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More From Daniela

(Translated by Bing – Marie)

This is a video made by a friend of mine in Florence.

I really like
this group and the whole crew.

Earlier from Daniela:

This was Queuing to get in the Arena since the afternoon in Florence.


While thus had reduced the boys (Ignatius) when they wanted to leave the hotel, all the fans were following them, blocked traffic, note the Torpedine and Barbara as guardian angels.

They couldn’t even do one step poor boys.



This is a very meaningful hug of Florence.


Italian Flag Daniela

Coming soon:  a translated 2013 radio interview.  Too cute!

Il Volo, These Wonderful Guys – Daniela

(As translated by Bing ~ Marie)

We often talk about how Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are people with a heart of gold, we follow ’em know very well but many people do not believe their availability towards others.

I found this video that made the day on July 8 while they were in Mexico.

Their drummer told him that there was a girl named Simona who admire them so much and they sent this video from Mexico to Simona. In Italy it was night but the amazement of Simon and he was great. Simona is a girl with down syndrome.

We detail everything they say so anyone who does not understand the Italian spoken, you can translate. 

G = Hello Simon, how are you? We are Gianluca and Piero, Ignatius is sleeping over there on the other side

P = Simonetta bella, (Ignatius) is intended for concert

G = Salvatore (Salvatore Corazza drummer) told us that you’re a great musician and you write some good pieces.

P = Listen Simona we hear great love, love moves

G = and maybe one day we will meet and we will sing together

P = absolutely, absolutely, a kiss

G = Ciao bella, we’re sending you a kiss, Hello beautiful.

Simona has posted on his facebook message with this dedication:

Unexpected surprises in the middle of the night, I still can’t believe it. A huge thrill to know that from Mexico flight thought of me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are the swinging.


What can we say? I’m really swinging, special people, if Simon hadn’t posted the message would remain private. This isn’t the first time they have surprises like this. Are golden boys.

More from Daniela:

I found these videos of the concert in Florence, perhaps some of you have not yet seen, are very well filmed.


Maybe not all of you have seen this picture.


The newspaper the NATION appeared the pics of Florence, among the various photos of the spectators there was also this, the journalist wrote public” (perhaps ninth knew who they were) but we who know them well we know we are Alessandra, elegant and mom and dad.

The attitude I would say there is a good relationship between Alessandra and Mrs Catherine.

I know many of you were able to meet them at various meet and greet and who have made a great impression.

Informed people here were told that Alexandra carried a ring with two diamonds. We know also that they left the same night after the concert, everyone in the car together, Alessandra, Ignatius and his parents, to avoid the fans stationed outside the hotel.

A lady present at the concert had the opportunity to chat with Ms Catherine telling him that was very beautiful Alessandra and Ms Catherine le replied “beautiful outside and beautiful inside that seems to me a nice compliment!!

I don’t think the news that you are separated to be true.

Maybe it was time to mislead because you should know that here there are fans very invasive even allow themselves to curse Alessandra.

This hurts a lot for Ignatius who in fact does not comment more on social but these fans posting malicious comments on Alessandra also profile for Gianluca.

Not even us fans that love them we can talk about them as we draw attention to this group that you definitely do not want the welfare of our children.

Gary Istok has warned us about this group of fanatics.

Do you think that even long ago a fan had put a new profile on facebook called the NEW FLIGHT where the components were only Gianluca and Piero.

Amazing how the human stupidity reaches certain levels.

Have you heard of this? What do you think?

🎵 Daniela

Il Volo 2016 World Tour ~~ An Overdue Thank You

Hey, Everyone!

The World Tour is over now, and it was a packed 6 months.  So many memories and feelings and stories that began with a song.

Music makes you feel a thought

I want to say,  “Thank you,” to everyone who left comments appreciative of the concert posts.  I’m so glad you enjoyed them, and it was a pleasure putting them together for you.  I would like to take a moment to thank the person without whose work the coverage of the tour wouldn’t have been possible:  Lydka.

Putting together a post of concert coverage takes quite a bit of time.  Several hours have to be devoted to gathering and saving information before it can be organized into a post.  During a tour as long and as fast paced as the one that was just completed, coverage at the level we were able to provide simply would not have been possible without her.

At the end of every event, I have 10-15 emails waiting for me.  Each email is full of organized, individual links of all the pictures, videos and articles you’ve seen here, and she keeps looking even the next day for more.  Thank you, Lydka, for all of your help!  I don’t think I told you enough!



Lydka continues to find great news and articles about Il Volo’s professional life, and there are several things that were saved for after the tour, so stay tuned.

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We all know that The Boys need rest and fun with their family and friends, and we desperately want that for them.  But I also know that we are all sad that they are gone and are longing for their return.   While the content of this photo is somewhat sad, it is absolutely gorgeous, and as Gina pointed out — a visual of how most #IlVolovers are feeling:



I don’t know how to get through the melancholy other than to just get through it. It’s a good thing they gave us such wonderful memories…that we can relive in large part because of Lydka’s help.   Thanks you again, and I’m so glad you’re working with us!      <3

~~ Kelly


Jana & Lorna’s Adventure -Tribute to Tenors Review!

So sorry this is a long time coming, almost two weeks afterward!  But the jet lag had hit me more than expected and we were so busy and exhausted by the time we got back to our rooms at night, we just went to bed, as we usually had to get up early to catch a train to somewhere!  Lol!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Ok, it was finally set to begin! It was about 9:20p and dusk was just about getting ready to statueset in. There was a slight breeze blowing, about 80 degrees and just the most gorgeous evening you could ever want for an outdoor concert. The lights illuminating the Santa Croce Cathedral were amazing, changing colors from blue to gold to red. You could feel the buzz of anticipation of the audience. It was packed. There were empty seats here and there, but when you looked behind you, all you saw were a sea of faces, waiting for the concert to begin. The lucky persons that lived in apartments around the piazza were waiting as well, literally, hanging out their apartment windows, waiting for their “free” concert to begin!


They started pretty much on time…we saw the orchestra line up from the left of the stage and they walked out. When they were seated, Placido walked out as well. The crowd roared with applause. I wondered where the guys were? The orchestra played the opening symphony and the audience responded with appreciative applause. Ok, here come the guys!!! They walked out so calm, and so beautiful, in their tuxes. Some said they could tell they were nervous. Maybe a little fidgeting from Ignazio? They stood there, in front of their music stands. Hanging on fearfully, until the orchestra sounded the first notes. The prelude to Nessum Dorma started to play and they opened their mouths. Out came these magical notes! Gianluca started the song, then Piero, then Ignazio. Ignazio gave Piero a friendly and reassuring pat on the shoulder before it was his turn to sing. Sounds never before heard from our guys…the audience was immediately mesmerized by their voices. Placido was doing his best conducting both the orchestra and the guys! It must have been difficult for the guys to have to watch Placido, as they are not used to having a conductor – they just do their own thing, but they dutifully followed the conductor. When Ignazio sang placido orchestrahis last part in the song, he gets this serious, almost scary look on his face and his eyebrows point down in an angle – kind of like watching a cartoon character’s eyebrows when they get angry! The power and passion put forth by Ignazio was just incredible! His face filled with emotions as he sang those last notes. They also had an adult choir for a few of the songs, one being Nessum Dorma. The guys politely turned to watch the choir when they sang. The last few phrases were sung and it was over. You could see the guys breathe sighs of relief and more shoulder and arm touching going on! Maybe they were trying to convince themselves that this was really happening? The crowd was on its feet almost before the song was over. It was just the first song of many on that magical night in Florence, so many, gathered around the beautiful Santa Croce.


Unfortunately, I did not see “anyone” except for Ercole, running around taking a few pictures. Couldn’t see much being in the 3rd row….and I was kind of in the middle. I did not tape the first few songs, as I wanted to enjoy the concert. I also forgot to bring my extra battery, so had to conserve it. I did take some pictures, but was very disappointed, as they came out blurred a bit, even as close as I was. I did, later, decide to tape several of the songs. By the end of the concert, my battery was at about 16%, so I had to be very choosy on what I taped.


They sang a few more songs, then they took a break so the orchestra could play a few as well. Then came their solos. I truly don’t remember whose was first, but I think it may have been Gianluca. As many have already said, he was positively magnificent! His gian soloelocution was perfection. The song he sang, I believe it was called “La Danza?” was the perfect song choice for him and he certainly delivered. You could tell how proud and happy he was when he was finished! Smiling from dimple to dimple. It was truly amazing he could sing with such speed and alacrity and hit all the right notes, too! Of course, I probably wouldn’t have known if he’d hit a wrong note?


Many of us, I believe, were a little surprised in that Ignazio did not sing “La Donna Imobile…” as that was the song he credits to having sung as a child. But instead he sang igna solo 2another song – Una Furtiva Lagrima. I was not that familiar with this one, but of course, it was awesome! It was a lot of fun watching Ignazio’s eyebrows while he sang – it was like he became another person when he was singing those songs?


They said there were supposed to be lots of surprises! To be honest, I really thought Jose Carreras would have shown up. If he was there, no one pointed it out. The one surprise that I did think was pretty cool, was that Placido sang Non ti scordar di me with the 3 of them. That, was a real treat and surprise for me.


Yes, since this was a live show, there were a few flubs here and there… in the beginning, they forgot they were supposed to speak English! I believe Piero started speaking and then Gianluca reminded him it was supposed to be in English. Then they ask Placido to say guys and placidosomething and Placido responds in Italian. Piero says, “that was Italian…” Lol! Then he repeats it in English! Gianluca was introducing a song and said something wrong and said it again. It will be interesting to see what they keep and cut from the PBS DVD. I am surprised they did not announce in the beginning that this was a PBS special, like they did for Pompeii. I think they briefly mentioned it at the end, along with Sony Latin.


When they sang the “real” version of Torna a Surriento, I’m sure Ignazio had a really hard time keeping still, since this is the song they have all the fun with during their regular concerts. But he kept it under control!


There were no breaks and the concert was almost 2 hours long, although the guys did not sing constantly. The orchestra had a few solos as well. Every so often, Ignazio was being “Ignazio” trying to have a little fun here and there, conducting the orchestra and choir and flashing that brilliant smile. Yes, ok, you all know I’m a little biased here…piero gian


Some of the most enjoyable parts were hearing them sing some of the songs we already knew they sang, like Mamma, and a few others. It was interesting to hear how their voices had matured since they had first sung them at the Detroit Opera House video – “Take Flight…”


A bit of a disappointing surprise was when Ignazio was singing “Tonight” and we were just waiting, with anticipation for him to hit those few high notes and he didn’t! I’m thinking… ok, here it comes, I’m waiting… ahh, ooh. He didn’t sing it… I guess he was saving his voice for the other songs.


One other surprise was definitely Adeste Fidelis. Gianluca shouts “Buon Natale” everyone!


At the end, Placido complements the guys and says they should really consider singing more opera type music. I’d say, I have to agree! I mean, anyone can sing “pop” music! Although, it wouldn’t matter to me what they sang, even rap, I would buy their albums!

It’s their voices. Their voices are the magic – it doesn’t matter what they sing. The expressions on their faces when they sing; that is the magic. For a split second, I think Ignazio looked right into my eyes; that was magic. The songs they sing into our hearts and souls is not an illusion, but a pure mystery, to never be solved, no matter how many times we see them perform their tricks for us!


Alas, to many, it may seem like tricks they perform with each song, making it look seamlessly simple. However, we know how much passion and hard work they put into each performance they give. Night, after night.

Carpe diem, guys!

You seized the night, and the passion; and it was yours!

Personally Speaking ~ The Three Caballeros ~ Mary Bohling

We know that our Il Volo guys love their fans–they show it in their interaction with them, both when performing and when off stage.  Piero says, “every time a new audience and new emotions I can’t wait to find out.  A smile, always, in my heart and in my mind.”


They seem to love the fans of every nation equally, generously bestowing smiles, hugs and kisses to all who reach out to them.  We, in the USA, believe that they must love us a little more, since we were the first to embrace them when they were just starting their career.  But actually it seems to be the Mexican fans who really get their adrenaline  pumping due to the fan enthusiasm and participation.

Case in point:  see the DVD Mas Que Amor–one of the most endearing performances ever.


Remember the girls with the flashing red bows in their hair?  Their enthusiastic arm waving, participation in the songs, and the utter joy on their faces when gazing in adoration at the boys?  Their emotions were so contagious  that it had Gianluca leaping across the stage like a Mexican jumping bean, and Piero throwing kisses all around.  Ignazio, not usually the quiet one, showed his appreciation by smiling angelically.  I’m guessing that this year was no different.  The Mexican girls are CRAZY about these guys, and the fact that the concerts had to be postponed to the end of the tour due to weather conditions, no doubt made it all the more meaningful to them.

The guys seem to jump right into the Mexican culture, taking the roles of the Three Caballeros in stride.


One can just imagine Piero tossing his sombrero on the floor and going into an exciting performance of the Mexican Hat Dance We’ve seen him salsa, dance on the Italian version of Dancing With the Stars, and perform numerous other dance moves, so we would expect him to be totally comfortable with the Hat Dance.

And Ignazio would seem right at home throwing a serape over Walter and riding off into the sunset strumming a guitar and singing Cielito Lindo.

Gian, with his newfound excitement, would give new meaning to a rousing rendition of La Cucaracha.


Piero seems to have made a hit in his black sombrero with this lovely senorita.  He seems a bit unnerved by her ardent desire for a kiss, but knowing our Piero, we can be sure that  he could and would deliver.


Of course the guys tribute to Jose Jose at the Latin Billboard Awards in 2013 performing the beautiful El Triste had to have had further cemented the bond between them and the Mexican people.  That moving performance brought down the house. (And Gian’s blue suit didn’t hurt,either.)


This year’s concert shows them, true to their sweet and generous natures, showing their affection for children by bringing them up on the stage and including them in the fun.

We can’t close the book on the love story, “Mexico Loves Il Volo” without mentioning the concert in Puebla.  What an exuberant show– the excitement, the energy, the joy of that night.  Fans and the guys pulled out  all the stops and made it an ebullient close to a fabulous tour.



And so, as the Mexican tour comes to a close, we see the Three Caballeros making the flight back to their homeland with fond memories of their Mexican fans, and calling back, “Hasta la Vista, amigos.  Vaya con Dios, until we meet again.”