From Daniela…

I received this post from Daniela just before the earthquake.  The Boys were having a fun time then.  Nice to see those smiling faces.

Daniela is on “a holiday with my family, we go in Tuscany by the sea in Punta Ala, we camping bungalows.  I will come back home on August 28.”

 I’ll send you some pictures of our beautiful boys who are having a great time.

dan 1
dan 2
Dani 4
Dani 5

You don’t find that Ignatius and Alexandra are beautiful? also Ignatius these days has started to post photos on their profile, this tells us he is happy!

Dani 6

Kisses from Italy: Daniela


Last minute addition…a vacation photo from Daniela.

Dani 7



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  1. Hello everyone, I came home and I can finally write to you from my PC.
    I did not believe that Marie put these photos because I had sent the day before my vacation and then …. with the terrible events that have been forgotten I had.
    The holiday was enjoyable as always, but you should know that at that camping television or radio are not allowed and the nearest village is 15 KM. They ‘a place to relax away from the life of every day and the news we learn from the phones in that area do not receive very well.
    This evening at home, watching TV I saw the devastation and terrible images.
    Life can reserve beautiful joys but also immense pain.
    I thank you because I read that you cared for me and for your kind words born from the heart.
    Two years ago my dear mother, there was taken away, after the days of pain arranging her things I found a note written by her with three sentences that I find beautiful:

    Happiness is inside you.
    E ‘in the hope for the future.
    And ‘he knows how to smile at life.

  2. Ciao, Daniela,

    L’8 agosto Gianluca è stata effettuata la cittadinanza onoraria di Lettomanoppollo. Come lei ha detto che hanno visto il suo discorso più volte e ha scritto circa il suo apprezzamento per il sostegno del padre e del Nonno. (Gianluca è il mio preferito membro de Il Volo). Mi piacerebbe davvero sapere cosa altro Gianluca detto in quel discorso. So che il modo che egli parla è molto chiaro, ma anche se ho imparato qualche italiano ogni giorno, non sono in grado di capire quello che Gian dice a tutti!!. Posso chiedere se si potesse tradurre un altro po’ di quel discorso. Perché sto utilizzando Bing Traduttore ora per corrispondere con voi, sarà facile per me per tradurre se si risponde in italiano. Non c’è nessuna fretta. Grazie Daniela, da Ineke in Sud Africa.

    Hello, Daniela,

    The August 8 Gianluca was made an honorary citizen of Lettomanoppollo. As you said it viewed his speech several times and wrote about his appreciation for the support of his father and grandfather. (Gianluca is my favorite member of the flight). I would really like to know what else Gianluca said in that speech. I know the way he speaks is very clear, but although I learned some Italian every day, are not able to understand what Gian tells everyone!!. May I ask if you could translate some more of that speech. Because I’m using Bing Translator now to correspond with you, it will be easy for me to translate if you answer in Italian. There’s no reason to rush. Thank you Daniela, by Ineke in South Africa.

    1. Ineke I found this for you: TRANSLATION of Gianluca’s speech:
      First of all, I want to say I am a shy guy and I also get easily moved, and sometimes words just fail in me. But, I am speaking from the heart. Even if we do not know each other, we all know each other! What is joining us? This love – a platonic love, I would say. As the most beautiful thing is to get to the audience through an art, that is actually what I have always wanted to do, since I was young, and that is music. So, through my voice, our voices, getting to you and seeing all of you here tonight, for me, I get moved… I do really get moved, indeed. I can’t almost believe it! Anyway, I was born in a town that is just a little bit smaller – or maybe a lot smaller – than this one; this is a large town! Anyway, to be able to arrive here, where I am today, it’s really something… I am very excited, indeed! Thank you! I am also proud to be from Lettomanoppello. Nothing similar has ever happened to me, is it true, dad? My dad knows this, too… A honorary citizenship from… I want to say thanks to you all, to the Mayor, to the President of the Region, everyone of you! I feel… see, really words just fail in me! I am really excited… Then, as it was said before, I am very proud of one thing. As you know, there are 2 Sicilians in the group with me. Being from Sicily is easier! Being from Abruzzo it is not, you know… especially around the world… when we go to America, to South America, to many countries around the world – I am sorry to say this – Sicily is obviously better known. And so I have to explain, to show pictures of our beautiful region. As we do not only meet Italians abroad, we also meet with the locals. And so I… maybe you know about that from the TV, you saw that I always speak about Abruzzo, I name Abruzzo, also my town – Roseto, Montepagano – and the whole Abruzzo, as I am proud of being an “Abruzzese”, I have always been proud to be, and to bring Abruzzo around the world. So I am a “paganese” (from Montepagano), a “rosetano” (from Roseto) and from today also a “lettese” (from Lettomanoppello). And I am proud, and very happy! Thank you very much to you all, indeed.
      All credits to francy.b from AAIV.

      1. Thank you so much Lydka. Being able to follow Gianluca’s speech and to understand what he is saying is wonderful to me.

    2. Ciao Ineke,
      ti rispondo in italiano perchè così puoi tradurre e capire il significato delle cose scritte.
      Mi chiedi di trascrivere il discorso di Gianluca in modo da poterlo meglio comprendere.
      Lydka ti ha fornito una traduzione perfetta di quello che Gianluca ha detto.
      Non trovi che sia veramente carino il suo modo di esprimersi?
      Non nasconde la sua timidezza, parla con il cuore, non è un discorso impostato….ed e’ così dolce quando si gira e chiede conferma di ciò che dice a suo padre.
      Io lo trovo dolcissimo!!!
      Quando hai bisogno di qualcosa chiedimi pure, anche solo per scambiarci dei pareri.
      Un abbraccio che fa da ponte tra il Sud Africa e il nord Italia.
      Cordialmente: Daniela

      Hello Ineke,
      I answer in Italian because so you can translate and understand the meaning of things written.
      You ask me to transcribe the speech by Gianluca so that you can better understand.
      Lydka has given you a perfect translation of what Gianluca said.
      Don’t you think it’s pretty cool the way to express themselves?
      Does not hide his shyness, he speaks from the heart, not a speech set …. and it’s so sweet when you turn and asks for confirmation of what he says to his father.
      I find it sweet!!!
      When you need anything ask me, even just to exchange opinions.
      A hug that acts as a bridge between the South Africa and Northern Italy.
      Cordially: Daniela

      1. Daniela, penso anche che è impressionante il modo Gianluca esprime se stesso, egli parla direttamente dal suo cuore. Egli è unico nel suo genere. Mi rendo conto ora, perché egli fa shure per spiegare dove vive e ora sappiamo tutti dove si trova la Provenza di Abruzza. Grazie Daniela per l’offerta di fare traduzioni per noi. Mi è stato detto che l’unico modo per imparare l’italiano è a pensare in italiano!!. Ma che è più facile detto allora fatto.! Fino ad allora, grazie ancora per la vostra gentile offerta, che è molto apprezzato.

        Daniela, I also think it’s impressive the way Gianluca expresses himself, he speaks straight from his heart. He is one of a kind. I realize now, because he makes shure to explain where he lives and now we all know where is the Provence of Abruzza. Thank you Daniela for offering to do translations for us. I was told that the only way to learn Italian is thinking in Italian!!. But that is easier said then done! Until then, thank you again for your kind offer, which is greatly appreciated.

  3. Daniela words of our moms are very true so it is necessary to live – thanks for them.Muster all his strength and move on.It understands best the one ,who himself has experienced some misfortune.
    I´m glad that you spent a beautiful vacation and you´re back in order.

    1. Thanks Zdena , it is true , the words of the mother are fantastic and when they are a little demoralized read them and think of her and over to console me lead me to react.

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