Il Volo 2016 World Tour ~~ An Overdue Thank You

Hey, Everyone!

The World Tour is over now, and it was a packed 6 months.  So many memories and feelings and stories that began with a song.

Music makes you feel a thought

I want to say,  “Thank you,” to everyone who left comments appreciative of the concert posts.  I’m so glad you enjoyed them, and it was a pleasure putting them together for you.  I would like to take a moment to thank the person without whose work the coverage of the tour wouldn’t have been possible:  Lydka.

Putting together a post of concert coverage takes quite a bit of time.  Several hours have to be devoted to gathering and saving information before it can be organized into a post.  During a tour as long and as fast paced as the one that was just completed, coverage at the level we were able to provide simply would not have been possible without her.

At the end of every event, I have 10-15 emails waiting for me.  Each email is full of organized, individual links of all the pictures, videos and articles you’ve seen here, and she keeps looking even the next day for more.  Thank you, Lydka, for all of your help!  I don’t think I told you enough!



Lydka continues to find great news and articles about Il Volo’s professional life, and there are several things that were saved for after the tour, so stay tuned.

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We all know that The Boys need rest and fun with their family and friends, and we desperately want that for them.  But I also know that we are all sad that they are gone and are longing for their return.   While the content of this photo is somewhat sad, it is absolutely gorgeous, and as Gina pointed out — a visual of how most #IlVolovers are feeling:


I don’t know how to get through the melancholy other than to just get through it. It’s a good thing they gave us such wonderful memories…that we can relive in large part because of Lydka’s help.   Thanks you again, and I’m so glad you’re working with us!      <3

~~ Kelly


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  1. I would like to add my thanks too, Lydka! Not only for all the concert clips you send to Kelly, but also the videos you add, the information you provide here in the comments, and the interesting things you send me. Getting ready for a fan art post from you soon. You are super and we are lucky to have you.

  2. Thanks to all of you. We owe you so much for all you do for us. Truly, we, are lucky to have you. I can’t wait for July 28 – 31. Please don’t stop your posts, you are our connection to our boys. WE MISS THEM!

  3. Thanks to all who keep us informed! The quiet is deafening, but we will survive! I DON’T KNOW HOW THEY DID IT! We are so glad they did! I’m looking forward to whatever comes next!!! Love from Texas!!!

  4. I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to you for all the hard work!!! I could not survive without Flight Crew every AM!!! Now we have to give the guys a break. Hope they can really relax!!! We will save our love & friendship until we meet again!!! I have my precious 2016 Concert memories to hold close to my heart!!!

  5. Not to be rude or disrespectful ( well I AM a pirate and we are a rude bunch) but I do not feel sad or melancholy. i When I look back at the time from the wonderful win at Sanremo ( emotions of suspense, joy and giddiness) Eurovision ( pride, joy, disappointment ( but never with IL VOLO) then anticipation of Pompeii and new CD’s and then the AGONY about not going to Las Vegas followed by my ecstacy of securing an excellent ticket for San Diego then once more having the long drawn out anticipation of the concert finally being here but in the meantime I got to see tons of photos and video clips of concerts along the way and afterwards. Now we have the wonderful masterful concert in Florence with Maestro Placidio with the happiiness that PBS once more got it all on film.
    Now they are on vacation. I ‘m just waiting now for new vacation pics , which we know we will ultimately get ( yummy!) I just cannot be melancholy. These three marvelous young men have given me more enjoyment, helped me find new friends ( I’m looking at all of you swabbies out there) and continue to help me joyfully anticipate more good things to come.
    Let me tell you a secret ( yes YOU) Before I discovered IL VOLO I was a sad ,. depressed, tired, and struggling with pain, woman. I love what I do for a living but I was just…blah and in pain. I think I even forgot what it was to be a pirate. I have no fear of death and I know I told people during that time I was ready to go to God whenever God called me. I wanted it to be soon. Even as I type this I feel the tears in my eyes and the watermelon lump in my throat. Damm I hate watermelons.
    Then I rediscovered IL VOLO, I saw them on the internet, on PBS. Then I discovered a wonderful group of people called The Flight Crew. My inner pirate came back! I got my mojo back at work! I don’t want to die (yet). I rediscovered my love of Italy! Everyday I get in my car and listen to IL VOLO as I go to work. Everyday I see photos or videos of them on my computer. It has given me a lift. Now I am happy to have anticipation and curiosity . EVERYDAY. No there is no melancholy with me, I am grateful, to them, to their management, parents, country and most certainly my fellow IL VOLO FLIGHT Crew. Did I mention I love Piero?
    Grazie MIlle and…..AVAST!

    1. Dalle tue parole sento che sei stata molto triste ma Piero Ignazio e Gianluca sono volati da te ed hai trovato un grande equipaggio con cui divedere le tue giornate. Sono le storie come le tue e le risposte di questo equipaggio che mi hanno fatto amare molto questo gruppo e sono molto contenta di farne parte. Un abbraccio dall’Italia.

      Translaton: By your words I hear that you were very sad but Piero Ignatius and Laurie are flown by you and you’ve got a great crew with which to see your days. Are the stories like yours and answers of this crew that made me love this group and I am very happy to be a part of it. A hug from Italy.

    2. You’re not rude. 🙂 You are merely saying that you aren’t going to let anyone steal your joy. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

      1. Thanks Marie! I know I hadn’t ever planned to talk about the morose person I was becoming but its true, IL VOLO and the Flight Crew helped me out of that pit. NOW YOU ARE ALL JUST STUCK WITH ME! Big hugs my friend and to all the rest of you too! Big hugs!

  6. Thank you all for keeping us up to date on Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. Special thanks to Kelly and Lydka for all the photos, songs, interviews etc. on Il Volo’s seemingly “neverending” tour. It was great to follow them all through the various cities and countries. As much as we may miss seeing them as often, I really hope they get a good amount of time to rest, relax and spend time with their families and friends.

  7. You are wonderfully talented, funny and kind ladies, always generously sharing your time, posting videos and many photos of our guys. It’s a gift that the guys and their families open themselves to us. They know we love and respect them and, I think, trust us. That’s a tribute to the fine caliber of the IL Volo Flight Crew’s staff and contributors. Thank you, thank you for all you share with us. Love to each and every one of you… with hugs from me….. ♥♥♥

  8. Pirate, you alway’s make me smile with your post’s.
    I have a story a lot like your’s, except I don’t have a pirate ship. The guy’s gave me my mojo back, and I am grateful to them and the flight crew.
    Funny, I don’t remember you ever mentioning Piero lol. I hear he likes to jump from ship’s!
    You could invite him, but just put the plank away!
    P.S. I hate watermelon too

      1. Grazie Millie Daniela. I have seen those fine pictures. Piero seems like a natural when it comes to the water. Bellisimo e brillante pirate!

    1. Thank you JIll, your remarks made me smile. Its a good thing to have your mojo back and its not surprise that our guys are the magicians behind that hat-trick!

  9. Anche io mi unisco ai complimenti per Lydka, sei giovane ma hai il rispetto di tutto l’equipaggio. Brava, si vede che lo fai con amore.

    Translation: I join the congratulations for Lydka, you’re young but you have the respect of the entire crew. Brava, you see that you do it with love.

  10. Thank you Kelly, Lydka, and all the Flight Crew Management who worked so hard to bring all the special moments from the IL Volo world tour to all us Flight Crew members it has been thrilling to see and hear and feel the crowds everywhere responding to our guys with such love and acceptance. And I also want to say once again thank you so much to Myron Heaton and his committee for putting together the Fan Fest in March I had the most wonderful time in Las Vegas and I will carry the memories close to my heart always. Take care Flight Crew Love you all.

    1. You are entirely welcome. Thank you for coming.
      We are on deck again for the dates of the next one.

  11. I too must add my thanks to Kelly,Lydka , and all the Flight Crew who keep us informed as to the happenings of our special guys. It is great to turn on my computer in the morning and read all the comments, and to find out the latest news about our wonderfully talented trio. They certainly deserve their rest, and I hope they have a wonderful time with family and friends, but I cannot wait for their next adventure !!! Grazie tutti. !!!

  12. Thank you all <3 , thanks Kelly, I am surprised that you have dedicated post to me, I am little bit touching……I appreciate all kind words from you, I am glad when I can share news with you all and happy when I can make your days more beautiful. 🙂 Wishing all the best to you all. <3

  13. I think I have written this some other place but who cares: This was a very fine tour for the guys. The planning for vocal breaks was better than previous tours. I always worry about the stress on their voices over the long, long, long haul of a 6 month tour. I would say we had only two or three concerts that needed more space between (in Russia). that is better than 2013 that’s for sure.

    For me personally: This year was THE BEST for the obvious selfish reasons – more and more time working directly with Il Volo ; The guys coming to our Fan Faire – PERIOD ! ; them being so lovely to work with face-to-face and one-on-one. Their wanting to do another one when we get the next USA tour. Finally, The Las Vegas concert which was one of the best of the tour. Through all of this getting to work side by side with a wonderful friend: Jeannette.

    I took my schedule book from last year and cut out the month of november and put it in a frame. Reason ? It has two very important dates for me. November 6 my grandson, Jacob was born. November 20 in Las Vegas at the MGM hotel (Latin Grammy show) – after it was over, Gianluca met with Jeannette and myself to talk about the coming Fan Faire. He could not have been sweeter. Later we also met with Barbara Vitali who also has been very nice to us.

    That is why the month of November 2015 is in a picture frame in my house.

  14. next post: So I must say that the boys really deserve a break and time to have fun and do some silliness. I hope they let us see some pics of the silly business. But those voices really need some down time.
    Bravo ! Guys.

  15. Lydka, You are the greatest. My A.M.s start off with high hopes for a good day because of your work for us. Also to Kelly and Marie. Life is better because of you. Myron, I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for all your effort to put the Fan Faire together. I was lucky enough to be at your table and meet the guys personally. I will carry the memories to my end. I also hope the guys send us some photos while they are home. I would love to see them and their girl friends. Joanie G

  16. Keep on Going

    Friendship across the miles
    is very special and rare.
    It’s not often that it lasts –
    Many times it fades and dies.
    Our friendship will keep on going
    No matter the miles we’re apart.
    You’re always able to make me smile
    and I think of you each day.
    By S. Hendricks
    I am sure they will enjoy a vacation but I bet they will be working on new songs for next year’s concerts.
    I am excited that they are going to Poland and will get to sing “Ave Maria”.

  17. See Lydka how you are so appreciated, you extend yourself so unselfishly Your world must be a beautiful place to live & we all are so lucky to have you here are with the Flight Crew, you are invaluable.

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