29 thoughts on “Art From Some Very Talented Il Volo Fans ~ Lydka”

  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️

      1. Yes, I did not make these photos, only I found them on various places on internet.

  2. Wherever Lydka got those pictures from are terrific. Whoever did those pictures did a fantastic job he or she brought out all their different expressions & their beautiful handsome faces. Thanks Lydka you are always way ahead of any other artist.

  3. Thanks Lydka for the lovely post. There are so many talented fans that create lovely pictures of the boys.

  4. SO SO BEAUTIFUL! <3 And each one fits the different personalities of the guys so perfectly 🙂

  5. Thank you Lydka for finding these and sharing them with us. They are great and I especially love the close up of Piero with his eyes shut and the coliseum in the background!

  6. Interview made during Mexico Tour 2016, they spoke about why they love Mexican fans, but mainly about concert Una notte magica and new album which will be released September 30, also little fun with moderator who wanted to teach some Italian phrases, they sang little piece of Grande amore, they told that will be new concert tour in 2017, with repertoire from Three Tenors and they promised to come again to Mexico and on the end they greeted fans.(I do not speak Spanish, but I used English subtitles in video ,by the way very bad translation.)

  7. Bello Lydka, mi domando , visto che non hai facebook farai fatica a reperire tutto il materiale. Complimenti e buon lavoro.

    Translation: Nice Lydka, I wonder, since you don’t have facebook do struggle to find any material. Congratulations and good job.

    1. Great job, as usual, my friend. Miss “talking” to you. Marie, our liaison, is sending you an e-mail today. Take Care and much love to you and “Mom.”

      1. Hi, dear friend,thanks for your kind words and I also miss our conversation. I didn’t receive mail from you for quite long time. With mom sending you our warm hugs and kisses, be careful, God bless you and have a nice Friday ! 🙂 <3

      2. Hi, again. Did you receive the letter I sent you 2 weeks ago? Again, keep up the good work that you give us on this website. We all appreciate it so much, as well as Kelly and Marie, the one who makes me laugh out loud!! Take Care, Lydka

      3. Yes, Lydka. I did receive your e-mail today and I assume you received my message via Marie. Hopefully in 1-2 weeks I will have a brand new computer and things will be back to normal. Love to you!

      4. Hi! I did receive your e-mail today and Marie sent you my message again for a second time a few minutes ago. Hopefully after I get my new computer, things will return to normal. Love, Victoria

      5. I forgot to write, I received email from Marie. Thanks and hope that with your new computer will be everything ok in communication between us. 🙂 Have a beautiful day ! Hugs and kisses !

      6. I am so glad Marie’s e-mail got through to you. I can’t wait to get my new computer in 1-2 weeks. You definitely will be the first person I send an e-mail to. Love to you and “Mom.” God Bless. (Thanks again, Marie for being so kind and helpful!!)

  8. Hi Kelly is there anyway to get through to Il Volo Mundial to put their comments in english. I emailed them a few days ago & suggested that since a lot of people can only read english. We are missing a lot of what is said. Got no response

  9. The ‘ love & light ‘ of Il Volo shining in these lovely pictures. Makes me remember a long-ago song by The Ronettes: “When I Saw You”. Hauntingly beautiful . I never have met ‘ our guys’, but for those who have, & got to hug them, that little song sure seems to fit !

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