27 thoughts on “We Could All Use a Little Smile Today…”

  1. Thank you. A wonderful way to begin each day. Certainly brought a smile this morning.

  2. Terrific to re-live those funny moments, thank you. They have such a great rapport between themselves. At times it must be a riot on tour with them, when they are in a playful mood !! Happiness is, watching Il Volo.

  3. Thank you for bringing happy smiles with these 4 videos. These special guys have brought a special light and love to our lives and will always do this by just being their sweet caring and unique selves. How did we ever manage without them? God bless these angels always.

  4. Hope the boys made home safely. I know they need something to smile about. They are caring and sensitive and I am sure they feel deeply about their Italy. We can send our love to them and maybe it will make them smile.

  5. Thanks, Ann and Marie. Smile, even though your heart is aching…this post reminds me of that beautiful song the guys sang in their first PBS special!

  6. Thanks, Marie for starting my day out with four smiles & Il Volo Love!!! These precious young men have made my life so much happier!!! Keep the humor & the music coming our way guys!!!

  7. Glad that they made it home. I bet they will be offering help to those in need in their precious Italy. Joanie G

    1. Ann, These are precious videos. So much fun. Thanks for sharing them. Love to see them interacting whether it’s having fun, or showing affection. They are great mood elevators for when we need a lift, and always a joy to watch.

  8. Our guys are the greatest to lift our
    Spirits. Thank you for sending us
    reminders of these funny moments.
    I know their hearts are with the folks
    in the earthquake area. My prayers
    are with Il Volo and the families that
    are affected. God be with you both.

  9. Something funny for today also from me.Last year very popular song, Mafia Corner does music with funny text and many of them are in the dialect which is specific for my region, Eastern Slovakia, the name of song means “Drink and live” ( “live” in my region we say it often and it’s a slang word which means celebrate, have fun ).Many people say that on Eastern Slovakia live crazy people with good heart, very temperamental, women are the most beautiful and men love to drink alcohol. 😀 To explain “Blavačka” is girl from capital town Bratislava ( for Bratislava is slang word Blava). People from other regions , for example from Bratislava, do not understand our dialect. 🙂 The song is modern , but you will see our national costumes. The video was filmed in the the exposure of folk architecture and habitation of Vihorlat Museum in (town) Humenné and in the video are members of Folklore ensemble Chemlon Humenné and singing group Hačura.

  10. In this song, you can see my birthplace , because video was filmed in my town. (this song is sung in standard Slovakian language 😀 )

    1. Lydka thanks for sharing the videos. I love leaning about different areas of this world. Wish they showed more of you home town. What is the name of the town and I will check on the internet. It is nice to know more about our group that cares about the boys.

  11. I agree with you, Marie, that we all could benefit from a smile today, so I thought that you all might enjoy something fun & very well-done on my other Favorite site, namely:” Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund – Weiner Dog Extraordinaire” where you can learn how to cook some easy & delicious Italian dishes with Crusoe & Italian Chef Gino D’campo – who provides Crusoe’s voice (in English). They make “Bruschetta” & “Tagliata Di Manzo”, Crusoe also cooks other meals there as well! Also, I think you all would enjoy seeing Crusoe’s wonderful vacation in Europe, especially his adventures in Cinque Terre & Lake Como, Italy. You can see these excellent & fun (with Italian songs & music ! ) videos on Crusoe’s main Blog at “celebritydachshund.com”. I am not very good with computers as so many of you are, so I don’t know how to post videos & such. I can only direct you there; I’m sorry. Crusoe’s ‘Dad”s (Ryan Beauchesne) work involves computers, so all of his videos, vines & instagrams are very creative & highly entertaining. Crusoe is now famous & has many fans all over the world. He & his family (Ryan, Lauren & half-brother, Oakley) live in Quebec, Canada & are very much loved by his fans. ( I first learned of Crusoe when he was Heinz’s ‘celebrity spokesdog’ for the Superbowl 2016 on T.V.). On Crusoe’s main Blog, you will see a column of little pictures there as you scroll down. Just select “Chef Crusoe” there, & then, afterwards, select “Travel & Vacation” there on that vertical column of little pictures, again. (Just scroll down on those blog posts to “Cooking With Crusoe: Chef Crusoe’s Italian Series” & to “Europe Trip Pt.5 Full Video”). I hope these will bring you smiles while we continue to send love, prayers & other positive energies to our Italian ‘brothers & sisters’.

    1. Laura, I finally got a chance to view some of the videos of Crusoe. Really liked the Cinque Terre trip. Gotta love that dog! Gotta love Brochette! Thank you!

  12. I can’t get enough listening to Ignazio singing Una Furtiva Lagrima. His voice is astounding. I am so glad he knows he can sing opera. I am going to have to put that on a special CD to play constantly when I get the CD’s & DVD

    1. Loretta, it is my pleasure. 🙂 I am a small propagator of my native country. Have a beautiful day ! 🙂

      1. Thanks for the link to you past posting. Lovely city and seems to offer so much for the people living there. Your country is beautiful and you share so much about it. Enjoy learning.

  13. Thanks Marie for this post. I was able to enjoy it this evening after having a lovely weekend at the coast, only to come home to a messy house, bills and work tomorrow! Blech!

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