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Urgent: Il Volo back to Brazil with Mariah Carey in November

It will not even have time to feel homesick Il Volo ! Just six months after the tour Grande Amore  by country, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble return to Brazil in November to accompany  Mariah Carey  in his  The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour .

The news was given in the early afternoon of Tuesday (9) the G1 news portal Sought by the report of  LatinPop Brazil , Sony Music, label of the two artists, he said he was “blindsided” by the information.

The site selling the tickets of the Brazilian tour of Mariah Carey already reported that there would be a “special guest” during the passage of the American diva in the country. What no one expected is that this guest, or rather guests, was the Il Volo.

The The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour has undergone several reviews by the high price of inputs, which can cost up to R $ 2,500 without taxes. Because of this, the demand for tickets has been low.

The tour will go through Curitiba, Porto Alegre and São Paulo, the same cities that have received the trio during their shows here in May. In São Paulo, they will take the stage of the Allianz Park, the multipurpose arena palm trees, house (almost) official of Italian artists in Brazil. Eros Ramazzotti has sung there a few weeks ago and Andrea Bocelli rises at the same stage in October.

Mariah Carey with Il Volo in Brazil

São Paulo Date: November 1 (Tuesday) Time: 21:00 Location: Allianz Park (Avenida Francisco Matarazzo, 1705 – Agua Branca) Age Rating: 16 years. 16 years Minor only accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Tickets : R $ 350 to R $ 2,500, the  ticket Fast

Curitiba Date: November 4 (Friday) Time:  20:00 Location: Pedreira Paulo Leminski (R. John Gava, 970 – Abranches) Age Rating: 16 years Tickets: R $ 300 to R $ 1,300 at  Blue Ticket

Porto Alegre Date: November 5 (Saturday) Time:  20:00 Location: Beira-Rio Stadium (Avenida Padre Cacique, 891 – Praia de Belas) Age Rating: 16 years. Minors between 14 and 16 years accompanied by parents or guardians. Entry not allowed to children under 14 years. Tickets: R $ 300 to R $ 1,300 byEventim

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  1. Wow! This is great news. The guys love Brazil and Brazil loves them! Opening for Mariah …another milestone for them. Her Sweet, Sweet Fantasy tour just got all the sweeter!

    1. I am appalled that they are going to be working with Mariah Carey. I think Sony is behind this.. They are going to discover that working with Mariah is nothing at all like working with La Streisand. Mariah is known these days to ‘cheat” and use recorded bits to cover the notes she can no longer hit. The price of the tickets certainly is sad too! Only the wealthier people of Brazil need to go

  2. Oh, wowee! Hope this works out…..I know the show will be a heart stopper….now if theY can just find enough people with the money for tickets!! I’d start saving today if I thought there was anyway I could get to Brazil!! Just when you think things can’t get anymore exciting!!!♡♡♡

  3. It ‘ great news , here in Italy the question is: will do duets with Mariah or make the opening as a support group?

  4. At these prices Il Volo’s young fans will not be able to afford the tickets. Hope they can have a good number of songs to present.

  5. I have read that they will sing at the beginning before Mariah, they open the show,but still no official confirmation and information from Il Volo,so who knows maybe they’ll sing also with her.Mariah was very good singer with beautiful voice, but this is past. I think that now her singing “live” is often not good. Also she is pampered with mannerisms and really loves money and luxury, she is not likeable as person for me. She is famous singer all over the world and she can help boys to gain more fans and more publicity,certainly it is a matter of prestige, but for me it is not good collaboration. Only my opinion.

  6. Lydka I totally agree with you. In my opinion her singing has never been good so she needs good singers around her to cover the fact she isn’t as good as she thnks. And I can understand why sales are low, she has to try & bring up sales with Il Volo so she can get paid. She is very pampered & very stuck-up. I hope sales are high enough that Il Volo can get paid. I wonder who did the booking for Il Volo in their oompany because they didn’t check about her.

    1. Her behaviour is typical for “big star”, she is conceited and I have read that she is not kind to people, selfish person who loves the glitz and shine of spotlights.She is the exact opposite of boys !!! I think that people who decide to work together ,they should be humanely alike. I am surprised that they will be guests on her concerts in Brazil. It’s like a combination of clear water and mud…But I assume that their management think that this is good promotion.

  7. I’m not sure this is a good thing for the boys. Maria is not popular and might drag the guys down some being in her show. I wonder why their management went for this.Joanie G

  8. Our guys don’t need anyone else to sing with or for in my opinion. However, they will be exposed to a different audience. To people who may not go to see music titled “pop-opera”. No doubt those people will change there minds and love our boys too.

    Lucky, lucky Mariah!

    1. Your probably right Marie & your right on they don’t need anyone to sing with or for but Mariah does. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if she told them to tone down their voices so she can be heard. I also personally feel they need a new promotion manager who doesn’t say “yes” to any performer who wants to sing with them. They need someone who looks for performers who are good singers themselves who appreciates Il Volo & are mature enough to share the stage with dignity. How about US volunteering. There must be someone in this group of talented people who knows how or knows someone who is talented to do just that. Myron could.

    2. Marie, you are correct. Il Volo
      does not need anyone else
      to sing with. This will be a
      wait and see thing. The best
      result will be they could gain
      more fans.

  9. I wonder if the boys management know the prices that are being charged. Surely this is not the type of engagement that IL VOLO has been assoiciated with. They have always catered with the general public at normal prices that people can afford. I am very surprised by their handlers.

  10. I am not and never was a fan of Miss Carey. In my opinion this a complete misstep of Il Volo’s management team. They have been singers for the average person, not the elite who can afford such outrageous prices that Miss Carey demands. I still love and support the boys. I hope she does not embarrass them.

  11. I’m with most of you, I don’t think this is a good match. When I first read about it,I got a bad feeling.
    I know in the past, she has cancelled quite a few show’s because of illness. I hope they don’t get stuck there at the last minute!
    Let’s hope I’m wrong.

  12. I totally agree, they do not need to open for anyone! They are the show! Remember how they held the huge audience in Verona in the palm of their hands?
    It was magical how composed , relaxed and great they are at such a young age and did not need any big “star” to promote them.
    Now I can hardly wait to hear what their concert schedule for 2017 will be.

  13. This could be very good pub. move for the boys. Mariah is very, very famous but in Latin America so are the boys ! ! ! I wonder if they will just do a WARM-UP ACT concert and leave prior to her portion or if they will sing with her like they did with Barbra Streisand. I hope they sing with her because the audience will pay better attention. Also, I have seen too many times where warm-up acts just cover up the late comers in the first 30 minutes. Il Volo is too good for that and also too famous (now ). Three years ago they needed this but now they don’t – so it depends how they are used.

    Mariah has an instrument with a large range and sometimes actually sings with good quality sounds. It depends on the songs. Recently her voice has shown the wear. I have seen her in concert here and when she does decide to sing with quality sound she has the good vowels, tone, projection and intonation that will work with Il Volo.

    Side note: there have been some instances in the last three years where they have been paired with female singers that were of much less quality than the boys. That sort of thing is a waste of time and of their voices.
    But, as I said, Mariah Carey is a big name and it will be a big publicity move.

    1. Mariah use to have a lovely voice. Now, she has become a diva who shows up late for her concerts, has been known to lip sync or use auto-tune to enhance her voice. Barbra Streisand at least, saw them perform, and was impressed by their voices. I hope that their management knows what they are doing. At these high price tickets, I doubt that many young fans who love and follow ll Volo, will be able to attend this concert.

  14. Just some general comments. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are not being led by the nose. They are very vocal about their needs and wants as artists. Mariah would not have been my first choice but as pointed out, this will be a whole new audience not just in Brazil. All of her fans are now on YouTube checking out just who Il Volo are. They can only dictate ticket prices on their own concerts, this is not their gig. Mariah is also on the Sony label and probably factored into the decision. Lastly, Team Il Volo has not confirmed anything yet.

  15. I am in agreement with those who feel this is not a good match. Il Volo doesn’t need to open for anyone; they are a talent and star on their own. And Mariah is not the sweetest personality, no matter what the show is called!

  16. Lijoy I know you know the guys pretty well so I’ll wait patiently & see what they do. I personally hope they cancel but also they might want something out of this which I never thought of until now. Thanks for steering us into another direction. Hope your keeping well.

  17. Like everyone else, I think this is a big mistake. I don’t think they will gain much–if anything. And I think it is demeaning to put them on as an opening act.

  18. right now – from this information that we have – we don’t know if they are warm-up ( in front ) or guests (mixed in the main concert ) but Il Volo is so solid now days that they will master the moment regardless.

  19. I like Lydka’s analogy of water & mud – can’t imagine Il Volo being associated with Mariah, who is all about Mariah. They are too classy for her, although if it gains them new fans, maybe it’s worth it. Not impressed with this decision.

  20. I think it definitely will be a chance for IL VOLO to introduce themselves to fans who also do not follow them Mariah can ‘be a good voice combined with them.
    Surely they are better in the role of guest and not in concert opening .
    I am also of the opinion that they do not need anyone.

    I do not know if you have the opportunity to see the RAI channels but tonight will be guests in this show :

  21. I agree with all who are dubious about this concert. Maria needs Piero ,Gianluca and Ignazio to prop up her “act” . She is no longer the star that she was, but has to keep up the pretense. I agree that this might introduce the ” Guys” to a new audience but they could surely have found a better artist to associate with, and have tickets not quite so pricey. i wish them all the best of luck , but do not think this association is for them. They are above this. !!

  22. I read that you are all very critical of this collaboration , are not a big fan of Mariah Carey , but I must tell you that only a newspaper for now here in Italy broke the news , and I carry a tune :
    ” What about an artist of this caliber who asks IL VOLO to work , albeit in part , to a tour and it is certainly a good omen and a perfect springboard for a further leap forward in their brilliant career . ”
    I also read the reviews of the only Italian date of the tour Mariah and these two journalists ( often critical of IL VOLO ) are nothing short of excited about the show , the voice of Mariah and they are singing all the praise .
    Of course , quite a coup for certain Italian press that in this way has to admit the magnitude of IL VOLO as it has been tried as an artist Mariah important for them ( although we think the opposite) .

  23. Very interesting information from the Italian journalists. Guess they are more impressed with Mariah that we are. Is anyone else wondering why the minimum age to see the concert is 14 to 16? Does that mean it will be an “adult” show or does she just not want youngsters making noise or commotion? That does not exactly sound like Il Volo’s style. Hope if they are trying to enlarge their fan base that this works for them.

    1. Janet, I am also wondering why children can not be at the concerts. Probably because, as many of today’s singers (women), she has in her show the salacious,obscene and vulgar elements and scenes with sexual themes, which are not suitable for children. Therefore it is sad for me that boys, and we know how they love children ( often bringing them on stage), will participate on her concerts. I’m a little bit disappointed..

      1. Lydka, this management doing this not our guys. Management makesd the deals and I am guessing that since she is on Sony that Sony thought this might be “cute” to put them together
        Goiing from the heights of rthe performance with Maestro Placidio is now a turn to the low road. Very low road.

      2. piratersorka,
        I know that this is decision mainly from their management. In the past I wrote about it and my opinion under post about their cancellation at WYD. I am sometimes surprised what their managers considered good for their careers. Gianluca in one article said that they prepare some surprises for us, maybe this is one of them, but I do not like it. We do not know,what is opinion of boys, maybe they are happy with this next collaboration. Who knows…I agree with you about “a turn to the low road”. Only for joke, maybe some of their fans, as we, would be better managers for them. What about Il Volo Flight Crew ? You’re a good choice. 😉 What do you think ? 😀 Have a nice day !

    1. Marie, I propose concerts in living rooms of all members of IVFC ! And also serenades under the windows ! You would be a great manager. 🙂

    2. Can’t do it by yourself Marie so I will do my best and sacrifice to put my ship in dock and come join you as management!

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