Detroit Wine & Dine 2016

Update:  From Jana – 8 pm



Mary Bohling, Jana, Allene, Chris and several other Flight Crew Folks will be part of the lucky 35 TONIGHT in Detroit! 

They will have dinner, Meet & Greet with Il Volo, then spend time in the studio just watching Our Guys being interviewed and having fun.  Those fortunate guests will, at the same time, be viewing the premier PBS release of the Una Notte Magica video on closed-circuit TV.

Here is what we, the poor unlucky souls left behind, expect from all of you:

1) Hugs to the guys while saying,  “This is from the Flight Crew who love you, but were, sadly, left at home.”

2) Tell us everything!!!  E V E R Y T H I N G !

3) Send Pictures.

4) Have a blast!


Some of our Ladies got together for dinner last night at Antonio’s.  Thanks for the photo, Jana.


The Antionio’s, who own the restaurant, are friends of Il Volo.  You can read a news article about Our Guys framed on the wall.  You may also order “Il Volo Pollo” from the menu.


Video of their arrival in Detroit.  Thanks Emilia Tomaszycki!  I know you’ll be at the dinner!

Sorry, could not embed this.  You will have to view the video on Emilia’s facebook:


em 1

 Emilia (cupcake) and Piero at Detroit airport yesterday!



Detroit PBS press release:

Placido 1


Il Volo is joined by Placido Domingo for Una Notte Magica

In their fifth special for PBS produced by Detroit Public TV premiering Wednesday, 8/24, at 9:30pm ET, the members of Il Volo will be joined by Placido Domingo himself for a magical concert beneath the stars in Florence, Italy’s incredible Santa Croce Square.


P.S.  Tell Ignazio I’m not very far away!

24 thoughts on “Detroit Wine & Dine 2016”

  1. By now you have all heard about the earthquake in Italy yesterday (last night for us in the States). While, unfortunately, there was loss of life and plenty of destruction, it is good to know that all of the Il Volo families came through fine.

    1. Vegas feels California quakes that are 200 miles away. so I worried that Montepagano which is only about 140 miles away might feel something. Over the years that country has had some terrible quakes. Glad to hear that they are ok. We should include the towns like Amatrice and a couple of others in prayers.

  2. Thoughts and prayers for all those who have lost loved ones in the earthquake. Happy to read that the Il Volo families are fine as Gianluca’s home could have felt some tremors. Have a great time Detroit Wine and Dine !!

  3. A prayer for Italy but also for the boys. I am sure they want to be back home this morning and see if they can help. They will do well tonight because they are now professional young men.

  4. Praying for Italy and all those who have lost loved ones and have been affected by the earthquake. So happy for the lucky ones who will be seeing Il Volo tonight!

  5. Prayers for all those in the earthquake area! In Italy!! Sad that their was loss of life along with destruction!! I have first hand knowledge of earthquakes living in SOCAL!! Can be very scary!! Il Volo keeping you in my prayers as always!!! Have a great time those of you in Detroit!!!

  6. Once again, the emotional start of the day is upon me. With tears in my eyes for Italy, and prayers in my heart for all those affected by the earthquake; gratitude that our guys and their families are safe; envy of those ladies in Detroit who will be spending time with Il Volo tonight – very emotional time! Il Volo – welcome back to the U.S., ladies in Detroit – have a wonderful time. We will be waiting to hear your stories. We are all so blessed!

  7. Joining with all of you in prayers for our adopted friends in Italy. We certainly hurt with them in this time. So thankful for all the rescuers and heavy equipment they have available.
    On the Detroit item, l did download the Detroit PBS app and it lists Il Volo’s appearance tonight. Not sure l can watch it in the app but l’m going to try.

  8. We here in So Cal now only too well the destruction from earthquakes as well as fires. I learned that Italy has a huge fault line the whole length of the country. They have more volcanoes. My heart sank when I saw the loss in Italy since we have adopted it as our own. The boys must be very worried about people at home. My heart and soul is with them Joanie G

  9. Prayers going out for Italian friends! So thankful our Il Volo families have been spared! Happy for you Flight Crew members who will represent the rest of us tonight….BE HAVE YOURSELVES! I have but one regret….I M NOT IN DETROIT, ! Seriously, have a ball and take notes!! Love from Texas,,

  10. It is sad to read about the earthquakes that destroying countries and possessions of people. I feel as if Mother Earth thus manifested anger, which has on people,because we destroy nature, some people are at war… and always suffer just innocent and good people.Maybe it is a test that is supposed to show that human hearts are still full of love, respect, tolerance and empathy for others and nature.In any case, only God knows the answer why people must go through such an unfortunate destructions. Also it is a test of character. It’s nice to think on these people and help them. Good deed is always returned in good deed. <3
    I wish all people in Italy and Myanmar especially a lot of internal forces to overcome this bad period, faith in the good ending,
    and lots of divine blessings and angelic healing energy and love ! <3
    I wish people on the whole world, that we humans still maintain pure and good hearts and souls full of love and light and many blessings from heaven flown into our life as a pure crystal source and let beautiful rainbow shines on us every day ! We need to change the way we look at the planet and the way it is being destroyed. People often say that they can't do this work on their own and their work won't make a difference. But with everyone helping the planet will change! We are all people of this beautiful planet, we are all brothers and sisters. Let always triumphs love, tolerance, solidarity and goodness ! <3 <3 <3

    1. To explain, in Myanmar also was a strong earthquake. I add, Mother Earth is stronger than we are, has more power and energies than humans. Sometimes people think that that are immortal , invincible,but in fact we are small and Mother Earth is always the winner in a fight with people. Mother Earth gave us life, nourishes us, and what we ? Do we give sufficient gratitude to Earth ? Appreciate we all gifts from Earth ? As Mother Earth provides everything to us and gave us life, so also can all take away and unfortunately our precious life can end in few seconds … Pray for our beautiful Mother Earth! <3 Let us dedicate the love , interest and respect to Mother Earth ! <3

    2. Thanks for the interview, Lydka, and for sharing your heartfelt emotions.

      Angels once told me, “When the waters rise, all boats float higher.” They went on to explain that as each of us raises our vibrations (of Love, Gratitude, Joy, following our Passion, being Present, and more) it affects everyone… all boats float higher. Even simply being our true selves with our loving hearts makes a difference.

      I guess all IL VOLO Lovers know that, since we feel uplifted by their Loving Presence & Joyful Delight!

      Loving gratitude and respect,
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine, thanks and very beautiful words from you. The Angels have all love and they are generous to give this love to all of us on Earth.We need the belief, that Angels will not let us finally destroy this beautiful planet. They want to work with all of mankind to return the planet to how it was.Angels are talking to many people and asking them to help others, world, Earth… Just go to your inner silence and listen to your inner voice and heart,listen to our true selves
        Sound vibrations affect our auric field and beautiful melodies elevate our personal vibrational energy. The one who sings from the heart the beautiful melodies shines like a gemstone. When we are listening to (beautiful) music or singing the petals of our chakras are opening and shining like precious jewels. This effect has Il Volo music and boys are shining as diamonds when they are singing. 🙂 The sound has great healing potential. Some cultures believe that the sound made the world. The Bible also says : ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” and word is in fact the sound vibrations !
        Have a very nice day ! 🙂 God bless you. I send sincere greetings to you. 🙂 L

      2. Beautiful, Lydka!
        We’re tuned in to this vibration of Love and support.

        As Ignazio says on his Twitter page: Who sings prays twice.
        In the case of Ignazio, Piero, and Gianluca, it feels more like 2 million times! 😊

        Wishing all a joyful day,

  11. Today my heart is heavy and tears flowed as I watched the devastation and lose if life in Central Italy on RAI 1. I know this has affected our precious, sensitive boys and they are feeling sad about all this devastation in their beloved homeland but they must also be relieved and thankful and that their families are safe and sound. Despite all this and being exhausted they will rally as they always do tonight in Detroit. Have fun all of you Ilvolovers who are lucky enough to be there tonight to give them hugs. Wishing I was there to hug them too but I will settle for a minute to minute report from all of you !!

    1. Sweet, Joanie. I’m sure you are correct. They will rally like the professionals they are. Then rush home to be with their families.

      Jana text me a while ago saying she and the others were in the studio now.

  12. Ciao a tutti.
    Sono in vacanza in Toscana è qui Internet non funziona molto.
    Innanzi tutto vi devo ringraziare per le bellissime parole da parte di tutti per il grave evento che ha colpito l’ Italia centrale.
    Il terremoto è stato tremendo e sta facendo tante vittime innocenti e devastato interi paesi.
    Da dove sono io ci sono circa 200-250 km in linea d’ aria, ma qui non si è sentito nulla fortunatamente.
    La macchina dei soccorsi si è attivata immediatamente e la solidarietà italiana e non sta facendo il possibile.
    Anche mia figlia da casa ha attivato una raccolta di viveri e indumenti da mandare nelle zone terremotate.
    Un abbraccio dall’ Italia ferita: Daniela

    Hello everyone.
    On holiday in Tuscany is here the Internet does not work very well.
    Firstly I have to thank you for the beautiful words from everyone for the serious event that struck central Italy.
    The earthquake was terrible and is doing so many innocent victims and devastated entire countries.
    From where I am there are about 200-250 km as the crow flies, but here you have not heard anything thankfully.
    The machine of relief went off immediately and the Italian solidarity and not doing what I can.
    Even my daughter from home triggered a collection of food and clothing to send in the earthquake zone.
    A hug from Italy wound: Daniela:

  13. And on the subject of this blog…
    Wow! I am so excited for those of you participating in this incredible event. I look forward to your sharing what it was like.

    I emailed a friend who attended and then realized it probably arrived after the event was over. Anyway… thinking of you all with awe!


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