This was the night of magic!

Ciao a tutti!  Please forgive any typos or grammatical errors here.  It is now 1:19am and our train to Rome leaves at 10 to 7 and I still need to sleep somehow.  It’s also a real challenge typing on this external keyboard from my tablet!  Ok, all that being said, here goes!


This is srictly a review of the concert in Arena di Verona from tonight – the tenors concert will come a little later.

For me, this was the most magical and perfect concert ever.  Not only was it a perfectly beautiful evening weather-wise, I FINALLY got to hear all my favorite songs.  They really picked the best of the best for this finale concert.  The stage and the lighting were magnificent.  They had the monitors and also the videos going for many of the songs.  I thought for sure we were going to be blinded by the lights again, but it was only once or twice.

I finally got my dream come true and into my Il Volo trance I went.  They started with Per te ci saro!!  OMG, I sang the whole thing!  I wanted to stand after every song, but the Italians don’t do that.  They did stand after the solos and duets.  There were few empty seats…Lorna was so awesome, she let me have the 2nd row seat for the entire concert.  I will remember it forever.

Even thought it was second row, we were still quite far from the stage.  Like the orchestra pit area was empty of chairs and unlike the first Verona concert in September last year, the stage did not come out in the middle.

Their voices were of course perfection and Igna added his own to the end of My Piove – a little jazzier riffs and Gian joined him for a few…

Yes, they sang my favorites – Per te, l’more si muove, torne l’amore, canzone per te.  They even did a slight sketch of the Godfather routine.  Igna even sang Alleria and didn’t cry.  No Ancora though….

Gian sang Bridge…and it was incredible.  I remember telling Donna it would get better after we heard it in LA and she said “how could it get better?”  It did!!

I think someone mentioned that they were filming part of that movie where the guys are going to be part of it about opera.  Apparently, they guy who is the star actor was in the front row a few seats down from us. And?!  The guys were cuter!!  Lol!  They did this filming during the concert, but it was no big deal.

The one big shocker was that they did not sing O Sole Mio!  Not disappointed as they left in Surrender!!  Igna and Piero did their thing.

Since I was in the 2nd row, I imagine I’ll be somewhere in the DVD and group shot in the end.  My split second of fame. Lol!  I was in a pink dress to the right of the stage.

I did not see any of the immediate family except for Mary Grace, Piero’s sister and I think Alessio?  Gianluca’s friend.  At the end, Igna went over and gave this older guy a bear hug and picked him up, but no clue who he was.  He looked a little like one of his uncles.

If people want to know what to give Igna at the next m/g I would suggest a belt.  He was pulling up his pants the entire night!

I took some pictures and taped a few songs, but my phone camera and the lights were not friends.

By the time you read this, pictures will be all over everywhere, as well as videos.

Did I say how incredibly awesome it was????  Igna was also playing the piano and a few other instruments.  Gian was wearing tennis shoes and racing acros the stage every so often.

Don’t get me wrong, the tenor concert was awesome also, but this was more special and magical for me, as I have been waiting to hear these songs live for as long as most of you!

It was all in Italian except Igna said Thank You.  I did not quite catch what was going on, but something about studying their speech for the next song, etc.  I also had my friend Veronica to translate a few things for me!

I’m still trying to realize I’m in Italy!  I’ve seen the guys 5 times now this year.  You just keep thinking when is the next time?  They are planning another tenor tribute concert in the arena next May 17, but you know, nothing is ever as special as the first time!  My guess is that they might incorporate a few of

those songs into their regular concerts next tour.

Ok, it is now a little after 2am!  I really need some sleep if I can, that is.

They really outdid themselves with this one!!

Ciao a tutti – a presto!  Until next time…Jana


21 thoughts on “This was the night of magic!”

  1. Jana thank you so much for staying up so late to write this wonderful review of the concert !!! What a memorable evening you had ….and second row seats !!! Fabulous !!! I imagine that just being able to experience the magnificence of the Arena is as memorable as watching our amazing guys on that stage !!! Enjoy the rest of your exciting adventure !! Waiting for the next installment !!!

  2. Thanks so much, Jana!!! Your trip is just out of this world!!! These Concerts are incredible & to actually be there is beyond words!!! Our guys voices improve as time goes by!!! They are marvelous!!! Have fun!!!

  3. Poor sleepy baby.’s pretty hard to feel sorry for the woman who was in Italy and attended two of the most brilliant concerts on earth. Yeah, poor baby.

    Get rested, my adopted daughter, we expect an amazing wrap-up including pictures!

  4. Jana, you go girl. soak it all up. We at home are lapping up your left overs. Joanie g

  5. Ciao Jana, ti sento molto entusiasta del concerto all’Arena, io sono stata solo a quello di Firenze ed è stato meraviglioso. Sono contenta che hai potuto ascoltare le loro ultime canzoni pop che non avevano compreso nel tour americano e che ti piacciono tanto. Qualunque cosa facciano i nostri tre ragazzi è sempre bella. Spero ti sia piaciuta la nostra Italia della quale sicuramente ci documenterai. Buon proseguimento del viaggio.

    1. Translation: Hi Jana, we feel very excited about the concert at the Arena, I was just in Florence and it was wonderful. I’m glad you could hear their latest pop songs that were not included in the American tour and that you like. Whatever they do our three boys is always beautiful. I hope you’ve enjoyed our Italy which will definitely documenterai. Enjoy the rest of the trip

  6. What a great review and I am so glad to hear how much you loved the Verona concert. I just bought tickets for the boys next concert in Verona on May 19, 2017!!

  7. The concerts must have been amazing and to hear some of the songs they don’t usually perform in the US must have been wonderful and with such good seats. Just to see and hear them in Italy and in the beautiful arena in Verona and the lovely location in Florence. Waiting to hear about the Three Tenors Tribute. I keep watching the videos. I thought Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca did a fantastic concert with Maestro Domingo and loved all the songs they performed!

  8. It was announced by Detroit Public Television that the PBS showing of the World Premier of the FLORENCE CONCERT will be aired on Wednesday 24 August 2016. This will only be shown in the metropolitan Detroit area (5 million people), as well as 1000 cities across Canada that get the Detroit PBS TV signal on their cable system. Last year IV came to Detroit for the premier of the Pompeii PBS concert on 6 July 2015. It is not yet known if they will be back again. One thing about Detroit PBS… they always have a wonderful High Definition concert video.

  9. Thanks SOOO much for the report!! SOO glad you were there! I have seen them in Italy too! I cannot wait to get the DVD!! I hope you come back down to earth very soon, but take your time!! LOL! They are incredible!!

  10. Dear Jana,
    Thank you so much for your amazing report on our guys concerts. It seems I can’t read enough about our 3 Italian angels and you made me feel like I was sitting in the first row! I have never felt such a close personal and I must say loving attachment to any performer the way I feel for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. They are all and more to me and theirs is the only music I listen to. I absolutely adore them.

  11. Jana, your Italy trip makes me drool. I read everything
    I can about our 3 Italian guys and your trip sound so
    exciting. I’m too old to make such a trip but I can go
    with you by proxy. Thank you for sharing your exciting
    trip complete with two concerts with the Il Volo readers.
    I am looking forward to more of your amazing trip.
    I, too, absolutely adore IL VOLO.

  12. Ciao a tutti! Grazie mille for all of your wonderful comments. Alas, I think the jet lag is starting to kick at me and I am about to nod off any second! However, I felt guilty not responding to any of you! I feel bad that I cannot respond to all of you individually, but I think I am still on Italy time and it is like 2:30am there! Yes, it was wonderful and I am sorry I could not write every day like I wanted to, but I really packed as much as I could into our short time there and by the time we got back to the hotel at night, we had an early train to catch, were exhausted from our day and had to go to bed! I went to bed about 10:30pm last night, day we got home and got up about 8a, couldn’t really sleep anymore and had things to do. So got up and took a shower and got ready. Called Lorna and we spent the day together. Yes, a European trip is a true test of friendship! We are still talking! Lol! 🙂

    Just a little teaser about our trip… we almost missed our train for one city,,,had a run-in with the weather…taking showers in phone booths, thank God for Google Maps!, and had a few other mishaps along the way, but it all turned out ok. 🙂

    So exciting for Mary M who has already bought tickets for next year! Where do you live?

    Awesome news about the PBS special. Yes, we in Detroit hope they will come again like last year. Marie – we can always plan like last year – rent a room and watch the show, but if it is a pledge drive, I’m volunteering…. lol! Just in case! Or we can always party at Ginny’s – she’s got a big screen TV, like 50 inches or so?

    I did take over a hundred pictures – some good, some not so good. I may have to invest in a real camera for the next Il Volo concert. I am quite disappointed with the one in my phone for people shots, although it takes pretty awesome outdoor shots. So yes, pictures to come! and I promise a review of Florence – in my words… to go along with all the videos you saw! lol! I will write it tomorrow and maybe Marie can post it on Monday. The guys are off on vacation now, I believe officially, starting tomorrow, so hopefully they will get some time to relax. Unless it’s not until August? Can’t remember, but we know our guys, they never really rest. Just because they are not performing, doesn’t mean they get a break! They are probably starting to rehearse for that movie, or learn new songs or record for the new album, etc.

    Allora – dolce dreams tutti!! buonanotte! 🙂

    1. ok, replying to my own post! lol! One thing I keep forgetting to mention is that Piero got about a 10 minute standing ovation, I believe after No Puede Ser at Verona! Clapping, clapping, and then the crowd started cheering and chanting “Piero, Piero, Piero, Piero!” They really like Piero in Italy!! 🙂

      1. Yes, he’s loved very much in Italy, and not only for his voice, he’s very sweet with fans and he’s more in touch with them than the other two. You know I love all of them but Piero has a special place in my heart, it seems I’m not the only one! Gianluca came back home today, Piero and Ignazio will take the flight to their home tomorrow from Milano, finally a deserved rest, but only for few days it seems 😉

      2. Hi Dani!! I honestly do love all 3, but Igna is just special to me! 🙂 But I do wish Piero would learn some new solos? Yes, it seems even if the guys are at rest, they are always doing something, they never really seem to rest! I’m sure they are rehearsing the songs for the Youth Day with the Pope!

    2. Jana, thanks for your experiences, feelings, which shared with us, I think that will remain in your heart forever written with gold letters. I am not surprised about success of Piero, he is really miraculous <3 and No puede ser in his interpretation is wonderful experience for ears and soul. 🙂 I think in Italy fans love him, but not only there. 😉 Maybe you will like to see videos from Monterrey, here is playlist from concert:

    1. Lydka – thanks so much for these links!! I can relive it all over again! 🙂

      Grazie mille!

      1. Jana, I thought about you that maybe it will be nice revival of your memories. 🙂 This video was published today, I am glad that you like it. Buona serata ! 🙂

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