Personally Speaking~IL VOLO…Like it…Love it…Gotta Have it!

We have an ice cream shop called ColdStone Creamery, that sells three sizes of cups for you to choose from as to how you would like your indulgence served up to you.




As I was standing in line trying to make this most important decision looking at all of the to die for ice cream concoctions —I suddenly realized these three choice sizes perfectly fit my NEED for Il Volo in my life!  As you can tell, these three guys jump into my mind frequently.  Does not matter what I am doing at the time.






I LIKED IT from the very start.  Seeing them on the Detroit PBS special, I liked what I saw and heard.  How could anyone not LIKE three such adorable, handsome, down to earth kids with voices of men beyond their young ages?  I have always LIKED hearing beautiful music… symphony, opera, blues, you name it.  I credit my love of music to some wonderful teacher in high school who taught us Music Appreciation.  Little did I realize back in the day how those lessons would stay with me for a life time.  I LIKED hearing their beautiful music in any language, but the fact that this quality of music was coming from such young boys made it all the more intriguing.  I LIKED the fact their parents were traveling with them, knowing the value of having that guiding presence close by.








It did not take long before LIKE IT turned into LOVE IT.  A LOVE of watching them grow and change and evolve into a phenomenon I’d not seen before.  A LOVE for listening to them learn our language in front of a camera and not being intimidated or shy away from expressing themselves.  This showed great courage on their part.  I would not dream of getting in front of an Italian camera and attempt to speak their language!  Each guy has shown us how they can master anything they set their mind to.   My LOVE IT list is endless...their music, respectful manners, dedication, joking around, interactions with audience, how they stay in touch via social media, genuine and pure hearts…when they glance over at each other during a song and watch the other one sing his part, the love and dedication to their style of music, the way they treat their families and the superb values learned at young ages. I LOVE IT when they show genuine love and respect for all ages from babies to grandmotherly types like myself!






I’m not sure how long it took me to morph into the GOTTA HAVE IT size.  Maybe a nanosecond after entering the LOVE IT size!  I NEEDED to hear their voices sing to me everyday, to check in on social media and the Flight Crew site to see what they were up to, to pre-order each new CD and DVD  the moment Amazon would let me and to climb what ever mountain or obstacle stood in my way to see them in concert and Meet and Greets as often as I could!

At this point in my life the GOTTA HAVE IT  size is the only size I need.   So what size fits YOUR needs?



Photo credits to Images for Il Volo


49 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~IL VOLO…Like it…Love it…Gotta Have it!”

  1. Same story as yours but you did all the difficult work of expressing my thoughts so well. Read IL Volo Flight Crew each day and look forward to it. Loved these guys from the first note from their mouths that I was fortunate enough to accidentally happen to hear on PBS that so many years ago when they were still handsome little boys. Thank you all for your posts.

  2. Oh I’m certainly got to have it, in any way possible, all the time. Daily listening to concerts and interviews , they are so lovely and so charming and as many concerts as I can get to. Roll on notte magica DVD release, I know I shouldn’t wish time away, but …..

  3. You really captured the various stages you, I and so many others have gone through with Il Volo Jane! And it didn’t take long to go to each one. I especially feel that for those of us who first saw and heard them when they were very young (for me it was their first PBS concert from Detroit), it was a natural progression from one stage to another.

  4. Oh, Jane! You read my thoughts right down to music appreciation in school! This is a perfect post! AND I haven’t gained weight while partaking!! Three scopes is just right, but more than once a day! Thanks for the smile this morning!♡♡♡in Texas!

    1. Dorothy, I can remember at the ripe old age of 16, only liking Music Appreciation class as we got to get out of school to attend symphonies and such! It was years later that I realized just what a valuable course that was and am so very thankful to have been exposed to all the various types of music at a young age, really being able to understand and appreciate what I was hearing!

  5. Until September 4, 2011 when I saw the boys on the MDA Telethon, I would have said that my favorite indulgence was ice cream. But I can now very happily say that Il Volo is my indulgence; THEY ARE BETTER THAN ICE CREAM!!!

  6. Wonderful, Jane!!! You said it all!!! I lost my heart to these three adorable teenagers when I first saw them in the PBS Special!!! I fell in love as each one sang their part of Il Mondo!!! They are are a large part of my life & make me happy!!!

  7. Thank you Jane !!! Perfect !! I keep asking myself how watching these three talented and endearing young teens on the Detroit PBS Special morphed into Gotta Have It !!! It’s a sneaky process and before you know it you’re a goner and need to treat yourself to their delicious voices,faces and charm all day long everyday !! I can’t wait until they come back to the USA to enchant us once again !! And you can bet your booties when they do return I’ll be going to as many of the concerts and M&G’s as I possibly can because I Gotta Have It !!!

    1. Jane, I love this. Only you could take an ice cream store and turn it into an analogy with Il Volo. I think all have agreed that once you get a taste of them, YOU GOTTA HAVE ‘EM.
      Isn’t it nice that something so addictive is actually good for you?


  8. Jane, As usual you put into words what is in our hearts. That PBS special from Detroit was my first also. How could I have known that my life would change from then on. Pile on the ice cream analogy. I will fit into the size. Joanie G

  9. Well I guess I’m with all of you in the “Gotta Have Em ” stage! First thing I do in the morning is to check the different fan sites to see what they are up to!!

  10. Hey Jane I am like everyone else so far in the I got to have it stage although I get my IL Volo music sometmes a little more slowly than others I do get it and not a day or night goes by that I don’t listen to their singing or watch their videos old ones or new ones. I just adore IL Volo they as much a part of my life as my own family.And my Piero I have loved him from the first day I heard and saw him on the WE ARE LOVE SPECAIL in 2013.

  11. Jane , that those beautiful old photographs of the boys , I follow them for only a year and I miss this time , when I read your stories relating to those years are a little jealous . But since I saw them at the Sanremo final I said to my husband, ” I must go and see them at the first concert in the area ” and since then every day I need to read their news, watch their videos , even the oldest and feel their music. Too bad that the Italian radio broadcast them very little , almost nothing , an anger , which is RTL102,5 concert partner remembers them only in those moments . We have a radio RADIO ITALIA SOLO MUSICA ITALIANA and not forward them rarely and only those rare times GRANDE AMORE or L’AMORE SI MUOVE , nothing of the rest of the songs .
    Hurray , has just received the news from Sony that last Friday also will see ITALY NESSUN DORMA official. It was time.

    1. Regarding Daniela’s comment above, it is concerning to me that in Italy the radio stations seldom broadcast Il Volo’s music and when they do, just a couple of their songs. I wonder why they don’t support their ‘native sons’ in that way, unless Italy is going the way of the United States – which has become a very youth – centered culture for reasons that have to do with financial greed. There are vested, financial interests here trying to keep the youth of this country basically ‘conditioned’ to accepting poor – quality music as the standard of good music-( & great music, such as Il Volo’s). I hope that is not the case happening in Italy. Also, I just want to add that The Il Volo Flight ‘Crew members’ thoughts and feelings on this site reinforce my observations and personal belief that our souls don’t age, that we age only physically. As Jeanine observed recently, we do seem to be “kindred spirits” here!

  12. OH MYYYY. Comparing IL Volo to ice cream! PERFECTO Yeah, I went through the I LIKE IT in the early days when I had just heard a bit of O SOLE MIO from the American Idol performance but did not know their name. Once I stumbled upon their CD and just took a wild guess that this was the “three kids who sing like 45yr old men” Shore nuff it was! Then it was LOVE IT to GOTTA HAVE IT real fast.
    Once I was lost then I found the Flight Crew! Yo ho! LIFE IS GRAND!

  13. Jane, sorry to say that I lost touch with the boys after the first PBS special. (forgive me) When I found them again I went from the “Love” to “Gotta Have It” stage immediately. I have every DVD, CD, Book (in Italian, Spanish, and English) out there. It’s like a banana split, three flavors of ice cream with different flavors of toppings. It’s a treat to see all 3 stages of their professional lives in your pictures.
    Thank you for your colorful posts. I only wish I could write half as well as you do. You do us a great service. I think great service should be rewarded by – hmmm, ice cream maybe?

  14. Jane, you have done it again……put into words exactly how I feel about these young men. I first heard their CD a few months ago that was being played by Giulio Base during one of this Periscope sessions driving around Rome. Everyone watching the scope asked who was singing! He showed us the IL VOLO Takes Flight CD and I rushed to the computer to see if my library had it. They did and I have been in love with them and their music ever since!
    I especially like what you said, “they glance over at each other during a song and watch the other one sing his part”. It shows they care about each other and the music they are singing which truly touches my heart. As a choir member I do the same thing sometimes, especially when I sing in a small group. Music is everything to me and I relate to all the emotions and memories that it can stir up within me. I suppose I am too emotional similar to Gianluca, but if we have no emotion then I feel we are not alive.
    Thank you for your posts……..I love reading them!

  15. Here in Hawaii, we are waiting for a hurricane to hit us. We have one today, and another in two day’s from now.We are alway’s told what supplies we should have in the house, but I think they forgot something,ice cream and Il Volo!
    I shall be eating ice cream, while I listen to Il Volo(as long as the power does’nt go out)My cat will be under the bed( maybe I will be too)
    Wish us luck!

    1. I saw that you have two hurricanes on the way! I have a nephew who lives there too. My mother-on-law is also getting tropical storms in Florida! Good luck and hope everyone stays safe! Just turn up the volume when you are playing IL VOLO music and you won’t even hear the storm! 🙂

      1. Thanks. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the author of this prayer.I know who posted it ( posted by Ed Sousa) , but I am not sure if this person is also author. I wish you very nice day ! I sincerely greet you ! 🙂 God bless you and your family with friends.

    2. Jill, I wish you good luck and add this :
      God, our Father,
      Eternal and Omnipotent,
      Creator and Lord of the Universe,
      you have set the earth on its foundation
      and all elements of nature obey your command. You give food to all flesh,
      cover the heavens with clouds,
      and provide rain to the earth ─
      We humbly beseech you
      Lord, Most High,
      to keep us safe from all dangers
      and to calm all the storms of life that threaten us:
      especially the attack of whirlwinds and tornadoes,
      the calamity and destruction of hurricanes,
      the din and damage of hail storms,
      the striking of thunderbolts and lightning,
      and the devastation of floods and tidal waves.
      May we be secure in your loving protection,
      seek your Will in all our experiences,
      and serve you always with grateful hearts.
      We ask this through our Lord, Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

      1. What a beautiful prayer! Thank you for posting it. I will share it with my friends and family!

    1. I forgot and I think that is polite to mention that picture is from Samantha Varsalona ( – #incontri #Naro #Denise # PieroBarone # ILVOLO #GrandeAmore #Aug30)
      Kids are the sweetest, the best fans with purest souls full of sincerity , pure love and innocence. 🙂 They always deserve the best care and the warmest gestures. <3 Il Volo knows how to make them happy, also this beautiful little girl seems to be very happy and satisfied in Piero's arms. 🙂

  16. AS I read once again about how” they glance at each other or watch the other sing his part” I was reminded once more of that wonderful moment when they did the Christmas performance in Assisi and how Gianluca and Ignazio closed their eyes as Piero hit the glorious notes at the end of ‘O Holy Night”
    Whenever I want a moment of bliss I watch that part….takes my breath away.

      1. Lydka this song puts chills every time I hear it .
        Some time ago in an interview the Diego Basso teacher said ,remembering that day, that they had one hour to rehearse before the direct , but due to a long parliamentary debate could not do the tests and went live immediately .
        What about …. always wonderful .

    1. Thanks for reminding me. This is my favorite Christmas song and the entire concert was wonderful. Looking at Gianluca and Ignazio closing their eyes, while Piero hit his notes at the end, was lovely to see. They seemed to be transported to a heavenly place. The Christmas concert before the Senate in 2014 is another beautiful one.
      Thank you Lydka for the video from 2014 and the sweet picture of Piero with the little girl. I love seeing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca with little children. It just comes so natural to them to be so loving and affectionate. I think Piero can’t wait to be a father.

      1. They are still young on children and have a lot of time on it , at present it is necessary to concentrate on a career and enjoy the life, freedom and youth. I know a lot of examples of youthful indiscretion, on some things we need to mature. One bad decision can ruin our life. Boys surely in the future will be good fathers.

  17. Thank you Lydka and PitterpatO for your good wishes. The hurricane was just downgraded to a tropical storm, and the bird’s have started singing again. We have another hurricane that is headed towards us, but hopefully that one will also weaken to a tropical storm. Lydka, that video was beautiful, I can listen to it at anytime of year.

    1. You’re most welcome, Jill. Glad to hear about the storms being downgraded and the birds singing again!

  18. Pitterpat, I agree with you…all of us here relate so well to each other as we all feel the emotions and memories drawn up by Il Volo’s beautiful music!

    Jill, I am glad your storm was downgraded some. Be careful! Thinking of you.

    Pirate, thank you for the sweet memory of that beautiful moment in O Holy Night and Lydka, thank you for posting the video to remind us. Simply breath taking!
    Lydka, beautiful prayer and wonderful photo of Piero with the little girl.

    Thank you to all for your wonderful replies. What fun it was to read everyone’s thoughts!!

  19. Ciao – sorry to be a copycat, but I definitely gotta have them and make it a triple triple scoop!!!! 🙂

  20. Does anyone know why Georgia Public TV does not air Il Volo concerts? Could it be the cancellation of Il Volo concert in 2012 because of rehearsals with Barbra Streisand? I have the first DVD (Detroit) – envy those who have multiple DVDs. Andrea B. concert was shown many times during their current pledge drive.

    1. Marie, you can get the Pompeii concert DVD and the Christmas Buon Natale DVDs on Amazon. Hopefully the new one will be available there sooner or later.

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