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(Translated by Bing – Marie)

This is a video made by a friend of mine in Florence.

I really like
this group and the whole crew.

Earlier from Daniela:

This was Queuing to get in the Arena since the afternoon in Florence.


While thus had reduced the boys (Ignatius) when they wanted to leave the hotel, all the fans were following them, blocked traffic, note the Torpedine and Barbara as guardian angels.

They couldn’t even do one step poor boys.



This is a very meaningful hug of Florence.


Italian Flag Daniela

Coming soon:  a translated 2013 radio interview.  Too cute!

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  1. Thank you, Daniela for another wonderful view of that wonderful song!

    That last photo shows so much happiness that it moves me. Look at Gianluca’s face.  It’s the same innocent smile and all consuming joy look he has had since I first laid eyes on that sweet, sweet face. I am so happy that he doesn’t belong to me!! I would have to stand in front of him all day, every day. No one would ever get near him.  I would protect that sweetheart with my life.  But..I’m not there and I’ll bet he’s even happier about that than I am.

      1. Sorry , in a hurry I shared all the facebook and not only video and now I cannot correct the error . The video found under a little more because it was published yesterday .

  2. The magic and magnetism follows wherever they go. Just look at the happiness they give the world. It’s a lot more than their extraordinary voices. These young men are so very special in so many ways form their inter core out. From the smiling faces on the streets to the concert halls to someone ridding along in their car listing to a Il Volo CD. Happy faces and hearts full of love They are Blessed and so are all of us,Who Share the Love. Bravo! Guys.

  3. Daniela, We are lucky to have you with us. It looks like they have stormed Italy as well as thr U.S. Joanie G

    1. You have to know Joan that day in Verona traffic was on tilt , outside the hotel there were many fans and Piero looked to the balcony in the evening to say ” goodnight ” and in the morning ( the fans were still there ) and Piero overlooked he said ” good morning ” .

  4. Daniela , Thank you so much for posting these fabulous videos they are really the best on Youtube. The faces and interaction of the boys with themselves and Placido Domingo is something to treasure. They must have been so nervous, but their happiness and professionalism shows through. I cannot wait for the dvd, and hope that this spontaneity has been captured, and not erased. Thank you again

    1. Marion Believe me , it’s already been a month since that night in Florence and also I continue to relate to those moments , what I like a lot more than their skill , it’s just their way of encouragement , they are very tender .

  5. Daniela, I didn’t get a chance to see your video this morning before posting my first post.I just watched the video and I’m very moved by the feeling and hearI Il Volo does with this beautiful piece of music “spectacular”, it brought me to tears, thank you for the sharing

    1. It ‘s true Vincent , this is the effect they do to their listeners , emotion , so much emotion .

  6. Daniela, thank you for all your contributions! And MARIE, I say Amen, to your post!! They are all so sweet, but I can close my eyes and see Gianluca when I Sai to him, “I thought I’d never get to see you in person”!!! Sweet!♡♡♡

    1. Dorothy believe me , I’m so sorry for not being able to get the thrill of Gianluca at the end of the concert , we all know what he’s sensitive and emotional .

  7. When the Il Volo boys are taking their turn to sing in Florence I am so taken by Ignazio’s supporting actions to each of his partners where he touches or nods his incouragment. He is so special & caring in my eyes he can do wrong, I love him so much

    1. Loretta , you know well that my favorite is Ignatius , and I must say it was wonderful to see how he encouraged others , that night seemed the safest , an anchor in the sea .
      Today I saw a photograph in which he is so beautiful it takes your breath away , too bad I can not show it .

      1. Daniela I said below I made a mistake by leaving the no out of what I said HE CAN DO NO WRONG that is what I meant to say in case you misunderstood. Of course he can do NO wrong
        Anyway if I give you my email address can you send me a copy of the picture I would love to see it.

  8. Excuse me if all this morning I could not post the video in the comments that I wanted to share with you . Now I was able to let me send to my friend Federica and I will send , I repeat , is the Nessun Dorma repeated at the end of the concert , we see the strong emotion of the boys , especially Gianluca who is moved . Good vision.

    1. Daniela, Sadly, the video cannot be embedded. It also says to watch on Facebook but I have so far had no luck finding it. Thank you very much for trying to share it with us.

      1. I thought I could share it with you , if I crush on ” watch on facebook ,” I see him , do not you ??? I also did a test delivery to my Italian friend and she sees him . Too bad , I’m sorry .

  9. That’s ok, Daniela. We are lucky to transfer as much as we do. Especially for as many hands as it sometimes has to go through to get onto this site. Thank you.

      1. Hi Daniela,
        for us it is just the night and I shall withdraw from YouTube your great videos and produce the DVD.
        I know how it is to make a video in such excellent quality and congratulations a large number of views!
        It is excellent that since is their friend Placido Domingo,which is not only an opera singer highest quality,but also a great man who boys very helpful.
        And your chance to see concert in Verona on May 2017 – this is a dream (in my homeland everything is blooming – May is time of love).I wish you to get a kiss from ( ???).
        And by the way -Giampiero´s photo with you together looks very good!
        Cheerio Z.

      2. Thanks Zdena .
        Also I really like May, the month of roses and love , also is also my birthday .
        I must confirm that Giampiero Grains is really friendly and I must also tell you more beautiful than the presence and photos .

  10. Thank you Daniela for sharing the video and lovely photo of them hugging each other. Love hearing them sing this song and seeing their smiling faces looking so happy and with their arms and hearts outstretched to the audience! Hopefully we will see the encore of “Nessun dorma”. It looks like it will be on the CD’s and DVD to be released the end of September.

    1. We hope that filming be left entirely because often are cut round the edges but it is nice to see .

  11. Thank you Daniela for your posts.
    There never has nor will there ever be another Gianluca, Piero or Ignazio. They are truly gifts to all of us. My hope is that those who not aware of them find them and get to know the love, the elegance in the bodies and souls of these truly special young men. I listen and watch and my heart beats with love for them. 💓

    1. Rose Marie , you know the thing that amazes me about them is that of little children were very sweet but over the years have kept this wonderful gift.

      1. Daniela, They have not changed except to grow into sweet young men. This gift they have been given will last them all of their lives. I can’t wait to see them as husbands and fathers. Can you imagine when Ignazio (sorry Marie) holds his first born child? Or Gianluca, my goodness. Piero will burst into song. God love them all.

  12. Thank you Daniela for the video and photos. I always look forward to your posts. You are like an insider because you live in Italy and can give us a different look at news about Il Volo.

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