In The Blink of a Camera’s Eye

I was reviewing my March concert photo’s again and made some interesting discoveries. It’s the camera’s eye view of what really went on. It captured more than expected. Take a look…

DSCN1411aHere’s our talented Gianluca sitting on the edge of the stage, looking dreamy, singing his heart out for his audience. And the other two are discussing what to order on their pizza after the show. I think Piero is about to say either pineapple or pepperoni.


DSCN1418a“Gimme that dimple!”



That silly Piero! Thought he could pull a quarter out of Giovanni’s ear.


DSCN1414aIgnazio: “Gianluca! It’s your turn! Quit smiling at that girl and sing!”


DSCN1412aIgnazio: “Hey Piero, look how fast I can snap my fingers!”
Piero: “Yeah? That’s nothing. Look at this…”


DSCN1398aPiero teaching Giovanni how to play guitar.


DSCN1379aHey! How did that quarter get in my ear?”

Every now and then I feel the need to keep it light. Besides…what else am I going to do with pictures that don’t turn out right? Β I mean… it’s still our Guys! Β 



41 thoughts on “In The Blink of a Camera’s Eye”

  1. Beautiful your pictures and witti your comments, they tore my more than a smile.
    Grazie mille, Marie.

  2. Love your interpretations! I think you should tour with them in order to translate all of the photos as to what they REALLY mean! πŸ™‚

  3. Love it Marie!!! You said it all just right!!! Great photos also!!! I want to thank all the FC for all your wonderful posts!!! I am happy to be a part of all these IlVolovers!!!

      1. Marie, their faces are so expressive and begging for interpretation, which you do so well. Love it–let’s have more. Do you want to tackle the tennis ball? (I don’t mean that literally!!)

    1. Uhmmm I have probably thought them all but feel safer to just keep my pirate mouth shut.

      Tennis ball………..heeheee

  4. Good sense of humour Marie but the first picture Ignazio was telling Piero that he was meeting me after the show. hahahaha

    1. Well Loretta, I wasn’t going to tell you this, but he leaned over to me and said, “please keep that Loretta woman away.” Sorry, Dear.

  5. Quip away! I was going to say “on closer examination” but thought better of it. Is this starting to go downhill now? God forgive me, but I can’t help it. Ok I’ll stop now. Love to all.

  6. Marie, I don’t know what is funnier–the photos themselves or your captions!
    They sure are great together. And I think if they ever saw them, they’d think they were a hoot! Several hoots–three to be exact!

  7. Marie, Marie, Marie….I think it was pineapple, and the tennis ball! You are a hoot…thought I was the only one….glad to have company!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘

  8. Great job Marie isn’t that one of the reasons we love the guys so much is that interaction between themselves when on stage they don’t just stand there and be still they are always doing something to look at as well as singing incredibly,

  9. Marie, I just noticed that in the photo of “Gianluca,it’s your turn, stop smiling at that girl and sing” that Ignazio is wearing Piero’s glasses! These pictures deserve a second look!

    1. The first thing I noticed was that Piero wasn’t wearing glasses and then saw that Ignazio was wearing them, too cute!

      Thank you Marie for the great photos and captions.

  10. Someone who attended Firenze concert told that people in the pic with Alessandra and Ignazio’s parents are Alessandra’s parents and sister πŸ™‚

    1. Ciao Daniela Ci, anche io l’avevo pensato ma non ne avevo la certezza.
      Ci incontriamo spesso nei commenti in Italia.
      Ho letto che quando sono venute in Italia per i concerti vi siete incontrate, bellissimo…. il Volo unisce.

      Translation: Hello Daniela There, even I thought but I wasn’t sure.
      We meet often in the comments in Italy.
      I read that when it came to Italy for concerts you’ve encountered, beautiful flight of combines.

      1. Si Jana Γ¨ venuta a trovarmi insieme ad un altra amica β™₯ Noi ilvolovers siamo una grande famiglia!
        Translation: Yes, Jana came to visit me with a friend β™₯ We ilvolvers are a big family!

  11. Marie you are so funny . How could he lean over to you, you weren’t even there. I was in the first row & he was sending me kisses & smiling & I had to do some lip reading to meet him at end of performance where they go off stage. It was a short wonderful evening because he had to get to the bus. So don’t worry your time will be coming

  12. You weren’t looking in the right direction hahahaha nite nite at the next function of whatever it is, could be my wedding

  13. I have just spent most of the day looking at pictures & comments from the boys from when they started to now & I have had so much fun listening to Ignazio’s funny comments as well as all three’s antics. I bet if anyone of us could travel with them we would be on cloud 9 constantly. How lucky we would be.

  14. Has anyone heard of where their concert is going to be in the States. I am referring to what someone said a few days ago they would be having a concert in the States?

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