“LOVE” by John from CT (pulled from comments)

Love” is a very powerful word. It has many different meanings to just as many different people. It has many shades and provokes a world of intense feelings. Do I “Love” the guys? Yes I do. In several ways.

Some of us on this site “love” the guys in a very personal, physical, romantic way (cough cough Marie cough cough)….. For me, there’s an “aspirational” love, as in wow, would I have loved to be any one of these three when I was 22 years old. At their current ages, I was taking accounting classes in college and working part-time as a supervisor in a department store. For comparison:


Watch Gianluca singing “Anema e core” on the Pompeii video – when he sang that song at my concert in Connecticut all the women around me looked like they were going to dissolve into their seat cushions in ecstasy. This quintessential crooner and heartthrob is able to do this time after time, with such incredible ease and emotion – what man would not want to be in his shoes?


Look at Ignazio kicking the ball on the soccer field or belting out the high notes at the piano while everyone in the audience is hanging on his every word in astonishment. A charmer supreme – sometimes goofy, sometimes “hunky”, always giving you the sensation that it just would be so much FUN to be hanging out with him – who would not want to be in his place?


And then there’s Piero, the ultimate polished, sophisticated professional – an Italian James Bond with an operatic voice that keeps his fans in awe. Google “2016 Maserati GT”. Imagine him standing beside that car and announcing “I am Piero Barone and I drive a Maserati. You should too.” I would sell my house and run to nearest dealer because I too, would want to be just like Piero.

We all share a deep “love” for their humanity. Their humility. Their love of family, friends, and fans. Their interactions with children and with those less fortunate than they are; it never seems staged for a photo-op; it just comes across as so genuine and meaningful because it truly is. Their desire to share their love for their unique style of music with the rest of us. Yes, they zip around the world from one exotic location to another, screaming fans in adoration, bringing people to tears with their songs – both tears of joy and of sentimental sadness. But it’s a lot of hard work. It’s tiring. They are at the mercy of their schedules, their deadlines, their tour promoters, and their desire for perfection. They are away from home for months at a time. It really is a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to comprehend. And we “love” them for it.



And finally, we all “love” their talent. Their voices, their recordings, their concerts, their ability to make the words and notes just fly out of their mouths with such force and emotion that they leave us speechless. Time after time. Performance after performance. Year after year. They’ve shared their love with all of us; and for that, we have to love them back. Forever.

– John

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  1. Well said John !! I love the fact that you being a man, you “get it”. It being all the types of love & adoration & pride we have in these 3 guys ! Or as I like to call them “my boys” !!

  2. John, I had to reprint this. You are so on target with each description. No matter what kind of love you attach to Our Boys it is still pure love.

  3. John you hit the nail on the head & I am so glad that a man understands us mostly women & you see what we already know & have been applauding those gorgeous young men for years. Viva Il Volo

  4. Beautifully said John! I think we sometimes forget the sacrifice involved even though their lives are so exciting and they obviously love what they do. How can we not love and care for them and want only the best for them?

  5. Wonderful post, John!!! You have said it all!!! They work hard & all appears effortless in the Concerts!!! We just love them for the precious young men they are!!!

  6. Thanks for the lovely post. I just e-mailed Marie a picture of my long time “love” John Wayne. Waited for his call for years. I was young then.
    When I “met’ the boys I was a grey haired lady. So my love for the boys is a protective type. The music is what takes me back to my ‘young and foolish’ days.

  7. John had already ‘ read this your beautiful post and now rereading I appreciated even more . You had some beautiful words and are still the most beautiful spoken by a man . I must tell you that in Italy we begin to find many appreciative comments from men . Our boys enchant everyone . Congratulations John .

  8. John this is just wonderful. You have a lovely way of putting your thoughts into words. Everything you have said is so fitting and true. I love the idea of an Italian James Bond for Piero!!

  9. You’ve said it very well, John. That there are many kinds of love. And you have explained them very well. I think that my love for Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio fits into almost all of these “categories”.

  10. John, As my friends here have written, coming from a man it means more than ever. You bring a different perspective to the love we all feel for our boys. Joanie G

  11. Thanks to all for your kind remarks. It is very easy to write like this when you feel so passionately about a particular topic (Il Volo). And it’s even easier when the intended audience is just as passionate (Flight Crew).

    And speaking about “love”, I have fallen in love with “Nessum Dorma”. I can’t wait for the new CD and video to come out. These guys never cease to amaze me.

    1. John , as you like Nessun Dorma , go to you tube and under my video of Nessun Dorma ( 40000 views can not believe it ) because you understand the Italian , all the comments read . Some are very bad but there are many women and even men (finally ) that defend IL VOLO . So you’re practicing with the Italian language . Enjoy the reading.

  12. John I have to tell you I burst out laughing when you named Piero the Italian James Bond. I became a serious James Bond fan back with the first movie, DR NO in 1962. so identifying Piero as such was just perfect for me. Actually you described each one perfectly. Well done! I enjoy your writing..

  13. To Daniela: Of the 40,000 views of your video, 36,592 of them were me watching that clip over and over. I am in the process of memorizing the lyrics in Italian. By the time the CD comes out, I’ll be able to sing the entire opera in the shower.

    To all the others: I am working on a couple of feature articles about Il Volo that I hope I will be able to post here in a couple of weeks. I hope you will find them enjoyable.

    1. John you made me laugh too , 36592 views are yours, I must tell you that I see you sing Nessun Dorma in Italian !! I hope you will soon end the articles for them to read .
      Meanwhile Gianluca Piero and Ignazio here in Italy are really to relaxing , there are a lot of photos of them with people who ” chasuble ” meets them .

  14. Thank you for this beautiful post !! You are spot on with your descriptions !!! Our boys are Grande Amore !!! To know them is to love them and we do with all of our hearts 💕💕

  15. John – Your descriptions are spot on, especially the one about hanging out with Ignazio. I would love to – never a dull moment!!

    I, too, love Nessun Dorma and was scouring the web two nights ago. I found it played on classical guitars (perfomed by (1) Scott Kritzer and (2) Dario Bitetti) and a rock version by Jeff Beck. All were amazing. Such beautiful music.

    I will look forward to your articles.

  16. John, and Marie for compiling, thank you! Magnificent, spot-on, Love-filled perceptions. Looking forward to the article you’re working on, too, John.

    Whoever chose the photos… Marie??! they are primo!

    It’s such a treat to have a moment to check in with you all, IL VOLO friends!

    Loving gratitude,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Thank you, my friend Marie! And thanks for continuing to invest so much energy and love in SharingTheLove on the Flight Crew. What you folks have created is LifeChanging, Fun, Precious, Sweet, and sometimes UproariouslyFunny!

        Big {{{hugs}}}

  17. John, you absolutely NAILED our feelings for the boys! You described them PERFECTLY! Thank you!

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