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(As translated by Bing ~ Marie)

We often talk about how Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are people with a heart of gold, we follow ’em know very well but many people do not believe their availability towards others.

I found this video that made the day on July 8 while they were in Mexico.

Their drummer told him that there was a girl named Simona who admire them so much and they sent this video from Mexico to Simona. In Italy it was night but the amazement of Simon and he was great. Simona is a girl with down syndrome.

We detail everything they say so anyone who does not understand the Italian spoken, you can translate. 

G = Hello Simon, how are you? We are Gianluca and Piero, Ignatius is sleeping over there on the other side

P = Simonetta bella, (Ignatius) is intended for concert

G = Salvatore (Salvatore Corazza drummer) told us that you’re a great musician and you write some good pieces.

P = Listen Simona we hear great love, love moves

G = and maybe one day we will meet and we will sing together

P = absolutely, absolutely, a kiss

G = Ciao bella, we’re sending you a kiss, Hello beautiful.

Simona has posted on his facebook message with this dedication:

Unexpected surprises in the middle of the night, I still can’t believe it. A huge thrill to know that from Mexico flight thought of me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are the swinging.


What can we say? I’m really swinging, special people, if Simon hadn’t posted the message would remain private. This isn’t the first time they have surprises like this. Are golden boys.

More from Daniela:

I found these videos of the concert in Florence, perhaps some of you have not yet seen, are very well filmed.


Maybe not all of you have seen this picture.


The newspaper the NATION appeared the pics of Florence, among the various photos of the spectators there was also this, the journalist wrote public” (perhaps ninth knew who they were) but we who know them well we know we are Alessandra, elegant and mom and dad.

The attitude I would say there is a good relationship between Alessandra and Mrs Catherine.

I know many of you were able to meet them at various meet and greet and who have made a great impression.

Informed people here were told that Alexandra carried a ring with two diamonds. We know also that they left the same night after the concert, everyone in the car together, Alessandra, Ignatius and his parents, to avoid the fans stationed outside the hotel.

A lady present at the concert had the opportunity to chat with Ms Catherine telling him that was very beautiful Alessandra and Ms Catherine le replied “beautiful outside and beautiful inside that seems to me a nice compliment!!

I don’t think the news that you are separated to be true.

Maybe it was time to mislead because you should know that here there are fans very invasive even allow themselves to curse Alessandra.

This hurts a lot for Ignatius who in fact does not comment more on social but these fans posting malicious comments on Alessandra also profile for Gianluca.

Not even us fans that love them we can talk about them as we draw attention to this group that you definitely do not want the welfare of our children.

Gary Istok has warned us about this group of fanatics.

Do you think that even long ago a fan had put a new profile on facebook called the NEW FLIGHT where the components were only Gianluca and Piero.

Amazing how the human stupidity reaches certain levels.

Have you heard of this? What do you think?

🎵 Daniela

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  1. No, I don’t believe the rumor. Above all I want them happy! A break-up would make Ignazio sad. Therefore it can’t be true! Now…if he has left her for me, it’s ok. Way better than ok! 💖💋💟

    Thank you, Daniela for this information. How great for us that you are here!

  2. Thanks Daniela for keeping us informed of things we might miss because we do not understand Italian. Everyone loves the boys and wish that they will find the “true love” they talk about. Young fans create a ‘fantasy’ and get upset when in real life boys find someone they care for.

  3. It’s sad that anyone calling themselves a fan, could speak badly of any of our boys or who they love. They all deserve love, they gave up their teen years for us. They deserve everything life has to offer. I am thrilled Ignazio has found someone to love him I follow the “flight crew” because “we are love”. Love for our boys & their families.

  4. Well I am glad & hope that breakup is not true although if so then he would turn to me. I have always been first in his heart. But if that must happen then I sincerely hope he is happy & she is the right girl for him. He will be my precious

      1. Better be careful Marie around people who use the phrase “My Precious” Bad things could come your way like giant spiders and such….and it you are clueless about what I speak…. meet me on facebook and I will tell you a tale of long ago….of a place called the Shire.

      1. Oh Marie I don’t think so you have things mixed up. One thinig I know he would not lie to me as I said he is my precious

  5. You wonder Daniela how people are stupid. There is no Il Volo without Ignazio or either of the other guys. It is the combination of their 3 voices that have made them world wide & successful. Some people aren’t clude in. We here know because we have been following them from the beginning & know every nuance of their voices & their general makeup. We are the ones who are extremely lucky to know them so well

  6. I do not like gossips and rumors. Many fans have very vivid imagination and often write really stupid things, sometimes also rude and ugly about boys. Personally I ignore them, people are different and unfortunately some fans don’t recognize appropriate boundaries.I think that private life is private life and all people deserve right on it, also famous people. Boys are very kind and share many moments from their life with us , so fans should be thankful and also express their respect to boys. When boys will want to share something from private life, they will do it, when not ,fans should respect every their choice. We can only wish them only best things, also honest and true friends and people around them. Hope that they will meet also their true, sincere and selfless loves,with whom they find everything they are looking for.
    Video for Simona is very cute,boys are really very beautiful people, inside. 🙂 Sure she must be very happy with this message and to Simona I wish fulfillment of all her dreams, good, positive things in life , a lot of happiness, success , love and health, and meeting with boys. 🙂

  7. Very well written Lydka as usual. I to also hope that Alessandrea is the right girl for Ignazio & the other buys meet their sincere heartthrobs. Too bad when your in the limelite you can’t help attracting the crazies

  8. Sono contenta che la pensate come me cioè che è veramente bello poter vedere delle persone come Piero Gianluca e Ignazio che tanto si prestano per noi, felici con la persona che amano. Lydka, è vero, fa parte della loro privacy e sarà il tempo a dire se le coppie saranno bene unite ma lasciate sognare anche noi fans che li amiamo profondamente e che vogliamo solo vederli felici senza peraltro invadere la loro sfera personale.
    E voi Marie e Loretta, non litigate per Ignazio, perchè dovrebbe venire da voi, quando qui a poca distanza c’è una persona che già parla bene italiano e cioè IO?
    Scherzo naturalmente………..
    Marie grazie per aver aver fatto ordine su ciò che vi ho mandato.
    Oggi i nostri ragazzi si sono divertiti in una localita’ marina dove hanno partecipato ad un torneo di tennis di VIP.

    Translaton: I’m glad you think like me that is really nice to see people like Piero Gianluca and Ignatius that lend themselves to us, happy with the person they love. Lydka, it is true, is part of their privacy and time will tell whether couples will be fine together but leave dreaming even us fans that love them deeply and we just want to see them happy without invading their privacy.
    And you Marie and Loretta, don’t fight for Ignatius, why should come unto you, when here within walking distance there is a person who speaks well Italian and IE I?
    Jest of course … …
    Marie thank you for having made the order on what I sent.
    Today our boys had in a place where Navy participated in a CELEBRITY tennis tournament.

    1. Daniela, I sent all info, photos and videos from VIP Tennis Master to Kelly. 🙂 These informations from official activities of boys will be shared in her posts.I respect it and this is reason why I do not share some actual news in comments.

      1. Lydka, lontano da me il fatto di non rispettare il ruolo di ognuno, il materiale che ho inviato l’ho mandato a Marie chiedendole di verificare se era opportuno pubblicarlo.
        In questo caso stavo mettendo il mio commento quando sono state pubblicate su facebook le notizie e le foto del Torneo Vip di Tennis e ho pensato fosse cosa carina dirlo subito all’equipaggio (ho anche letto che tu non hai facebook).
        Mi piace questo gruppo e voglio andare d’accordo con tutti.
        Chiedo scusa a Kelly se sono stata inopportuna .
        Abbracci a tutti.

    2. Daniela this is sparing that Marie & I do over Ignazio in jest which we have been doing for years since we first saw Il Volo. We are both senior ladies & good friends & totally in love with Ignazio this gorgeous young man so harm done.

    3. Daniela, you cannot have him either. He already knows all the English he needs for me and I am great with sign language. I am always fighting for him. There are probably more than three of us too.

    4. Daniela, I wanted you only explain why some news are not in comments. In the past I was also so excited to every interesting news to put to the comments, but then I stopped with it and and now I work for Kelly. If you want you can put some news, but for example I really always thinking what I share between comments and what is better send to Kelly I am not on FB but I have good overview, I am helping with news, so it is my task. 🙂 Have a nice day !

      1. E’ tutto OK Lydka, continua il tuo ottimo lavoro, vedo che sei molto informata anche se non hai facebook.
        Se ti posso esser utile in qualche modo chiedi pure.
        Un abbraccio e buona giornata anche a te !!

  9. Ah Marie and Loretta, I have only been following the Flight Crew for a little over one year, but I think I know you all pretty well. We all want the best for these boys who have brought such joy into our lives. I don’t understand people that just want to hurt them, is it jealousy? I can’t think of any other reason. Personally, I have not seen many of the negative posts, it may be the selective groups I follow. But I do know that our dear Ignazio has stayed off of social media for a long time because of these mean spirited people. There are more than a few of us who would like to be #1 on his list, oh to be in our 20’s again. But if Alessandra is the one for him, so be it, we just want him to be happy. Now I am going to go cry in my beer. Wait, I don’t drink beer, maybe in my Pina Colada. My love to the guys, their families and significant others and to the Flight Crew.

  10. Rose Marie, the people that want to hurt our Guy’s
    are jealous of them. Maybe these people are unhappy in their own lives, and lash out at anybody who are happy and successful in their’s. It really upset’s me because the guy’s have to put up with this. Even Gianluca and Piero hardly ever get on social media anymore. It used to be we would hear from them every day, but now not so often. We did hear from Piero today( driving at 5am ) it must have been to go to the tennis match! I feel disconnected from them when we don’t hear from them very often.Getting back to Alessandra, I wonder which ring finger the ring was on?
    As I was reading your comment’s, I was drinking a Pina Colada, so cheer’s to everyone on the flight crew, and to our three wonderful guy’s.

  11. Gee Jill & Rose Marie I like Pina Colada & haven’t had one for years. Well I agree with you both I hope this is the girl for Ignaizio & I also hope she knows how lucky she is to have snatched such a super guy. I have seen a picture of about a year ago with her & him at a function that was shown on IlVolo Mundian & she was quite a bit shorter than him. So I was surprised to see how tall she is beside his mother & a\lso when a picture was taken with her & Ignazio she was almost as tall as he is.
    So she must have really spike heels on to get s tall as he is. I got a feeling if she has a ring now then a wedding is iminantly in the near future. I don’t think he want to wait too long to be married. She better have lost of patients to wait for the long touring dates.

    1. Loretta, tanto tempo fa in Italia dare un anello di fidanzamento significava che entro un anno si raggiungeva il matrimonio, ora non e’ esattamente così, è vero significa un impegno sentimentale verso questa persona che puo’ durare in eterno (senza arrivare al matrimonio) oppure sciogliersi come neve al sole.
      Sicuramente è un modo per dire a tutti che non sono solo parole ma verità.
      Infatti anche al Torneo di Vip di qualche ora fa, la prova è che nei filmati che vedrete, Alessandra era lì presente.

      Translation: Loretta, a long time ago in Italy to give an engagement ring meant that within a year we reached the wedding, it’s not exactly true, true means an emotional commitment to this person that can last forever (without arriving at the wedding) or melt away like snow in the Sun.
      Definitely is a way to tell everyone that they are not just words but truth.
      In fact even the Vip tournament a few hours ago, the evidence is that in movies you see, Alexandra was present there.

  12. Thanjks Daniela for your information on Italy’s ways so as I said |I don’t think he wants to wait too long to be married. He has been looking for a wife for a log time. He was badly hurt when Francesca & him split.

  13. God Bless them boys!! They deserve the very best in their life!! I met Alessandra in Cleveland 4 months ago at the concert, and she is a sweet young lady!! She and Ignazio make a beautiful couple!! A lot of so called fans make up false dirty rumours about the boys and their girlfriends!! These so called fans must be miserable in their own lives!!

  14. By the end of the USA tour this year, I could tell something had changed with Il Volo towards their fans. It was just a strong feeling I kept getting. I attributed it to a way-too-ambitious touring schedule & wondered if they were feeling ‘burnt out’. The most obvious change I kept sensing was in Ignazio. I then figured it must have been because he wanted his fans to distance themselves from him, as he posted a picture of his girlfriend & himself – abruptly, I thought. I wasn’t aware yet, until quite recently, that there were fans who then lashed out in their disappointment. I agree that these young men have worked very hard , but let’s not forget that they are doing what they love to do & making a very good living from it. Just as a great artist needs to show his or her work to others , so, too, does a great singer need others to hear them sing! That’s why they thank us when we thank them – -by our applause, compliments & purchases of the art, or the craft, or the concert tickets & recordings! It’s a mutual thing. I hope that they will be able to slow down a little soon & remember that the vast majority of their ‘public’ (fans) have always wished them only well & are very supportive of them & their goals & dreams. It is possible, though, that they may feel, at times,as though they are “drowning in a sea of love”! Hoping they can surface, recuperate & eventually be able to enjoy their well-wishing fans the way they used to do.

  15. Thank you, Marie. I was just thinking about how, when I was younger, we used to just get our pictures & information about the stars we liked from fan magazines & even enclosed with bubblegum! We had to patiently wait for the monthly magazines whereas, today, technology has produced social media which is instant availability of connecting with the ones we like & admire. There must be quite a bit of pressure on the Il Volo fellas to post pictures of what they’re up to, etc. & they always can read about what their fans are thinking due to the technology. In the past, fans probably wrote letters to stars, but letters were most likely intercepted by someone who could decide what the star would read & thus protect the star from anything negative which might upset them. Now, it’s right out there & on Il Volo’s own social media . There’s an upside to that form of communication, but a very negative downside! What poor Ignazio apparently experienced & the result – – basically disappearing from his media accounts – – is an example of that downside. I ‘m quite sure that the negativity he was receiving came from mostly young fans of his, for we older fans are more likely to feel a parental protectiveness towards them which supersedes our natural attraction to them – -( our souls being ageless!). P.S. I miss his postings of current pictures of his horses & little dogs , especially!

    1. Yeah, it’s sort of sad, but I suppose it is the modern price of fame. I too want only to protect them and always happy when they take a break from it all. It’s nice that Ignazio has pulled away a little. At least for a while. Then he needs to get his butt back in the camera lens.

  16. Marie, You have such a wonderful sense of humor . Your personal light & strength is always apparent to me. I so enjoy reading your comments to others as well. This is my favorite site ( along with Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund !) because it is always so positive & enjoyable. I tend to be a serious type of person, so I really appreciate people like you & your crew members , especially enjoying the very funny banter among you all at times. Ignazio doesn’t know what he’s missing : YOU, Marie!!

    1. Tesera, ho letto i tuoi commenti e sono pienamente d’accordo con quello che hai scritto. Tutti noi fans che amiamo veramente Piero Ignazio e Gianluca vogliamo solo il loro bene e vederli felici rende felici anche noi. Purtroppo non è così per tutti i fans e Ignazio ne ha sofferto ma ha deciso , come è giusto, di ascoltare il suo cuore.
      Questo gruppo è veramente formato da persone che li amano e rispettano.

      Translation: Teresa, I read your comments and I totally agree with what you wrote. All of us fans who really love Piero Ignatius and Gianluca we just want their good and seeing them happy makes us happy, too. Unfortunately it is not for all fans and Ignatius has suffered but decided, rightly, to listen to his heart.
      This group is really made up of people who love and respect.

  17. La ringrazio, Daniela. Proprio come “Quelle tre meravigliose ragazzi ” di Il Volo, lei e le altre persone di buona volonta qui a Il Volo Flight Crew hanno il cuore d’oro, troppo! (Spero che il questo Italiano e OK! ).

    Translation: Thank you, Daniela. Just like “Those three wonderful boys” from the flight, she and other people of good will here in The Flight Crew have the golden heart, too! (I hope this Italian and OK!).

  18. You are most welcome, Marie. Yes! I will tell Ignazio what I said – – provided I don’t drop clinically dead when I see him, unless I can be miraculously resuscitated, in which case I’ll probably presume that I had an out-of-body experience & spiritually traveled to Italy & that it was all a heavenly dream. However, if I do actually ever meet him in this dimension, I promise you that I will remember to tell him!!

  19. Daniela do you have an email or someway to let him know how we all feel & to ignore the rotten note or letter he received from an angry fan. He might feel a little better if he actually knew we are behind any positive decisions he makes regarding his life. I remember when he broke up with his first girlfriend. He was so brokenhearted he was sending us comments as to how he was hurting. To bad we don’t know for sure if they read our comments.

    1. Loretta Foley, when was this and WHO was this your are talking about??? I don’t seem to remember anything like it and now I am feeling the old pirate curiosity! It does not sound like Piero and so that leaves me Ignazio and Gianluca….I am guessing Gianluca but no idea when

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