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Good Morning from Taormina, Sicily!



The Italian – Sicilian – American Page

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The Italian – Sicilian – American Page 

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Can pasta keep you trim? A series of new studies suggest it’s not your scale’s enemy after all……/fo…/pasta-makes-you-lose-weight/

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This article, written by Oliver Moody, appears on The Times. Pasta makes you slim, say (Italian) scientists First it was butter and saturated fats. Now, as the great…

The Italian – Sicilian – American Page 

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L’Italo-Americano Newspaper
Life is not worth living if I cannot have pasta or bread again – Monica Seles
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Lasagne alla Bolognese, the most copied dish in the world – I Love Italian Food ~
Among all the fake Italian dishes abroad, lasagne is surely the most distorted and furthest away from the authentic recipe. Therefore, it should be…



Save Venice, Inc. has been making a lasting impact with conservation efforts

Gelato is not ice cream! Gelato has less fat than ice cream because it’s made with more milk than cream. Gelato is slowly churned making it denser and very flavorful.
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Beautiful Trevi Fountain by night, Rome – Italy

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  1. Now, I want to go to Italy even more! Did I read somewhere that our Piero is allergic to garlic? If so, how did he survive and become his hunky self in Sicily? THANKS, Anne, for this informative post!! I’m seeking gelato, but is now common in this area of Texas….but it will!!! Ciao!

    1. Dorothy, not only is Piero allergic to garlic but he is also allergic to onions, Dairy products and PORK!. So that means no cheese or gelato!!! No sausage pizza! No Prosciutto!!! How on Italy does he survive? I know he loooves a particular pasta dish that has what looks like cherry tomatoes on it but I am wondering what else he manages to nourish himself as a true Italian!

      I wonder if he likes dill pickles, Us pirates LOVE pickles 🙂

  2. Thankyou, Ann! A fun, fun post!!! Love all the photos, the jokes! I don’t cook any more but all the recipes looked wonderful! Grande Amore a tutti!!

  3. Thank you so much Ann I can’t pronounce the dishes that I have seen but I sure wouold like to try them they look delicious

  4. I think Piero is allergic to a lot of things, like a dusty carpet in a hotel in germany.Joanie G

  5. News
    Notte Magica – A tribute To the Three Tenors” with a special appearance by Placido Domingo, outgoing worldwide on September 30 – and already available in preorder on iTunes and Amazon from August 12. With the booking of the disc you will be entitled to immediate download of the famous song “Nessun Dorma”. The video of “Nessun Dorma”, extracted from the DVD, will be online on Vevo always from 12 August.

      1. No concert in September, only releasing of new CD and Dvd and promotional activities. You can only in advance buy on iTunes and Amazon from August 12 the Cd Una notte magica. Article is about new Cd, Italian concerts and some news around it.

      2. To explain : Una notte magica, A tribute To the Three Tenors” with a special appearance by Placido Domingo outgoing worldwide on September 30, so it means that this is a worldwide release of the album on this day. 🙂 I am late with answers on your questions. I’m sorry but I could not answer sooner.

      3. Oh Lydka I appreciate you taking the time to answer me at all. thank you I was afraid \i was missing a concert that they were performing for the blog

  6. News Il Volo Tour 2017 ( source )
    TicketOne open tomorrow, Thursday, August 4, at 16:00 the pre-sales of the Italian tour that will feature the three singers from the month of May.
    These are the first announced dates, which are in addition to the appointment of May :19 May Arena di Verona:
    5 MayTORINO – Pala Alpitour
    6 May BOLOGNA – Unipol Arena
    9 May MILANO – Mediolanum Forum
    12 May ROMA – PalaLottomatica
    For info and tickets:
    RTL 102.5 is the Official Media Partner of the Tour

      1. Is there a concert to our fan club???? If there is I never heard about it at all & where it is

      1. Officially they announced only dates for concerts in Italy. Pre-sale is for those, who have Il Volo Official Fan card and only for Italian concerts. Concerts in the United States have not been notified, you have to wait. All informations about concerts are valid only for Italy.

  7. Thank you for all the interesting info. Fun stuff but, making me so hungry right now.

  8. Hello Lydka, Previously I had read that the guy’s were starting a promotional tour of various countries at the end of September 2016.I think it was Gianluca who said that.
    Now, on another website I have just read that the promotional tour will probably start in March of 2017. Have you heard anything about that? I should imagine Gianluca would be the correct one!
    Thank you for all the great information we get from you 💕

    1. Jill, it is not clear if the promotional tour or the tour will start in this month ( March), Gianluca told previously that after releasing of new CD they will make promotional tour in Europe, America and Asia and it will be in autumn 2016, I think that maybe in March they will have concerts in America. We have to waiting for more information.

  9. kELLY am I missing the Il volo concert?? I never heard of a concert for this fan club is this right and I have been trying to get through to Ticketmaster with no success because of the stupid recording that only asks one question. Do you know what theatre they will be playing at?? Y what State?? Please answer, thanks

    1. Loretta, the dates released were ONLY FOR ITALY next May. NOT North America.
      If they do a tour here we don’t have the information yet.

    2. Loretta , maybe you have not realized , the dates are those that reported Lydka you ., For those with a card registration to the official fan club pre sales are opened one day before so that you have the ability to access and choose your seat before ‘ official opening . It is not a concert for the fan club but only the opportunity to purchase tickets before . Usually subscribers a message arrives in the mail where there is a code that is posted on ticketone and gives the opportunity to buy two tickets . I have the card but this time is not received any email .

  10. Hello Ann , that beautiful images , Taormina is really beautiful , as well as the Trevi Fountain and the Rialto Bridge in Venice, also the photographs of the foods were so beautiful that you made me hungry but here now it’s time to go to sleep .

  11. As for the concerts , the dates were released today and are increasing. I have already received my tickets for May 19, 2017 at the Arena di Verona .

  12. Thank you Ann. More reasons to love Italy and its people. Thank you also Lydka for the information on the release of “Una Notte Magica”. Looking forward to getting the CD’s and DVD.

  13. How do you get an “Official fan club registration”? And what info does it ask for?
    I printed the Flight Crew card from the
    website. Is that the “official” card?

      1. Gale, we are talking about two separate things here. You are a treasured member of the Flight Crew. The badge is icing on the cake.

        Lydka is talking about the Official Site membership you must purchase in order to buy merchandise from that site.

        We only sell love here! And it’s free except for the occasional smile, laugh or tear.

      2. Marie , I answered Gale, because she was asking about “Official fan club registration”. Personally, I like to be here, because think that share our love, thoughts and feelings for free is the best way to be the true fan. :-)True fan feels love in his / her heart and does not need a confirmation in the form of card ! If you are loving Il Volo fan, you don’t need the membership in official community, the forum, to buy fan card… you need just honestly love their music, songs, voices, personalities… <3 Generally in life, everything we do with joy, love, passion, enthusiasm, personal captivation , but without expecting anything back, is the most sincere way of expression of our personality and soul. Good things will come back to us in a (maybe) different form , but at the right time and right manner, and mostly when you least expect it. The real treasures in life cannot be expressed in language of money and numbers. These treasures we find in the human hearts and souls. 🙂

  14. Thank you Marie and Lydka for the info. I love your
    term Marie to be “a treasured member of the Flight
    Crew.” I want to read everything I can about our
    beloved “IL VOLO.” It just sounded like there was
    more info out there that I might be missing. Everything
    they sing and do is of great interest to me. I will be
    looking forward to seeing where they will be doing
    their promoting for the latest CD and DVD. I pray
    it might be close enough to attend.

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