Il Volo Professional ~~ Notte Magica; PBS Special

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All Things Il Volo


Hello, Everyone!

Last week, Il Volo stopped in Detroit for their 5th PBS special celebrating their night with Maestro Domingo in Florence.  As usual, there was a dinner as well, and it looks like everyone had a great time.

I’m sure that The Guys were concerned about the earthquake in Italy during this time, and our prayers and support continue go out to them and the people of Italy.   <3

Enjoy the interview!

~~ Kelly




Il Volo live from Detroit – interview WRCJ 90 9FM


Article: Il Volo with Placido Domingo ‘Notte Magica’ ~~ Music


13 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Notte Magica; PBS Special”

  1. Thankyou, Kelly! It was a great nite for all those attending!!! Nice interview with the guys except I had to hold my IPad audio close to my ear to hear it. Good to see the guys in The USA. They look great!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly. Was good to know they were back on American soil again even for just a few hours. I can’t help but think the earthquake was present in their minds, but being the professionals they are they carried on and fulfilled their agenda of an interview and PBS promotional taping. Lucky ladies who were there to see it in person!!

  3. Thanks Kelly was surprised tor ead that they touring in USA is March 2017 I thought it was September 30th. So will wait to March

      1. Oh well if I am wrong in dates I will try to be first in line with anytime that is announced

  4. PBS brought great friends together for a night of Il Volo… The dinner and sharing of friendships was truly an emotional time as so many of us knew each other and shared past Il Volo stories… Anytime the Il Volo family has a chance to get together you are sure to see happy faces and hear great stories…

    Our guys flew into Detroit for only one day just for this event… They were charming and gracious as they always are, even with minimal amount of rest from their long trip and interviews prior to coming to PBS… They showed their love to each and every one of us as they always do… We love you Il Volo, you are our GRANDE AMORE… Thank you Kristine for your review, thank you Kelly for posting this event and pictures …

    We look forward to Il Volo coming back to the USA for another great concert tour promoting A tribute to the three Tenors… Notte Magica…

  5. Thank you, Kelly. The nice interviewer in the video asked Ignazio if he had anything to say to the audience & he replied, “Nothing.” (Hmmm…)

  6. Back on tour in North America in March 2017!! Happy happy!
    Only one thing, Please Dear God, don’t let them have another concert in my vicinity anytine near Holy Week. Lord let them go to Las Vegas again to party with us and Please God, let me go this time for that great party!
    Your ChurchMouse/Pirate

  7. Yeah, that rascally pirate is going to party with us!
    Let’s hope they will come to Las Vegas,we need another Fan Faire! They might want for it to be in a different hotel, as the stage at the Palm’s was not big enough. Ignazio did’nt have enough room to jump around in!
    Myron and Jeannette, have you heard if they are coming to Vegas?

    1. We have not heard anything that can be released, yet. It all depends on the promoter and their connections with the various hotels as to which theater they go into or even if they come to Las Vegas at all. At least one thing helps and that is that they sold out last time. That is good. They did pretty well in all of their concerts in the USA last winter.

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