Compelled ~ Jane and Marie

When Ignazio shakes a hand and touches it to his forehead is that Ignazio or is it Italian?

When Piero opens his arms wide and invites all of us in for the sincerest of hugs, is that a Piero thing or merely another endearing Italian gesture?

When Gianluca’s eyes look to the side at the same time giving us a giant, heart wrenching grin, is it just his way or because he grew up in a small Italian village?

Italy!  Does it raise all its children to be humble, talented and beautiful?  Was Italy even there before The Three placed it in our hearts?  Was the food, culture and people always in existence or just newly amassed due to three of their warmest sons? 


Well…Jane and I have to know.  So we’re going to find out for ourselves!  We will be leaving mid October and returning (so our tickets say) early November.   In between we have plans to visit cities such as Venice, eat Italian food, Assisi, eat Italian food, Pompeii, eat Italian food, and eat pizza in Marsala.

We have to go partly because of the beautiful pictures you’ve shared with us and the amazing stories you have told.   Also because a love for that country has grown inside us through some pretty nice music and three pretty wonderful guys.  We are compelled to experience the food, embrace the landscape and stroll with the people.  In actuality we will probably eat too much food, get lost in the landscape and annoy the people.  But…we’re going anyway!   

Please wish us viaggio sicuro e felice.

~Jane & Marie

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  1. i wish you Buon Viaggio, Bon Voyage, Kalo Taxidi (Greek) and whatever else gets you to beautiful Italy.

  2. Happiest of travels to you both – except, can you squeeze another suitcase in your trunk? I won’t eat much – promise! But…l might wander off in search of Three People of Italian heritage cuz they have stolen my heart!! Have a really great time for sure!!

    1. Carol, you are welcome to come along in our trunk, but I will have to warn you that I will be very busy keeping an eye on my travel partner as she wanders off in search of Italy’s finest three, so I might not be able to find YOU if you wander off from us! 🙂

  3. Whooooeeeeee!!!!! You guys are gonna have such a great, great time!!!
    Enjoy and remember all of us back home!!

    1. Lynn, Whooooeeeeeee about sums it up! That is exactly how we feel. We WILL remember all of the crew back home!

  4. You will absolutely love it!! My husband and I have been to Italy 5 times (the last time to Sicily last October) and cannot get enough of it. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people and amazing food and you won’t want to come back. We have our next trip planned for May to see the guys in concert in Verona (we already have our tickets for the concert)!! Buon Viaggio.

      1. Thanks. We are very much looking forward to seeing the guys in concert in their home country!!!
        I know you are going to have a wonderful time in Italy and will love to hear all about it when you return.

      2. Jane & Maria How fabulous your going to love It…Got my tickets 8/6 for the Verona concert in May, can’t get enough of beautiful Verona. Hoping I can meet the others who are going, what fun


      3. Hello Dorothy , we become more and more, how nice it will be an evening full of meetings , music , emotions …. and photographs. Everything for IL VOLO.
        Tell me which places you in the Arena.

    1. Hello Mary M. in Verona will be the parterre in the third row , where you ‘ll be ? If you’re in the parterre it will be easy to see and greet you.

      1. I wonder how many Flight Crew will attend the Verona concert in May. I have 4th row Orchestra. Might be nice to try to connect w fellow Crew members there

      2. Mary M , what numbers ? Odd or even? My 35 and 37 are odd so I’m left looking at the stage.

        Susan , you’re very close , in the orchestra pit , wow .

        When will ‘ time we will have to make an appeal to the entire crew present , we have to take a picture together .

      3. Daniela and Susan, sounds like you both have great seats!! We are in Row 23, Seats 22 and 24. We would love to meet up and have a picture taken together!!

      4. Mary M , you’re right but I you and Susan are all in the parterre and then we can meet inside the Arena , I asked Sue where his place but has not yet responded. Between the steps and the parterre you can not ‘ meet, in the sense that you can’ see but not get close .

      5. We are in Orchestra, Row D, seats 12 and 14. On the aisle. I would love to meet for a foto.

      6. Of course Susan , we’re right next door , an opportunity to meet you and have a photo together .

      7. Dorothy , GRADINATA in what area ( A B C D E F G ) ? We will meet inside the Arena ( parterre and gradinata are separated ) , we will see you out before or after the concert .

      8. Hello I’ve been looking at the Verona map and Palace of the Grand Guard faces Piazza Bra and the arena on the westside, I think that would be a wonderful meeting spot say on the 18th…..

      9. Hello Dorothy , I think it’s a good idea , when we get closer to the date we should all agree on how to meet us.
        I think it will be a beautiful concert and a mythical meeting .

      10. Daniela, that’s a plan, I saw the September concert that was totally AWESOME–and that was from the upper level, but still spectacular. Was back in June for an opera. Beautiful Can’t wait to get back….

  5. Best wishes for a wonderful trip. Italy is a beautiful country and welcomes one with such grace and a joy for living, just as “the boys” welcome all their fans to their concerts. I do not know if you know the site “Dream of Italy”, but there you can find plenty of info on the areas you will be visiting. Have a great time, and travel with an expandable suitcase, for all the goodies you will want to bring back !!!!

    1. Oh, Marion and Mary. I am beside myself with anticipation.

      I’m afraid, Marion that most of the goodies won’t be in my suitcase. I will have eaten them all.

      1. Marie, then expandable clothing as well. LOL !! Perhaps 3 extra cases big enough for 3 people, you know whom I mean !!!

  6. This will be a wonderful trip. The people are nice, food excellent an the landscape beautiful. Enjoy every mi ute

  7. Envy is a sin so I have to be nice and wish you ladies a great time.
    Italians are known for being romantic so here are some phrases you might need.
    I love you. – Ti amo.
    You are beautiful. – Sei bella.
    You are handsome. – Sei bello.
    Would you like to go out with me? – Vorresti uscire con me?
    Would you like to have dinner with me? – Vorresti cenare con me?
    You have beautiful eyes. – Hai degli occhi bellissimi.
    Will you marry me? – Mi vuoi sposare?

      1. I heard that Marie!!
        These are all the phrases we need to know!! Get studying Marie!!

  8. Dear Marie and Jane! As I read your post I was overcome with “feelings”!!! I cannot tell a lie…my first one was ENVY, yes I know! The next one was gratitude, because I know what great “stories” you two will have to tell when you return! And leave out no details!! My next feeling was HOPE, that you will encounter the three greatest sights in Italy and Sicily! You know who! The whole il Volovers community will be with you in spirit!! Vaya con Dios! From Texas!!

      1. If within reason, I know Marie will “happen upon” them!! She has bird dog instincts!!

      1. Okay, I’m back….No, I’m not insanely jealous, I am NOT green with envy, I am not crying because I’m too old to do this….It’s not my fault that I have these feelings….I was an only child–it’s all my parents fault that it’s me, me, me!!
        Seriously, of course I am thrilled that two of my very best friends can have this adventure together–Now I’ve got to get a kleenex and a glass of wine.

      2. …. And I do not speak English … but we also understand , we will speak the language of VOLO : simplicity, friendship , brotherhood.

  9. That is good news , Marie , Jane , we must arrange a meeting , it would be great to know you , I hope you will be ‘ possible. Italy is waiting for you !!

  10. I am excited for you! I know you will love Italy. I have had the pleasure of visiting Italy 3 times, from Lake Como in the north to Taoromina and Siracusa in Scicily.
    A beautiful country, full of history and breathtaking sights. Food is not bad either!
    Have a wonderful time and look forward to all your stories.

  11. What, you are very brave , you have a visit scheduled from northern to southern Italy . I must tell you that the described attitudes are typical Italian but also tell you that Italy is very varied , the foods are different from region to region , definitely the food and the warmth of Southern Italy people are priceless . I’m from Brescia , in northern Italy , but my husband is a native of Palermo , Sicily .
    …… The Sicilian charm ….
    In these days it would be nice to visit Taormina. On facebook there are lots of photos of fans with Piero and Ignazio . Have you seen the lunch photograph that have been doing all along ? There were Piero with his brother and sister and Ignatius with Alessandra , this proves that the friendship between the boys IL VOLO is not only advertising but it is reality.

  12. Marie and Jane, OMG! I can’t believe you two are going to Italy. I want you to know that my spirit is in your luggage. If you get to Naro, bring back some air from there. Piero will have breathed it. Joanie G

  13. Marie and Jane, have a great trip! Hope you can duplicate your earlier successes when you get to Marsala and stop for pizza we-know-where! I sense another couple of wonderful posts coming in November or thereabouts!

  14. Wowwwww!! I was COMPELLED to read this post upon awakening. Marie, Jane… so incredible! You can’t possibly be in Italia without 3 certain beloveds! I’m sure as soon as they hear you’re having pizza in Marsala, they’ll take a private jet to join you for dessert! 💕

    And knowing your amazing knack, Marie and Jane, this IS possible! 😊 And we count on hearing all about it!

    This is some level of dedication… going “on assignment”. As if someone had to twist your arms. 😉

    Love & awe,

      1. No, no, no, Marie! Enjoying yourselves is the Key to the Assignment!
        If you didn’t enjoy yourselves, why would we want to read about all your adventures?! 😉

        I have a feeling you’ll be partying every day in preparation for your trip! 🎉

        And I say, have at it! And be sure to dance a few for me!

        Love ya,

  15. Marie and Jane, how wonderful! Italy is Sooo beautiful! Italians are wonderful and loving people! The three we know the best are very good ambassadors for their country!
    You will LOVE Assisi!
    Safe travels! Please post LOTS of photos!!
    Ifs you DO manage to bring back the three we know best, if you get in trouble, we will have your back!!!😄😄😄

  16. Marie and Jane, you are two lucky ducks! I am excited for you, and how nice that you will see our friend Daniela.Marie, I was thinking if you do end up in jail, maybe we should leave you in there for at least 24hours before we bail you out, because how bad could the food be?

  17. Marie and Jane. I am very happy for both of you!! Now this next comment is for our dear Marie!! Now look here, Marie. You know what my (user) name is! You must know I have special ties with Mr. Dimples and that I could arrange a meeting for you and I, sans Allessandra! (sorry allessandra) I am sure you have room in your carry-on for me. Have I persuaded you to at least think about it? (no pressure, of course) I do not want to go to extreme lengths to persuade you. After all, you have been a wonderful liaison between me and Lydka. Aren’t you so afraid now of Disappointing me??? (lol) But really, I am happy for both of you. My family came from the Piedmont area and I hope maybe you can get to that region!! ENJOY!!

    1. You can arrange an audience with our handsome, yet furry, Prince?

      Jane. Dear, dear Jane. Give your ticket to Victoria (Nazio 1). Good girl. I know you understand.

      1. Marie: I am so glad you came to your senses!! After all, I wouldn’t want to call my “Italian Connections” to intercede on my behalf! Now, Jane. I know we have never met, and hopefully someday we will (and you too, Marie), but I’m sure you understand the arrangement Marie and I have now made. I will send you my address so you can send me your ticket!! Take Care, Jane. Hey, Marie. Maybe we can put Jane in your carry-on! What do you think? I am now feeling bad about taking Jane’s ticket. (Take care, both of you. ENJOY!!!)

  18. Ah, like mother like daughter! Lol! I’ll have to hurry up and write the rest of my adventures! Be careful if you order pizza with olives. They tend to leave the pits in them! Happened in Venice. 🙂

    I’ll send the guys your regrets… 😉

  19. Buon viaggio, Marie and Jane, I am sure you will have a wonderful time, it is such a gorgeous country, the food, the wine, the sights, aaahhhh the sights. I do hope your bird dog instincts come to fruition then the dream holiday would be truly awesome. We all want to come with you.
    I have tickets for Verona so I can caress them as I hear about your pleasures.

    1. Hello Sue hemsahll, in Verona will be the parterre in the third row , where you ‘ll be ? If you’re in the parterre it will be easy to see and greet you.

  20. Hi Jane & Marie: My husband & I have traveled to Italy a number of times .Late Oct early Nov is a great time to travel there. The weather is good & tourism has slowed down a bit. My daughter just returned from Sicily where she oversees a study abroad program. One of her tips is to pack colored coordinate clothing in a manageable suitcase.!! The Italian cities, towns and countryside are just awe inspiring! Have a wonderful trip. Arrivederci!

  21. Congratulations to you two I am so happy for you sounds like it will be a trip of a lifetime I know it would be for me. If you to make it to Marsala you know Naro is down the highway from Marsala just saying. Have a great trip.

  22. Nazio…I’m sorry, but you will have to catch me first in order to get the coveted ticket! 🙂

  23. So happy and excited for both of you. It is sure to be wonderful and hopefully you will come across three special young men on your travels. Italy is such a beautiful country with lovely people!

  24. Wishing you both a blessed & wondrous adventure this Autumn! I hope that one Sig. Ignazio Tobias Boschetto breezes into his sister’s pizzeria with little Franz in tow – while you are enjoying your lunch. (If you haven’t passed out, please ask him how his little “Buddy” is faring these days?!). Grazie!

  25. I hope you both have an absolutely wonderful and fantastic trip, though I’m sure you will, I am just a bit envious, but happy and excited for both of you !!!

  26. Love reading your posts, you never fail to entertain! Also, haven’t heard amy info from anyone regarding the boys’ Una Notte Magica concert on PBS, but I just read where Detroit gets to air it on august 24th at 9:30 pm ! Read it in the signal magazine that dptv puts out ! If you already knew this just disregard !!

  27. Marie & Jane, I am thrilled for you!!! Have a marvelous time!!! (Of course you will.) Don’t forget about us, send lots of photos!!! Buon viaggio!!!

  28. Ladies, you will have a wonderful trip. I can’t imagine anyone going to Italy and not having the time of their lives. Don’t even need to eat Italian food but that will probably add to your enjoyment. Travel safe, and savor every moment.

  29. I can only imagine the wonderful tales you will be sharing with us soon.

    PLEASE PLEASE document what is important to you but don’t forget to enjoy the moment as you experience it – LISTEN to the sounds you hear; LOOK at, TOUCH, and SMELL the things you’ve never encountered before – use all your senses to record the details in your mind.

    While planning is important, set aside some free time where you have no schedule, no plans, nothing to do but allow your eyes and heart to lead you to unforeseen passageways where you are bound to discover endless new treasures!

    1. Daniela, your daughter writes beautifully. I’ve printed this post and i am using it for my reading homewoek. The timing of this post was perfect…My tutor returns from Italy in 2 weeks and my class will resume. This is great practice for me and it has helped me greatly not only with vocabulary but also structure. Thanks!!

      1. Thanks Susan , you are very kind , but I think Stefania ( my daughter ) write well but to hear it from others enjoy . I’m glad you served to better learn Italian . The photograph that you attach Piero ( yesterday ‘s ) if made to confirm what has been written . We Italians love Piero Ignazio and Gianluca for these reasons also .

    2. Daniela,

      What a beautiful post! I read it a few times in Italian to try to get the basic understanding (there are many words I have not yet seen) and now I saved it in my “Learning” folder so I can take it apart and study it word for word. When you learn any language, you must conquer the practical information that you have to know [ Vorrei una birra in bottiglia, per favore ] and then you can study writings like your daughter’s which provide true insight into what a native person is feeling and thinking. It is words like these and lyrics like Il Volo’s that make learning Italian so enjoyable and rewarding.


      1. Thanks John , it was a pleasure , I will refer to my daughter that her written liked .
        Appearance your thoughts on IL VOLO and please continue to train on NESSUN DORMA !!!

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