A Different Sort of Flashback ~ Marie

What I’m about to tell you I told to the ladies at a luncheon in Las Vegas.  They thought I should tell all of you.

On the day my story below was published, 2 years ago today,  I was away from home until 5 o’clock.  I walked in and turned on my computer first thing,  of course.  I went to my email and it was moving!  I could see it was just kind of rolling.  Oh No, computer problems!  I looked closer at it and I could see they were twitter notifications of this story being passed around.  My email moved so fast for a while I could only see the countries names. I could see it passed around by a German fan group then go to Australia, to Hawaii, to Portugal, etc. This lasted for over 2 hours!  It was even “liked” by a group who leads explorations into the northern arctic. They were reading my story via satellite.

As thrilling a ride as that was, it paled in comparison to what I actually wrote about….

Marie’s Excellent Adventure ~ Piero ~ The Final Chapter

You know, the whole day before your life changes forever, it’s just an ordinary day.

Here is what started that next day (Grab a cup of tea. Pull up a chair. This is going to take a while.)

After seeing that hotel room view (Chap. 3) and thinking there was a possibility that The Boys really were just above me, I noticed the gym was merely 10 steps from my door. I took that as an omen. I know the Boys work out mornings. I got up at 6:30 a.m., threw on a t-shirt, sweat shorts and tennis shoes (no makeup – hair, well bad) and headed for the gym. No one there – Left.

7:00 – no one in the gym.
7:30 – no one in the gym.
8:00 – Two guys in the corner. Neither looked familiar.

I figured The Boys took off the night before if they were ever really there at all. I had been either sitting in a car or sitting at a concert for the better part of two weeks. At home I walk everyday. I was stiff and crampy so I hopped on a treadmill. Within five minutes someone jumped on the one beside mine. IT WAS PIERO!

Even writing that made my heart thump!

I took a deep breath and wondered why, since the place was almost empty and there were plenty of machines, he hopped on one less than six inches away. I vowed not to do a fan thing and just kept walking. He immediately said, I see you. I said, “Yeah? Well, I saw you too.” He laughed. I made Piero laugh! I will never forget that exchange! At this point I was walking to the pace of, “Oh Boy, Oh Boy, pause. Oh Boy, Oh Boy.”

Later, when I got back to my room I immediately wrote down everything I could remember. Michele made me run it all by her, word for word, in case I remembered more. Thanks Michele! I wrote a few more notes on a couple of envelopes in my purse in the car.

Here’s what I remember:

I told him I enjoyed the concert last night. He must have been in a chatty mood ’cause he kept talking. He asked what my favorite part of the concert was. I told him “everything” (my momma didn’t raise no fool!). I did say that I really liked the solo’s and the new Caruso arrangement. I asked him what his favorite part was. He said the big orchestra and the really nice indoor theater. He asked what I didn’t like. I told him the only thing I didn’t like was not being able to take pictures. He said that it was not their request, it was a rule of the theater. I asked him what he didn’t like. He honestly told me a few things. Think I’ll keep them to myself.

I had an easier time remaining sane then you might think. My nervous energy was lessened by the fact that I was on a treadmill the entire time. However, about this time I had a thought – “I can’t believe you’re walking beside me talking like a normal person when last night 4,000 people were screaming your name.” That made me pretty nervous and I tried not to think those thoughts again!

I asked him if there were sound problems last night. I said I thought I saw Ignazio giving hand signals to the sound guy. He agreed and said that it was only in the beginning of the show though.

I told him I thought I saw him drinking more water than usual during the performance. He said, “Not really. When I do this a lot. I need much water.” It’s hard to describe what he did, but he opened his mouth and made a hard whooshing sound out of his mouth and nose at the same time. I don’t think the average person could do this with such amazing force! He showed me this several times in a row. I said that I could see how it would make his mouth and throat dry. He said it did. He then told me that his solo “No Puede Ser” was the hardest song he ever sang.

Piero said he was glad they had two days off and could get some “good sleep.” I told him I thought his voice was sounding a little tired this morning. He said,No, I always sound like Barry White in the morning. Wouldn’t you love for me to say he serenaded me with a Barry White tune right then and there? He didn’t. Hey, a girl can only get so lucky and I was currently thanking my lucky stars, God, my parents, his parents, the treadmill manufacturer and everyone and everything within a hundred mile radius! All I said was, “that’s not a very bad thing, Piero.” He laughed again!

He asked how many concerts I had been to. I told him four. He asked which ones. I said Vienna, Virginia first. He said, “Oh yes, rain at first.” We talked a little about Sterling Heights and Elgin, but I don’t recall what was said. I know he talked about them being outdoors. I told him that last night was my last concert. He said he had 3 more concerts in the U.S. and Canada. I asked if he then would get to go home. He said no, they will leave the U.S. and go to… He has a heavy Italian accent you know and I had trouble understanding the word “Cannes.” At one point I said, “Canada?” He said, “No Cannes. Kah-inn-zzz.” I got it. I asked when he would get home. He said not until July 6th or 8th. I had another thought here.“I’m awake, right? No one is going to believe this. Not even me!”

He asked where I lived. I told him Ohio. He said, “I know Ohio,” but looked doubtful. I said, “You’ve been to Cleveland Ohio.” He said, “Oh Yes.” I could see the light go on in his eyes.

Keep in mind we were side by side this whole time. I’m still walking and he’s started some serious running. I wanted a brief full body view, so I slid back a little on the treadmill. My sneaker hit the side and made a squeaking noise. He grabbed my upper arm and said, be very careful.” I said, “Thank you. I can’t believe you’re running so fast and still talking.” He said, “I run like this every morning.”

I noted the timer on my treadmill said 30.58 minutes.

Piero soon stopped running and talking (darn). He got on some leg machine behind me. I was still walking and trying hard to remember every word of our conversation. Pretty soon I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked around and it was Piero. He said, Will you stop please? (WHAT?!!)  “Sure.” Of course, I couldn’t find the off switch and I pulled that plug people use to attach themselves to the machine (Michele is still laughing about that). He said,“Can I take a picture of your tattoo?” Ok, right then I thought I might get sick. He knew who I was! He could not have read the small tattoo on my ankle while I was walking on the treadmill! Now was my chance for proof of our meeting! I said, “Sure, if I can get my camera and take one of you.” He said, “sure”. He got down and took a couple of pictures. I flew to my room got my camera and called Michele.

When I returned he was back on the leg machine. He got up and asked me to join him in the picture. No make-up and dripping with sweat, I refused. He grabbed a barbel and posed for these:



After I took those two pictures do you know what he said? “Is that enough? What a man! Then I said, Piero, I’m with the Flight Crew.” He said, “I know.” (Oh yes he did!) I said, “then you know I will probably write about this.” He said, “Yes, certainly.”

I got back on the treadmill. Pretty soon, tap-tap again! (Swear to God!) This time I was sure he was going to invite me aboard that big black bus headed for Italy. I know there’s water. I would paddle! I pulled the plug (stop it Michele) and got down. He took my right hand in both of his and said, “I’m happy you enjoyed the concerts. I hope I see you again next year.” I said, “Oh, you will!”

He put his towel around his neck, picked up his water bottle and went out the door. I don’t know how long I stood there staring at the door wearing a t-shirt that I hoped was wet from sweat and not drool or tears.

My Dear Piero,

If by chance you’re reading this and I now think there’s a good chance you are, I tried to tell this as accurately as I could. I hope you agree.

You are not only in possession of one of the three greatest voices alive, but you are one of the nicest people I’ve met anywhere. You have surely raised my expectations of you. Next year and the year after that and ten years after that, after you receive much more deserved notoriety, I expect you to be as honest and real with as much kindness and grace as you showed me on that most unforgettable morning.


Yeah, the day before was so ordinary.

Update:  I have to add here that when I saw Piero at the hotel in Ft. Myers last March (2016) I asked if he remembered meeting me.  He told me he did. I must have had a “yeah…sure” look on my face. So he told me the year, that it was in a hotel exercise room and that I had Il Volo tattooed on my ankle.  He just couldn’t remember the name of the city.  What a memory!  Especially since he has probably met about a million people since then.  Gotta love that guy!

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  1. Marie, what a wonderful flashback. That day stays etched in your mind and heart forever. I love your words at the end of your Dear Piero note…to be as honest and real with as much kindness and grace as you showed me. That sums up the essence of this exceptional young man.

      1. Well, I hope the day comes for my lucky shoes! I have not been to a M&G yet. I so wish to meet them in person.

  2. Marie, I love this tale, I remember reading it lots of times originally, and it is still lovely to read now. What a guy Piero is.
    I was lucky enough to win the chatty buzz auction last year and meet the guys in Vienna at a
    Ramon Vargas evening, just me and my husband Graham. Wonderful evening!
    This then led to a meet and greet in Palermo in August. I am so lucky.
    I was then able to do meet and greets at the concerts in Europe this year and they all 3 remembered meeting us in Vienna. Amazing ! as you say they must meet millions of people.
    It shows how truly unique and wonderful these guys are, they take the trouble to remember their fans. They are also the loveliest guys to talk to, I just wish my brain didn’t turn to mush in their presence.
    Your words at the end are great too, thank you

  3. Great memories. I remember parts of it from your original postings. So hard to believe all this time has passed and all of them are entwined in our hearts as firmly as at the beginning. Thanks for the “fresh” memories.

    1. Marie, thanks for reprinting that, It’s such a treat to read it again. It’s great to know that he is not “just a pretty face,” but a genuine nice guy.

      1. You know Mary, I wonder how he can remain the same Piero that he was in my story and even the year before that when he jumped into that cab with you and I. Let’s face it…he and the other two are famous. They can have anything they want, go anywhere they want and still He/they remain the same. I chuckled when I reread where I said “..4,000 people were screaming your name” two years later it’s more like 20,000 people screaming his name. You Go Guys! 👏

  4. Oh, Marie! Such sweet memories! Your ability to speak in his presence is a wonder to me! My one encounter with Piero was a really good hug, and the only thing I could say was,”where’s you’re Papa? I had spoken to Eleonora, Caterina, and Barbara, but missed Gaetano! Piero said, “I don’t know” then someone prided me away and sent me to Ignazio , which was not all that bad ( as you know)! Hope when I meet them again. I will have regained my sanity and will actually be able to make conversation! As we were leaving the Theater, Gaetano opened the door for V us! We thanked him for coming…he’s really nice too!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  5. Yes, Marie, that day in Detroit when we were lucky enough to encounter them behind the theater was a very special time. When I met them again at the Mall of America I had the picture of being in the cab with Piero and asked him to sign it—he looked at it and said, “Oh, yes, Detroit.” I couldn’t believe that he remembered that. He is truly an amazing guy.

    1. In my whole life I will never shake as many hands as they do in a year. Yet, Piero remembers. Amazing!

      I think I’ve said this before, but Piero always remembers me. Gianluca looks at me like he should know who I am. Ignazio looks at me like he has never seen my face before in his life. Sigh.

      1. Marie, if you are going to see HIM again at a M&G you must plan something outstanding that will etch your face in his memory….start thinking about it. (scary…..)

  6. Marie, what a wonderful memory, thanks so much for posting. i had not read the original posting so thoroughly enjoyed reading of your experience of meeting Piero. I guess it pays to rise early !!!

  7. Marie, I’ve read this over and over. You make me feel as if I had been there with you. Such sweet memories for you. It’s good to know that he remembers my home town of Cleveland. I turned to mush at both Meet n Greets I have attended. Next time no one and nothing will stop me from actually conversing with them. The first time I told Piero I liked his t-shirt, no idea where that thought came from. Second time I told Ignazio he was a bad boy, whaaat was that about, I have no idea. It was about his fall in Tampa, I think, who knows. No problem with Gianluca though, he is so happy to see you and embraces you quickly so you don’t have time to say something stupid.
    Again, thanks for the memories!

  8. What a wonderful story, how you stayed so cool, calm and collected is amazing, you should have had your photo taken just for you! Have only been to one concert (San Antonio, Tx) hope they come to this area again, I will definetly go! Thank you Marie

  9. Marie, I would have melted on that tread mill. In Las Vegas I wanted to find the gym . as you said they usually work out in the morning. My friend opted out. However. I met Gaetano in the casino and Piero hugged me and blew me a kiss at the fan faire. I am soooo envious of your encounter. Joanie G

  10. Hi Marie I loved reading your story again it makes me feel really good inside. the The first time I read your articles 2 years ago I felt like I was walking on air and the pictures you took are so great. What a nice memory to bring back thank you.

  11. Marie some of us might have missed this story before but now that I have how about sharing the picture of your TATTOO.

  12. Oh Marie, I love this story soooooooomuuuuuccccccchhhhh!. You leave this pirate just gobsmacked by your great fortune to not only see Piero again but to actually have a REAL conversation. I know I would give about anything to make Piero laugh. Or hear his Barry White voice in the morning.. Sadly it won’t be me. In the meantime I am just so happy that our beautiful guys came along when they did in OUR lifetime. Thanks again Marie, you are amazing.

  13. Oh Marie, love that you shared your story again!! I was at Fan Faire & three Concerts & my brain still turns to mush when I see them!!! I had my walker so would you believe I did not hug them at all!!! I have pics at the Dolby where Piero is firmly holding me against him, have no clue as to what I said or what they said!!! At San Jose my son was amazed that Gianluca said, “So nice to see you again”. No idea what I replied! Again you have beautiful Piero memories to cherish!!

  14. Oh Marie, what a story! I remember when I first read it back then I thought you are the luckiest person around, and I should make every effort to join you at some concert. They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot, but whoever made that up hasn’t met you!

  15. Marie, thanks for sharing this story once again. You are so lucky indeed. I was just going through my pictures during the Las Vegas Fan FAIRE and how thrilled I was on meeting so many of you. Seeing Gianluca in the casino taking selfies with three fans. Meeting them before the concert. Me showing Gianluca the picture of my bday cake with them as the inspiration of the day and him saying “Bella”. I will never be as lucky as you but just being in the same room with them is amazing. I hope you wonderful people are doing well. Miss you all. By the way guys, I’m so excited that any day, my third great grandson, Markus Anthony Morris, will be making his debut. I will keep you posted.

  16. Marie , how nice your meeting with Piero , I had already read your story , in fact when I presented myself to the group , I said I knew the tattoo and I was referring to your own tattoo on the ankle. Piero is really very sweet and kind and as I got to say it’s great that all three have maintained over time that their quality of kindness and helpfulness . Marie , I wanted to be in your shoes , definitely the heart would have had a strong emotion .

  17. Marie, what a wonderful story. I have only been with the flight crew for 18 month’s, so have not heard it before. You are an excellent writer! Now, if that were me on the treadmill and he started talking to me, I probably would have gone flying off the back of it!
    The rest of the conversation would have been like a scene from an ” I love Lucy re-run”!
    Do you think it would have gone differently if it had been Ignazio there with you? Maybe you woul have been a little more nervous?
    You are a lucky,lucky woman!

  18. Marie, I was green with envy when I first read your story two years ago. Meeting Piero and having a regular conversation with him! And you know what? I am still green with envy as I read your story the second time. Lucky, lucky, you.

  19. Marie , can not believe it , I’m done now to read an article just posted on an Italian site of IL VOLO I follow . It ‘ was released two hours ago but carried a report of a year ago whose title ” THE POWER OF MUSIC AND IL VOLO ” wonderful article , I also read all the comments really adorable and the last comment is your !!!

  20. Marie: I did not read your original posting of this great meeting with Piero. It is something I am sure you will never forget and I was getting goosebumps from reading it. But as someone said, what would you do if it was Ignazio???? Would your treadmill go up in flames?? Or would you have invited him back to your room for BREAKAST or a SMOOTHIE or—You always make me smile and most times, make me laugh out loud!! I hope you have many more experiences with these wonderful guys that we love so much!!

  21. Hello Marie:
    I read your original writing and thought it was
    just great. You had Piero all to yourself he
    talked to you like an old friend. His memory
    is unbelievable knowing how many people
    he meets each year. You really made an
    impression on him just being yourself. I am
    sure he appreciated talking to someone who
    had been to their concert and was able to
    speak from the heart of what their singing meant
    to them. Thank you for just being yourself in
    the presence of royalty. This may not be your
    last time as you attend many of their concerts.
    Love you.

  22. I have been following Flight Crew only 5 months and this is the first time reading of your experience meeting Piero. I too am green with envy! And to have him all to yourself in a regular conversation would be a dream come true! Thanks for reposting your piece.

  23. I can’t believe how many of you remember this story from the initial posting! We have been together a long time now watching these three magnificent young men grow and prosper.  I am so grateful for all of you and so lucky to have taken this journey with you and our Boys.

    And…a big Thank You to those of you who read it for the first time. So happy you jumped on board!

    1. I have been with you a little over one year Marie. I follow a few groups and have made friends on Facebook with quite a few Ilvolovers.
      But your blog and contributors are the best. I love reading posts and comments on The Flight Crew of which I am thrilled to be a member. The memory you shared with us in Vegas and here is a once in a lifetime experience. We are all green with envy but thrilled for you. As long as it was Pieroo, I’m ok. If it would have been my man Ignazio – I can’t say what I would have done. Love you all.

    2. Marie,very beautiful story (also on repeated reading) , you are fortunate, only continue in collecting these experiences with boys. 🙂

  24. Loved reading this story again MArie. You were in the right place at the right time! Amazed that you were able to have such a great conversation with Piero and to keep your wits about you. And how wonderful that he finds you unforgettable! Considering how many people he sees and meets, it is remarkable.

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