Personally Speaking ~ Picture That! ~ By Mary Bohling


 Are you tired of the same old pictures adorning your wall?  Are you looking for something new and exciting to gaze upon?  May I suggest the above as the perfect replacement?  Looking at this picture daily (hourly) is guaranteed to lift your spirits, calm your nerves, and pump up your adrenaline (is that contradictory?–well, use as needed.)

You should order  the life size enlargement to get the full impact of the beautiful Italian faces with their dark compelling eyes and endearing smiles.  This picture is sure to be sold out quickly, so don’t hesitate to get your order in.  Your life will be greatly enriched by their presence in your home.  Order should read:  Please send Il Volo men, largest print available, overnight delivery.  You might consider ordering one for each room in your house, since these men are extremely addictive, and you will want to have the picture visible at all times.

Warning:  exposure to these handsome Italians may forever make all others dim and fade in comparison. If the emotional impact becomes too overwhelming, it may be necessary to turn the picture to face the wall until recovery occurs.

Recommendation: keep watching for news of them (Il Volo) coming to your town in concert.  It will be the event of your lifetime.  In the meantime enjoy the picture.


~~Mary Bohling~~

Photo credit, All Things Il Volo

39 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Picture That! ~ By Mary Bohling”

  1. I’ll take 12. I don’t have that many rooms, but I might need spares. Also, I have one large living room wall, Is it possible to order a 10 by 12 foot mural?

    Thanks to your terrific sense of humor, Mary it’s a nice, handsome, way to start my day! 💖

    1. Humor? I thought her suggestion was spot on. I already have two slightly smaller pictures adorning my walls!

  2. Marie , maybe you can get their artist friend Fabio to come and paint that mural for you. Then you could send him to me. This could turn into a full time occupation for him. One Flight Crew member after another. I understand Ignazio might even show up after the painting is finished.
    Mary you are a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day.

  3. Bellissima ide Mary, ma non penso che mio marito sarebbe altrettanto entusiasta. Il vostro umorismo è un’ altra delle cose di questo gruppo che mi piacciono tanto.

    1. Translation: Beautiful Mary ide, but I don’t think my husband would be equally thrilled. Your humor is another thing of this group that I like so much.

    1. Ann, I have one on kitchen counter, 2 in my office space, on my computer, tablet and ignazio on my cell phone with an Il Volo ringtone. Sometimes I don’t even answer the phone just so I I can listen to the ringtone. My kids ask where I put their pictures, uh, I don’t remember. I’m sure they are hear somewhere. Let me go look.

      1. Rose, you’re in good company. My son complained that I have more pictures of Il Volo than of him. And I thought “this is a problem?”.

      2. Rosemarie, I think I need help from all you ladies. If I had wallpaper, they’d be on it. There are never enough of those precious pictures. A day without il Volo is a day without sunshine.

  4. Thank you Mary !!! Unfortunately I do not think there is sufficient paper in the world to cover all the orders !! What a wonderful few months it has been keeping up with Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. They have delighted us all with their stupendous voices, sent shivers up our spines and totally made our days with every concert. Now we await what is yet to come in the next months, but first of all I hope they have a great vacation. They have certainly earned it !!

  5. Love it, Mary!!! I already have two picture frames that hold 8 photos each!!! Have pics from 2014. One is in my family room & the other in my living room . Family room frame is mostly Ignazio. Have the Father’s Day pic from 2014 with the 3 boys & their Papas in that frame!!! The frame in the living room are pics of all three!!! I also have a round coffee table in the family room that has photos of them & my Concert memorabilia !!! I don’t know how to put photos of all this in this post! Sorry. I did give them pics of the coffee table in 2014!!! A large photo would be very nice tho!!! Do you get a clue here that I love them?!?

  6. I was going to show all these comments to my family so they know I’m not really insane. Of course, I may have a few pictures around myself. However, my family would just tell me that we all belong in the same institution. So? We are the happiest people I know!

    1. Sounds like a great idea Marie! An institution where there is a large screen showing videos of Il Volo concerts all day, music piped in the rooms and dining areas, pictures of our heroes plastered on all the walls! There would be a long waiting list to get in!

  7. This made me laugh out loud! Husband wants to know what is so funny–there is no way to explain it! I will be thinking of this and smiling all day!

  8. Mary, does it come in wall paper? Maybe even ceiling paper? I have enlarged the one we got at the fan faire and it sits next to my computer . that way I can see their smiling faces every time I am on the internet which is about 4 hours a day. Joanie j

  9. I’ll take the wallpaper as well as I am moving into a bigger apartment & have lots of space left over after I put all the pictures I have collected off the internet to put back on the walls. Definitly ceilng paper so I wake up & go to sleep looking at Ignazio’s face, SIGH. I sure hope the guys have a long vacation they definitely need the rest & then maybe they can get back to the US & Canada.
    Gee I wonder if I can find out where Ignazio will be going for a holiday & if his girlfriend is with him. Perhaps I could direct her to the next city.
    Oh well just a thought

  10. I was just talking to my son its his apartment building I am moving into & I mentioned how I am looking forward to getting my pictures back up & he has FORBIDDEN me to put the pictures back up, can you believe this???.
    There is no sweet talking this guy so I am either going to have to find another apartment immediately or send him on a trip[ to Siberia. Siberia sounds good for a couple of years. HMM problems, problems.

  11. Marie I don’t know what year you are expecting him in your apartment but we will be traveling & touring on his holidays. Keep dreaming Marie & his girl friend said she would love to keep you company. I’ll send you a post card. No hard feelings OK?

  12. Gosh Marie if you can do it so can I, thats all us elderly can do is dream, its a free country, plus its fun to see who can win. Neither one of us. Hope your tomorrow dreams are super successful

  13. LADIES, I think we should all contact Sherwin Williams (they do carry wall paper, don’t they? ) and request that they get this item in stock…maybe include Michele’s number so that they can make arrangements.

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