Jana & Lorna’s Adventure -Tribute to Tenors Review!

So sorry this is a long time coming, almost two weeks afterward!  But the jet lag had hit me more than expected and we were so busy and exhausted by the time we got back to our rooms at night, we just went to bed, as we usually had to get up early to catch a train to somewhere!  Lol!


Friday, July 1, 2016

Ok, it was finally set to begin! It was about 9:20p and dusk was just about getting ready to statueset in. There was a slight breeze blowing, about 80 degrees and just the most gorgeous evening you could ever want for an outdoor concert. The lights illuminating the Santa Croce Cathedral were amazing, changing colors from blue to gold to red. You could feel the buzz of anticipation of the audience. It was packed. There were empty seats here and there, but when you looked behind you, all you saw were a sea of faces, waiting for the concert to begin. The lucky persons that lived in apartments around the piazza were waiting as well, literally, hanging out their apartment windows, waiting for their “free” concert to begin!


They started pretty much on time…we saw the orchestra line up from the left of the stage and they walked out. When they were seated, Placido walked out as well. The crowd roared with applause. I wondered where the guys were? The orchestra played the opening symphony and the audience responded with appreciative applause. Ok, here come the guys!!! They walked out so calm, and so beautiful, in their tuxes. Some said they could tell they were nervous. Maybe a little fidgeting from Ignazio? They stood there, in front of their music stands. Hanging on fearfully, until the orchestra sounded the first notes. The prelude to Nessum Dorma started to play and they opened their mouths. Out came these magical notes! Gianluca started the song, then Piero, then Ignazio. Ignazio gave Piero a friendly and reassuring pat on the shoulder before it was his turn to sing. Sounds never before heard from our guys…the audience was immediately mesmerized by their voices. Placido was doing his best conducting both the orchestra and the guys! It must have been difficult for the guys to have to watch Placido, as they are not used to having a conductor – they just do their own thing, but they dutifully followed the conductor. When Ignazio sang placido orchestrahis last part in the song, he gets this serious, almost scary look on his face and his eyebrows point down in an angle – kind of like watching a cartoon character’s eyebrows when they get angry! The power and passion put forth by Ignazio was just incredible! His face filled with emotions as he sang those last notes. They also had an adult choir for a few of the songs, one being Nessum Dorma. The guys politely turned to watch the choir when they sang. The last few phrases were sung and it was over. You could see the guys breathe sighs of relief and more shoulder and arm touching going on! Maybe they were trying to convince themselves that this was really happening? The crowd was on its feet almost before the song was over. It was just the first song of many on that magical night in Florence, so many, gathered around the beautiful Santa Croce.


Unfortunately, I did not see “anyone” except for Ercole, running around taking a few pictures. Couldn’t see much being in the 3rd row….and I was kind of in the middle. I did not tape the first few songs, as I wanted to enjoy the concert. I also forgot to bring my extra battery, so had to conserve it. I did take some pictures, but was very disappointed, as they came out blurred a bit, even as close as I was. I did, later, decide to tape several of the songs. By the end of the concert, my battery was at about 16%, so I had to be very choosy on what I taped.


They sang a few more songs, then they took a break so the orchestra could play a few as well. Then came their solos. I truly don’t remember whose was first, but I think it may have been Gianluca. As many have already said, he was positively magnificent! His gian soloelocution was perfection. The song he sang, I believe it was called “La Danza?” was the perfect song choice for him and he certainly delivered. You could tell how proud and happy he was when he was finished! Smiling from dimple to dimple. It was truly amazing he could sing with such speed and alacrity and hit all the right notes, too! Of course, I probably wouldn’t have known if he’d hit a wrong note?


Many of us, I believe, were a little surprised in that Ignazio did not sing “La Donna Imobile…” as that was the song he credits to having sung as a child. But instead he sang igna solo 2another song – Una Furtiva Lagrima. I was not that familiar with this one, but of course, it was awesome! It was a lot of fun watching Ignazio’s eyebrows while he sang – it was like he became another person when he was singing those songs?


They said there were supposed to be lots of surprises! To be honest, I really thought Jose Carreras would have shown up. If he was there, no one pointed it out. The one surprise that I did think was pretty cool, was that Placido sang Non ti scordar di me with the 3 of them. That, was a real treat and surprise for me.


Yes, since this was a live show, there were a few flubs here and there… in the beginning, they forgot they were supposed to speak English! I believe Piero started speaking and then Gianluca reminded him it was supposed to be in English. Then they ask Placido to say guys and placidosomething and Placido responds in Italian. Piero says, “that was Italian…” Lol! Then he repeats it in English! Gianluca was introducing a song and said something wrong and said it again. It will be interesting to see what they keep and cut from the PBS DVD. I am surprised they did not announce in the beginning that this was a PBS special, like they did for Pompeii. I think they briefly mentioned it at the end, along with Sony Latin.


When they sang the “real” version of Torna a Surriento, I’m sure Ignazio had a really hard time keeping still, since this is the song they have all the fun with during their regular concerts. But he kept it under control!


There were no breaks and the concert was almost 2 hours long, although the guys did not sing constantly. The orchestra had a few solos as well. Every so often, Ignazio was being “Ignazio” trying to have a little fun here and there, conducting the orchestra and choir and flashing that brilliant smile. Yes, ok, you all know I’m a little biased here…piero gian


Some of the most enjoyable parts were hearing them sing some of the songs we already knew they sang, like Mamma, and a few others. It was interesting to hear how their voices had matured since they had first sung them at the Detroit Opera House video – “Take Flight…”


A bit of a disappointing surprise was when Ignazio was singing “Tonight” and we were just waiting, with anticipation for him to hit those few high notes and he didn’t! I’m thinking… ok, here it comes, I’m waiting… ahh, ooh. He didn’t sing it… I guess he was saving his voice for the other songs.


One other surprise was definitely Adeste Fidelis. Gianluca shouts “Buon Natale” everyone!


At the end, Placido complements the guys and says they should really consider singing more opera type music. I’d say, I have to agree! I mean, anyone can sing “pop” music! Although, it wouldn’t matter to me what they sang, even rap, I would buy their albums!

It’s their voices. Their voices are the magic – it doesn’t matter what they sing. The expressions on their faces when they sing; that is the magic. For a split second, I think Ignazio looked right into my eyes; that was magic. The songs they sing into our hearts and souls is not an illusion, but a pure mystery, to never be solved, no matter how many times we see them perform their tricks for us!


Alas, to many, it may seem like tricks they perform with each song, making it look seamlessly simple. However, we know how much passion and hard work they put into each performance they give. Night, after night.

Carpe diem, guys!

You seized the night, and the passion; and it was yours!

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  1. Ciao Jana, mi sono iscritta a questo gruppo mentre tu e Lorna eravate nella mia Italia a vedere i concerti. Ho assistito a quello di Firenze e devo dirti che ora leggendo quello che tu hai scritto mi è sembrato di tornare a quella splendida sera. Tutto è stato veramente così come tu hai descritto, l’atmosfera, le luci, l’orchestra, e i nostri magici ragazzi, le tensioni, le emozioni, tutto proprio così. Il tempo è trascorso così veloce che non ci siamo nemmeno accorti che tutto stava finendo.
    Anche io credo che la “Danza” Gianluca sia stato molto adatto a lui e anche che Ignazio mentre cantavano “Torna a surriento” ha faticato a stare fermo.
    Finito il “Nessun Dorma” (primo brano) il pubblico è letteralmente impazzito.
    Ho anche apprezzato che le canzoni che di solito eseguono sono state leggermente variate per far vedere una esecuzione piu’ operistica, infatti anche “Tonight” non e’ finita nel crescendo che già conosciamo (e che io preferisco) ma un tono piu’ basso per poi partire subito con un tono finale molto alto.
    Che dire, non sono una esperta ma per me sono stati eccezzionali, anche se qui gli amanti dell’ opera li stanno massacrando di critiche.
    Grazie per la tua bellissima recensione.

    Translation (Marie/Bing) Hi Jana, I enrolled in this group while you and Lorna were in my Italy to see concerts. I saw Florence and I have to tell you what time reading what you wrote I thought back to that wonderful evening. Everything was really just as you described, the atmosphere, the lights, the orchestra, and our magical kids, tensions, emotions, everything just so. Time elapsed so fast that we didn’t even realize that everything was ending.
    I also think that the “dance” Gianluca has been very appropriate for him and also that Ignatius while singing “Torna a surriento” struggled to sit still.
    Finished “Nessun Dorma” (first track) the audience is literally crazy.
    I also appreciated that the songs that usually perform have been slightly changed to show a more operatic, in fact even “Tonight” didn’t end in growing we already know (and that I prefer) but a lower register and then leave immediately with a very high end tone.
    I mean, I’m not an expert but for me were outstanding, though here opera lovers are slaughtering them for criticism.
    Thank you for your great review.

    1. Ciao Daniela! Grazie mille! Yes, it is sad the critics, unfortunately, have to be critics! The regazzi put their hearts and souls into that performance. I think the fact that Placido complemented them meant much more to them than any negative critic! I enjoyed reading your heartfelt review also!

    2. i enjoyed reading your comments Daniela. I have a question. This is the third time you have mentioned that the Italian press is critical of the boys. I do not have access to the Italian journalists and I wonder what they are criticizing the boys about. I would actually think that they are Italian treasures. Would love to know what is being published at their home.

      1. Ciao JDJanet, è vero ho detto piu’ volte che la stampa qui in Italia è molto critica con Il Volo e voglio farvi capire i motivi per i quali io affermo questo. E’ un discorso un poco lungo perciò penso che farò una relazione che poi vi pubblicherò.

    3. Thanks Jana for sharing your thoughts from the Three Tenors Tribute Concert in Florence which from the videos looked spectacular. I am sure you must have been exhausted, but what a wonderful experience and memory to look back on. I too wonder about the criticism of Il Volo. I know we are obviously very partial to them, but I also feel they are a national treasure, wonderful role models and the best ambassadors Italy could possibly have. Listening to their beautiful voices singing all these lovely Italian songs, and seeing the spectacular areas where they have performed, have made me visit Italy and want to visit again. Just hearing them sing “Nessun Dorma” was something I have waited to hear and it was wonderful. The solos and duets were great and I really thought Piero’s “No puede ser” was the best he has ever done!

  2. Jana, this is a wonderful review! I love all the detail you go into. I am so happy for you that you were there! To see the DVD of this concert will be wonderful, but to have actually been there, well that must have been a little bit of heaven on earth!

    1. Jane – Grazie mille! You know, as I think back on it now, it all seems so surreal. Even when I was there, I had to keep convincing myself I was actually there, it was like a dream. I guess a real dream come true!? I now have a new perspective even when I watch the Verona concert, thinking, ah, I was “there” and this was here, etc. I don’t want to say the “thrill is gone” now when I see them, but it is just such a familiar feeling now when you see them perform. They are real, we have touched them!

    1. Thanks Gina! Well, there is more to come, as soon as I write them!! 🙂 and more pictures!

  3. What a descriptive and delightfully fun post to read, Jana!! What a night you experienced. Thank you so much for sharing. Oh, to have been there. A dream come true!

    1. Grazie mille! Yes, it was like being in a dream sequence, but I have pictures to prove it – even though they are blurred!

  4. Thank you. Jana !!! This is a beautiful post!!! I am so happy that you were able to attend this Concert!!! You will be on an Il Volo High for the rest of the summer!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero were magnificent!!!

    1. Thank you, Anne! Yes, it was amazing. Yes, will have seen them 5 times in less than 6 months! of course, that doesn’t beat out someone that saw them 17 times this year! They might not be back for a while, so have to get as much in as possible!

  5. Thanks Jana I can just picture being in your place. My eyes would have been glued to Ignazio’s face I LOVE the song he sang I have been trying to find it to send to me.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip

    1. Loretta – Grazie mille! If you look on you tube – do a search on ignazio and the date or Florence and I think the link will come up? From my vantage point, I could not always see Gianluca, but I could Ignazio! 🙂 More stories to come!

  6. Thank you Jana, your post was beautifully written, I felt like I was there! Thank you again.

      1. Rose – I’m sure Gracie loves them too! lol! I know, spell check and auto correct, if you are not paying attention – watch out! 🙂 Prego! Yeah, he had his hands behind his back quite a few times…

  7. Jana, We are all green with envy , but have traveled along with you on your wonderful adventure. I can’t wait for the DVD to come out this winter. I hope the guys have a good rest and come out next year with renewed vigor. Joanie G

    1. Joan – glad you are enjoying the trip, more stories and adventures to come! Of course, might not be as exciting as the concerts, but will definitely give you a chuckle or two, I hope 🙂 Definitely looking forward to the DVD and CD. I don’t know, I don’t think those guys know the meaning of “rest!”

  8. Thank you Jana. What an experience to be in the audience in a magnificent setting watching three handsome and oh so talented young men perform opera. I am sure that you will carry this concert in your heart forever. What a memory! Thanks again for your post.

    1. Annette – You are welcome, thank you! I only wish I could have written it sooner! Yes, I will treasure that concert and Verona and the rest of the trip forever!

  9. Jana thanks for your personal experience from concert shared kindly with us. 🙂

    Do you think that boys have holidays? I found photo of Arvi’s Framesi Boutique from today,Arvi’s Framesi Boutique has worked outside with boys, who are in Milan for a commitment to work, at this time is secret what that they exactly are doing.

      1. I think they always prepare some surprise for fans and still are working . From Italian article:
        Il Volo will be in Krakow from July 28th to 31st, 2016 for the World Youth Days, during which they will perform, in front of Pope Francis, at the Vigil on July 30th and at the final Mass on the next day at the Campus Misericordiae. All the events will be broadcasted worldwide. The collaboration with the WYD organizational committee and with the Dominican Father Davide Kusz, maestro, teacher and conductor of a 70 members of orchestra and 400 members of choir , chosen among the best musicians and choristers from Poland , will allow Il Volo singers to perform songs dedicated to Virgin Mary and Jesus. The songs ,chosen for the event, that will be performed by the artists, will be “Ave Maria, mater misericordiae” , written for the event , and the “Ave Maria” by Schubert” during the Mass. In the setlist, also can be find “Jesus Christ is my life”, one of the most known WYDs hymns.

      2. What kind of work to they do? I put Arvi’s Framesi Boutique into Google, and it said it is a hair salon. It also said they do videos. Which I thought was a strange combination!

    1. Yes, who knows? I really don’t think they ever get any rest! Even when they are supposed to be resting, they are doing something! Thanks for the link/picture. Maybe they are getting a new hairstylist? Little secrets to keep the fans wanting and waiting! Thank you!!

  10. Thank you, Jana, for your wonderful report. I, too. almost felt like I was there. Our guys are sounding better and better (if that were possible) every time I hear them sing. I hope that Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca are getting some well earned rest at home, and can enjoy some of the summer at least before they are back at their very busy schedule.

    1. Allene – Grazie mille! Yes, I hope they can get some well-deserved rest. They are probably preparing for this World Youth Day thing now – that’s just in a few weeks! I think they actually get a real break in August. Let’s pray they are kept safe from all this craziness!

  11. Hi Jana, what a great review! I was particularly
    interested when you mentioned the look in Ignazio’s eyes when he was singing Nessun Dorma.
    At the Las Vegas concert, I was sitting in the second row, right in the area where he was standing on the stage. I wish I could remember what song he was singing, it was in Italian, and was about three quarters of the way through the concert. It,s not on YouTube. Anyway he looked right into my eyes during this song, ( which normally would be a good thing) but the look on his face and in his eyes, made me feel like he was shooting daggers at me!
    This went on until the end of the song. I looked away for a few seconds, and then he looked away. When I looked back at him, he looked back in my eyes again.I’m thinking , did I do or say something to him at the fanfairethat annoyed him? Or is it the lyrics in the song that caused him to look like that? Would you have a complete play list of that concert? I’ve got to find out what song that was.
    I was hoping it would be on YouTube, but it’s not.

  12. No words about Piero? I am a bit surprised that so little has been said about Piero at this concert other than he seemed to be in his own element. Maybe we are a little too used to him doing his arias. forgive me if I am wrong and missed something but I just hunger to know!

    1. No, affatto, Piero e’ stato meraviglioso, ma sappiamo tutti che la lirica e’ il suo campo, inoltre i suoi due assoli li avevamo gia’ sentiti mentre Ignazio e Gianluca hanno cantato due assoli inediti. Comunque ho già detto che “No puede ser” ha avuto una potenza di voce particolare, senza dubbio sarà il cavallo di battaglia di Piero. Certo Ignazio e Gianluca hanno stupito perchè si sono dimostrati all’altezza della situazione. Bravissimi tutti e tre.

  13. Il Volo also took part in the campaign against femicide. Well done guys ! The world does not need violence, but peace, love and understanding and women deserve respect and love, because women – mothers, grandmothers, sisters,daughters, girl friends and cousins,nieces,aunts, wifes…. are flowers that make life more beautiful.Women have their great inner strength ,but they need protection and good care,without women would not exist this world, women bring to the world the essence of tenderness, peace and kindness….Dear women, let us be strong, let us not be in silence when someone hurts us ! Always love yourself, all of you are wonderful beings and deserves the best ! A lot of love, peace, and blessing to all. <3 <3 <3
    Italian article: http://www.rtl.it/notizie/articoli/rtl-1025-e-camera-dei-deputati-campagna-contro-femminicidio/

  14. Jana (and Lorna, of course),

    What a wonderful opportunity to experience a truly special event. Combine Il Volo with that particular set of songs, that magnificent setting, the audience in attendance, and a perfect Florentine evening and you end up with an unforgettable event that you will treasure forever. Thanks again for sharing this with us!

    As for the critics, let’s keep in mind that we are talking about Il Volo here. They are not (nor have they ever claimed to be) “opera” singers. The guys are mature and professional enough to learn from any criticism that is justified. They are not comparing themselves to “The Three Tenors”. They are a trio of twenty-something guys performing a tribute to their idols with the stated intention of sharing and spreading this style of music to new audiences with their talent and love and passion. And that my friends, they have accomplished PERFECTLY.

    1. Bene John, ora divertiti a capire quello che ti scrivo in italiano. Quello che hai detto è vero, Piero Ignazio e Gianluca hanno detto piu’ volte che non sono tenori e che non vogliono paragonarsi ai Tre Tenori e inoltre noi sappiamo che ragazzi umili sono ma qui in Italia non la pensano tutti così. (giornali)

  15. Jana thank you for this amazing review of your amazing evening !!! I watched the videos coming in all weekend and got so emotional that I went through an entire box of tissues !! I couldn’t have been prouder of them then I was watching them sing these very difficult operatic songs so perfectly !! They rose up to a higher level with that concert and if they keep studying and practicing I believe they could be the new generation Three Tenors !!! I am so happy you got to experience this magical evening !! An evening to treasure in your heart forever !!!

    1. Oh wow Lydka!, I don’t think many of us have seen that version, if at all ! I like it better than the original but I also understand why they went with the version we all know. Some people might take offence at Ignazio peeping in on a lady getting dressed ( although its a thing many young boys might like to do!) its not a very nice thing to do. On the other hand there were some interesting nice shots of the guys in this versiion.I especially liked the last shot of the three of them together. Three voices, one soul!

      1. I think this video is very nice, many good shots, only Ignazio, yes, he should have another situation in this video,but Piero and Gianluca were very cute there and I think that their scenes could remain in the original video. I was surprised that O sole mio video has also second version and I wanted to know if you knew it. I am glad when it is something new for you, at least I shared with you something interesting for you all. 🙂

    2. Lydko to je pro mě jedno z nejhezčích videí,jsi opravdu moc šikovná, že se ti podařilo najít právě tyto fotky,jen mě velmi mrzí,že se mi nedaří klip stahnout.Moc ráda bych si některé fotky zvětšila,nemohla bys mě ho poslat ?(ale asi to opět nepůjde,u nás je dost věcí blokováno – nevím proč). Dík za snahu a srdečně zdravím.Z.

      1. Zdenka, poslala som ti ho na email. 🙂 Dúfam, že to bude fungovať.

    3. Bellissimo video, penso che fosse la prima volta a Taormina , ma chi potevano scegliere per fare il monello che guarda una donna svestita? Ma certamente Ignazio!! Comunque la scena ricorda un film italiano di quel periodo “Malena”.

      1. I know that they recorded this video in Sicily. Maybe they really were inspired by film Malena for scene with Ignazio.

  16. Lydka could you send that video to me. I couldn’t pick it up it wasn’t on Youtube. I think it was cute & the best version of them singing o Solo Mio. If you could send to my facebook & also my email. I am going to see if I can put it on a CD. Thanks

    1. Loretta, I looked for it on Youtube also, but this videos is not there. I sent you link on video via email, I am not on Facebook, so I cannot send it on your FB profile. Have a nice evening. 🙂

  17. Thank you so much that is very sweet of you. I wonder how true it is of Ignazio & girlfriend splitting. Gosh if he looking for another girl friend how about stepping up & getting him to notice you & if you don’t want to then I will get his attention. I would love to be his grandmother from Toronto.

    1. I sent you two links, hope it will be functional. I think it is rumour, Alessandra was at concert in Florence,sometimes reports that appear on gossipy sites about boys are often false and also I think that their private life should be respected. Thanks but Ignazio is not my type, I can imagine him only as my younger brother. 🙂 So it is upon you to catch his attention. 😉 Good luck ! I am old for boys, I look on them as older sister on younger brothers,but you know that my personal favorite is performer of song No puede ser. 🙂

  18. Gee Lydka i thought you were the same age as them 21 or 22. Yes Piero does have a magnicifent voice but listening to Ignazio when with Placido Domingo concert when he sang Yna Furtiva Lagrima I heard magnificense & as far as I am concerned he is every bit as good as Piero I only hope he knows it now & if he doesn’t I will tell him when I see him. I have already tweeted him that so who knows if he reads his tweets.

    1. Loretta, you are very nice. 🙂 I do not know if boys have time to read so many comments from so many fans on so many places, it has to be time consuming and they are still busy. Ignazio has here a lot of devoted fans, I think he’s probably the most popular of the three on this site. 🙂 Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca , all have angelic beautiful voices, different, but magnificent ! Also every of them is different personality, but original in his own way. I like all 3 guys, but every fan has her own favorite, my is Piero, also my mom has the same favorite as me. 🙂 I really love songs No puede ser and E lucevan le stelle and Piero’s interpretation is stunning , mainly on concert in Florence he sang them gorgeously, I think it was his best performance ever, and also in aria Nessun dorma he sang amazingly beautiful.About age, I recently wrote my age to Daniela, in October I will have 27 years. I wish you very beautiful weekend, take care and God bless you. 🙂 L

      1. I agree very much with you Lydka that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca all have beautiful voices which are different and each brings so much to the songs they sing together. Listening to how Gianluca starts most songs and sometimes finishes some songs, he is amazing and I feel the same way every time I hear Ignazio and Piero and of course, together they are wonderful also. From watching the videos from Florence, I also thought E lucevan le stelle and No puede ser were the best Piero has ever done and Il Volos’s Nessun Dorma was beautiful. I have gone back to watch some of the videos The Three Tenors sang in 1990 and then listened to Il Volo singing the same songs and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were spectacular and did themselves proud. I am anxiously awaiting the DVD and CD.

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