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  1. 28.02.2011

    “Creator God, at times such as this,
    when we realized that the ground beneath our feet
    is not as solid as we had imagined,
    we plead for your mercy.

    As the things we have built crumble,
    we know too well how small we truly are on this ever-changing, ever-moving,
    fragile planet we call home.
    Yet you have promised never to forget us.
    Do not forget us now.

    Today, so many people are afraid.
    They wait in fear of the next tremor.
    They hear the cries of the injured amid the rubble.
    They roam the streets in shock at what they see.
    And they fill the dusty air with wails of grief and the names of missing dead.

    Comfort them, O God, in this disaster.
    Be their rock when the earth refuses to stand still,
    and shelter them under your wings when homes and offices no longer exist.

    Embrace in your arms those who died so suddenly.
    Console the hearts of those who mourn,
    and ease the pain of bodies on the brink of death.”

    Prayer written for the Haiti earthquake
    (author unknown)

    I know all of us would like to help when a disaster strikes but physically we can not go and volunteer in Italy so we have to find some way to help be it a prayer or a contribution.


    1. Gina, this is so perfect! It says what we think, but are unable to express! This is a tragedy beyond belief! Thank you for sharing!

  2. May God Comfort and Bless Italy today on this day of Mourning.May all those who have perished find love in the arms of the Lord.

  3. since knowing our boys I have adopted Italy as my own. My thoughts are with them during this tragedy Joanie G

  4. My heart and prayers go out to all the people in Italy who have been devastated by this disaster and are grieving for loved ones. It is so terribly heartbreaking 💔💔💔

  5. The pictures are heartwrenching.
    May God comfort all who have lost loved ones and their homes.

  6. God please enfold Italy who are trying to understand & come to terms with this devastation. Also help the Il Volo boys to understand & come to turns wondering who are the faimlies & friends they lost. You are our God who protects us even when it is difficult to understand what is happening around us. Eventually there will come a time when we will understand. You are our one & only God

  7. The scenes of destruction from this earthquake are just overwhelming. I send my heartfelt prayers on this day of mourning to the many victims of this tragedy.

  8. In this sad time for Italy, I want to share beautiful song from my favourite singer, name of song is Ľudskosť (Modlitba za ľudskosť) -Humanity (Prayer for humanity)
    Translation of lyric :
    Don’t eat from the plate, what belongs to others
    Think about the poor in midst of the winter
    Indulge another being a piece of his luck
    And believe, that good dreams once will come back
    Don’t lie(to yourself) that you don’t have enough, what you need
    That, that you have more, you always have to guard
    Caress the world with your palms, that’s why we have them
    And always attach a good remedy to the human wound
    Don’t reap the whole tree, don’t poison the well (source of water)
    Even if you are up, slope into it
    And give a mouthful of water to everyone that asks for it
    And in heart only carry, what a barefoot wayfarer has
    What has fallen from the heaven, will return to heaven
    One who has not given, looses for himself
    Look into eyes of the kids and ill people
    To those who are caught at the sea
    Try spreading a blanket, when someone is freezing
    And give him a piece of heat, it’s always easier to fall asleep
    Open your arms, you can protect them,
    Those, who are displaced by the world and are here all alone
    No, never step on human misery
    We all are pilgrims, and no one knows
    What has fallen from the heaven, will return to heaven
    One who has not given, looses for himself
    What has fallen from the heaven, will return to heaven
    One who has not given, looses for himself

      1. Loretta, thanks. 🙂 This song is very poetic and often I have tears in my eyes while I listening to it….

  9. Such a beautiful country, such beautiful people.
    May God perform more miracles there.
    I too, have fallen in love with Italy, after falling in love with Il Volo.🙏💔🇮🇪

  10. It seems a sad irony that some of the most beautiful country in the world or historically important areas in the world ( Italy is both ) seem to be also saddled with bad earthquake zones. These areas in Italy have had this going on for centuries. Some how it is just not fair. However, in a double irony , these same areas foster the greatest art and music in the history of the world – – – and of course some of the best singers to produce that same music.

  11. I am so saddened for lovely Italy.
    I pray for the saddened in the loss
    of homes and beloved family
    members. God be with you all
    is my prayer.

  12. The lesson of Impermanence; one of the hardest lessons of all, It seems that there is no such thing as “Heaven on Earth” because it can’t last; it is always ‘subject to change without notice’. I admire every innocent one who has mastered that lesson, whether physically still here or not.

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