even my husband was thrilled.

In the afternoon, a few hours before the concert we were in piazza Santa Croce to understand where were our seats for the evening and we met Mr. Fred who presented the footage of rehearsals for PBS also we saw the master Giampiero grains that it was beyond friendly, told us that after dress rehearsal the night before were all aware that that would be a sight to remember and that the boys were in good shape. She also said nice shirt because I wore the shirt of FLIGHT!! Here is a photo that I took my husband.


I still haven’t said how I met: through the review of the concert made by John, I enjoyed reading how a man had begun studying Italian in order to better understand the songs of flight and how then is fascinated by them and their way of being apart from their songs. Since then I follow you almost every day, I read all your comments and I saw that two of the group came to Italy to attend Florence and Arena (paying 400 euros for Verona), I know of your tattoo and your meetings here in Italy (granny groupies), I read of your meeting in Las Vegas, than you were and I saw the pictures as you did with the boys , i read the comments by Myron always interesting, too bad they didn’t come to see them in Florence. You are a strong group of good values.

I was very long and it will be a problem if you need to translate, if you like I will be one of your backers here in Italy.

A hug to everyone: Daniela


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  1. Dear Daniela, Thank you so much for your story and how you came to first hear of the “boys” They are truly amazing and give everyone so much pleasure through their voices and their kindness to young and old. With all their concerts they make everything seem so easy, but we know behind them there is a lot of hard work. It is wonderful that you have been able to follow them so closely, and I thank you for your videos and look forward to hearing so much more from you. This site is amazing, as though some of the writers have met each other, it is because of Il Volo , their great voices and personalities that we come together each day. So again, thank you Daniela and especially thank you GIANLUCA, PIERO,and IGNAZIO. BRAVO , you are the BEST !!!

  2. Hello Daniela! I love your story. I DO believe that the whole wide world is in love with our boys! I’m sending you greetings from Minneapolis.

  3. Thank you so much Daniela for your beautiful comments and story of your Santa Croce experience. We are lucky to have you in our group. I think our love for Il Volo is the kind of feeling that could be the love that binds the world together. It surely has brought so many together already. Welcome, now I must watch the videos! Hope to hear more from you.

  4. Ciao Daniela, welcome from Cleveland Ohio. It is so good to have you with us. As Laura Lee said, I believe the world is a better place because of our young men of Il Volo. They make me cry and they make me laugh, and I love them for this. Hop to hear more from you.

  5. Daniela, I can only repeat what the others have said…Thank You and we will always welcome more from you.

    Also, I would like to repeat my last comment from yesterday.

    It was announced by Detroit Public Television that the PBS showing of the World Premier of the FLORENCE CONCERT will be aired on Wednesday 24 August 2016. This will only be shown in the metropolitan Detroit area (5 million people), as well as 1000 cities across Canada that get the Detroit PBS TV signal on their cable system. Last year IV came to Detroit for the premier of the Pompeii PBS concert on 6 July 2015. It is not yet known if they will be back again. One thing about Detroit PBS… they always have a wonderful High Definition concert video.

    Call your local PBS Station. Tell them how much you want them to air the concert..and soon!

  6. Welcome to the Crew, Daniela, I loved your story! I am a 84 yr old Texan, and I look forward to each FLIGHT CREW report! Your feelings about Il Volo are shared in many locations! They are definitely a force to be reckoned with! Thanks for sharing! ♡♡♡

  7. Hello Daniela: I am fairly new to this site also. Like yourself, I would read all the comments and news on Il Volo but didn’t post. Suddenly, something you’ve read propels you to post! Thank you “grazie” for this wonderful narration on your experiences in following these truly amazing and gifted young men.

  8. Hi Daniela. Your comments bring Italy closer to us. Happy to know that Il Volo has great fans like you in Italy. They love their country and are so happy to sing at home.

  9. Hi Daniela, Thankyou for your wonderful post!!! I am Anne Quinto or nickname, Tippy from Southern California. Welcome to this fantastic group of IlVolovers!!! It is heartwarming to know these unique young men & their beautiful music have enriched our lives!!!

  10. Ringrazio tutti dei vostri commenti, e’ vero, IL VOLO e’ proprio una grande famiglia che si abbraccia e si stima e questo grazie a Piero, Gianluca e Ignazio.
    Nella presentazione ho postato una play list ma vedo solo il video di “O sole mio” non capisco se sono io che sbaglio, per sicurezza vi mando un altro video del concerto di Brescia, fatemi sapere che eventualmente li posto uno ad uno.
    Buona visione.

    1. Translation: I thank all of your comments, it is true, the flight is such a large family embracing each other and thanks to Piero, Gianluca and Ignatius.
      In the presentation I posted a play list but I can only see the video of “O sole mio” not sure if I’m wrong, just in case I send you another video of the concert in Brescia, let me know if you spot them one by one.
      Good vision.

      1. Oh, Daniela, my fault. I embeded the wrong thing. And I can’t fix it on my tablet. Not home…working now. I can stick a note on the post though. Sorry!

  11. I’ll bet that young lady in the video will never forget Gian holding her hand.
    Welcome aboard Daniela. You have an advantage in that you are Italian like our boys. I have to guess what they are saying. Love knows no boundaries however. Joanie G in southern California

    1. Secondo me quella ragazza non si è piu’ lavata la mano per non perdere il profumo di Gianluca!!

  12. Ciao Daniela! Greetings from the West Coast, in Portland, Oregon! It was such a great pleasure to read your report ! They call me the “pirate” but my name is Connie which if you say that out loud it sounds like “dog” in Italiano. Some of us like to make mischief here. Better keep your eye on Marie! ( joke) We have a lot of fun as well as great enjoyment of the wonderful IL VOLO. I look forward to reading more . I have a great passion for IL VOLO and Italy!

  13. Loved the heartfelt description of a true fan. As a Flight Crew Vegas meeting attendee, thanks for saying we have good values (we think so too – those Gentlemen are Invaluable!)

  14. Hi Daniela that would be lovely if you can send us trnslations of what the guys are saying. Love having you post with us & sending us videos Welcome Welcome

  15. Marie, non scusarti, io ti mando dei post a tutte le ore e non mi ricordo mai che magari per voi è notte, scusa.
    Allora devo dirvi che nel video n.4 “Ghost”, quando Gianluca e Ignazio finiscono di cantare, due persone del pubblico corrono e prendono le gambe di Ignazio che si spaventa, Gianluca dice “alla riscossa….grazie, grazie a tutti gli innamorati” entra Piero e dice:
    “Lo dico qua siete tutti miei testimoni, il giorno in cui mi sposerò voi (Gianluca e Ignazio) verrete a cantare questa canzone al mio matrimonio” , tutti ridono e Gianluca dice ” e però “( fa segno con le mani -soldi) e Piero “vogliono essere pagati”.
    Sono sempre simpaticissimi.
    Nell’ultimo video il concerto era finito, qui da noi non esistono Meet e Greet e loro si sono fermati prima di tornare in hotel per salutare e firmare qualche autografo.
    Spero vi sia tutto chiaro.

    1. Translation: Marie, don’t apologize, I will send you post at all times and I can’t remember ever that maybe for you it is night, sorry.
      Then I must tell you that in video # 4 “Ghost”, when Gianluca and Ignatius end up singing, two members of the public are running and take the legs of Ignatius who gets scared, Gianluca says “to the rescue … thank you, thank you to all lovers” enters Piero e says:
      “I say here you are all my witnesses, the day I marry you (Gianluca and Ignatius) you will be singing this song at my wedding”, everyone laughs and Gianluca says “and though” (motions with hands-money) and Piero “they want to be paid.”
      Are always delightful.
      In the last video the concert was over, here there Meet and Greet and they stopped before returning to the hotel to greet and sign some autographs.
      I hope you got it.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing all your emotions and amazing experiences with us Daniela !! We are one big beautiful family here on the Flight Crew and our passion is sharing our love for our three incredible guys with each other !!! I am looking forward to hearing more from you !!

  17. Welcome Daniela! You have brought Italy a little closer to all of us just by being here! These young men have brought us together on this site where love and good feelings are abundant. I love your story and look forward to hearing many more from you!!

  18. Greeting’s from Hawaii Daniela. Thank you so much for your interesting post’s. We welcome you to our family, and hope to hear a lot more from you.
    Can you tell us why they do not have “meet & greet’s” in Italy?
    Grazie , Jill

    1. Ciao Jill, in verita’ io non sò come mai in Italia non ci sia. Per me era strano che ci fosse da voi, non ne avevo mai sentito parlare, invece ho visto che solo in Italia non lo fanno. Anche a noi piacerebbe vederli e salutarli da vicino invece non si puo’ e allora sai cosa hanno fatto le fans a Verona? Quando hanno saputo il loro albergo si sono messe lì fuori e non facevano passare piu’ nessuno, traffico il tilt, e Piero Gianluca e Ignazio non potevano uscire per andare a fare le prove ed hanno ritardaro tre ore.

      1. Translation: Hi Jill, really I don’t know why in Italy there are. For me it was strange there was by you, I had never heard, instead I saw only in Italy do not. We’d love to see them and greet them closely instead you can’t and then you know what did the fans in Verona? When they knew their property have gone out there and they didn’t pass any traffic tilt, and Piero, Gianluca and Ignatius could not leave to go on the evidence and have ritardaro three hours.

  19. Welcome Daniela and thanks for your personal story and videos.Hope you will enjoy this site,where you can share your thoughts, feelings, videos, photos, etc and meet many nice ladies. Wish you always nice time , surely this is very good place for all Il Volovers from different countries. 🙂 I sincerely greet you from Slovakia (small country in middle of Europe). Auguro una bella serata ! 🙂

    1. Siamo quasi vicine di casa………credo di averti vista in foto di qualche meet e greet, puo’ essere? Mi piace molto questo gruppo.

      Translation: We are almost neighbors … … … I think I’ve seen in photos of some meet and greet, can it be? I really like this group.

      1. Daniela, you could not see me on photos (.only 3 ladies know, how I look,and they have become my friends, as for example Zdenka, who is from Czech republic). Unfortunately I never been at Il Volo concert. 🙁 In Slovakia, boys did not have concert and travelling to abroad is too expensive for me, now. But I am young and hope that in the future I will be able to go on their concert. 🙂 But I suppose that without “Meet and Greet” event, these special tickets are quite expensive. I am anonymous fan. 😀 I am not on social networks,so therefore I like this place. I am one of contributors, I am searching for news about professional career of boys, photos and mainly videos from concerts.

      2. Yes Daniela,
        I can confirm that LYDKA is a beautiful young girl with long dark hair.She speaks english very well and wery vell knows how to work with computer.Certainly I would have liked boys,if they had the opportunity to meet with them.
        So far this is for both of us only dream…
        /For information – ticket to a concert in Verona costs about the same,how much is a week´s stay in Sicily vith travel agency – off – season./
        Thanks to IVFC we have daily reports about concerts and always looking forward to the next.

      3. Translation: I am also in the province of Brescia, in my country there are people by surname Garofalo, but do not know if they are related to you, however, my country is called Roncadelle.

      4. Lydka, scusa se ti rispondo qui ma non ho ancora ben capito come funziona la risposta di una risposta. Sicuramente mi sono sbagliata anche perche’ la persona che ho visto in foto ( pensavo fossi tu) non è molto giovane mentre tu lo sei. Mi spiace che non hai mai assistito ad un concerto ma sicuramente verrà l’occasione. Sò che i ragazzi tra una decina di giorni saranno in Polonia a Cracovia, magari ti e’ piu’ vicino da raggiungere ma non sò esattamente cosa faranno. Rispondo anche a Zdena, il posto in gradinata non numerata all’Arena costa 29,00 euro, certo poi bisogna pensare al viaggio e magari anche al pernottamento e i costi salgono ma penso che nel prossimo tour si aggiungeranno altre città che magari vi risultano piu’ vicine, lo spero per voi perchè è davvero un piacere poterli sentire.

        Translation (Marie/Bing): Lydka, sorry if I answer here but I still don’t quite understand how does the reply of a reply. Surely I was wrong because the person I saw in the picture (I thought you were) is not very young while you are. I’m sorry you’ve never attended a concert but surely will be the occasion. I know that the guys in ten days will be in Poland in Krakow, maybe it’s closer to get to but I do not know exactly what they will do. Answer also Zdena, unreserved seats at the Arena cost € 29.00, sure then you have to think about the trip and maybe even to stay overnight and the costs go up but I think in the next tour will join other cities that maybe we are closer, I hope for you because it is really a pleasure to be able to hear.

      5. Esatto, Lidka, non credo che faranno un concerto ma nell’intervista dicono che se glielo chiederanno canteranno volentieri perciò lasciano aperta la possibilità , e tu credi che non glielo chiedano?……….Io spero e credo di si!!

        Translation (Marie/Bing): That’s right, Lidka, I don’t believe they’ll a concert but in the interview say that if Losties will sing again therefore leave open the possibility, and you think I ask? … … …. I hope and I think!!

      6. Surely they will want to hear some songs from boys. 🙂 I have read that during World Youth Days will be a ban on entry into the city by car. Safety measures will be very strictly. The world today is not secure, unfortunately. Organizers expect 2 million faithful followers ! It will be very big event and hope that boys’ll enjoy it and can meet with pope.

  20. Thank you so much Daniela for sharing your experiences and how you have been following them. It was so nice to hear about the Magical Night in Firenzi with Maestro Domingo. I love so many of the songs they sang and they sounded wonderful! I especially loved their “Nessun Dorma” and as you mentioned, you could see the relief and happiness when they finished. I assume that is why they began the concert with that song. And it was lovely seeing how they smiled at each other and gave one another a pat or an arm around their shoulder. You can’t help but think that they had to be feeling so much emotion and almost disbelief that they were now performing this amazing concert previously done by The Three Tenors. They are truly so much more than young men with beautiful voices. They have so many fine qualities and such big hearts that you have to love and admire them! I always feel it was God’s hand that put them together in the same place and at the same time.

  21. Ciao, Daniela! Ti saluto dall’Inghilterra. Sei benvenuta nella famiglia del Flight Crew. Io sono irlandese – sposato con una napoletana, di nome Rosalba. Abitiamo a Windsor, lontano 35 chilometri da Londra. Una nostra vicina di casa è la regina Elisabetta! Purtroppo, la nostra casa non è un altro castello. Abbiamo molti amici italiani qui. Una, Marta, è bresciana anche lei!
    English translation
    Hi Daniela! I am greeting you from England. You are most welcome into the Flight Crew family. I am Irish and married to a Neapolitan woman, named Rosalba. We live in Windsor, 22 miles from London. One of our neighbours is Queen Elizabeth! Unfortunately, our house is not another castle. We have many Italian friends here. One of them, Marta, is also from Brescia!

    1. Ciao Bernard, ma che vicini illustri che hai, e’ un vero piacere sentire tante persone da luoghi diversi che hanno tutti un fattore comune, IL VOLO. Oggi mi impegno a fare i collegamenti tra i vostri nomi e le vostre citta’. Marta che mi scrivi bresciana, non ho capito se abita in Inghilterra o ancora a Brescia, ma e’ di citta’ o periferia? Un abbraccio.

      1. Translation
        Hi Bernard, but what illustrious neighbours you have, it is a real pleasure to hear from so many persons from different places who have a common factor, il Volo. Today I am busying myself in making the connections between your names and cities. Marta, who you tell me is from Brescia, I did not understand whether she lives in England or still in Brescia, but is she from the city or the suburbs? I send you a hug.

      2. Nostra amica, Marta, abita qui in Inghilterra. Lavora per Microsoft e ha comprato una casa a Reading, una città di circa un milione di abitanti. Reading e Windsor si trovano sul Tamigi nella contea di Berkshire. C’è un gruppo sociale chiamato “Italiani a Berkshire” per quelli che amano la lingua italiana. Facciamo incontri una volta alla settimana nei luoghi principali di Berkshire; Windsor nel est, Reading e Wokingham nel contro, e Newbury nel ovest. La famiglia di Marta, cognome Garofalo, abita nel paese di Brescia e parla il dialetto, Bresciano. I genitori e uno zio sono venuti a Berkshire l’anno scorso e ci siamo incontrati per una cena. Scrivano spesso su Facebook.

  22. Translation
    Our friend, Marta, lives here in England. She works for Microsoft and has bought a house in Reading, a city of about a million inhabitants. Reading and Windsor are located on the river Thames in the county of Berkshire. There is a social group called “Italians in Berkshire” for those who love the Italian language. We have meetings once a week in the principal places of Berkshire; Windsor in the East, Reading and Wokingham in the center, and Newbury in the West. Marta’s family, surname Garofalo, lives in the town of Brescia and speaks Brescian dialect. Her parents and one of her uncles came to Berkshire last year and we all met for dinner. They write often on Facebook.

    1. Anche io sono della provincia di Brescia, nel mio paese ci sono persone di cognome Garofalo, ma non sò se siano imparentati con lei, comunque il mio paese si chiama Roncadelle.

      1. Translation: I am also in the province of Brescia, in my country there are people by surname Garofalo, but do not know if they are related to you, however, my country is called Roncadelle.

  23. Daniela, Thank you for telling us about your wonderful experiences.

    It has been one and a half years since I discovered Il Volo and every day i do Italian things such as reading the newspaper Corriere della Serra or listening to RAI radio online (There’s an accident on the A1 in Modena towards Milan) or watching soccer in Italian or simply listening to and studying my favorite songs from Il Volo. I still have every moment from their concert engraved in my mind and try to relive it as often as possible. The guys have added a new dimension to my life and part of it has been sharing it with all my Flight Crew friends.

    Daniela, Grazie per averci informato di tue esperienze meravigliose.

    E ‘stato un anno e mezzo da quando ho scoperto Il Volo e ogni giorno faccio le cose italiane, come la lettura del giornale Corriere della Serra o ascoltare la RAI radio online (c’è un incidente sulla A1 a Modena in direzione Milano) o guardare il calcio in italiano o semplicemente ascoltando e studiando le mie canzoni preferite da Il Volo. Ho ancora ogni momento del loro concerto impresso nella mia mente e cercare di rivivere il più spesso possibile. I ragazzi hanno aggiunto una nuova dimensione alla mia vita e una parte di essa è stata la condivisione con tutti i miei amici Flight Crew.

    1. Ciao John, che piacere sentirti, è stato grazie a te che ho scoperto la Fligh Crew, leggendo il tuo commento del concerto che mi sembra fosse stato condiviso dal sito “All about il volo” , c’era scritto che era stato pubblicato su “Fligh Crew”, ho cercato in internet e vi ho trovato. Da allora leggo ogni giorno cosa scrivete e devo dirvi che siete simpaticissimi e veramente affettuosi verso Ignazio Piero e Gianluca. Ora mi fai anche ridere pensando che ascolti la RAI che ti dice se ci sono incidenti sulla nostra autostrada principale….sei troppo forte, stai davvero imparando l’italiano. BRAVO!!
      Comunque è molto bello pensare che la stima e l’affetto che abbiamo per questi tre giovani possa unire così tante persone lontane nel mondo.
      Se ci riesco domani voglio condividere con voi un piccolo video girato dagli stessi ragazzi e che dimostra (come al solito) la loro umile grandezza.

      1. Translation: Hi John, good to hear you, it was because of you that I discovered the Fligh Crew, reading your review of the concert which I think had been shared by the website “All about the flight,” it said, which had been published in “Fligh Crew”, I searched the internet and I found you. Since then I read what you write every day and I have to tell you that you are delightful and really affectionate towards Ignatius Piero and Gianluca. Now you make me laugh thinking that plays RAI that tells you if there are any incidents on our main highway … you are too strong, you’re actually learning Italian. BRAVO!!
        However it is very nice to think that the esteem and affection we have for these three young men can unite so many people out in the world.
        If I can do that tomorrow I will share with you a little video filmed by the boys themselves and demonstrating (as usual) their humble greatness.

  24. Hi Daniela, and welcome to the Flight Crew. It’s always so exciting to hear from new people who have found, and love our guys. I am also a contributor on this site an feel very humbled in doing so. I write a posting called “KITTY’S KIBBLES”. Like everyone else here, I love and appreciate Il Volo’s music, it is all I listen to; but perhaps most of all, I love who they are, against who they are not! I will be writing about their/your country for a while, in honor of them being Ambassadors of their respective areas. Hope to hear more from you. We welcome your participation in our zany, but devoted admiration for three remarkable young men. Ciao,

    Kitty Mason Arizona USA

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