Detroit’s Notte Magica! Aug 24, 2016

Ciao a tutti!  Ok, this might be even a little longer than normal, but I think I if I didn’t have all the details in here, some would be upset!  🙂  Here’s the inside scoop…

Lorna and I had barely been back a week from Italy and on July 14, Chris and I received the email to volunteer for the upcoming pledge drive at PBS.   A quick check on Aug 24 said it was a live event – YES! Il Volo was coming! We quickly signed up to work the phones as we did last year, not knowing how things were going to go and we wanted to be sure we were there. Later that afternoon, we received the official email from Michelle Gaisser at PBS.  schedule Per Il Volo management, there were only to be 35 tickets available for sale at a cost of $350 a ticket! Oh no, our odds just dipped! She announced they would go on sale on July 26 at 10a sharp and enclosed the website link to the PBS site. Wow, there were over 10 of us in our little group. What if we all didn’t get tickets? Operation “get tickets” went into motion! Of course, we went to the website and as she had said, there was nothing there yet. We later found out this email went to about 250 persons. Our odds of getting tickets were getting slimmer by the moment. Ok, we quickly mobilized the troupes and our plan went into action on the morning of July 26. Ginny and Lorna were at Jana’s with fingers ready on the keyboards at 9:55am. Chris was at work and unable to order, so Ginny had her info. Donna went to Sharon’s, so they could help each other. Sherry was at home, at the ready, too! I was at the office, behind closed doors, waiting nervously for the laptop I had borrowed to strike 10am! I had preset the link to the website on the computer. I believe we all did. All we had to do was hit refresh, and boom, order as fast as our fingers allowed! We all agreed we would sign on and order at least 2 tickets so everyone in our group would be able to go. If there was a chance someone didn’t get tickets, we would work it out.


Ok, it was 10a – refresh! Refresh!! Refresh!! Wait, it wasn’t working, I was starting to panic and break out in a cold sweat! I quickly emailed Michelle and said it wasn’t working. Plan B. I went back to the original email, on my phone and clicked on the link! Presto! It worked, by then it was at least 5 after 10a and I was in panic mode. I quickly chose 2 tickets, that said that was our limit, put in my information and voila! It said I was confirmed for 2 tickets! Yea! I quickly texted the others and said I had 2 tickets. Oh, no, Sharon and Donna could not connect. I told them to go back to the original email, said they did, but that didn’t work. Ok, I told Sharon to send me her info ASAP and I would try to order them. She sent the info and I believe I got the last 2 tickets, from what I heard later. By about 10:20a, the tickets were sold out. We later learned that Lorna had gotten 4 tickets. So, between the 5 of us, we had gotten 12 tickets!! Just about 1/3 of the tickets were ours!


As usual, the anticipation grew, and clothes were getting chosen. OK, fast-forward…..August 24th!


It was a beautiful day, however there was a threat of rain in the forecast. We all met at my apartment (Ignazio’s Blessing – lol!) and took off shortly after 4:30p. A group of us, about 15 or so, met at Antonio’s the night before for a meet/greet/celebration of our own.

It was to start at 6:30p. After almost a 1.5 hour car ride out to Wixom from Dearborn, while dodging a few rain showers, we finally arrived about 6:15p. We got our badges, mingled a bit and took a few pictures. At just about 6:30p, they led us to the dining area. The food was all set up and waiting for us and the wine on the tables.   We were table #1. There were 7 of us sitting at a table for ten. Mingled some more and took more pictures. Had a glass of wine.ginny It was really warm in there and it wasn’t the wine! There appeared to be something wrong with the A/C! (Chris and I later found out on Sunday, while we were volunteering that the guys were too cold and they asked to turn off the air. A room full of 40 year-old plus women and they turn the air off!) Dinner was pretty good; better than last year. It was a little after 7:30p and we were anxiously awaiting for 8p to get there. Finally, about 7:55p or so, Il Volo security announced we could not personally give them any gifts we brought, but we had to put them on a table and they would take them to them. That was very disappointing for everyone. But at least they will get them and I could get rid of those t-shirts! They started calling the tables about 8:10p – late again. We were told they were rehearsing and on a tight schedule. However, they called table 3 first! That was ok though, I didn’t really want to be first. We ended up being the 3rd table to be called. There were 4


We went in and it was nothing like last year. It was dull and almost sterile. They didn’t allow the others to stay in the room. They were ushering you out as soon as you were done. However, I did stay as I had put my bag on the floor and went back to get it and then stayed until our group was finished.


The guys were just standing up there, kind of looking bored, no presents, no fun, no extra lights. Red carpet, but dull and boring beige backdrop for pictures. We had nametags on and Gianluca was calling out everyone’s name, kind of announcing us – that was nice.


I was next. “Jana!” “Gianluca!” I exclaimed. I excitedly walked up to them, clutching my book and bear. I asked Gian and Piero to sign my book and Igna to sign my bear. After they signed my items, I brought them all close to me and told them all that I saw them in both all 3 - 2the Florence and Verona concerts. They seemed mildly amused that I had attended both concerts. I told Gian we went to Montepagano and how much we loved it. I told Piero how perfect he always was and he grinned broadly. I told Igna how awesome his note was in Per Te Ci Saro in Verona and he loved that as well. I then gave them all a hug and was time for the pictures.




Snap! Poof Scree-eech wait, rewind….!!




Sadly, that was how I wished it had gone!


Here is what really happened… I may have to turn in my official membership card (and I have one lol!) after I ashamedly admit the true story….


Some of it was true…. I was excited to walk up there, a bit nervous, but not too bad. I had already seen them up close and personal 3 or 4 times already this year! I handed Gian and Piero my book and asked them to sign it, then turned to Igna and asked him if he would sign my bear. He did seem to grin a bit at the picture, but signed it no questions asked… I did tell Ignaigna 3 that I had gone to Italy and was at both the Florence and Verona concerts. I think he said, “yeah?” At least I think he looked at me with questioning eyes? Then I had to tell him that I had to go 4,400 miles to hear them sing Per Te Ci Saro and that I/we were very sad they didn’t sing it in the United States. I felt so bad, I really did, because of his reaction – “yes,” he said, “we, know…” Then, I just turned around and said, ok, now what, and they said “look here” and took our picture. I then put my arm around Igna’s waist and said to him that Alessandra was beautiful and I hoped they were happy together. He said thank you with a little smile. I wanted him to feel a little better after I made him sad… I started to walk away and realized that I was missing the cap from my pen, so turned around and Piero had it. I took the cap, looked into beautiful eyes and said “grazie!” I then went down the red carpet to gather my bag…  Marie put my picture that Chris took up on the site, so you can see that. (the other professional pictures have not been posted yet)gian and piero


Yes, that was it – no hugs – at all, unless you count my arm around Ignazio! I hang my Flight Crew head in shame! Others were more successful than I – getting hugs and selfies, even, with Gianluca! Well, I guess I have to keep doing this until I get it right! Next time, I’m going to write everything down so I don’t forget it.



Then it was back in the dining area for some dessert and coffee and the raffle prize giveaway. We also sang Happy Birthday to Mary to celebrate her 87th birthday! Some lucky lady won a HUGE signed poster of the guys. That same gracious lady, gave it to Mary, for her birthday! Mary was tickled – but how was she going to get it home to Minnesota!? I heard today she had it shipped UPS.


It was really roasting in there and suddenly the air seemed to kick in, I felt a cooler breeze every so often. Finally, 9:30p and the show was already starting. They gave us a lecture, yet again, on cameras, videoing (we could not), when we could take pictures, etc. That was a bummer! Ok, we got to go into the studio. The guys were sitting behind the desk, all prim and proper. They really HAD matured since last year. But they were also pretty tired. I knew, first hand, how exhausted they must feel, as Lorna and I were on the exact same flight they were from Rome to Detroit. I remember, about the 2nd day home, it really hit me about 8 or 9p and I wanted to just collapse. They all had coffee in front of them! Everyone always says, “oh, they are young…” but when jet lag hits, you can’t help it! Another lecture on when you could take pictures – only when he said we could, so many of the pictures you see are almost identical, except for the possible angle. Or for those that snuck pictures, somehow, when security wasn’t looking! I see there were a few of those pictures out on Facebook… I may have snuck a few also, but my new camera made a lot of noise and they threatened (and already did) take someone’s camera away if they took pictures when they weren’t supposed to! I wasn’t taking any chances. There were only about 3 or 4 times we could take pictures during the whole 1.5 hours of taping. Very disappointing. all 3And to top it off, the guys did not MOVE from their chairs behind that desk until the very end. I was so looking forward to that this year, since Chris and I were stuck on the phones last year.


They had a different gal this year doing the interviewing – oh good, we thought. Maybe she won’t screw up their names! What were we thinking? Agggghhh! She introduces Il Volo – “here we are with GianlucO, Piero, and Ig – naz – io!” Ugh, you should have heard the audience groan! I’m still surprised you did not hear it on the taping! She screwed up their names a few more times, we kept trying to tell those in charge to stop butchering their names. At one point, one of the security persons asked the audience, how many think she is messing up their names? Just about everyone raised their hands – I’m thinking now, those on the end didn’t because maybe they didn’t hear him? I raised BOTH my hands!! Finally, please, someone tell her!! Shortly after that, they started doing these promos for different cities. They went into their old routine of “I’m Gianluca, I’m Piero, and I’m Ignazio, and we are Il Volo!” Ah, finally, after about 10 times of doing this, we figured she’d get it right!? Like, why didn’t they do that in the first place?? Well, after that, I think she was too afraid to say any of their names, but did, finally, get Gianluca’s name right! I think she even screwed up Piero, but I’m not sure how. Such an embarrassment for PBS. I think the guys thought it was funny. Once or twice, even Ignazio said “GianlucO” with great emphasis on the “O” part. Lol! Good ol’ Igna – I hope she got the hint!


Ok, they did a few retakes and a few more promos. Finally, they were coming out from behind the barrier of the desk and coming toward us. Gianluca made a few donors happy, as I saw him with the headphones on. Ignazio must have really wanted to get out of there and he was coming down first. Ok, maybe I can get my membership card reinstated here, maybe…. I was being bold, not my usual style, and stood out in the aisleway, waiting for him to get near me. ignaI called out to him and then he stood still, and took my hand and shook it. Ok, no hug, but his soft, cool hands, were nice. He held his one hand over mine, as I shook his other one. So sweet. I told him, “if you see t-shirts, they are from me…” Ok, he said, and he walked away, out the door… Then Gianluca finally got near. Lorna had her moment cut short, so security promised her a few extra minutes with the guys. Gianluca came by and he purposely stopped him so she could take a picture with him. We finally convinced her to stand up, and she did. I tried to get his attention afterward, but it was a no go. Sadly, I was not able to tell him we went to Montepagano. And he walked out. Ok, Piero was last and the ladies up front were keeping him close. He was finally walking toward me and I took my big chance…I reached out to him and the guard was just about to push me away when he heard me say “I’ve never had a hug from Piero!” Ah, my saving grace, he backed off and I got a small hug from the deep, tenor, himself. Even though it lasted just a few seconds, he was sweet. He kept walking down the aisle, getting hugs from all the ladies on the ends. And then, they were gone! That was it, that was our “mingling with the audience” we were promised, by PBS!


Needless to say, we were quite disappointed. They really sat up there like bumps on a log, pretty much the entire night. No cutting up like last year. Maybe Barbara had warned them this time? Every so often the guys were really watching their performance. I opted to sit in the back row so I could stand up and take pictures without bothering anyone and of course, everyone else stood up in front of me! I got a few shots, but nothing great. Others were able to take better pictures that I’ve seen on FaceBook. I think the coffee may have finally taken effect near the end of the program and once in a while, Ignazio would sing a little phrase here and there from Mamma, or some other song. I’m sure it was just to stay awake! Like, that’s how boring it was!


One cute little tidbit… a few days before the show, a select few were emailed and asked to give some questions to ask the guys. Wow, ok, that was cool. Chris was one of the select few and she forwarded the email to me. I submitted 5 questions. They said there was no guarantee they would use them. Well, lo and behold, they actually used 2 of my questions! One, directly aimed at Gianluca… ”Being the only baritone of the group, how was it different, or was it any different to prepare for the concert for the 3 Tenors?” Well, I was tickled when I heard that – didn’t realize it until I was watching it the next night, as we couldn’t hear a thing in the audience. He gave a really strange answer and did not even really answer it. He said he sang this song by so-and-so and he was a tenor (I guess?), so in literally so many words, I guess he said he didn’t really have to prepare any differently? The other question I asked was, “if you could tell the fans anything, what would you tell them?” That was even the more oddest answer (I know that’s not good English, but Gianluca’s answer was bizarre!) Something about wanting to bring opera to young people? I really have to go watch it again.


I was happy to hear Ignazio say he was interested in studying more operahim being such the “pop” guy and all? And, I’m saving the best for last, this was not on the program….THEY ARE COMING BACK! In MARCH, to Detroit!


Yes, this hand will reach for her credit card, once again! Do you think I can get it right next time? Let’s wait and see!




p.s.  Those that are wondering about a CD/DVD from the Florence concert, we were being told, as volunteers, that the DVD, at least, is still in production and not to expect it for 8 – 10 weeks!  I know they say the CD is to be released on September 30, so hopefully we will get that sooner, if you ordered it separately from Amazon.  I am enclosing the link to PBS if anyone is interested in ordering it from there.  It is $108 for just the DVD.




57 thoughts on “Detroit’s Notte Magica! Aug 24, 2016”

  1. Jana, I hope you do not regret it and you have enjoyed a pleasant time in spite of everything. Sometimes things are going in different way as we wanted or we want.Thanks that you shared with us your story and experience. 🙂 Wishing you nice day and sending sincere greetings. Grazie e ciao ! 😉

    1. Jana, you told it like it was. I hope to get my take written up and sent to Marie, but will just say that I’m in agreement about the disappointments, but there was a redeeming feature for me which I will tell later. I did send the poster back by UPS and the boys arrived yesterday and are gracing my living room.
      While there were things that left a lot to be desired about the event, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Seeing our guys “in the flesh” under any circumstances is way better than not at all. Their charm and allure comes through even under the most difficult of conditions. Gianluca and Piero, bless their hearts, tried valiantly to do their best for the crowd, and Ignazio, I think was just too tired and jet lagged, a condition that he suffers greatly from, to care anymore. But they were brave troupers and I loved every minute that I could hold them and caress them with my eyes.

      1. Thanks for your comments, Mary!! I’m glad it was not just me…. but you are correct, any time with the guys is special and truly priceless! Despite what our checking accounts say! lol!

    2. Lydka – life is too short for regrets and there are never any regrets with the guys! Even if you do blow it a bit personally! It was still wonderful and worth every penny! 🙂

      1. Sorry but what you meant with sentence: ” Even if you do blow it a bit personally! “. Maybe it is some special phrase in English and I do not know it, American English is sometimes different as British English that I learned in the school. Maybe I understand it correctly, maybe not… I’m not offended, but you do not know my life and although I am young, I have some experiences which usually young people have not.. Phrase “life is too short for regrets” is also used in my country, but I cannot totally agree with that. Regret is also important part of our lives and helps us to learn something about ourselves and brings life lessons . Toward life belong beautiful and also bad moments, nice and ugly experiences, joy and regret…We can not live a lie and ignore the negative things (if we want to improve them). I think that I do not want to experience what you all experienced ( Europeans are others like you), my mentality and personality is completely different, so also my experience will be unique and I know what I want and what not. I do not need to personally meet boys,for me is sufficient to attend the concert. 🙂 I wish you nice days ! All the best to you ! 🙂

      2. Lydka – “blow it” means to “mess it up, make a mistake, or do something you wish you hadn’t, or wish you had done something differently”… regrets, as Piero sings… “regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention….” You say you don’t want to meet them and that’s ok, but if you ever have the opportunity, you may want to reconsider. I will do it as long as I can afford it. You say you are young, but you speak with such wisdom. 🙂

      3. Jana, thanks for the explanation. 🙂 Once, it was coincidence, I stood only few centimetres from Slovak tennis player, she was very good player in doubles, specialist on doubles ( she has 25 titles in doubles ). It was in front of the arena where was playing Fed Cup, funny was that other people did not recognize her , she was in hurry and eating something and what did I ? Nothing. 🙂 I let her go away without salutation. I haven’t autograph but for me it is very nice memory. I glad that I did not bother her. 🙂 This is me ! 😀 Circumstances, life and family influenced me, I have always moved in the company of older people like me, also in the family I was the youngest , much more than my cousins. I have always listened to the speech of adults since childhood. 🙂 But I think that my wisdom will come with age ( I am little bit older than boys) , when I will be older and more mature than I am now. But thanks for your compliment !

  2. I’m sorry you were disappointed but at least you were there. I wish I could have been there. Sometimes I wonder if they realize what the fans, like us, go through to be with them? I’ve been to 2 concerts this year and both of the M/G. Gianluca seems to be the one who is really happy to see us. In some of the pictures I’ve seen the boys are so animated, sometimes they are preoccupied, especially Igna with his phone. Maybe it was learning of the earthquake in Italy this time? But our love for them runs deep, no matter what the circumstances.

    1. Rose Marie – yes, despite any and all complaints, we have to be joyful because not everyone gets this opportunity to be with them like this. Although it always seems rushed, we did have more time than at the regular meet/greets. A few extra seconds goes a long way! 🙂 Yes, wonder what was on their minds…?

  3. Thanks for your story, Jana. I’m so happy for you that you were able to be there even if it didn’t turn out quite the way you had envisioned it. I love the way Mary put it, she could caress them with her eyes! No doubt there was a lot of that going on that evening.

    1. Yes, caressing with the eyes – sounds like a post! 🙂 They certainly know how to put a spell over us! Still hoping for the next time. I do make headway each time though, just need a bit more practice! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your story. It is hard work being such a dedicated fan. But, somehow through all of the aggravation it is worth the effort just to see their bright young faces in person.

    1. It is…although I’ve never had a child, a friend of mine, with 4, says you forget about the pain when the baby is in your arms. Kind of like that, I guess? No matter what you have gone through to get to that point, once you seem them that close and get to touch them, all the pain goes away!

  5. Thank you, Jana!!! A beautiful time even if it was not up to your expectations !!! You saw them & spent time with them & have memories to cherish!!! So great that you all got to be there!!!

    1. Thank you, Anne! No, it wasn’t perfect for me, but others had a wonderful time and that’s what’s important!

  6. arranging these events must be difficult for the management. I know the boys were only in
    Jana, It must be difficult for management and security to arrange these events. I know they were only in Detroit for 24 hours. That would drain any ones energy. Seeing them no matter what is still very special. How they always make it through the adoring fans in one piece is beyond me. They are true troupers. My heart is with the quakevictoms as well as theirs. Loved you story. It was so real. Joanie G

    1. Joanie – thanks! I try to write from the heart. I have to admit, I do sugarcoat a few things when I write on here, but I was pretty honest on this one! It is special and it has been a whirlwind 6 months for me! Lucky for them, security keeps a tight watch on all of us adoring fans!

  7. Jana thank you for your detailed account of your night with our guys. I’m so happy for all of you that got tickets !! No doubt you would have liked it to be more of a blast like it was last year but you were lucky to be so close to them again. I really think that this year they were extra jet lagged and also upset about the tragedy in their homeland and anxious to get home to hug their families. I miss them and would love to go to the next PBS event so that I could be close to them again and possibly hug them tight.

  8. Jana, this is very interesting. As much as I love IL VOLO, and especially Piero, I cannot afford $200+ for any meet/greet, and after reading your account of this, and of others at other M/G, I’m glad I didn’t try to go. And I don’t think it’s the guys, I think it’s their management. From everything I’ve seen and read, the guys are more than accommodting.
    I was a little disappointed in the concert. After the Pompeii concert, where they were so friendly abd humerous, I expected more. They performed beautifully, as always, but less personal. I really admire the way they each acknowledge the other person’s solo sections. No one tries to hog the spotlight.
    I think Piero is perfection and always has been, but I was very impressed at how Iggy has improved (poor choice of words). He seems to have expanded his vocal expertise so much.
    Thanks for your review, and I’m glad you guys enjoyed it. Oh one more thing… I did not like the PBS person talking to the guys. I much prefer Laura Savini (sp?).

    1. Yes, this concert was much more formal than the others. There were a few fun flubs at the live concert, but of course they were cut out – like when Placido spoke Italian when he was supposed to be speaking English! Igna tried as much as he could to give a lightness to their performance, but it was still pretty serious. Yes, the guys are always polite and you have their full attention while you are up there, it’s the “management” that keeps things rolling along. Yes, I think I liked the other lady better also. I also liked the format better last year, where they talked to each one separately….Prego!

  9. Personally for me are Meet and Greet little bit strange events. I can imagine that for example after concerts singers surely want to have a peace, time to rest, maybe they are hungry etc. and must be for them exhausting to participate in this action (M/G).We also have to count with that the famous people are just humans, and it is normal that sometimes they have not the mood to be in big group of people, surrounded by among plenty of fans, or they do not have the funny mood, to do jokes and so. At these M/G events I lack spontaneity, a certain naturalness,because the artist is obliged to spend with fans at least a few minutes,dedicate the attention to them, because the fans have paid for it. It is more beautiful , when artist dedicates at least short time to fans when he really wants it, if it doesn’t bother him and he is relaxed, in good mood and this follows somehow naturally from the particular situation. This is reason why if once I will go on their concert, I do not want to go on M/G , it is also expensive for me , but much more important is that I do not want this type of meeting which for me is forced and I don’t want to make someone tired and take his free time, if he hasn’t too much time on relax. I think that it is not necessary to always meet our idols,for me would be sufficient to attend a concert, nothing more. 🙂 Famous people have many fans, every fan wants to have the feeling to be special and important for his idol and wants to catch his attention,but it is not possible for several reasons. 🙂 When fan meets his idol, it is special moment for him or her, but for famous person it is only another meeting with fan. For artist it is not special moment, surely is polite and kind,because he knows that fans are important because through them he is famous and successful, the fans pay for tickets, Cds……Maybe artist will remember few happy fans, but surely not all, while many fans are hoping that they will belong among these unforgettable fans. 🙂 It is normal to be anonymous fan 🙂 and I think that in my cause would be maybe good to stay anonymous for them,certainly they are not curious for me. I’m just one of many fans, is nothing special or interesting on me. Some fans have very big expectations, sometimes maybe unreal and daring, but I am a realist with feet on the ground. 🙂 Sometimes it is enough just a little to the fact that we can be happy. But it is individually, each person feels it differently. Everyone needs something different….I will be probably the only one with this opinion on this place but have not forget that I am in a different position than you. 🙂 Maybe if I would be from different country or have experiences from concerts as you, i would have another opinion. Who knows, but my opinion depends on my situation and my mentality. 🙂 Sorry for my long comment but I wrote my honest thoughts.

    P.S. Jet lag, fatigue from the long flight and a short time to adaption, surely were the reasons that influenced the behavior of boys.

    1. Lidka , I agree with your opinion . Here we do not use the meet and greet (I admit that I would be happy to do so ), but I also think that is a little forced. I’ve seen videos of very tired boys , but who stopped to talk and to make selfie with people waiting for them but they were attitudes born of their good heart and not an obligation . This, however, and ‘ just my opinion .

      1. Daniela, maybe I am too polite, but I think that fans are sometimes little rude. I do not like when I see fan who after seeing his idol on the street is running to him and then hugging him and behaving to him in the way as if they are friends.Many fans are forgetting that they are foreign people for their idols, they do not know them ! Can you imagine that person, who you do not know, catches you on street and starts to be familiar with you ? What would be your reaction ? Fans are sometimes selfish and don’t think how would they felt in a skin of their idol, and whether would this behavior was pleasant also for them. It is not polite to abuse one’s good willingness and kind heart. Everything has its normal boundaries. That’s my opinion. Boys are very kind and well-behaved but certainly sometimes they have to be tired from all fans and the attention from their side. Fans should respect them and behave in very proper way because in the future maybe will come the changes in behavior of boys. If fans want to maintain a strong ( good) bond with them, so they need to be careful how they treat them. 🙂
        I am glad that you had with your family nice vacations. Wishing you all the best and many nice days. 🙂 Yes Piero spoke in Detroit about their participation at Casa Museo Pavarotti on September 6, but it is not officially confirmed. I read somewhere that officially are not yet listed among the performers singers.

    2. Well said, Lydka, and I agree with you. I’ve done one M&G and will not do another for a lot of the reasons you said. I don’t know how artists do them without feeling like a “piece of meat”, really. And I have to say this, at the risk of upsetting people…the Guys might have been a bit perkier, jet -lag or not, if that room had been full of ladies in their own age bracket than were there in reality. They are more reserved with “mature” women, naturally, as a sign of respect…and it’s the mature ladies who have the money to do these types of events. (PLEASE, nobody hate me for saying that…I’m just expressing my own opinion)! Much love to you all!

      1. Ruth, thanks and I agree with you, and mainly I strongly agree with your sentence about “feeling like a piece of meat”,often I think that singers are like funny toys for some fans, and paying for them means that artists are only ” things on using”,(aren’t living beings) or “trained animals in a circus”, just an attraction which everyone wants to touch and wants see up close.
        I wish you nice day and all the best, sincere greeting to you. 🙂

  10. Now let’s see – – hmmm ? ? ? is it Gee -ahn luccco or is it jshi ann luca
    or ? ? ? I remember one time he said in an interview take the American “John ” and add “lucah” to it. Too diificult ? ?

    I agree with you guys completely. it is obtuse that these professional announcers do not do their homework ! ! ! And for Ignazio he himself once said that it is like the word ” pizza ” ” with a “ts” sound not a soft zzzz
    ” ee n ah st ee oh ” (with a nasal and soft “g ” in front of the n) .

    Piero is lucky

    Lord , they must get sick and tired of this after seven years.

    1. Myron – yes, thanks!! 🙂 I’ll never forget that one program at Christmas when that one guy, their own “manager” at the time – forget his name, but was with Barbra Streisand also. He kept pronouncing Ignazio’s name wrong and Ignazio corrected him on TV! I rewatched it and you know she got the name of Igna’s solo correct? That was surprise – lots of Italian words and she can’t get their names right? go figure!?

  11. Jana, Thank You for your description of the event. I”m so sorry that it was disappointing, but it does not surprise me. I expected that Gianluca & Piero would be the ones who would try to be warmer with the fans who were present; you confirmed that that was pretty much the case. I watched the video yesterday & yes, they were tired, of course, but I can think of several reasons why there is a change & noticed before the U.S.A. tour was over. just remember & enjoy the way it used to be. Y’all are such good people here.

    1. yeah, maybe I was too honest this time?? Igna may have been running out first, but he did stop for me and I can’t remember if he stopped for anyone else? That puts him at the top of my special list! He has gotten chastised for being mean to his fans again lately, but as a few others have said here, fans can be rude. I’m sure if someone just passed them on the street, said “ciao” in a polite manner, he’d be thrilled to stop and say hello…who knows, maybe he had to use the bathroom. I can’t recall any of them getting up during the breaks and leaving to go anywhere? He does only have one kidney? 🙂

  12. Hello Jana,
    First of all I must congratulate you, you have recently returned from Italy where you saw two concerts and you also had this chance to see them in person and exchange a few words with them. Damn that lucky. I was at sea when I saw your picture with the guys and I wrote an email to Marie saying “but that’s Jana in photos with them? But how did !!!”
    I later learned that other crew members have had this possibility ‘, I’m so happy.
    But it often happens that when you have so many expectations will remain disappointed, because you always want more.
    Surely the presenter PBS was not up to the job, you can not call Gianluco ….. Ignatius often when he wants to tease Gianluca calls Gianluco here and everyone laughs and that’s why that night kept repeating the name stretching on O.
    As for “Per te ci sarò” or the more recent songs of Il VOLO, I read in an interview them before leaving for the US tour that would change the lineup of the concert because the American public expects from them the Italian classic songs and those already known. Instead many people expected the new songs, I myself have read many comments on Ticketmaster where so many people would say that the concert was beautiful and their impeccable but they expected the new songs that have not been performed.
    Evidently these comments must also be arrived at them.
    Here yesterday ‘was the news spread that next week on September 6 will perform in Bologna in Piazza Grande to commemorate the ninth anniversary of Pavarotti’s death will be a free event.
    I’m not far away from Bologna, about 180 km but I have yet to inform me about the event well.
    However Jana it was just great: BRAVA !!

      1. Thanks Lydka , you always have the latest news.
        The holidays were great for us , but September is the period of great work ( thank goodness ) .
        I hope that you ‘re all right .
        a hug

    1. Daniela, I’m fine, thank you. In summer are the best walking in the nature, I love calming places with trees, parks are my favorite places. 🙂 But September is also nice month, walking in nice autumn weather has its charm and poetry too. 🙂 Buona serata !

    2. Daniela – grazie mille!! Yes, we are very lucky here in the US, as many people don’t have the same opportunities we do to see them here, especially in Detroit. I guess we should be very thankful to the Ruggiero family, owner of Antonio’s, whom they come to see when they are here! 🙂 As far as the songs, I’d like to know where they get their information – nobody asked us? My favorite concert of theirs was the one from Verona from last September. I watch it often. It was supposed to be their first tour concert showcasing their new songs. We just expected them to sing it. Although, we were lucky to hear their duets, we loved them and not all the countries were able to hear them. I hope you enjoy Bologna!

  13. Sorry Jana that you felt let down but I think the boys were worried about the quake and wished to be back in Italy.
    Ignazio especially. He is 21 and in love. That alone is an answer. He is worried, missing his ‘soul mate’. He is glued to his cell phone and half the time not paying attention at interviews. We forget that they are young men that are close to their families and friends and have had a grueling 2016 schedule.
    I watch some of the pictures of M & G and noticed that they can be drawn out of their “wooden” stance by people that are naturally happy and bubble. I have two sisters in law who never met stranger. I always wished to have that gift.
    I saw the boys in Dallas almost at the end of their US tour this year and they were so tired that it reflected in their M & G.

    1. Gina – I don’t think it was so much a letdown, as my personal responsibility for how things happened. I seriously cannot blame the boys for anything! 🙂

  14. Ciao a tutti!

    I just want to take a moment here to stress that the guys were GREAT! as always! Yes, a little tired, but still polite and never rude! I’m sorry this post seemed to come off as a bit of a downer, but it was not their fault. Those in attendance are more likely to blame PBS for most of the issues. I guess I didn’t sugarcoat this as I sometimes do and was just being honest. Despite any complaints, we are honored the guys even want to come to Detroit for less than 48 hours and do this. We also know that Detroit is the only city they do this in. We’d love to be able to meet them on the streets and beaches of Italy when they are happy and relaxed, but we don’t have that opportunity here. There are often things that happen that we don’t know or don’t have the privilege of knowing for whatever reason, so we must accept what we are given when it comes to their time. Those of us that have had the opportunity to touch, feel, and experience them, know the split-second joy it brings to us. They are ours for that very moment. They are looking into our eyes (and not their cell phones!) and we have to make every moment of that second count. If we don’t, that is our fault, not theirs. Will I spend another $500 for less than 30 seconds with them again? YES! Will they care, or remember me later? Probably not….but I know that going into this. And I’m sure they are wishing, at least for a moment or two, that they were not so famous and could go back to being just Gian, Piero, and Igna; playing soccer and eating pizza, and singing for fun – where and when they wanted. Ok, I will respond more to your comments later… need to walk and listen to the guys before it rains! 🙂

    1. Jana, I respect your opinion. We humans are different, have different thought, opinions, desires, dreams,behavior, background, surroundings, relationships, mentality, character, spirit… ..and this is good and normal. 🙂 What is good and suitable for you, maybe isn’t good and suitable for others. The diversity is the beauty of this world ! 🙂 Have a nice listening to guys ! 😀

      1. Lydka – thanks, yes. We are all different – which makes this site so great! I hope one day you’ll be able to experience what we have!

  15. Ciao, Jana, (I tried to comment earlier, but for some reason I haven’t been successful again). I just wanted to say that the fellas didn’t come across to me as having “wanted” to fly to Detroit; I’m sorry. They had to come here in order to promote their PBS concert. (You’re a sweet & kind person).

    1. Laura – perhaps they didn’t really want to come, but I’m sure they could have said no? They were all geared up to sing for the Pope, too, and they canceled out of that, for whatever reason? But trust me, I’ll be first in line to buy my tickets for the March concert – I hope that is what is in March? It’s amazing their lives are already planned out so far in advance. I remember last year they were saying that this August was their only rest time, and that was LAST July! PBS invited them to come back, it was not a definite thing. However, we are hoping for a next time…. 🙂

  16. I have watched the video several times of the PBS interview with the guys. I didn’t think Gianluca’s answers were strange or bizarre. Gianluca by far, has the best command of the English language. Ignazio had a hard trying to express himself but he was charming. Piero expressed himself very well. I read on facebook that after all three of them left, Gianluca came back ten minutes later and signed autographs. It’s too bad that they didn’t have a couple of days of rest before appearing on PBS.

    1. Jeanne – wow, Gianluca came back? That’s awesome – I didn’t know that. Funny, no one else mentioned that on this site? Yes, Igna’s English is not the best, but I’m sure he understands it quite well? Yes, you would think they’d plan it a bit better than that? Maybe next time? 🙂

  17. I have watched their interview a few times and actually think it is one of their better ones. While she did mispronounce Gianluca’s name, I thought the questions (I guess some were sent in) and their responses were very good. Ignazio was participating and smiling. I sometimes feel he is disengaged, but it could be he is tired or Piero and Gianluca tend to talk more. I’m sure they were tired and concerned about their beloved country and people. I am actually surprised they didn’t mention the earthquake. I know in the past they have really seemed to have fun at these events but they may not have been as tired or concerned. I can’t help but feel that as they get more famous, the demands on their time will make them less accessible and more guarded.
    I went to my first M & G in February and it really was very rushed, but I particularly did not like the way the people handling it spoke to us.

    1. Having read all the comments about M & Gs, I think part of how it goes has to do with where along the tour your particular concert is. Someone mentioned the Dallas one that was near the end of the tour how tired they were. I experienced one M & G that was sort of in the middle and one that was the second concert of the tour. Two different companies handled the M & Gs. The first one I went to was the middle one. No one was rude, the boys did not some very tired even though I knew they would be on their bus the minute the M & G was over and I was one of the last people. Everyone was nice, the guys were sweet and not impatient. The meetings were brief but we were allowed to hand them things and ask for autographs. The second M & G was the one from this last tour, and it was the second concert.(Orillia Ontario) This was an amazing M & G. I went into it not expecting much but I was blown away as the whole thing became very informal and after the picture taking the guys just waded into the crowd and talked to people, took selfies, answered questions, etc. They were full of energy and seemed excited and happy to interact with people. I guess as the tour went on and they became more tired the M & G was scaled back quite a bit. I had my complaints about the concert itself–they had a lot of wrinkles to straighten out, but the M & G was wonderful.

    2. I think you have probably identified the main thing happening. They are getting more famous, more demands on their time, so many people wanting their attention. That will make them less accessible and more guarded. I heard an interview recently done by Wiki Blogs on the day of or day before the concert in the London Paladium. They had decided to go out somewhere where there were some fans. When they were spoted it evidently turned a bit chaotic and police had to be called to calm the situation. Piero was asked about this and he said that ” it was a mistake to go down there”. When asked why he said ” the fans did not act like they had anticipated”. Now it seems they have to be concerned also about their personal safety, and need security with them at all times. Piero sounded a bit sad recounting this situation and I imagine they would like some days when they can stroll around, go to a movie, sit at a sidewalk cafe without being disturbed. I miss those days when they were just starting out and were so playful and wide eyed and excited about all the fans. The price of fame.

    3. Margaret – I’m glad you liked this one. I did watch it again, but I think I enjoyed last years a bit better. It was just so totally different from last year, so much more formal. PBS had designed their whole set, about a month or so after they left and put up that big desk for the guests. I didn’t want to mention it, but I was surprised, also, that they (PBS) didn’t mention the quake at all. I really thought they would mention it, or at least acknowledge it in some way. Yes, we are fearful of that as well, as they become more famous, we won’t be able to get near them. Yes, there were many, many complaints about the VIP meet/greets. And even those were all different. Let’s hope they don’t use them again, but you never know. One thing I find comical about the meet/greets, was that you got a VIP badge that they signed. In Feb you could still almost make out their signatures. By the end of the March ones, it was barely a scribble of their initials! 🙂

  18. I also miss the wide-eyed look they use to sometimes have. The first time I walked up to Ignazio (behind a theater) he had the cutest grin on his face as I was approaching. However…

    Of course I can’t speak for the guys and can’t believe I’m comparing myself to them, but I have done a lot of theater including dinner theater and one outdoor drama. The outdoor drama, “Tecumseh” ran from Memorial Day to Labor Day 6 nights a week. It was hard to stay fresh with that many performances. BUT…the Meet & Greet NEVER got old. We were through with our work, tired (riding horses, shooting cannons, 4 costume changes, etc.), but when it came time to just stand there greeting the people and hearing accolades we were refreshed and ready to go again. That is what we worked for! Not that big hundred dollars a week or the free dinner, but the true rewards of the show…the people and their good wishes. Again, I can’t compare that to the hundreds of M & G’s our boys have attended, but I always think the M & G’s are for their pleasure as well as ours.

    1. Marie , I never had the opportunity to talk to the guys , but some of my friends were able to visit them and talk to them when they were in Verona and they have confirmed both in words and with attitudes that love the moments that with fans and private, in both the meet and greet , and for them is a real pleasure .

    2. Marie – so much theater! 🙂 I did Oliver in high school? 🙂 Yes, it has to get tiring and the faces a blur….

  19. I feel like I must have attended a totally different event at PBS! I enjoyed all of the evening. I found the guys to be charming, funny, and sweet. They did not look tired, in my opinion. Ignazio yawned a couple of times, but that was all. He made many funny comments, as did Gianluca. Of course the M&G is never as long as we would like–good heavens, if we had our wish we would be sitting down and talking with them for hours at a time! I for one enjoyed my M&G time with them. You can’t tell them your life story in one minute; you just have to appreciate the moment in time that you are lucky enough to have with them. Most IV fans in this world never get such an opportunity at all.
    I guess it’s the difference of “the glass half empty vs. the glass half full.” My glass was overflowing that special night. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

    1. Donna – I’m so glad you had a good time!! It is, what you make it! 🙂 Race you to the ticket counter! Lol!

  20. Whenever one buys a ticket for an event especially where our Il Volo will be a big part of the event, we come with expectations and perhaps expectations that are surrounded with a good deal of emotion. We love them do we not? In my case I struggled with both my smart phone and computer with shaking fingers to finally purchase 2 tickets! I made plans with a friend.. choosing the right outfit and jewelry, packing my bags and driving 8+ hours to Detroit to spend a few hours in Wixom, at dinner, a meet & greet with Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero and then to be a member of the audience during the intermission interviews with the boys. I was fortunate to have been at the 2015 Wine & Dine so I had a good idea of how everything would go. I spent a lot of time in my head just thinking about how I hoped it would go. Perhaps I ran a few scenarios of what it might be like when I got to see and talk with the three most awesome 20 somethings in the world. Did I mention that this wasn’t my first time to meet them but still I was excited when I thought about it. So let me give you my take on how the evening went.
    We arrived 45 minutes early and begin renewing friendships with online friends we had not seen in over a year as well as meeting new ilvolovers. After awhile we were escorted into dinner and found our tables by the number on our name tags. It was fun to see who would be our tablemates. A delicious Italian buffet meal had been prepared and wine was already available on the tables. Members of the DPTV staff made themselves available to us and joined us for dinner. The boys were backstage preparing for the m&g and on camera work. Soon it was time to see the guys. There were only 35 of us but because time was limited, there wasn’t a lot of time for chit chat.. Certainly there was time for hugs and brief comments and having an item signed by the guys but we knew that a serious conversation with the boys was inappropriate. Those few moments were glorious to me. The guys were animated and sweet. Snap! The photo was taken and we were back to the dining room for delicate desserts! Shortly we filed (hurried for good seats) into the studio and the boys were already there. In between the interview breaks the guys fooled around and entertained us. Different than 2015 but funny and so Il Volo! It was an evening that I will remember for a long time. Back to expectations… the evening was well run even though I didn’t care for the strict time limits but the airing of Una Notte Magica had to start on time and it did. We laughed! We snapped photos, we snuck photos and videos! We had 1.5 hours in the studio to just watch the boys, knowing that very soon they would be back in Italy! It was a beautiful evening and I wish everyone could have been there. You would have loved it too! Thank you to DPTV for offering us this opportunity! Thank you to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca for being the fabulous people that you are! I can’t wait until next year and I just hope they give us another opportunity to do it all over again.

    1. Thank you Judy !! I would have loved being there !! Just having them close and being able to give them a hug is always heavenly and memorable !! I’m so glad you enjoyed your evening with our endearing boys and all the wonderful Ilvolovers that were there !!!

    2. Judy – Let me officially welcome you to the Crew, here!! 🙂 I’m so glad you had a good time. I hope you signed up to get further notifications, as well? It’s just amazing what 3 young Italian men have done for this world and how many thousands of lives they have changed! All of the hundreds of new friends we have made over the last 5 years or so? Yes, am hoping for next year, as well! I’m glad to see that it was not only our group that went crazy to get these tickets!! Loved your story! I guess I missed a bit being in the back row…

      Grazie mille!

  21. Ciao – just want to apologize in responding to your comments – it has just been a busy few weeks!

    Just a few tidbits from a few others that attended, what was asked and what was said….

    One friend told them it was probably the last time she’d see them. She said Ignazio sweetly responded, “why??” Another friend commented on Igna’s painting and suggested it go for auction for charity. He told her that was a possibility? 🙂 Ok, I know I could not afford it, but I’d certainly start the bidding!

    Ciao a tutti – be safe!

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