Il Volo Professional ~~ Gianluca: Citizen of Lettomanoppollo

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

Gianluca was named an honorary citizen of  Lettomanoppollo, Pescara during which he  was called, “The Gentleman of Abruzzo.”  Certainly, Gianluca is always the consummate gentleman, and it is no surprise that all of Abruzzo is proud to call him theirs.  Congratulations, Gianluca!


Article:  Cittadinanza onoraria di Lettomanoppello a Gianluca Ginoble ~~




Photos: Cittadinanza onoraria lettese al baritono Gianluca Ginoble ~~ Marcella Sigismondi Facebook



9 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Gianluca: Citizen of Lettomanoppollo”

  1. What a fitting tribute to this gentle man. Abruzzo has chosen the one who exemplifies the very best of every quality in a person. Congratulations Gianluca…you are so very deserving of this honor.

  2. Gianluca continually spoke of his love for where he came from. His speech when he was awarded this honor, showed the class this young man has. His parents must be so proud of there lovely son.

    1. Jeanne what you say is true. Several times I watched his speech and it’s just great to see the commotion of this guy , appreciate the support of his father and grandfather ( that cute when he turns and asks for confirmation to his dad ) . Gianluca is a simple and very kind person .

  3. Piero Barone met fans – Naro August 10, 2016
    Yesterday at 15:20 approximately Piero met friends and fans at the bar Domus in Naro. The meeting was also attended with pleasure the number 1 of fans of Piero, Gaetano his father, a dear friend for a lifetime. It ‘was a beautiful moment for all, especially for some disabled children of Agrigento.

  4. Gianluca is so deserving of this honor. He is always so humble and speaks from his heart! He, Piero and Ignazio are truly some of the best ambassadors for Italy. I thought the words of the Regional President of Abruzzo Luciano D’Alfonso were lovely and a great tribute to Gianluca.

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