Love and Prayers

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Other ways you can help:


Donate to the Italian Red Cross

You can donate to the Italian Red Cross by clicking here.  A fund has also been set up by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), where you can donate with international currencies.

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) and UNICO

The National Italian American Foundation has set up a donation page, while UNICO, America’s largest Italian-American service and charitable organization is also collecting donations through its relief fund. Donations can be sent to the UNICO Foundation Disaster Relief Fund can be sent to 271 U.S. Highway 46 West, Suite F-103, Fairfield, N.J. 07004.

Save the Children has also set up a donation fund.

MoneyGram Announces Zero-Fee Transactions for Red Cross Donations Following Italy Earthquake.
MoneyGram (MGI)

I am monitoring for more ways to help as other charities and NGOs respond to this disaster. ~Marie

Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the tragic earthquake in Italy. May they rest in peace. <3 🙁— with Italy.


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  1. I cannot believe that just a few days ago I posted the following passage:

    “For me, happiness has become the simple ability to FEEL. To feel JOY. To feel SADNESS. To feel LOVE. To feel SERENITY. To feel ANGUISH. To feel ECSTASY. Having this ability, and understanding and appreciating what truly is important in life has brought me all the happiness I could ever wish for.”

    Today, we all feeling SADNESS; some of us with a deeper connection to our Italian family are feeling ANGUISH. To all those affected by this natural tragedy, we send our LOVE. May they find a path to SERENITY.

    For all the rest of us, let us cherish each moment of JOY and ECSTASY that we have, because one of these days we might just wake up to find our precious little world shattered to pieces all around us, just like the poor souls in the little towns in the hills of our beloved ITALIA.

    1. John and All Crew members,
      What a beautiful group of people we have here. All of your comments come straight from your hearts! I love that I can freely say here, that I have been praying all day for our friends and families in Italy. Let us send LOVE and more LOVE their way! John I couldn’t agree more that life is so temporary at times and we must find JOY even in the little moments, before they pass. Safe travels to our favorite trio on their return to their beloved Italy. GOD BLESS ITALY!

    2. Thank you, John, Lisa, and all!

      Being present to Life… could we ask for more?
      That when our day comes to cross over, we will have really been here and experienced this incredible life.

      When my husband was in ICU for 2+ months and then died (16.5 years ago), I remember how being present to Life was all I could do. I couldn’t watch TV or do anything meaningless. When Life and Death are that close, I had to honor Life by really Living, just as I honored the precious moments of Bill’s death. That hasn’t really changed for me.

      I am praying that all our Italian brothers and sisters and all of us here can be fully present to each other, to Life, to our deep emotions in such times, and to how we can be of loving service each day.

      God’s grace,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    3. John, I think you may have been ‘tuned in’; pre-cognitive, perhaps. It wouldn’t surprise me because you seem rather Zen-like in your apparent ability to live very present in the moment. Admirable.

  2. ““I don’t think of all the misery, but of all the beauty that still remains.”
    ~Anne Frank
    I wish the boys a safe journey home and relief of the worry they must feel away from home,

  3. We all pray for those that were lost in the devastation and the family members who lost their loved ones. I don’t know if any of Il Volo had any relatives living in that area, but we hope not and pray for all in that region of Italy. God take care of them all and get them through the sorrow and loss many are going through.

    1. I want to write that I got all your responses, but my email has now little failure I have read your emails and thank you for all your nice words !

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      1. I also will be short. Unfortunately I don’t know how tall is 1,74 m. You should go to bed now. It is so late there. You can tell me tomorrow. Love, Me

    3. Dear Victoria, THANK YOU ! <3 I was pleasantly surprised, I did not expect it. It is still early and I do not think on my day. It is very beautiful (also postcard ) and has place near the the angelic book. 🙂 I really appreciate it and I will write more later. (The situation is not better.) Have very nice days, we are sending warm-hearted greetings, hugs and kisses ! God bless you.

  4. Our hearts go out to those that have lost loved ones and homes in this disaster. We pray that things will be put right as soon as it is humanly possible, and that those who have been wounded recover quickly.

  5. I am heartbroken by the devastation and loss of life in this beautiful country. I live in California, earthquake prone country, so I have some idea of the frightening event they have just gone through. Perhaps we can all help in a concrete way by donating to the International Red Cross for the relief effort there.
    My thoughts and prayers are with the citizens of Italy.

    1. Gina, I just sent Daniela an email. She usually responds right away. I’ll come back on here and let you know when I hear from her.

      My heart and prayers are in Italy. May those dear souls rest in peace that are gone and healing prayers to the many that remain.

      1. Jane , I believe Daniela lives in the North of Italy, the Dolomites, almost to the Swiss border so unless she is travelling in the earthquake area she should be OK. I hope i am right in this.

  6. Likewise my thoughts and prayers go out to all in the devastated areas. I am sure our boys must be feeling anguish especially Gianluca whose home I believe is not that far away. Praying for their safe return home.

  7. I saw the Detroit PBS interview today. The good news was that they are planning another world tour. Our boys were gracious as always, even under the sad circumstances. I’m sure they can’t wait to get home to be with their loved ones. Our love and prayers go out to the Italian people.

    1. Hi Rose Marie,
      They looked awfully tired though. Did I hear Ignazio say they were coming out with yet another CD called Romanza? The audio was not good for me.

      1. Hi Lisa, yes they were very tired, you see Igna could have fallen asleep on his chair. I listened to the interview again but did not hear them mention a CD called Romanza. They talked about the CD Una Notte Magica and that they were going to sing at Pavoratti’s house on Sept. 6. They also said they are planning another world tour. Oh, to be 21 again and have the stamina they need. We do not see all of the training, the lessons, and the hard work it takes to be Il Volo. God bless them for bringing such joy to our lives.

  8. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Italy, especially those who have lost loved ones and homes. I hope our guys’ families are OK and I’m sure they are deeply saddened by this trade guy. They are always in our hearts and have our support.

  9. My thoughts & prayers are being said for all the people having gone through & perhaps lost in the devastation from the quake in Italy. Also for the Il Volo boys who I am sure want tonight finished fast so they can get back home. God bless & protect them & their families & for the people trying to come to terms with what to do next. And I hope Gianluca”s family are safe with no damage seeing as his area was so close. God will answer all our prayers, we are all praying together.

  10. That’s a relief about Daniela. I read that Gary on ” all about Il Volo” talked to Ercole and he felt the aftershocks. No doubt. We here in Cal. feel the ones here that way. Scale of 6 is really big. He also said that the tall tower in Montapegano is unsteady. Joanie G

    1. Joan, thank you for this news. I’ve been wondering about our friends in Abruzzo, even as I pray for all of Italy and all their loved ones.

  11. Such devastation is hard to conceive. I’m sure Il Volo will participate in at least one disaster relief concert. There is not much the Crew can do but pray and let them know our hearts and prayers are with them and their country. Feeling sad and helpless.

  12. Prayers for the people of Italy who are suffering from this tragedy. It is truly unfortunate that the Italian peninsula has fault lines running up & down it. I lived in northern California for many years & experienced the rocking & rolling a number of times. The 1989 shaker was quite an experience : the sudden, noticeable, dead-calm & silence of nature’s innumerable creatures outside right before the earth began rolling under – foot & the awesome sight of the walls of the 100+ years-old wooden-framed house moving rapidly back & forth inside. Because it was wooden, the house was more flexible, so only some thin cracks on the interior walls was the extent of the damage. just paying attention to nature, being aware of the creatures & the sounds, I sensed something was about to happen; it surely did. Was fortunate that I lived far enough away from the epicenter to avoid what was happening that day further south of my area. That one was in the afternoon daylight. Much worse to have it occur in the middle of the night, as was the case of central Italy’s on Wednesday. As Lydka expressed, it does seem that Mother Nature is really letting us have it, increasingly, it seems, for human disrespect & disregard of her needs; that is a metaphysical explanation, of course. The purely scientific reasons has to do with the geology of our planet. It may well be a combination of both. The deeply sad & disturbing fact remains that so, so many innocent ones suffer & die as a result. We are all physically fragile creatures living in – & part of – the awesomely powerful forces of nature that is our Earth. All the more reason we need to love one another, just as Lydka wrote. After all, Love & prayers are the most powerful ,positive forces in the universe. Prayers for Italy in her time of this great sorrow.

    1. Laura, I echo “Love & prayers are the most powerful ,positive forces in the universe. Prayers for Italy in her time of this great sorrow.”

      I have often wondered if taking the oil *lubricant* out of the earth contributes to earthquakes. Seems like it would. May we as humankind become wiser, more loving, more generous, and more respectful to all Creation than we have been in the past, and even the present.

      Love and grace to all,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Greetings, Jeanine! The earth’s oil is actually found in rock. That is why the process called ‘hydrofracturing’ (‘fracking’) can & does cause small earthquakes. It takes tremendous force to fracture the rock in order to mine the oil. It is actually a process used more often for ‘mining’ natural gas. It is probable that it also can contribute to large earthquakes, as well as likely effecting the earth’s climate due to the release of gas in the process. I don’t know you, Jeanine, but I suspect that you have more than one angel by your side. laura

      2. Laura, your insights are helpful, and your comment “I don’t know you, Jeanine, but I suspect that you have more than one angel by your side” touches my heart. So many of us here are kindred spirits!

        I’m trusting I’ll have a whole team of angels supporting all of us in several hours when I facilitate the LoveLight for Italy event.

        We Must all be surrounded by angels, as I’m sure they directed us to IL VOLO and Sharing the Love here! 😊 💝

        Gratitude and love,

  13. I have been watching some before and after pictures on the BBC of the area. Such devastation is hard to believe .As the Mayor has said 3/4 of his little town has just gone, no longer there! For something to strike at that time in the night, and with no warning is terrible, and my heart and prayers go out to all those remaining, and the loved ones they have lost.
    The boys must surely be thankful that they were only away for such a short time, and have been able to return home to Italy so promptly. As has been said. I am sure they and other artists will hold some sort of a benefit for the area.
    Italy needs our prayers at this time !!

  14. Heard from Daniela:

    “Here everything is ok.
    In Tuscany the earthquake has not heard.
    My daughter yesterday called us worried about know about us and told us of the earthquake.
    We didn’t hear anything.
    Many victims because they were sleeping 😢😢.
    Sometimes life is cruel to anyone who is innocent.
    My daughter started at the store a collection of food and clothes to be forwarded to the quake-hit areas.
    Don’t worry about us.

    Thank you: Daniela”

  15. With a huge sense of helplessness and sadness I am was watching television footage of the seismism in Italy and recovery buried people.
    My great thanks and admiration for all who exercise this extremely exhausting work (even dogs specially trained for searcing for avalanche victims)! Unfortunately early warning system again was insufficient.
    I agree with Gina and also with Jewish girl Anne Frank.
    People who live in these mountainous areas with no need for a life of luxory.Certainly manage to rebuild their homes to live in peace amidst the beautiful Italian nature.I do wishes everyone so much!
    Me and my compatriots contribute to the fundraising campaigns to help Italy.

    1. Thank you, Zdena.

      Another way for us to give assistance is to contact our local Red Cross to donate much needed blood. That is what I plan on doing today. Please join me .

      1. One good message: I just read from agency Reuters – Germany – that 10 years old girl,who was rescued after 17 hours will be fine = OK !
        I gave blood before,but now I cannot because I had problems with corpuscles.I will try to help any other way.Solidarity is great in our country as well.

      2. They will not take mine anymore but wish we could come up with something if small that we could do. Wonder if some of the American Italian organizations in US are raising funds or similar.?

  16. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families and all of Italy. This was such a devastating tragedy. I am seeing the news now and they have rescued a young boy and baby after 17 hours buried. There are still miracles.

  17. Watching the heart breaking images on TV, of the devastation and death of the once beautiful towns in the affected areas in Italy this morning (240 dead), is unbelievable and so sad. We in the San Francisco area, know too well the feeling of helplessness and sorrow after an earth quake hits. The 1989 incident was the worst. At times, we are still awaken from a deep sleep, by the sudden jolts or by rolling waves of movements. So scary.
    Our prayers are with the people of Italy. May God wrap his loving arms around them, comfort their heavy hearts and direct the rescuers to the locations of people who are still trapped under the rubbles. Our boys will be returning to their mother land soon. We pray that all their love ones are safe. GOD BLESS US ALL.

    1. Thank you, Prese.

      In doing the TAT®, sleep challenges came up. We hope and pray that our work and love is helping folks to have some relief from distress as they move through this intense time.

      God bless and comfort all,

  18. Ciao a tutti.
    Vi scrivo dalla Toscana.
    Internet non è molto buono ma sono riuscita a leggere e capire ( non ho l’ uso del traduttore) tutto ciò che avete scritto.
    Grazie per le vostre parole e grazie per le vostre preghiere per la popolazione colpita
    .Ancora una volta ho la sensazione di essere in un gruppo che è come una grande famiglia piena di amore.
    Anche se in questo momento siamo in centro Italia non abbiamo sentito il terremoto qui.
    La distruzione è immensa e le vittime tantissime 😓😓😓.
    Un bacio e un abbraccio a tutti da Daniela.

    Translation: Hello everyone.
    I am writing from Tuscany.
    The Internet is not very good but I was able to read and understand (I did not use the translator) everything you have written.
    Thank you for your words and thank you for your prayers for the affected population
    . Again I have the feeling of being in a band is like a big family full of love.
    Even though right now we are in Italy Center didn’t feel the earthquake here.
    The destruction is massive and many 😓😓😓 victims.
    A kiss and a hug from Daniela.

  19. It is with thanksgiving that none of my extended “Il Volo Family” has been injured in the catastrophe. Yet, at the same time, it is devastating to know of so much heartache and loss for those who were affected. May God bring healing and recovery to each hurt and loss.

  20. I cannot say any more than what has been said by all of you about the devastation and tragedy in our beloved Italy. My prayers to all of the people of that beautiful country.

  21. Friends, I’m offering a free teleseminar:

    LoveLight for Italy
    TAT & Gratitude Wave

    Monday August 29th 5:33pm Pacific Time
    Tuesday August 30th 12:33am UTC

    This is such a beautiful way to offer loving support, and I want to invite you to join us if you like. Info is available here:

    I have put a lot of heart, prayers, and loving intentions into the page and our plans, for our brothers and sisters in Italy, as well as for all of us on the Planet.
    May the blessings ripple out! ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    We are each contributing our own special gifts.
    This is mine.

    There will be a recording for those whose timing doesn’t work, especially with short notice. I just wanted to move on this as quickly as possible.

    Great love around the world is reaching out to our brothers and sisters in Italy! Thanks to all of you!

    Love and peace,

      1. Thanks, Laura!
        We each offer what we can, and I’m grateful to have the training to offer the LoveLight for Italy (TAT® and Gratitude Wave).

        If anyone would like to participate with the recording, it will be available to listen online or download through September 21.

        Love and gratitude to our brothers and sisters in Italy and around the world!
        IL VOLO has made our world more recognizable as one beautiful family!

        God’s grace,

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