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We know that our Il Volo guys love their fans–they show it in their interaction with them, both when performing and when off stage.  Piero says, “every time a new audience and new emotions I can’t wait to find out.  A smile, always, in my heart and in my mind.”


They seem to love the fans of every nation equally, generously bestowing smiles, hugs and kisses to all who reach out to them.  We, in the USA, believe that they must love us a little more, since we were the first to embrace them when they were just starting their career.  But actually it seems to be the Mexican fans who really get their adrenaline  pumping due to the fan enthusiasm and participation.

Case in point:  see the DVD Mas Que Amor–one of the most endearing performances ever.


Remember the girls with the flashing red bows in their hair?  Their enthusiastic arm waving, participation in the songs, and the utter joy on their faces when gazing in adoration at the boys?  Their emotions were so contagious  that it had Gianluca leaping across the stage like a Mexican jumping bean, and Piero throwing kisses all around.  Ignazio, not usually the quiet one, showed his appreciation by smiling angelically.  I’m guessing that this year was no different.  The Mexican girls are CRAZY about these guys, and the fact that the concerts had to be postponed to the end of the tour due to weather conditions, no doubt made it all the more meaningful to them.

The guys seem to jump right into the Mexican culture, taking the roles of the Three Caballeros in stride.


One can just imagine Piero tossing his sombrero on the floor and going into an exciting performance of the Mexican Hat Dance We’ve seen him salsa, dance on the Italian version of Dancing With the Stars, and perform numerous other dance moves, so we would expect him to be totally comfortable with the Hat Dance.

And Ignazio would seem right at home throwing a serape over Walter and riding off into the sunset strumming a guitar and singing Cielito Lindo.

Gian, with his newfound excitement, would give new meaning to a rousing rendition of La Cucaracha.


Piero seems to have made a hit in his black sombrero with this lovely senorita.  He seems a bit unnerved by her ardent desire for a kiss, but knowing our Piero, we can be sure that  he could and would deliver.


Of course the guys tribute to Jose Jose at the Latin Billboard Awards in 2013 performing the beautiful El Triste had to have had further cemented the bond between them and the Mexican people.  That moving performance brought down the house. (And Gian’s blue suit didn’t hurt,either.)


This year’s concert shows them, true to their sweet and generous natures, showing their affection for children by bringing them up on the stage and including them in the fun.

We can’t close the book on the love story, “Mexico Loves Il Volo” without mentioning the concert in Puebla.  What an exuberant show– the excitement, the energy, the joy of that night.  Fans and the guys pulled out  all the stops and made it an ebullient close to a fabulous tour.



And so, as the Mexican tour comes to a close, we see the Three Caballeros making the flight back to their homeland with fond memories of their Mexican fans, and calling back, “Hasta la Vista, amigos.  Vaya con Dios, until we meet again.”





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  1. Ah Mary…give me a Tequila Margarita, a Chihuahua, and a CD by Il Volo and I’ll be singing La Cucaracha before you can say Antonio Banderas!

      1. Anche qui si è sparsa questa notizia ma ora dicono tutti che è falsa ed anche io lo spero, mi piace molto come coppia!!

  2. Loved your comments, Mary!! All that energy….made me think of my favorite line from the movie, When Harry Met Sally, (paraphrased) “I’ll have what they’re having”! I’ve been to Mexico…enthusiasm runs wild there!! Thanks for the memories!!♡♡♡

  3. Wonderful, Mary!!! Even tho I am In a blue funk not knowing when we will see our sweethearts again, these three Concerts livened up my days!!! Mexico loves them so much it is so contagious!!! I can’t help but smile & feel my spirits lift as I watch any of the song selections!!!
    I hope Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero have much relax time now!!!

  4. Mary, this is priceless! Those Mexican girls really do show their love of the guys. I agree with Anne as one can’t help but smile and feel ones spirits lift as you watch them having so much fun!

  5. Mary, You are right in that the Mexican energy is contagious. I feel it all around me here in Ca. Mexican food, Mexican music Mexican friendliness is part of life here in southern cal. I’m glad to be part of it.

    1. Right Joan. I grew up in So. Cel. Mexican food is a staple with my family. We use to participate in several fun and colorful parades, festivals, and other religious holiday celebrations. The guys fit right in with that kind of fun.

    1. My comment is not entire, so I have to add:
      Mexican fans are really very temperamental, full of passion and big love for boys.Typical southern character and boys probably feel similar as at home, so I understand that guys love fans from Latin America. 🙂 As they wrote Mexico is in their hearts.

  6. Dopo la tensione alle stelle di Firenze e la finale all’Arena, ci voleva proprio una fine tour così esaltante ma nello stesso tempo rilassante per i nostri bravissimi e bellissimi caballeros. Mi sembra che in Messico si sentano completamente a loro agio e non sotto una lente di ingrandimento che rileva ogni loro piccolo errore come qui in Italia (giornalisti). Fa tanto bene anche a noi vederli così spensierati, ci contagiano in positivo la giornata.

    Translation (Marie/Bing): After the tension skyrocketed in Florence and the final at the Arena, we needed a late tour so exciting but at the same time relaxing for our talented and beautiful caballeros. It seems to me that in Mexico you feel completely at ease and not under a magnifying glass that tracks their every little mistake like here in Italy (journalists). Is so good for us too see them so carefree, positive day plague us.

  7. Rosemarie, what did you mean by “and he is single now”? Alessandra was in Florence with him and his parents. Just wondering. By the way I am half Mexican and so proud of the Mexican audiences and their show of appreciation for our boys.

    1. I also do not think they are the words of Ignatius, although he and’ a joker, he is also a very serious person on certain topic. They are found only journalistic.
      I hope that the translation is good, use the translation.

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